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Tweety has 30 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med-Surg, Trauma, Ortho, Neuro, Cardiac.

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  1. Tweety

    Tuesday July 5th 2022

    Good morning. Joe, I hope you don't get covid. Dianah, hope you had a nice dinner out. J22, hope your daughter gets well and her family doesn't get it. My nieces daughter had it but no one else in the house. I once donated a bun...
  2. Tweety


    I finally finished "The Vast of Night" because I got side tracked with "Iron Chef" LOL. I was well done. Saw a cute mind candy movie called "My Fake Boyfriend" on Amazon Prime. It was funny and cute. Saw a good movie called "The Outfit" ...
  3. Tweety

    The Lost Art of Letter Writing

    I used to write long letters. My mother says she has all the letters I wrote to her in the late 70's and early 80's. That I think is what's lost more than anything is the ability to look through a stack of old letters from a loved one. But...
  4. Tweety

    4th of July 2022

    Sorry you didn't sleep well Dianah. Was wanting to Amo has been heard from.
  5. Tweety

    4th of July 2022

    Happy 4th of July! Joe, hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. I saw Dianah liking a post on facebook and I was thinking "it's 4AM there so she much not be sleeping well". Sleep is an issue for a lot of us. I've been to the gy...
  6. Tweety

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    I got the trauma CEUs needed for work out the way. They were due yesterday. They were so long I skimmed and jumped to the test. Then I would fail the test on the first try, write down the answers and try again. Problem was the 2nd test had differ...
  7. Tweety

    Healing Healthcare Through Healing Nurses

    "boundaries" and "self-care" do indeed seem to be the buzz words of millennials and gen z's these days. You see it on Tik Tok and Instagram coming from all professions. I think this is a good development. I read too many posts of nurses bein...
  8. Tweety

    Intermittent catheterization

    In the time you took to get a new catheter and if the patient was just lying there while the other nurse was in the room, I would guess the area was still adequately disinfected and the risk of infection low. But yes you should have started over.
  9. Tweety

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day and that J feels better. I have to get some trauma CEU's because we're a trauma hospital and it's going to take a while so I hope to finish it up this morning. Taking best friend out for hi...
  10. Tweety

    Saturday July 2nd 2022

    People here have begun with the fireworks already here as well. So annoying but the dogs don't seem to mind. I have an iMac and use Safari for my browser and did some sort of upgrade a few months ago. I tried Google Chrome and got rid of it be...
  11. Tweety

    Saturday July 2nd 2022

    Good morning! I used to love hanging out the library and browsing books, and in bookstores like Barnes and Nobles. I hung out in the library of my Junior College so much when I was unemployed I met the librarian though a friend outside of the l...
  12. I guess sober impairment is a thing. I worked a night shift and fell asleep at a traffic light in heavy traffic once. The people honking at me woke me right up and I was mortified but wide awake. I sympathize with her but if I got pulled o...
  13. Tweety

    Friday July 1st 2022

    G'day. Best friend uses the library online and orders books to be picked up at the local library. I think he goes in to pick them up. (This is Florida where there are 10,000 covid cases a day but in our minds covid doesn't exist so no precautio...
  14. Tweety

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    I've been listening to a couple of podcasts and the verdict is now out that coffee has antioxidants and polyphenols and has health promoting qualities. Because of Americans lack eating adequate fruits and vegetables it's often the most consumed anti...
  15. Tweety

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, I'm sure you always to a good job and get things done. I was checking my work email because there's a staff meeting today and wanted to know if the manager set it up so we could listen by phone. She did not and I did not...