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dianah has 48 years experience as a ASN and specializes in RETIRED Cath Lab/Cardiology/Radiology.

CA girl, born in Hawaii, raised in Northern CA, live in So. Cal last 35 yr

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  1. dianah

    Thursday September 21st 2023

    Good morning all! We are up and at 'em here. Dh has fed the cats, and I will soon get "ready to go," as he has another f/u appt today. Then we have a couple errands to run, and should be home in the early afternoon. Weather has been very nice...
  2. dianah

    Wednesday September 20th 2023

    Hello all! We finished all the Poirot episodes on Amazon, and looked for another series to watch. Found Agatha Christie's Little Murders series (3 seasons). So we bought the first season. It's set in the '30's, dealing with a Superintendent a...
  3. dianah

    Tuesday September 19th 2023

    nursej22, our zoo up at Big Bear Lake/Big Bear City, received a mama grizzley and her two cubs (some years ago) after they had their 'three strikes and you're out!' while in another state. Mama was teaching cubs how to be very forward with the campe...
  4. dianah

    Tuesday September 19th 2023

    Hello all! Wow, Joe, you really had to hustle to get that work pile-up taken care of! Good you are back on track. And, good you have a lot to look forward to, on your social calendar. Trying any new recipes this week? Tweety, hope your a...
  5. dianah

    Saturday, September 16, 2023

    Happy Birthday toomuchbaloney!
  6. dianah

    CHEM 121

    I moved your thread to a different, more subject-appropriate area. Posting my comment then brings your thread to the top of the thread list. 🙂
  7. dianah

    CHEM 121

    Moved to Pre-Nursing Student forum.
  8. dianah

    Friday September 15, 2023

    I would like to start a new thread for Saturday, but somehow I am not able to start a new thread. Some kind of glitch. Will try again later!
  9. dianah

    Friday September 15, 2023

    Send me any pics you want, No Stars. I will put them in the thread. 🙂 I like "Mojo!"
  10. dianah

    Friday September 15, 2023

    Oooo, I found this: Webcam for Kilauea volcano, on Hawai'I: https://www.YouTube.com/usgs/live
  11. dianah

    Friday September 15, 2023

    Thanks for starting the thread, Tweety! Safe travels to Joe! Dh is doing much better, no pain today and can see pretty well. Eye drops continue. He has another f/u appointment next week. I have some things to do in the house today, b...
  12. dianah

    Thursday September 14th 2023

    I am trying to Start A New Topic but seems there is a glitch. I know Joe is on a trip, so I was trying to start the Friday GM thread. Working on it...
  13. dianah

    Wednesday September 13 2023

    Hello all! I am excited for you, No Stars, to get this doggo! We sure love our pets, and hope this pup will fill a niche in your heart! 🙂 🙂 Dh is doing very well after his surgery. He has another f/u appt next week, and then needs to g...
  14. dianah

    TEAS for SJSU FALL 2024 BSN

    Moved to TEAS Exam area.
  15. dianah

    Tuesday September 12 2023

    Thanks for all your good wishes and vibes for dh's surgery. He is doing much better today, though still had a bout with pain in left eye. Thankfully it was relieved with the eye gtts and tylenol. He had his postop appt this morning and everyt...

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