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dianah has 47 years experience as a ADN and specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology.

CA girl, born in Hawaii, raised in Northern CA, live in So. Cal last 35 yr

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  1. dianah

    Tuesday July 5th 2022

    Good morning! Another weird night of broken-up sleep. Oh well. We had a very nice visit with oldest ds, then brought him home so he could test my guitars! He is mainly a bass player, but can play some guitar. It was very nice to see hi...
  2. dianah

    4th of July 2022

    Yup, Tweety. Slept till 1:15 then awake till 5 or so. Oh well. Happy Fourth of July!! Temp predicted to be only 88 today, which is a nice change from 103! Heading out to the grocery store to get a few things. We will meet oldest ds at 5:30...
  3. dianah

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    Sounds yummy, Tweety! I'm sure you and Birthday George enjoyed it! We drove up to Oak Glen for lunch - dh had BBQ chicken sandwich and I had their veggie sandwich on wheat bread. Dh enjoyed an apple cider slushy, too. A friend, D, was doing m...
  4. dianah

    FSCJ Fall 2022?

    Just a reminder, for when you post about communicating: There are two approved ways to create a special place for your cohort. One: create a facebook page. This link may be posted. Two: create a "club" for your cohort by clicking on th...
  5. dianah

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    Awwww, come on George, pick a place to eat! I know you will choose a good one, Tweety. Happy Birthday George!! Joe, what is J allergic to? Too bad he has such a severe reaction! Hope you two can get together this afternoon. Sounds like a go...
  6. dianah

    Saturday July 2nd 2022

    Quiet day today. I didn't sleep well last night, just couldn't fall asleep (that I knew of). So I napped a little today. We attended Zoom Sabbath School, and watched two episodes of The Chosen during lunch. Dh and I just finished with the one-hou...
  7. dianah

    Saturday July 2nd 2022

    I use Firefox. No Stars, I sent you another message with my email addy, maybe using emails will work better?
  8. dianah

    Samuel Merritt University ABSN Fall 2022

    Just a reminder, that per the Terms of Service, members may not advertise or solicit goods (scrubs, supplies, books) or services. Thank you.
  9. dianah

    Friday July 1st 2022

    No Stars, I sent you a private message. Thanks for the help, Rose!!
  10. dianah

    Friday July 1st 2022

    Hello all. No Stars, I have some mysteries here that I plan on giving away, I am happy to send them to you, if you will DM me your address. Good you found a couple of books to get you by! Hope the game is good for you all! Hmmmm, I enjo...
  11. dianah

    Thursday June 30 2022

    nursej22, those are beautiful gardens, thanks for the photos! Good to hear about your sister's thorough Cardiology visit. Sometimes tincture of time is all we are given. Thanks for the reminder, I need to run the car thru the car wash! No Sta...
  12. dianah

    Thursday June 30 2022

    Hello all! Supposed to be 97 today, humidity 20%. Still too hot to be out for long, imho. I finished my Kindle book, a bio of Louisa May Alcott. There should be a corresponding 1.5-hr PBS presentation, released in around 2009; will have t...
  13. dianah

    Lost in nursing

    Moved to General Nursing
  14. dianah

    Tuesday June 28th 2022

    We returned Sunday from two weeks' camping in the local mountains. We were 45 min from home, and took the car up with us as well as the RV. We woke when we wanted, and had a leisurely morning, eating outside, watching the meadow and the trees, and ...
  15. dianah

    Sunday June 26th 2022

    No Stars, tut-tut, sorry your dh fell, hope his seemingly minor injuries are just that, and don't cause him too much concern. (yes, I agree he SHOULD have listened to you, but that's a moot point now!) Joe, hope you and J were able to get toget...