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  2. Diploma'82

    Over 70% of Nurse Staff Turnover is Due to Bad Leadership

    Amen to this!
  3. kmd1005

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Hi guys, I received an update and have been invited for an interview (AGPCNP)! Mine is on the 31st. To those who have yet to receive anything, I hope you get updates. To those who did not get a chance to move forward, I am sorry - but just as the others have mentioned, this is not the end of your journey. Keep going and keep pushing forward.
  4. PRNnurse

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    I did not get an acceptance or a denial. Feeling a little weird right now. Wondering if this happen to anyone?
  5. newgradrnca

    CHOC RN Residency/Fellowship Feb 2020

    Has anyone heard anything back?
  6. Misgina Hana

    International College of Health Sciences

    Please add me to your group hmisgina@yahoo.com
  7. Today
  8. dalridge22

    Saint Joseph College Brooklyn Spring 2018

    What school u asking for st Joseph or bmcc.None of them has the absn program..st Joseph however, u can start at a 3rd year student if u have your bachelor's
  9. IsraelG

    Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    I'm at NH. I like it! It's been a good experience...They do seem more lenient but still stick to the rules bigtime. The instructors are good too. I'm happy I came here.
  10. IsraelG

    Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    I have no clue....some students end up with lecture and lab together on one day but others have to come back an extra day just for lab....but no lab 3rd and 4th sems.
  11. Golden_birdASA

    Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    I guess for me it’s a same driving distance as to woodlands ! How often do you go for the cliniclas ? Once a week ? How do they pick people who can do that !? It drastically reduce the load ! I better sit for two extra hours that come extra day for the class lol
  12. IsraelG

    Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    North Harris is the same, you can have lecture and lab on same day (but not every student has this, it is assigned)...and one day for clinical.
  13. Golden_birdASA

    Lone Star Spring 2020 ADN

    You will be fine /)) people still graduate from there /))) maybe just least pleasant experience:) What was your score ? It was your first choice location ?why did you pick it ?
  14. AmyS4

    Vanderbilt 2020 Pre Specialty

    I'm not sure what you'd consider "low GPA" but I think that the reason they look at applicants so holistically is because they realize that there are good practitioners who don't have a 4.0 GPA. They have the cut off at 3.0 and I believe they said the average GPA was more midline, like 3.5 or 3.6, which means they choose applicants from GPAs above and below that (obviously). If you have demonstrated your commitment and qualifications in your resume, personal statement, and essays, I think you will be a competitive applicant, regardless of your GPA.
  15. NYC New grad. $48/hr day shift, $53/hr night shift.
  16. Christina B

    Arrested for DUID on Way to Work- Will I Lose my License?

    I do agree. No nurse should be taking narcotic pain medication while at work. If you need it to control pain, fine, but stay home and definitely stay off the roads. We tell our patients upon discharge not to drive while taking these medications, why are we exempt? Just because someone does not feel the effect of a narcotic does not mean it is not decreasing their response time, mental reasoning, etc. These are things we can not judge ourselves. Just as a chronic alcoholic can function with a blood alcohol level of 0.20, he would still be considered legally drunk even without signs of intoxication. The other issue with this is she was driving while extremely fatigued. This is the same as driving drunk. Common sense should have been used and no police officer should encourage you to continue to drive when you say you can not. At the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself. Working while actively taking narcotic pain medication when you have people's lives in your hands is irresponsible on the part of the nurse and the employer. It is a huge liability.
  17. WolfMoon6

    Juggling 2 under 2 and college

    I'm curious, what you do mean by "the real sacrifices will start..."??? LOL
  18. prmenrs

    Nicu resuscitation nursing

    Paper towels. Just don't accidently throw it away. Find the clock in the room, use that for your time. You have the time of birth, so you can extrapolate age in minutes. We had a stamp w/all the admission data we could use on our charts. (showing my age--paper charts)
  19. WolfMoon6

    Juggling 2 under 2 and college

    After meeting with my advisor a few times, I've decided to start out part time. I will be taking one course on campus, and one online per semester this year. I feel this will better suit my family for the time being.
  20. WolfMoon6

    Juggling 2 under 2 and college

    Kent State does actually offer an ADN at some regional campus locations. I'm enrolled in the program at their Twinsburg location.
  21. PRNnurse

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    Does anyone live in SF?
  22. Jessica99

    CSU Chico Spring 2020

    I know I made alternate list too. Damn though. 93.25 is insane
  23. Katie Ruschman

    MSU ABSN Cost

    Hello All, I was just accepted into MSU's ABSN program. I cannot figure out how much the cost is though. I have been looking at the tables and I'm coming up with a huge $$$ I'm just wondering if anyone knows what it would cost per for the full program. I'm paying out of state tuition. I know it changes every year but just knowing a roundabout cost would really help me.
  24. lemonlove

    UCSF MEPN 2020

    I would also love to see your goal statement once the process is completed, I'm planning to apply next year and its all very overwhelming. My email is westrose94@gmail.com. Good luck to you all in the interviews
  25. Katie Ruschman

    Montana State University Accelerated BSN

    hello all! I was just accepted into MSU's ABSN program. I can't figure out the total cost of the program to save my life. Could someone please help me with this? I will be paying out of state tuition.
  26. CVICUtravelrn

    Raleigh UNCG CRNA SNA

    Has anyone else waitlisted still not heard anything? I’m about to email them again
  27. CO_Nurse

    Science at community college or university?

    I was in the same spot last year. From all of my research, I decided to take one at a university so that I didn’t run into situations where the class wouldn’t count. If you know the specific schools you’re applying to and if they don’t have a preference - take what’s easiest/most convenient. But if you aren’t sure which programs you’ll apply to and want to keep your options open, go with a university/upper level chemistry. Some schools want organic, some say organic or biochemistry, some will specify “upper level” bio/chemistry, some will say it’s okay to NOT have a lab. There’s a lot of variation from program to program.
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