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  2. The onboarding process takes forever. also, new grads in my area make way less at the VA than private health care systems. The step system at the VA is kind of wonky. If you start there it takes like six years to get to the pay grade you’d be if you came in to the VA with like two years experience. not sure if they still use CPRS and Vista but they are super archaic and crappy EHR systems Population is hit and miss. Some veterans, especially the WW2 and Korean veterans are awesome, but you have to coax what they need out of them because they’re stoic as hell and don’t like to look needy. The ones who are going to want the most out of you likely did the least in the service and will love to tell you bogus combat stories when they never left an airfield In Nebraska or wherever. great benefits, though
  3. Curious1997

    Topical News

    So now that Biden has made China his baddie, what happens to all the visas Kushner sold and the licensing agreements for Ivanka? Also without Netanyahu, is kushner going to have to give back the money to Israel because you know just like his Harvard degree, money changed hands somewhere? And I bet that both kushner and Ivanka were involved in some of the latest dealings with the Insurrection and trying to steal the election. Trump kept his inner circle small and they were deeply involved in most of the illegal things going on! You can also bet that with NY investigations, both Ivanka and kushner will be caught up in the taxes and the business dealings. Russia has already made themselves the bad guy and now China will be forced to align themselves with Russia and that will be a treacherous relationship. If this is Biden's ploy, it's a good one, because it will force a complete Indo Pacific alliance with India, Australia, Japan, Korea to deal with them and this will be totally beneficial for us.
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  5. JO3

    CCSF 2021

    I read you got accepted! Congrats!! 🥳🎉. May I know what your GPA is? My GPA isn't the best either 😰👎
  6. Arichan

    Golden West College ADN Fall 2021

    Hi guys, I just accepted my offer today. For some reason, I never received any letters confirming my alternate number and all the sudden they said I was offered a seat and need to respond before midnight 😞so please check your email guys, I just hope no one misses it by any chance.
  7. DavidFR

    New Nurse Struggling With Doctor Calls

    I think we're highlighting a difference in our systems here - you wouldn't need an order for tums in France, and I do get it that a doctor would be annoyed by such a call. However, if an order IS legally required in the US then silly as it may seem, the nurse was really just protecting him or herself, though I personally would just give it. What I'm sayng is that after 35 years at this lark I am sick of the young doctors who moan that this or that nurse didn't just put oxygen on or didn't just give a bit of Lasix. I've known two nurses lose their licenses for a doctor NOT backing up what they said over the phone. I don't know about the US but when you read in France the reports by the DDASS or in the UK by the NMC (regulating bodies) the cases of nurses losing their licenses for what seem like seem like banal reasons are startling. I get it that you don't call a doctor every 2 minutes to report every minor change, but I understand any nurse trying to cover themselves and any newbie who wasn't sure about a patient's condition (as in the OP) has done right to call a doctor.
  8. hopefully soon 😊 Mine is also likethat from the start
  9. 10GaugeNeedles

    LPN scope of practice in hemodialysis

    No state I've ever worked has included assessments as an LPN scope of practice in any specialty. Regardless of skill or ability, SOP is usually defined by what the board tests encompass which means anything assessments related on paper is invalid in terms of SOP for an LPN. What is "normally" done is one thing. What is allowed by statute is an entirely different thing. I remember a tech titrating a vasopressor. In their SOP? HECK no. But the nurse had delegated that function to this person. Legal? Probably not. Valid? Apparently the nurse trusted the tech's experience and we have the ability to delegate our SOP to a well trained person. Would this be accepted as an explanation by a BON or nurse manager? Probably not. My point is, SOP is a practical grey area. Yes it's very clear what is and isn't allowed on paper. However, we all know, what's on paper ain't reality 60% of the time. Stay safe.
  10. flowerpots55

    LAHC ADN Fall 2021

    Hey! Thanks for responding back so quickly. Yeah I just realized I read it completely wrong. I read it as 39 out of 40 seats were taken. I feel like a dummy. Sorry, it’s been a long day at work and I barely got a chance to sit down and register. I just panicked when I saw in her email that we can now register for both N313 and N321. Thanks for the clarification! 🙂
  11. 10GaugeNeedles


