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Tweety BSN, RN

Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac
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Tweety has 28 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

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  1. Tweety

    Weekend Requirements

    Work every other weekend.
  2. Tweety

    Trump tweet 7/30/20 --Delay the Election

    Mission accomplished, at least with his followers. https://news.Yahoo.com/new-Yahoo-news-you-gov-poll-most-trump-voters-say-they-will-not-accept-the-2020-results-if-biden-wins-because-of-mailin-ballots-143828759.html?soc_src=newsroom&soc_trk=com.apple.UIKit.activity.PostToFacebook&.tsrc=newsroom
  3. Tweety

    Trump tweet 7/30/20 --Delay the Election

    His protege, the governor of Florida here, is encouraging us to vote by mail. We're the epicenter of the world for Covid 19 and it makes perfect sense. Trump's agenda against mail in votes was a bit baffling at first, but it's clear he's going to cast doubt on an election he's probably going to lose. It's important for him to discredit anything against his agenda of lies...the press, the courts, the CDC, science, the medical establishment, on and on, and now the voting system. Is voting by mail 100% secure? No it isn't. But will 2020 be "2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history" doubtful.
  4. Tweety

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    Gotcha. Kind of went over my head. I took it the nurse was saying what one might say in front of the patient during bedside report, not necessary that the facts that the patient throws things would not be told to the oncoming nurse.
  5. Tweety

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    I live in Florida and have a coworker on them. Having known her before and after I can say she needs them. I do think that having a note from your doctor that the prescription will not affect your job performance and judgement would be a good thing to have, especially since you're going to flunk any drug screening.
  6. Tweety

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    Am I missing something? Are bedside shift report advocates saying you should omit sharing essential information about a patient such as violent tendencies and throwing things? A simple "before we do bedside report, let me say he throws things...or whatever". Would suffice.
  7. Tweety

    Transition to bedside shift reporting

    No it doesn't deal with nurse satisfaction or staffing issues, or all of the other myriad of problems of nursing. I think it's just an evidenced based practice regarding one issue. I do wish management was as attuned to nurse satisfaction as they are customer service scores. I also like being held accountable and holding another nurse accountable. If the patient is climbing out of bed, incontinent, or has a dry IV bag, missed a medication, or the patient is in pain or has a request, we can deal with it before the prior shift leaves.
  8. I'll go against the grain and say that those tasks can be done by anyone and shouldn't be done by a professional nurse even if they aren't demeaning. That said, these are special times and we might have to step out of our role to fill what is now essential duties such as temperature checks. When our OR shut down some of the nurses opted to deliver PPE supplies and manage that, check all the supply rooms for expired items, and other tasks that could have been done by anyone. It was either that or take PTO hours. They and you have set the precedent so you might just have to roll with it for now, but it certainly isn't something I would do in the long haul.
  9. Tweety

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    Sad news. Gone too soon.
  10. Tweety

    Coronavirus Second Wave?

    I agree and around here that is what's happening. The older people are the least infected because they are following precautions and staying home. Unfortunately what we are also seeing is that infected staff working in nursing homes are bringing to residents. These are residents that haven't been allowed out of the rooms for weeks, who have been tested and are negative that are now converted to positive. Some live with their parents who aren't in the best of shape, on and on. We have 40 and 50 years getting real sick. I don't care if they burn it through themselves if they could keep it to themselves. But like I said, it's going to do what it's going to do. The virus is in control. It's burning through the younger healthy population and they are recovering with some collateral damage that costs billions and suffering but oh well at lest they will be fine.
  11. Tweety

    What do you think about this situation?

    I agree with this. Zofran can cause potential problems in the heart, but if the problem was already existing, labs were okay and the QT interval okay I probably would have given it. It apparently didn't change the situation or make it worse. But to be honest, I might not have thought much about given oral zofran and this post made me think twice.
  12. Tweety

    What do you think about this situation?

    "because the doctor ordered it" is not a justification for administering a medication. But yes, learning how to deal with shift change drama is important. Sometimes it can be a learning experience.
  13. Tweety

    How to deal with Nosy Co-Workers?

    Rule #1 is that if you don't want anyone to know your business don't even tell one person your business. I understand that if I tell someone at work something, even if I presume it's in confidence, soon everyone will know. Rule #2, you can't change anyone but yourself. Also, you might not want to sweat the small stuff. We spend a lot of time with our coworkers. While asking a ton of personal questions isn't appropriate, is it really a big deal people know you have a new car? Getting a new car is a big event for some of us and when I got a new car, I was happy to share my good news, as well as when I travel or do other things. I certainly don't give away intimate details of my private life, but like I said if I do, I understand everyone will hear about it. But I do have to allow you your preferences. Some people aren't comfortable with small talk. Bottom line is to set boundaries and ignore people, or just be honest and say "that's nothing you need to know". Eventually people will get the clue and leave you alone.
  14. I'm always the busy one. I start out super organized but it's not long before that goes by the wayside. I seem to be a poop magnet. Last time I worked I got a patient back from dialysis, an ER admission and a patient from PACU within 10 minutes of each other and the poop hit the fan. Also did four discharges. I don't know how the nurses that breeze through the day do it every single day. I have my days when I do to, but it's not every single day. I can have 3 patients and run around all morning without a break. I wonder what I'm doing wrong or what corners they are cutting. 🙂
  15. Tweety

    Blood administration

    I agree with the others that I've always given blood in units and not ML. I prime with saline because I asked about our policy a little while ago and the educator said that's the way to do it. But I also don't see anything wrong with priming the tube with the blood itself. I get impatient waiting on the blood to get to the patient after the saline. I wouldn't fret about it.
  16. Tweety

    Famous person as patient?


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