50+ Best Gift Ideas for Nurses

Whether you're looking to celebrate a special event or show appreciation, try some nursing gift ideas today. Resources


Whether it be a friend, family member, or acquaintance, you probably know a nurse or someone who works in healthcare. You could look at gifts for various reasons, including showing a nurse appreciation or celebrating a special event.

Since it can be challenging to decide what to buy, we put together a list of the 30 best gifts for nurses below.

Self-Care: Prioritize Your Favorite Nurse's Wellbeing

Nurses are the heart of healthcare, constantly giving their all to others while sometimes forgetting to care for themselves. But self-care isn't just a nice-to-have—it's a must for staying healthy and balanced. Here are some thoughtful self-care gift ideas to show nurses just how much they deserve a little TLC:

Aromatherapy Diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser can create a soothing ambiance and promote relaxation after a long day. Choose from a variety of essential oils known for their calming properties, such as lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile. The gentle scent can help alleviate stress and create a peaceful environment for unwinding at home.

Massage Gift Certificate

Treat nurses to a rejuvenating massage experience with a gift card to a local spa or wellness center. Whether they prefer a Swedish massage, deep tissue therapy, or hot stone treatment, a massage gift certificate allows them to indulge in much-needed pampering and stress relief. Consider popular spa chains like Massage Envy or explore boutique spas for a personalized touch.  

Massage Chair or Massager

A massage chair or handheld massager, such as a Theragun, can provide much-needed relaxation and relief for tired muscles after a long shift. It's a luxurious gift that can help nurses unwind and rejuvenate at home.

Spa or Bath Set

Create a luxurious bath gift set for nurses who enjoy self-care rituals at home. Include indulgent bath salts, moisturizing body oils, scented candles, and plush towels to recreate the spa experience in their own bathroom. Encourage them to take time for themselves and unwind with a relaxing soak in the tub, surrounded by calming scents and soft candlelight.

Yoga or Meditation Accessories

Support nurses' mental and physical well-being with yoga or meditation accessories that facilitate relaxation and mindfulness. Gift them a high-quality yoga mat, meditation cushion, or soothing eye mask to enhance their practice and promote stress relief. These accessories provide an opportunity for nurses to quiet their minds, stretch their bodies, and reconnect with themselves amidst the demands of their profession.

Journal or Calendar

Encourage nurses to prioritize self-reflection and organization with a beautiful journal or planner. Whether they use it to jot down their thoughts, set goals, or plan their schedules, a journal provides a creative outlet for self-expression and mindfulness. Choose a stylish design or personalized option to make the gift extra special and encourage consistent use.

Wellness Retreat or Getaway

Treat your favorite nurse to a rejuvenating wellness retreat at a serene destination like a mountainside retreat, beachfront resort, or countryside spa. It's a perfect chance for them to recharge, relax with holistic treatments, yoga classes, and wholesome meals.

Subscription Box for Self-Care

Surprise nurses with a monthly subscription box filled with wellness products, skincare essentials, aromatherapy supplies, and treats. Each delivery brings a curated selection of items to inspire relaxation and pampering.

Relaxation Retreat at Home

For a more budget-friendly or personalized option, you can create a DIY relaxation retreat at home with essentials like plush robes, cozy slippers, scented candles, bath salts, and indulgent treats. Encourage them to set aside time for self-care activities like reading, yoga, or listening to music in their own sanctuary.

Wellness Workshop or Class

Enroll nurses in a wellness workshop or online class covering mindfulness meditation, stress management, nutrition, or fitness. These educational opportunities empower nurses to prioritize their well-being and learn practical self-care strategies.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Give nurses the freedom to shop for fashion or beauty products they love with a gift card to their favorite stores. Whether in-store or online, it's a chance for them to update their wardrobe or skincare routine hassle-free.

Green Therapy

For many nurses, the healing power of gardening provides a much-needed escape from the pressures of their profession. Tending to plants offers a therapeutic outlet, allowing them to reconnect with nature and find moments of peace amidst the chaos. Consider gifting nurses with gardening tools, planters, or seeds to encourage this fulfilling hobby. Whether it's a few potted plants on a windowsill or a full-fledged garden in their backyard, nurturing greenery can be a source of joy and rejuvenation for nurses after long shifts.

Home Decor and Appliances

For the crafty nurses who find joy in creating cozy sanctuaries, consider these home decor and appliance gifts from our list below.

