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Halo, statue??

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  1. dianah

    Knee replacement

    Hello. What a predicament! Per the Terms of Service, no one on this forum may give medical advice. It seems any words of wisdom would be empty without a knowledge of your medical condition and needs (present and future), combined with the physical requirements of your position (which only you would know). Please consult your PMD and weigh all factors involved before arriving at your decision. We wish you all the best. Closing this thread now.
  2. dianah

    JTCC 2019 Fall Nursing Program

    Moved to School Programs forum. Best to you in your career/educational journey!
  3. dianah

    Blast from the past...

    Love old westerns! Movies and the series: Bonanza, Gunsmoke, The Big Valley, Wagon Train, The Rifleman... can spot lots of stars in their younger days, putting their time in. Also love M*A*S*H reruns. I do admit to sometimes keeping the TV on for noise, tuned to The Brady Bunch and The Love Boat. Mindless fluff.
  4. dianah

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    Maybe that was the same president. And how, praytell, is a president to reduce stress??? Again, sad.
  5. dianah

    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    I recall reading about one president who was diagnosed with hypertension while in the White House. No cure, no meds available. Sad.
  6. dianah

    UExcel exams

    Moved to the Excelsior forum. You might browse through the threads in this forum, for additional helpful information. Best of luck to you!
  7. dianah

    I have decided to retire!

    Enjoy the next part of your journey! (and stay in touch!)
  8. dianah

    Please take my survey for my dissertation work :)

    Thread closed while under Staff review. Thank you for your patience.
  9. dianah

    KCC ADN FALL 2019

    Moved to School/College Programs area.
  10. dianah


    Another thread from this area that may be helpful:
  11. dianah

    UNF FALL 2019

    Moved to School/College Programs forum. Here's hoping for that "A" in Micro, and good luck taking the TEAS again!
  12. dianah

    First Reaction to Changes

    Please report posts that need to be moved and we will do our best to move them asap!
  13. dianah

    Welcome Home!!!! - Home Sweet Home

    check out the video, with instructions how to customize the What's New tab (top of page) to see "unread" or whatever you choose:
  14. dianah

    Tri-C Nursing Program-Starting in Fall 2011

    It is quite helpful to the volunteer staff to have members who read, comprehend and comply with the Terms of Service.
  15. dianah

    Strep - Call in or go anyways?

    Just a reminder to refrain from personal attacks when posting, and to follow the Terms of Service for posting guidelines. Thank you.