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  1. New NP anxiety and imposter syndrome

    I'm sure this has been discussed before (I tried searching, was not helpful, can't narrow search to this forum), but I felt like I needed to vent or seek out some advice. I finished an FNP program and graduated last November. After a months long cred...
  2. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    I know this thread got a bit off topic, but I do want to thank all those who offered advice. Some of you gave me some things to reflect on and think about and I do appreciate it. I have had a few interviews and there are positions offering decent hou...
  3. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    Unfortunately there wasn't anyone to tell me that a few years ago before I started this journey. In early 2019 when I started all the NPs I talked to said it was worth it. This was pre-covid, nursing pay had not skyrocketed, I don't think the market ...
  4. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    I'm a brand new FNP. Just passed boards, interviewing this week for multiple positions. Background is paramedic, ER nursing, flight nurse, and now travel RN in the ER. I am really struggling with the financial aspect of this change. I am current...
  5. Hi all, I am currently doing the online FNP program through UTA. I'm about to start my third class, and I've quickly discovered that this program is little more than a "FNP mill". Lots of writing papers, discussions boards, and completing assignments...
  6. Much needed career advice.

    Hey, looking for some career advice here! Right now I work as a paramedic and have realIzed I love medicine and would like a acquire a much deeper understanding of medicine and physiology in general. I want to go to DO route but my spouse doesn't rea...
  7. Excelsior RN (ADN) to BSN possible?

    Ok so I work full time as a paramedic and am starting to realize an online program might be my only option to go RN unless I win the lottery or something. My schedule just won't allow me to attend class / clincals 4+ days a week. I want to be able t...