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    RCC Nursing Fall 2019

    Hello all, this is just a reminder to not post names of anyone in your program (or potential program) ----- students or staff --- to comply with the Terms of Service. Several posts have been edited. Wishing you success in getting accepted to the program of your choice!
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    Retired RN wanting to give back...

    Hello and Welcome back! My take on what you are asking: should you come back and post? My answer: YES!! Come to General Nursing, Nursing Student Assistance, and whatever specialties you have tucked under your formidable belt of experience. Please share your thoughts and experience! And, come to the Daily Diary in the Lounge (the "blue side," "BreakRoom," or off-topic area), and post what you are doing in your retirement, share your thoughts there!
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    Nursing student needing advice

    Moved to Nursing Student Assistance forum. For tips, you might browse through the threads in this area, or do a search (upper right-hand corner) for Nursing School Study Tips, or something similar. Hang in there, and best to you!
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    Needlestick accident

    On second consideration, I hope my previous post didn't convey a sense of helplessness and fatalism. These accidents are why safeguards are in place, why needles are closed IMMEDIATELY after use, or if they don't have safety-close flip-tops, why an emesis basin or safety container is CLOSE, NEARBY, to reduce the amount of time staff are exposed to a contaminated/used needle. Perhaps this is a time for your unit to review its safeguards and are they effective? Has the layout changed, necessitating a re-thinking of how to do things?? What is the latest literature on needle safety/disposal/and avoiding staff needle sticks? A learning opportunity!!
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    Access to nursing interview.

    Moved to Pre-Nursing. Let us know how the interview goes!
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    KCC ADN FALL 2019

    Moved to School/College Programs area.
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    Another thread from this area that may be helpful:
  8. dianah

    I’m burnt out

    Agree with others' advice to limit your shifts per week, don't answer their calls for OT shifts, take your breaks, and possibly find a position on a permanent unit. That said, the first three years after I graduated, I floated between ICUs/DOUs, Med-Surg, Newborn Nursery, PostPartum. I learned a LOT. Be good to yourself. Take your days off. Go on outings. Treat yourself. Join a club. Take dance lessons. Meet new people. You will get through this.
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    Been on the site for nearly 10 years....

    Welcome! We look forward to your posts!
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    First Reaction to Changes

    Please report posts that need to be moved and we will do our best to move them asap!
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    Exciting Changes Coming To allnurses

    Ooooo, some of us are addicted to AN and to the Breakroom! Will you post this in the GM thread (or I can do it)?
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    LPN to BSN

    I suggest doing a search, using the Search feature (upper right-hand corner; scroll up) and using the key words "indiana state university." Several threads will pop up (some older, of course). Best to you!
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    Is Shortage in Nursing really a hoax?

    While this is all very interesting, the comments have diverged from the original to an off-topic area. Please begin a new thread in the Politics area if you wish to discuss further. Otherwise, keep comments to the original subject: Is the Shortage in Nursing Really A Hoax? Thank you.
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    Would you call in sick?

    Several posts have been edited or removed, either for Terms of Service violation (name-calling and off-topic remarks), or for continuity (the remark to which they responded had been removed or edited). Please respond to the topic only and keep remarks professional. Thank you.
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    Aspen University

    Moved to School/College Programs forum
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    UK trained Nurses Nclex experience

    Moved to NCLEX forum. Don't give up! Perhaps browse through the threads in this forum for tips, while waiting for responses. Best to you!
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    NCLEX Exam November 2018

    Not me, recently, but I wanted to extend congratulations for passing CPNE and I hope you soon hear you have passed NCLEX as well!
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    First, congratulations on your pregnancy! Hope it is smooth sailing and uneventful delivery! Second, the questions you ask are probably best answered by 1) your PMD (or OB/Gyn), and 2) your place of work. The facility should have a plan in place to protect pregnant employees from potential on-the-job hazards. For example, if you worked in a Radiology Department and became pregnant, there should be a minimum education plan, and then a staffing plan to protect you and your baby from exposure to radiation. In the same way, a plan should be in place for 1) education and 2) implementation of safeguards for any occupational hazards, to protect you and your baby. As the Terms of Service prohibit any dispensing of medical advice, please rely on the above two sources for your information on this subject. Thank you (and again: congratulations!) Thread closed.
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    Nurses 'Eat their Young?!'

    As Tweety states, this phrase has been around a long time. We have many threads referring to it here at allnurses.com. I did a search and found at least three. You may be able to pick up some tips from them on making the transition from new grad to more-seasoned nurse: https://allnurses.com/nurse-colleague-patient/why-do-nurses-986752.html https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/define-nurses-eating-118257.html https://allnurses.com/general-nursing-discussion/nurses-that-eat-1008659.html A lot has to do with your attitude and also with the climate/culture in which you are working. Wishing you all the best in this learning curve (it's different than book learning!).
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    Moved to NCLEX forum. You may find some helpful information and tips browsing through the other threads and posts in this area. I hope you soon get news of passing!
  21. dianah

    nursing concepts, death and dying,

    Moved to Nursing Student Assistance forum.
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    Michigan CEUs

    The company should list in which states its CEUs are accepted -- somewhere on the website or perhaps there is a phone number you can call?
  23. dianah

    Drug question-epinephrine soaked sponge

    Moved to Operating Room Nursing forum. Advise you check with your facility for protocol/procedure documentation (should be available in the OR).
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    Enrolled nursing

    Is this for an US Program or Canadian Program or Australian or ??
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    Tips for AACN CCRN review ?

    Here is one thread with some advice: https://allnurses.com/student-nurse-practitioner/advice-on-aacn-1075693.html Good luck!