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  1. subee

    Robot tells man he'll be dead in hours

    I'm a nurse and would understand the situation long before I lay gasping for air hours before my death. This is simply a lurid story that never deserved coverage in the first place. We know NOTHING.
  2. subee

    Older nurses...chasing that carrot

    Maybe it's better to look at the 13 years of working remaining to you as 13 years you have the opportunity to shore up your savings for a SECURE retirement during which you will work only if you wish. What if you live to be 100? Not so uncommon these days. I have two friends who's parents are running out of money (in their late 80's) and it's not a good scenario.
  3. subee

    Pain Management Fellowships for CRNAs?

    That was not true for my corporation. Pain docs made the same as the rest.
  4. subee

    Older nurses...chasing that carrot

    Darn. I can't transfer the quote here, but just Google "upper limits for social security payment" and go from there. You can use that as a stepping stone for further info and decide for yourself how much more work you are willing to invest in earning more SS dollars. I made it to 66 and 1/2 to collect full amount but the last 5 years or so were pure hell on my old back and feet:) but I did it and glad to have every dollar in my SS check. However, I never did the research to determine whether I tortured myself for an extra $5/month. Just figured I'd work as much as I could for as long as I could. Cut down to 4 days a week the last 2 years and I think it's the only reason I could persist.
  5. subee

    Honesty on resume, now no job.

    I had a job as a research nurse and both of the RN's had tons of experience behind them. Not a job for a new grad. The first year of nursing is miserable for every.single.new.grad. If you're not miserable, you're doing something wrong. If you don't have experience, you won't be much use in IT either. It's hard to start out on one's 40's but you can do it. You'll just be a little more miserable than someone starting out in their 20's but lots of people do it. Good luck to you.
  6. subee

    HELP!!!!! PANICKING! Career change??

    Be careful what you with for: "passion" can quickly become a colossal mistake. I gather you are a new grad so don't really have any idea what working in a ER is like as an employee. No time spend in med surg is ever wasted. This is where you develop your chops and talents to work in a specialty.
  7. subee

    Becoming a CRNA

    FNP program a waste of time and money if you want to be a CRNA. Keep working and save your money. If you can enter the program with all the money you will need, you will be better off financially. Working is impossible while in clinicals. If there are some courses for the DNP that are transferrable among programs that you would to apply for, you could get them out of the way. Clinicals are full time at least:) But congrats on getting into neuro ICU...great experience.
  8. subee

    License investigation - over 3 yrs

    Keep a good paper trail for the board to refer to, including all urine tests, references from treatment, etc. In my state, some of these "retrograde" cases were settled with a weekend handover of your license if you had a written track record of compliance.
  9. subee

    LPN's Certified in Anesthesiology..

    Can you not pass your RN boards? NI ONE in the anesthesia world cares if you have an LPN...it will not get you into a CRNA program. If you ever want to practice independently you MUST be a CRNA. If you are content to work non-indepently and can't pass your RN boards, be an AA. Are you sure you are not confusing anesthesia tech with anesthesia assistant? If you really meant that you want to be an anesthesia tech, they won't give a rat's payout if you are an LPN and you would be taking a pay cut. Or......you could be a troll? ..
  10. subee

    My last Day

    Just courious, and it may be too early to answer this question with any perspective, but was the program you were in worthwhile? Could you have been where you are not without it? I see on this forum how angry nurses are while going through the process but don't often get to see the long view after a sustained sobriety.
  11. subee

    Operating room gases

    NO! Anesthesia machines have scavenging systems to collect expelled gases. Something is very wrong if you are smelling gases in the rooms and yes, they would make you feel dizzy.
  12. subee

    You must watch me!

    How would I know what anyone is "wasting" when they empty the syringe of water? Ridiculous waste of time....sorry about the bad pun.
  13. subee

    Best sedation med

  14. subee

    Bowel Obstruction treatment

    The patient is "like vomiting and dehydrated"? The patient either is or isn't vomiting and dehydrated. Never pick D5W .9% saline as the multiple choice answer. Does anyone stock this since the 80's? But your reasoning so far for not giving it is correct.
  15. Think....it's not illegal yet.

    1. NICUmiiki

      NICUmiiki, BSN, RN

      Hmm... interesting thought process you e got going on right there.