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  2. pana92

    FNP Duke, BSN- MSN/DNP Fall 2019

    Congrats on your interview! I am currently in Dukes NP oncology program. First, relax! The interview is just an opportunity for you to highlight your work in oncology as well as what you are hoping to do with your NP career. The best advice I can give you is be yourself, and don't be afraid to talk about your experiences with your oncology patients. I was very nervous for my interview, but felt at ease within a few minutes. The very best of luck to you! You will do GREAT!
  3. Pallspice_NP

    FNP's in acute care

    Hmmm, the short answer is no. FNP programs are not geared towards inpatient work. However, I am an FNP and work inpatient palliative at a major hospital. It really depends upon the specialty you are seeking and your employment history. I have worked in hospice/palliative care for 6 years now. Critical care or hospitalist-type work is definitely out of the question for FNPs.
  4. pana92

    Duke NP graduates.... worth it?

    I am currently in the FNP program with a specialty and will graduate this December. I love Duke's program. I have had exceptional faculty and am very impressed with the education I am receiving. I am attending part-time and work part-time and find this very doable. I have made great friends who are in my cohort and we all support each other. I have never experienced any belittling or bullying from faculty or fellow students, the faculty and your advisor want you to succeed. As part of the curriculum, you will have on campus intensives. While some may view this as a burden, I viewed it as an opportunity to get hands on experience with patients (individuals hired to portray patients), as well as simulations which improved my critical thinking. The price tag is high, however, I was able to receive a small scholarship through Duke, as well as tuition reimbursement from my hospital. This helped to offset the cost. After you are accepted, Duke tries to match you with scholarships for which you qualify, so keep that in mind. Does your current employer offer any tuition reimbursement? I picked Duke because of their top ranking, and their history of academic rigor. I viewed the tuition cost as an investment in me. I am in the west and I have to say I have had great feedback from physicians, PA’s and Nurse Practitioners about choosing Duke. Ultimately you will have to decide if Duke is a good fit for you, do your research and make sure it is what you want. Good luck to you as you chose your NP program!
  5. alorraine

    MGH IHP DE NP 2019

    Totally makes sense, BC seems like an awesome program.
  6. Julian20052000

    Holy Family University ABSN Fall 2019

    @alyssawentz33 Do you plan to commute or are you planning to move closer to campus? I live in NJ about 45 mins and I plan to commute.
  7. bbystw

    DUKE CRNA 2019

    Congratulations on getting through school and getting into ICU! I got my CCRN about a year and a half before I applied. I took a 6000-level biochemistry (for pre-med/pre-pharm) class the summer before applying because it had been a very long time since I took a science course (I'm talkin' over a decade). Every school has different requirements for their prospective students, and several don't require you to take chemistry courses prior to applying. You'll just have to search around to see which CRNA programs fit you best and find out what requirements they have. Dr. Morgan mentioned at an info session that you should consider updating your sciences only if it is a high-level course *and* you can earn an A. It demonstrates your ability to succeed in graduate school. Good luck!
  8. jnurseapp

    UA MEPN 2019

    its okay my phone alarm rang through my online interview.. lets hope for the best.
  9. mariarn2002

    UF BSN to DNP Fall 2019

    Autumn, I've heard the same thing about scores. I was off by one point on the Verbal. I hope it's good enough! I also applied to the FNP track full-time. Fingers crossed!
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  11. thenurseguy88


    same here i was rejected as well , but got into another program. Best of luck all
  12. steph25

    UExcel exams

    Hi everyone just wondering if anyone took the adult UExcel exam? Which book would be a great tool for studying?
  13. juan de la cruz

    IS it easier as APRN to get hired in NYC or SF?

    I have NP's colleagues who used to work in NYC. The ratio of salary per cost of living is better in SF per their account. They're grads of NYC programs and worked in NYC before moving to SF.
  14. JKL33

    Trigger Warning!

