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  1. Tweety

    Are We Too PC?

    This is not a current controversy but one I've heard for years about this song. Part of the lyrics is "the answer is no" but he man persists. So women, I ask you aren't you teaching your sons to back off when a women says no. Doesn't no mean no? Is respect for a women's wishes too PC? No I don't think we are too PC. I think we should respect each other and if someone says they are offended, we need to respect that they have their reasons and not back into a "we're too PC in this country" myth and expand our mind and horizons. If a person with a penis says "I'm transgendered, please call me "she" How hard is it to call her a she? If a person says "I'm non binary and the pronouns I prefer is "they". How hard is that? If someone says "you just said "you people" and I'm offended and it's considered racist". How hard is it to learn why and apologize? I asked someone to stop saying penis sucker (not the word he used) as an insult as I'm gay and lots of people do enjoy that sexual act and it shouldn't be an insult. How hard is it to respect what I don't want to hear around me? Don't fire back "well everyone is offended by something these days, we're too PC". One thing that I get tired of this time of year is "we're so PC you can't even say Merry Christmas anymore". Really, I've been told "Merry Christmas" more times over many years than I can count. Personally, since I personally am not a Christian I'll say "Merry Christmas, if you celebrate", but I do allow people to say Merry Christmas to me. I'm not a total jerk. Before shooting back "we're too PC and everyone is offended by something these days", why not stop, listen and learn. Perhaps you won't change, perhaps you will.
  2. Tweety

    Is working twd BSN worth it? Will ADN do?

    I'm with the "go for it and get it out of the way crowd". New grad entry level bedside nurses that are BSN's and ADNs are indeed going to make similar salaries. That's only fair since both take the same RN boards and are new on equal footing. But as llg says it's more of an investment in your future (and your families) and the rewards are not going to immediate. However, as some say you can always get it later, get help paying for it, but "later" for me was 16 years, as I never found the time and motivation and I wished I'd gotten it out fo the way ealier. All the best.
  3. Tweety

    New AN Guide: wtbcrna

  4. Tweety

    What is an OP?

    Yes..."original poster" or "original post" is correct. :)
  5. Tweety

    allnurses.com hits over 500,000 members today!

    Congrats Brian!!!
  6. Tweety

    2011 Q1 Article Contest Results

    Good job!
  7. Tweety

    Are online RN-BSN programs part-time?

    I agree. With your goals getting your BSN now is the best route. Good luck!
  8. Tweety

    Male RN wanting to get some advice.

    This statement really stood out for me. Will that anxiety follow you to a "less stressful" sitaution? Is the anxiety within you, or is it truly the job...or a combination of...are your coworkers as anxious and stressed out as you? Only you can answer that. I'm not saying you shouldn't find a less stressful job if this one is killing you. I've left several stressful jobs without regret. It's not worth your mental and physical health. However, you also need to take a good hard look at yourself and how you react to stress. Things can, and do wrong wrong in an obsv. unit...you might find you pick up a whole new set of anxieties as you stress about the "what ifs........". I agree with the poster above, that nursing is stressful no matter where you go....since those areas tend to have a high RN to patient ratio and still are a lot of work. All the best.
  9. Tweety

    Prescribing narcotics to drug seekers

    No it's Mr. Bush's and the conservatitve politics fault as the problem escalated under his watch. Sorry couldn't resist. I do agree with you that that MDs and EDs are afraid of lawsuits and the liberal settlements these patients get. Also, sometimes, it's just as easy to write a script and get them out of the ER and on their way, than listen to their dramatics. The prescription drug addiction problem is rampant and becoming a greater and greater problem. The laws are so lax here in FL drug seekers come from other states to get drugs. Even grandmothers are in on the drug selling act, selling Percocets on the side to make ends meet. To the person that claimed the OP had no compassion, it's not that at all. One can have compassion for the addicted person presenting to the ER only to get drugs (not to treat chronic pain) and still express frustration with that and try to keep them from getting their drugs. They are sick people and need help. Unfortunately in these times of budget cuts, there's not a lot of help out there to get them what they need. But it certainly isn't societies job to keep them supplied in drugs either.
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110209/ap_on_he_me/us_med_stroke_younger_victims
  11. Tweety

    Meditation or Yoga (non traditional training)

    For your own personal and professional development go for it. Certification and knowledge is never wasted. Yoga instructor certification is pretty intense and takes a while to get if it's done right. You never know what the future will bring you, but know that for most inpatient and outpatient settings it's just not used a lot. But alternative therapy clinics are popping up all over the place.
  12. Tweety

    Meditation or Yoga (non traditional training)

    I've used a little bit of "guided meditation" with patients, asking them to close their eyes and imagine a happy place and relax etc., as well as deep breathing relaxation exercises.. But it's ususally done quickly because there's not much time in my day for a whole lot of this type of therepy. It does seem to help on certain patients. Yoga is not appropriate in the hospital inpatient setting where I work. My facility does have a gym for employees, and used to have yoga classes for employees as well.
  13. Tweety

    Do you think nursing has aged you?

    Thanks...now that I think about it, I did get plantar faicitis (sp?) on one heel a few years ago from being on my feet so much, and being barefoot on my tile floors all the time. I now wear inserts and daily do foot stretching exercises, and wear flip flops at home. I haven't had a recurrence. I guess that qualifies as an "age related" wear and tear. :)
  14. Tweety

    Do you think nursing has aged you?

    I have no health complaints. I'm not sure what the stress is doing to me interally because I can't see the wear and tear. My BP is good and my labwork is good and I'm on no meds. But 20 years of nursing emotional stress probably has aged me a bit. So far after 20 years of med-surg nursing so good on the old 52 year old body. I can still spend 12-hours on my feet running around without much physical symptoms. It's tough exhausting work, but it was 20 years ago too. What helps me is that I only work 2 12's in a row, never three, and I try to eat right, keep a healthy weight and exercise, including back exercises and stretches. But there are no guarantees.
  15. Tweety

    What is the best way to prepare for Nursing School?

    Have you had Anatomy and Physiology? Are you comfortable with that? It's the backbone of all of nursing. I've always heard the best prep for school is to read, read, read. Doesn't really matter what. Just read every day, and for long periods. Get used to sitting in front of a book reading, if you're not already a bookworm. Otherwise, seriously just take it easy. Nursing school will teach you all you need to know. You're going to have precious little free time without the monkey of nursing school on your back and you'd best enjoy this time now.