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  1. Well, the ones who testified at the hearings had concerns. But, of course, those appointed to major cabinet positions were chosen because of their willingness to cooperate with criminality. Elaine Chao, Sonny Perdue, Wilber Ross and Ben Carson wou...
  2. And the following quote of hers just puts here in the real dirtbag catagory: Palin wrote similar Internet messages, including this one: "Commonsense conservatives and lovers of America: Don't retreat, instead, reload!"
  3. The NY Post article (while it might make correct points) is just what-about-ism to the conversation about Trump taking documents to his house. The National Archives has no quarrel with Obama taking into possession what was not his.
  4. subee

    Wilkes University - BEWARE!

    I see that all of their non-clinical classes are on-line. That's a red flag. Shows how little regard they have for their content.
  5. subee

    Fired From First NP Job: Struggling Emotionally

    If someone is asking you to go see a patient without looking at the chart....that's a symptom of serious dysfunction in that place. Begone!
  6. subee

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    We would quietly whisper FLK in the OR when a baby was born and an unknown syndrome was suspected. It was just a term of "something's not right here." My favorite was when a really obnoxious patient signed themselves out out AMA. Our term was pati...
  7. Two egos like this in the same room and one of them doesn't pay his lawyers?Snicker.
  8. subee

    Why not paralyze??

    I remember the days of Pavulon so I REALLY appreciate the blessing of intermediate-acting muscle relaxants and used them with few issues. However, you haven't been around long enough to also appreciate how many drug shortages we have been through wh...
  9. That rich bankers from NY do not want to have to come to what they consider the end of the earth (more than 15 minutes from Manhattan:). Thus, this ridiculous decision by West Virginia is only shooting itself in the foot.
  10. Ha-ha. West Virginia's state treasurer really believes that Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and other huge investment companies will miss West Virginia more than West Virginia will miss the money from those banks? No one from any of these large banks will...
  11. I don't need a tax credit to buy a car that requires no gas.
  12. subee

    President Biden thread

    When anybody makes a prediction about our economic future, I laugh. Marc Theissen is just a political blow-hard who hasn't any more knowledge of the future variables in the economy than anyone else. That's why he spends time in this column bad-mout...
  13. subee

    Why not paralyze??

    Every student in my program had to mask one case with nothing but gas alone to learn how to measure depth of anesthesia. I had a young healthy male inguinal hernia repair. We were allowed to give a dose of pentathol up front but no narcs until the ...
  14. How many lawsuits has the Trump campaign settled? The Trump Campaign Has Quietly Settled Millions in Lawsuits. Before he took office, Donald Trump was involved in a truly astronomical number of lawsuits. A USA Today report published in 2016 foun...
  15. Indicating what is in the warrant would make him a "chump" like the poor, stupid public who pay their taxes. He wants us to believe that HE is in control of the situation. The same can be said of why he hides is tax returns and he's never had to s...