    Well, I don't know what the current job market is in hawaii but, seems pretty easy to find out. Seems like you aren't moving strictly for nursing (navy spouse? 😁). If that's the case, just move and check it out when you get there. As a travel nurse, the high demand states are pretty well stocked with labor which could be the issue you are seeing. Plenty of stuff in crappy parts of many states.
  12. Can you just skip assigned reading and go straight for the slides ? Because it’s Summer semester I have to read 18 chps in one week then have an exam on top of clinical and other homework it seems impossible do you think I can skip it and only study the slides ?
  13. 10GaugeNeedles

    Dialysis with 3 months RN experience

    I've worked for DaVita Acutes for 4 years. They need people. They are big enough company to have no memory. If you are willing to work very very long hours, do nothing stupid, and are a team player (aka will work on your days off) they will take you. Don't concern self with the application part. Be more concerned with if the Acutes lifestyle is a good fit for you. I was working 60-100 hours a week. I'm single. Are you ready for big paychecks and no life? It is a mixed bag. Your license is YOUR property and they depend on US to make money in any hospital. I love HD nursing and won't be going back to ICU. But. I've also learned who depends on whom. If they need a license, they will hire you. If they don't really need a license, they won't hire you. That's just how it works. Apply and don't worry about it. The question is, do you really want to work acute HD? You can make ridiculous money and have no life. 15hr days, 2 of 4 days on call that you WILL be at the hospital for. Every week. For months. Acutes ain't no 36 and quit it. If you are willing to put in the hours, the rewards can be excellent. But don't fool yourself that your extra efforts will be notice. There's no memory with DaVita. Again. I love my specialty. Won't work anywhere else. BUT! Believe me when I say, you will EARN your money. Every single penny.
  14. yepyepyep

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    I felt prepared for my answers, and they did ask a question at the end. However, I don't think it was the best answer and looking back I know I could have answered better, but I do not do so well on the spot and did not want to sit there taking too long to think of an answer. Though I did my best and hopefully it will all work out. I think it might be because more people apply to the LA and San Diego cohorts. Fresno is a smaller city.
  15. Ctown209

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    Anyone know the average scores out of 100 from Previous cohorts that got in?
  16. As a pre op nurse it’s very important for the OR nurse to do their part before OR. In my hospital we have to go over name DOB, MRN and consents and other forms. This also makes the patient feel confident we are double Checking everything. Mistakes have happened before
  17. Erika Salazar

    RCC Fall 2021 Nursing

    Hi all, congratulations to those who got into the RN program! I just finished the first semester at RCC! If you have any questions or doubts, hmu 7609846717! Welcome nursing babies!!
  18. Riodelgrande

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    Same. I would check both portal and email, but I think they'll email. How did your guys' interview go? I felt pretty good about mine, but there were a few questions I felt like I could have answered better.
  19. yepyepyep

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    Man, that doesn't give me much hope then if they told other people 2 weeks. Not sure, I would check both to be safe.
  20. suec_83

    GCU FNP May 2019 (spring)

    So it is up to you to find the best fit of a preceptor, however, if you can not find one GCU can assist you, but you could be driving up to 3 hours away, day or night shift.
  21. yepyepyep

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    San Diego already found out? That is quick! I was told in the interview it would be a month until they decide... Good luck everyone. I am more anxious now.
  22. CRNA School Prep Academy

    Midwestern CRNA 2022

    If you would like to connect with other students I have a facebook community that you would find helpful ICU DREAMING ABOUT ANESTHESIA let me know what questions you have about Midwestern I have been mentoring aspiring students for over two years and started CRNA School Prep Academy to help All the best, Jenny
  23. CRNA School Prep Academy

    CRNA mentorship

    I agree mentoring is vital. CRNA School Prep Academy helps aspiring students and current students navigate 🗺 how to gain acceptance as well as the rigors of school curious what your mentoring program involves 🙂 love to connect with fellow CRNA’s who love mentoring All the best. Jenny Finnell CRNA Founder of CRNA School Prep Academy
  24. Ctown209

    National University Fresno Cohort 27

    I haven’t heard anything! And yes anxiety to the max! San Diego cohort had interview same day and already found out two days ago!
  25. li87

    Houston Nurse Residency Spring 2021

    Same! Ben taub?
  26. Jackiee1

    Lehman Fall 2021

    Heyy, my stats were: Science GPA: 3.57 HESI: 97% CT: 950
  27. Esty

    Lehman Fall 2021

    He is a Good Father! It was HIM and only HIM!! Praise the Lord Jesus!
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