Smart Home Assistant

If your nurse likes technology, purchase a smart home assistant or speaker. Popular brands are the Amazon Echo or the Google Nest.

Coffee Maker or Espresso Machine

Know a nurse that loves their morning cup of coffee or maybe an afternoon espresso? A coffee maker or an espresso machine may be a fantastic choice! 


Candles are another great gift option. There are plenty of scents and sizes to choose from at Bath and Body Works, and companies like Luminara carry flameless candles.

Nurse Art

If you know a nurse that likes an art project, give them a coloring book or a paint-by-number to pass the time.

Cozy Bedding and Pillows

Who doesn't like cozy blankets and pillows? Give them a fun nurse-themed throw pillow or personalized throw blanket.

Drinkware and Water Bottles

Nurses, always on the go, need to stay hydrated whether they're working long shifts or enjoying outdoor adventures. That's why reliable drinkware and water bottles are essential. Consider personalizing them for that extra special touch.

Insulated Tumbler

Large, insulated tumblers such as Stanley or Yeti are popular brands. They help keep your drinks hot or cold for longer periods than a standard tumbler.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Stainless steel water bottles are also popular because they can hold more liquid than standard cups. Hydro Flask or Thermos are popular brands.

Infuser Water Bottle

Know a nurse who likes fruit-infused drinks? An infusion water bottle is a great gift idea.

Nurse-Themed Coffee Mug

Most nurses enjoy their morning coffee, so why not have them drink it in their new favorite nurse-themed coffee mug? Etsy offers many different designs and colors.

Travel Mug with Handle

Many nurses drink their morning coffee in the car before starting their shift. This routine makes a travel mug a perfect gift. Target offers a wide selection and popular brands, including Contigo and Thermos.

Outdoor Gift Ideas for The Adventure Nurse

Many nurses find solace and rejuvenation in the great outdoors, embracing nature as a sanctuary away from the demands of their profession. Whether it's hiking through rugged trails, camping under the stars, or simply exploring new landscapes, adventure beckons to these resilient souls. For the adventurous nurses in your life, consider these thoughtful gift ideas tailored to their outdoor pursuits.

Camping Gear

For nurses who love adventure on their days off, consider gifting them essential camping gear. From lightweight tents to compact backpacking stoves, providing them with quality outdoor equipment ensures they're well-prepared for their outdoor escapades.

Hiking Essentials

Equip adventure nurses with hiking essentials like sturdy backpacks, comfortable hiking boots, and reliable trekking poles. These tools enhance their hiking experience, offering comfort, support, and safety on the trails.

Outdoor Apparel

Invest in durable outdoor apparel suited for various weather conditions. From moisture-wicking base layers to insulated jackets, outfitting them with high-quality clothing ensures they stay comfortable and protected during their outdoor adventures.

Navigation Tools

Help adventure nurses navigate the wilderness with precision by gifting them navigation tools like GPS devices, compasses, and topographic maps. These tools empower them to explore confidently and safely in unfamiliar terrain.

Outdoor Gear for Water Adventures

For nurses who are drawn to the tranquility of waterways, consider water gear essentials to enhance their aquatic adventures. From kayaks, life vests, and paddle boards to dry bags, waterproof phone cases, waterproof pouches for keys and wallets, water shoes, or floating straps for sunglasses,  providing quality equipment ensures they can safely navigate rivers, lakes, and oceans.

Emergency Preparedness Kits

Prioritize their safety with emergency preparedness kits containing first aid supplies, emergency blankets, and multi-tools. These kits provide peace of mind, ensuring they're equipped to handle unexpected challenges during their outdoor excursions.

Medical Equipment

Nurses love to receive new medical equipment, and it's one of the more practical gifts. We often supply our own medical equipment while working, which gets expensive. That's why new or innovative medical equipment is always a good gift idea. Sometimes we like to carry two of everything, just as a backup.


A new stethoscope is a great gift idea, especially for someone graduating from nursing school. A new nurse will find this helpful and use it daily. A popular brand is Littman. They even offer cardiology stethoscopes! If you want to personalize it a little more, order a Stethoscope ID or a charm.

Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeters are another great idea since they often are hard to find on the unit. If you know a nurse who works on a respiratory unit or in a pulmonology office, they will definitely find this useful. Or maybe they have a respiratory condition, such as asthma, or know someone who does and can use it at home. What's nice is they also run around $20 on Amazon, making them a less expensive choice.

