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  2. Mara24

    ABSN University of Southern Maine 2020

    Hi! I’m applying to this program soon and wondering those of you who are in it...how do you like it? And what do you think made your application strong? :)
  3. PmhnpBOS_AC

    Empire Medical Training?

    What state are you in?
  4. PmhnpBOS_AC

    PHMNP to aesthetic nursing

    When there's a will there's a way hunnie! An NP is an NP. Plenty of RNs work in aesthetics! Of course you can work in the aesthetics specialty as a PMHNP! You just need to get extra certifications but so would a FNP! Find a reputable school and start out by taking intro to dermal fillers and neurotoxins! Ask about your specific states laws regarding oversight and of course insurance. YOU CAN 100% do it !!
  5. amoLucia

    Is malpractice insurance worth it?

    Allgood - words of wisdom!
  6. DCtoRN

    Should I be a nurse?

    Good points Natasha. I didn’t even consider the scrape for early retirement option. It seems sad to think that many people think of their job as a means to an end but that may well be the safest bet in today’s rat race. I’m not going to lie- the thought of going per diem in early retirement sounds good to me. But that will be sooner than when I was 32.
  7. I am currently a second career RN (was a history major at an Ivy, went into PR and marketing for 8 years, which sucked my soul away, then I did a direct entry masters at Hopkins because I have always loved health/wellness and helping people) and have been working inpatient pediatrics at Hopkins for two years. While I LOVE working with families and children, I really dislike that there is very little autonomy in my role (e.g. input is not considered by medical team even when they end up pursuing the route suggested anyway), I'm not using my critical thinking skills as much as I thought I would, and it just seems like the hospital is heaping more and more on nursing without pay/career advancement. I was considering becoming a PNP-PC, but I'm not sure I love medicine enough to invest the time into an NP degree. The one thing I have discovered through nursing is that I love the social aspect of nursing and want want to help families in a broader scope than direct care - we see so many families come through that are hampered by custody rulings, abuse victims who are returned to the abuser (even with ample evidence) and then end up dead. TLDR: Does anyone have experience with parlaying their RN experience into a law degree? I think this would allow me to have a broader impact on families/healthcare, more autonomy and would play to my love for research, organization, and writing. Also, if it's of any help, I'm 34, so regardless of whether I go back to school for law or NP, I'll be 37 ish when I finish up, but age is just a number :) Thx in advance!
  8. micurn

    Barry University SCRNA 2021

    Has anyone who was accepted hear anything else from the school after submitting the acceptance form/fee?
  9. ebby30

    Lone Star Fall 2020

    Hey for all current cyfair student, what is the plan for fall? when do you start, are classes in person or all online?, I was accepted to cyfair for the fall 2020 semester but the school is giving us nothing, we don’t even know when our orientation will be and I’m worried we may not start classes on time or have enough time to get all out stuff together for the start of school. Also what were some of the things you had to do before school started in your first semester?. Any I formation would help right now.
  10. Today
  11. katiebRN

    HBU FNP Fall 2020

    Hey there I was just accepted and I would love to connect! My Instagram is katiefwitte - message me!!
  12. kvt1013

    UCLA MECN 2021

    If anyone needs other advice, feel free to message me through here.
  13. cmh1118

    What are you stocking up on?

    OK what COVID-19 related items are you ordering for your office and isolation room? I'm stocked on all regular school year items, but I'm curious as to what I'm missing. Our school received PPE (masks, a few shields and gowns) and I've ordered extra of all my usual things for my makeshift isolation area. Our school is getting a sanitization refill station where the teachers can fill spray bottles with a disinfectant or a sanitizer. I plan to use that but also want my own cleaners. What are your favorites? I've seen a lot of Clorox Healthcare spray with good reviews at schools, but I'm wondering if that's too portent for my asthma kids. I have a great office but it's a bit small; a little scent goes a LONG way. I love Cavicide but can't find too much of that. Thanks for any input!!
  14. cmh1118

    communicating visits

    Sure, what are you wanting insight on? It's great for inputting immunizations and also running compliance reports, documenting hearing/vision/spinal/AN screenings, you can see all their medical history that's put in upon application, it has a spot for you to document the visit and then send that note to the parent email. At first it was NOT nurse friendly whatsoever, but with updates and now a year later I can say it's very efficient and I really enjoy using it. Let me know what you need help with! My email is candice1184@gmail.com if you have any specific questions!
  15. I'm sorry to hear that you got infected and that your employer was so irresponsible.
  16. haha, because they do many other things there, like colonoscopies. and she said a sx has a set time frame where the Dr says this will probably take 1.5 hours , but if it only takes 45 minutes they can move on to someone else. many physicians work there. surgeons also make plenty of money on office visits and consults etc. so they allocate some money to pay a nurse full time
  17. Norm smith

    mask refusal

    I also feel the Department of Health has a responsibility to educate citizens during this public health crisis how imperative it is that we all wear masks. The message needs to be clear and consistent.
  18. ICURN916

    University of North Florida (UNF) CRNA 2021

    At this point all interviews have wrapped up. How is everyone feeling their interviews went? I can say I felt like it was very short which leaves me a bit uneasy. I know Meghan said to expect that but I still feel VERY anxious!!
  19. samuel Antwi

    VEEB CLASS OF 2020-2021

    Guys , please can someone do me a favor by providing me veeb practical nursing entrance exams website for reading comprehension. Thanks
  20. jeastridge

    Racism in Nursing: Is It Real?

    You bring up so many important points!! Thank you for this thoughtful response. You point out some of the personal pain involved in true transformation. Yes, we must change. Now.
  21. hiremeplease

    ATT dated for CA?

    Hi! I wanted to see if there was any updates for anyone. I applied 5/31/2020 Graduated 6/12/2020 Transcripts uploaded 7/16/2020 Pearson Vue status: Registration Acknowledged Breeze: Board of Registered Nursing - 1 - RN Initial Exam ApplicationStatus: Pending
  22. PaSSiNGaS

    Life in burn / trauma ICU

    This was one of the reasons I really hated doing Burns in the OR. Having that OR 80+ is no fun at all.
  23. PaSSiNGaS

    Hitting a wall

    Tell them you are handling the situation and to focus on their own patients.
  24. CSesh

    Baylor Fastbacc 2021

    @Charlotte, Hi. Welcome. I took the HESI a couple of weeks ago. Good luck!
  25. nurseynurse21

    New Grad struggling to land hospital job!! Advice needed!

    Thank you all for your great advice! I ended up not accepting the position, something in my gut was telling me it wasn’t right. I’m still struggling to find a job, but they’re slowly opening new grad jobs so fingers crossed! Thanks again!!
  26. Mrose


    Thanks! Good luck. It feels more like a conversation than an interview. If you read previous tips from other cohort chats they are spot on. I felt like I just talked about why what I was doing now lead me to be interested in this program. They want to make sure you are a good match as it’s a rigorous program. I was a bit nervous but as it went on I felt super comfortable and it felt like a normal flowing conversation. Hi Ciara, please see what I said to @Jasmine Blowe. Just be yourself and elaborate on your interests and what lead to6 to be interested in the program.
  27. seacandace

    HRSA Nurse Corps Scholarship 2020

    @Osas @Nellysjb The real thread is bustling over here:
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