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subee has 49 years experience as a MSN, CRNA and specializes in CRNA, Finally retired.


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  1. subee

    Nursing profession reputation

    Are women and men treated equally in the eyes of the law in Kuwait? Maybe a job is looked down upon because it is predominantly female. And that guy that brought up "private parts"? He's the guy I would leave with a bowl of water and wash cloth and tell him let me know when he's finished:)
  2. subee

    Second Thoughts on Becoming a Nurse

    If you were in your 20's I'd say go for it ...but in your late 40's? If you were interested enough in a 4 year degree, I'd recommend laboratory technician. It requires a bachelor's, you've already got some pre-reqs, it's not physically demanding and you can work until they throw you out to pasture while you can still stand and enjoy eating the grass. If I had it to do all over....Gotta like science, though and I didn't have enough confidence in my science skills when I was young.
  3. subee

    President Biden thread

    Not really. Trump's average approval rating was only 41%. And remember that some of these people interviewed were anti-vaxxers who are worried about the way Biden is handling the virus when they are the cause of the continuing effects of the pandemic? Duh. Biden never had a chance to have a honeymoon. It's as if he came into office during WW II or Vietnam. The times they were a'changin' and a lot of people just can't keep up with evolution. If I were younger, I would probably care a lot more but this is just a re-run of a president who got elected in terrible times.
  4. subee

    President Biden thread

    Correct and that's why economics will never be a science but no more than artful guessing. Everything's going great and then some mine collapses somewhere or some war starts and then some element needed for some computers and phones suddenly isn't available and no one had a plan B.
  5. subee

    Topical News

    And the defendant did it with his own camera. I'm guessing, however, that he did not send the video to anyone. If he actually DID send it to anyone, does the situation change as he obviously never attempted to keep it private. Judgements on this issue have been contradictory which implies to me that they are evaluating the circumstances of each case.
  6. subee

    $10,000 Reward for informing on each other in Texas!

    Absolute reflection of the Nazis when children were coerced to inform on their parents.
  7. subee

    President Biden thread

    How did you think we were going to get out of this Trump created mess without a lot of financial pain? If not the pain of inflation, it would have been the pain of rampant unemployment and the social ills (addiction, homelessness, etc) that come with it. I don't propose to know HOW to create the least amount of pain possible, but obviously you think you do. Please tell us your plan. What would you do differently than Biden and why would it be an improvement on what we are getting? There are things in Biden's plan that I don't agree with (child tax credits for one)but I don't see the Republicans coming up with anything better. Do you believe that we are going to come out of this pandemic in better shape than we were before? Maybe we will be left with a few less people with enough brain power to survive this, but at a terrible cost for all the innocent lives they took with them and the financial and emotional costs of caring for these patients.
  8. subee

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    Great. Just what the patient need - a bunch of newbies with no institutional knowledge. The price we pay for cranking way too many graduates out of programs.
  9. subee

    President Biden thread

    A ban on the distribution of mail-in ballot applications SB 1 and HB 3 prohibit local election officials from sending unsolicited applications to request a mail-in ballot, with the House version making it a state jail felony. Both bills also prohibit the use of public funds “to facilitate” the unsolicited distribution of applications by third-parties, which would keep counties from also providing applications to local groups helping to get out the vote. Political parties would still be able to send out unsolicited applications on their own dime. The proposal is a direct response to Harris County’s attempt to proactively send applications to all 2.4 million registered voters last year with specific instructions on how to determine if they were eligible. The Texas Supreme Court ultimately blocked that effort, but other Texas counties sent applications to voters 65 and older without much scrutiny. Though those voters automatically qualify to vote by mail, mailing unrequested applications to them in the future would also be blocked. Please read the first paragraph. They want to forbid people receiving unsolicited ballot APPLICATIONS. We are NOT talking about unsolicited ballots here which I don't believe is safe unless someone explains it to me otherwise. All registered voters in my state received applications for a mail-in ballot. If we wanted the ballot we mailed the form back with our signature. When the votes are actually counted that signature (very recent)is matched with the signature on the ballot. As for 24 hour balloting: did you ever work a 24 hour shift? Very common in the anesthesia world. Did you ever even work a night shift? Believe me, we poll workers work for cheap! It's no big deal to have 24 hour option but I agree with you that it isn't necessary if people were allowed to VOTE BY MAIL.
  10. subee

    Topical News

    In NYC, doctors are studying the "SuperJew" phenomenon. Why is it that holocaust survivors who were severely deprived of calories while also being psychologically traumatized, live to be so old? It defies the general belief about severe malnourishment in early childhood. I'm being flippant here but I think the gene pool would be improved if all the anti-vaxxers died. How could the gene pool improve if they all lived long enough to reproduce? Is it worth producing more low IQ people to gain a few smart ones when it's more likely that smart people will produce fewer lower IQ people? Nature is cruel and doesn't encourage survival of the stupid (which these people are since we can assume that a certain percentage will die or become disabled). And, of course, EQ is underrated because many smart people have terrible lives because they have none and many people with low IQ's can be delightful.
  11. subee

    President Biden thread

    Do you know how to use Google to find out any facts? Texas voting bills: What to know about the latest legislation | The Texas Tribune. I cannot get this to link here so I hope you know how to Google. They want to outlaw forms of voting that are perfectly safe.
  12. You will have to decide what YOU want to do. Your mother is beyond any other help. Can you live comfortably with your decision? IMHO, her chance for survival is in the single digits and it won't pretty or comfortable for her afterwards if she did live long enough to graduate to long-term vent in a nursing home. If you do go to the comfort measures only regimen, you haven't done anything except to make her more comfortable and should have no regrets. I had to fire my mother's doctor because he wasn't comfortable with just referring to hospice and calling it quits. At least in such a terrible situation I was able to help her die comfortably.
  13. subee

    Topical News

    Our country has to suffer decades from the damages done by Trump. Certainly all of the judges he assigned (whether they were experienced or not), will be on these courts for decades. Look at who he picked for his cabinet - do you believe he suddenly became a wise man and picked judges based on issues of jurisprudence? These judges were bought and paid for by Koch and other large contributors. Give 1 to the corporations and 0 to the citizens for that. Almost half of the country approves of the mob mentality and that's just an indicator of how far we have fallen. So Trump is an issue that won't go away soon even if he dies tonight.
  14. subee

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    If animosity is the price we have to pay for for safe working conditions, so be it. Too many administrators look at us as widgets to be manipulated. Bring back the Director of Nursing position to sit at the big corporate table instead of incorporating that job into another corporate lackey.
  15. subee

    President Biden thread

    And I guess even Fox is too liberal for him.
  16. subee

    Why are so many nurses against unions?

    But I'd prefer hospitals going into the red for the nursing staff rather than unproven technology (lots of spending on that!) or pianos in the lobbies.