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  1. New Nurses - DON'T TRAVEL

    So, we have had travel nurses who have been nurses for ~6 months and have started traveling because the rates have gone insane. HOW DARE YOU!! I understand there are anomalies to any system given the right circumstances but you have no business trave...
  2. martymoose


    Is your unit made up of more travelers than house staff? I know of a unit that is probably 10 percent house staff and 90 percent travelers.
  3. I do not begrudge anyone being a traveler, this post is not meant as sour grapes. There is clearly a need (my unit constantly has travelers) and for those interesting in making more money and seeing the world, there's a good fit. Most of the traveler...
  4. Travel Nursing-CNA/PCT

    Hello! I am looking into taking a travel assignment for some of the hard hit areas that contain (or could contain COVID patients). First, I am not a CNA (I am a PCT/MA but can do basically all the duties of a CNA). Some states are waiving the require...
  5. I keep getting emails and ads popping up on social media that are offering crazy weekly pay rates for Travel RNs. I am a former travel nurse (2006-2008), have 17 years of ICU experience and recently got my MSN and working full time as an FNP. I hat...
  6. Travel Nurses - Has anyone heard about this? Or is this a rumor. If this is happening, where is it happening? How do you feel about this?
  7. Share your insights about Travel Nurses! Tell us about them. Which are the best companies to use? How is your schedule? How competitive is travel nursing? How is the pay compared to staff nurses? Do you have any stories to share regarding your "trave...
  8. Travel Nursing With No Hospital Experience

    Hi Everyone, I have over 7 years of nursing experience (LTC/SNF/Clinic/Infusion) but no hospital experience. Would I be able to work as a travel nurse? Also, are there agencies that can train me in med surg and place me? Thanks
  9. Adina bat Reuven

    5 years out of hospital setting

    Hi all, Wondering if there was any way to be a travel nurse to a high need Covid hospital for a nurse who has not worked in a hospital in 5 years. Itching to help. thanks, Heather
  10. Quitting Job To Take Travel Position?

    I’ve been a nurse for almost three years and it has always been a goal for me to become a travel nurse. I’ve been seeing several positions posted, but they all want you to leave and be on assignment in 2-3 days. It’s impossible for me to take one of ...
  11. Hope this news report is accurate. NY/NJ had to cancel travel contracts due to lack of experience, unable to jump into hospital nursing. Thousands of nurses head to Florida hot zone amid coronavirus pandemic