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subee has 45 years experience as a MSN, CRNA.


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  1. subee

    Two Jobs: Full-time night, Part-time day

    People who make bad decisions like this often end up burnt out and depressed really quickly. I know you are desperate to start repaying loans but slow and steady will probably get them repaid quicker.
  2. subee

    Setting the Precedent: Nurses Fired for Being Sick

    Nurses will be abused as long as we fail to control our numbers.
  3. subee

    I was accused of being impaired at work

    I'm so confused from the above posts about teeth:). Is what the same for adderall?
  4. subee

    CRNA, Anesthesiologist Relationships

    Is this a joke? Nurse anesthetists existed before anesthesiologists. You may have heard of the surgeon George Crile; A nurse anesthetist solely provided anesthesia for him at the turn of the century - in 1900, not it 2000:) That nurse anesthetist opened the first school of anesthesia. So, no, AA's were not created to provide a better provider but a provider that could never be autonomous and would remain under the control of the MDA.
  5. subee

    New Nurse, Med Error = Lost Job

    What a lousy hospital culture that fires someone for reporting an error. Good riddance.
  6. One year an MD talked me out of a flu shot and I got it twice back to back. I decided that we just live in an uncertain world and got it for the succeeding 22 years or so and never got it again. I was scary sick the year I had it back to back. Some of the few sick days I took in a 40 year career and it would have been worst if someone from my department didnt come to my house to get me on IV's .
  7. I loved 8's on Monday and Thursdays and 12's on Tuesdays and Fridays. Best of both worlds. Scheduled all appointments on Wednesdaysm. BUT, no kids. Easy peasy.
  8. In the 70's, I went to MD Anderson in Houston to take a class in chemotherapy nursing (all very new at the time). I did a rotation in the out-patient clinic where many patients were staying in near-by motel rooms for their treatments and secretarial crew members were calling constantly for taxis. The patients were smoking weed freely around the clinic and by the time their cabs arrived they would be wandering around admiring the trees:). It was like herding cats.
  9. Can anyone explain to me what happens to the qualitative measurements of MJ when it changes from a medicinal category to recreational? Is "medical quality" MJ still available or does it become a free for all once it's sold as recreational? Just wondering. I got burned with some medical MJ from Colorado which made me highly suspicious of qualitative measurements of this product which claimed to be low in THC's and high in CBD's...not.
  10. An CRNA's were the first practitioners of anesthesia. The physicians came later when it became possible for them to send a bill. Before CRNA's, anesthesia was delivered by medical students (what could go wrong?). We had a professional association before the MDA's. The large bulk of anesthetics can be delivered by CRNA's safely but the public is paying waaay to much money. And this is where the politics come in. It's not as simple as a turf war. It is developing a rational plan to deliver health care in a safe and cost effective manner...period. Unfortunately, over the years I have seen more students who are content to do less because MDA's restrict the students from some procedures and keep them too ignorant to work independently. So, unfortunately, the MD's spends loads of money to their PAC and the CRNA's do the same for theirs. Money that could be used for education ends up going to lawyers. They have tried for years to tie up our hands and our brains, but we persist and survive. Non-CRNA nurses do not have to put up with this crap that takes up a lot of our energy and money.
  11. subee

    Nursing Smells You Love?

    Ointment that smells like bacon?!:) This would be a real seller in the Midwest. We would even use bacon floor and toilet bowl cleaner if if were available.
  12. Nonsense. Both groups I worked with had pediatric anestheologists on staff to care for the sickest kids, except when our ace CRNA that did the most peds of all was on duty for day surgery cases.
  13. Sorry but that is hubris. If my fetus needed a procedure or my 1 year old needed a liver transplant, I would expect to have MDA who is pediatrician . Bread and butter cases, yes we are perfectly qualified.
  14. It seems kind of meaningless to me to use all the initials...the patients don't know what they mean , so we are doing it for each other? Do MD's wear badges identifying their board certs? And I see folks here use every set of initials they ever earned. It's a nursing forum and I don't really care what you did before you became RN.
  15. subee

    Social Media and Doxxing - Your Thoughts???

    Did he violate any hospital policy? I think the person who reported him is a dorkmeister and, instead, advised him of the danger posting one's picture in a post on ANY nursing forum.
  16. The above is not my quote. I know nothing about DNP students so can't tell anyone what it means.