    Trigger warning: Just say trigger warning every time you speak, to cover yourself.
  15. Wuzzie

    Trigger Warning!

    Tee-shirt, smee-shirt. I need that tattooed on my forehead.
  16. Daisy4RN

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    Never heard that before but interesting! Yea, medicine was quite different back then.
  17. JKL33

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    You make a good point and I do think it is reasonable to believe that the order itself would have listed the generic name. She may still have searched VE but might have been jogged to try MI if her first attempt didn't bring up the med.
  18. Emergent

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    I've been binging on documentaries on Netflix this winter. Did you all know that FDR most likely did not have Polio, but instead Guillain-Barre ? He was an entirely amazing man. Just watched The Wheelchair President. The White House doctor was pretty substandard and medicine had very few tools in its arsenal. When he collapsed before he died, they didn't even call an ambulance. Follow the link that discusses this. Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?
  19. Rnis

    Medical billing and coding for NPs

    My work paid for us all to take a class
  20. mtmkjr

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    More likely IMHO is that it was there and she just didn't see it because I have to say that it is possible to look over the patient's meds and just "not see" something that actually IS there. Sometimes a second look is all that is needed. So maybe she scanned quickly, didn't see it right away, so she went quickly to override. I have a hard time thinking that it was due to the brand vs. generic because as far as I know, the system always lists both. It may be a matter of which one is listed first, and for that reason a more careful eye is needed. Something she was lacking that day.
  21. HomeBound

    Insulting pay raise

    Yep. At a "state magnet hospital" I worked for, "some" of the bedside ED RNs got $0.23 raises one year---while "some others", in full view of the recipients of the whopping $0.23 raise---were handed "bonus checks" varying between $1200 and $1900. These "others" were the ones that sat in the RN Mgrs office telling tales or disappearing--or just being "unavailable" for anyone by constantly claiming they are "doing work for management". They now have all been elevated to Clinical Nurse 3 or above, hide on a different floor of the hospital in a locked section that only can be accessed with "permissions" on your ID badge. The peasants are getting restive--and some managers are smart enough to know separating themselves from the great unwashed is the smartest thing they can do right now. Hand out those memos of how horrible we are while sitting in a locked tower. Unionize. It's the only way to deal with this favoritism and outright abuse of management authority. "giving them what they want" by jumping through every hoop they set forth is also not a recipe for any type of "merit raise" or "certification raise". My place of employment simply took those away---didn't matter what cert you had, you got nothing for it, but they also tried to make it a requirement for anybody to be hired in. (not a requirement OF the job, a requirement to be hired FOR the job) Unionize.
  22. Daisy4RN

    Bring back our childhood diseases!

    I agree with you. But the gov't already stepped in once and "fixed" this, the question is what happened to that fix.
  23. EmDash

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    I'm in a 15-month program, and we have quite a few who work part time. Though we've also had a couple people who came in working part time and quit the first semester. If you are good at time management and the job is flexible, then it's definitely do-able in a 15-month program. Now all this condensed into 12-months? Idk if you could work and learn what you need to learn unless you are really good at getting info down fast.
  24. LBR88


    Well guys decision emails went out and I got rejected. On a brighter note I got into the school I wanted to at Johns Hopkins. I wish everyone the best of luck for your education!
  25. OnOn2NICU

    UCF DNP 2019

    Anyone else here apply for UCF (Central Florida) DNP program? I applied for the FNP track for 2019. I applied through the non-nursing bachelor's path as I have a BA in chemistry, MPH, and an ASN RN. Hoping to find out soon!
  26. umbdude

    Getting into NP school

    What's your cumulative GPA? (including your undergrad business, nursing pre-reqs, ADN, and BSN.) Some schools might have a 3.0 minimum. But it's best to ask the programs directly. If you meet the 3.0 minimum, my guess is that schools will put much more weigh on your science and nursing grades. My undergrad in business GPA was just shy of 3.0, from 20 years ago. My GPAs since then have been high. Never had an issue with getting into nursing school.
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