Blood Pressure Monitor

An automatic blood pressure monitor is always great to have at home. However, most nursing students will need a manual blood pressure cuff to practice with. You can find a variety of manual cuffs online at Walgreens.


Most nurses will need a penlight to check their patient's pupil response. This tool is especially important for nurses working in a neurology unit or office, intensive care, or post-surgery. MDF Instruments makes a wide range of penlights to select from, and they are medical grade.

Medical Scissors

Nurses often use medical scissors for various tasks such as cutting bandages, dressings, or medical tape. A durable pair of medical scissors can be a practical and appreciated gift. You can consider a more advanced option like the Raptor Shears by Leatherman, which are specifically designed for medical professionals. 

Diagnostic Set

A diagnostic set typically includes an ophthalmoscope and otoscope with a battery pack and charger. This gift would be wonderful for a nurse practitioner, as they often assess their patients' ears, nose, throat, and eyes. They can be a little on the expensive side, running around $500 plus for a quality set. Medisave is a reputable company that carries them.

Nurse Apparel and Shoes

Nurses are always needing new nursing apparel since we wear them daily. Even though we wear scrubs all day, we do like to wear the latest nursing fashion trends. That's why nursing apparel is a good gift option.


Before purchasing scrubs, it's important to ask your favorite nurse if their employer requires that they wear a specific color of scrubs. You wouldn't want to buy the wrong color! Currently, popular brands are Figs, Grey's Anatomy, and Cherokee.

Compression Socks

An invaluable gift is compression socks. Your nurse friend will love these since they may help with aching legs or feet at the end of the day. Pro Compression brand designs theirs for nurses and medical professionals. They come in various colors, cool patterns, and different sizes to better fit your calf circumference.

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Nursing Shoes

Since registered nurses are mostly on their feet all day, comfy nursing shoes are a must. Dansko and Crocs clogs are popular brands. Make sure the Crocs are closed-toe and don't have any holes.

Lab Coats

A lab coat is a great graduation gift for a new nurse, clinical educator, or nurse practitioner. You can personalize them with their name and credentials.

Nursing Jacket or Hoodie

Do you know a nurse who's working the night shift? For whatever reason, the hospital seems to be a little colder at night, so a nursing jacket would be a great fit for a night shift nurse. Or buy them a cute nursing hoodie to wear outside of work.

Memberships and Subscriptions

Memberships and subscriptions can get expensive for nurses. Many require continuing education (which isn't always free), or maybe they want to stay updated on the latest news.

Professional Nursing Organization Memberships

What's nice about professional memberships is that they give nurses access to networking with their peers, new evidence-based research, plus other hidden perks. Look up yearly memberships to nursing organizations, such as the American Nurses Association or the National League of Nursing.

Subscription to Nursing Journals or Publications

If you know a nurse that likes to read and stay current on the latest healthcare trends, buy them a subscription to a nursing journal. Popular ones are The American Journal of Nursing and the Journal of Nursing Care Quality.

Online Continuing Education Platforms

Many nursing organizations offer online continuing education unit courses (CEUs). So why not invest in your nurse friend's education and development? One that provides an extensive database to search through is the American Nurses Association.

Wellness and Mental Health Apps

Do you know a nurse that likes to wind down in the evening with calming music or meditation? Buy them an annual subscription to either the Calm or Headspace app.

Nurse Networking and Collaboration Platforms

Nurses like to network, share new ideas, and stay organized. Buy them a subscription to the NurseGrid app so they can easily track their schedule. Or maybe a subscription to allNurses so they can share their ideas and network with their peers.

Other Gift Ideas

While these are some awesome gift options, this list is not all-inclusive. Some other gift ideas are: 

Personalized ID Badge Holders
A stylish and practical way for nurses to display their identification cards while adding a personal touch.

Nursing Bags
Convenient and spacious bags designed to carry nursing essentials, keeping them organized during shifts.

Tote Bags
Versatile bags that can be used for carrying work materials, groceries, or personal items, offering both functionality and style.

Lunch Bags
Essential for nurses to store their meals during long shifts, ensuring they have access to nourishing food to sustain their energy.

Scrub Caps
Fun and colorful caps that add a touch of personality to nurses' uniforms while keeping their hair secure during busy shifts.

Colorful & Fun Pens
Bright and vibrant pens make note-taking and charting more enjoyable for nurses, adding a pop of color to their workday.

Whether you're looking to celebrate a special event or show appreciation, try some of these gift ideas today.


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