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    Where are the Nurses?  Patient takes his inquiry about lack of nurses in the hospital to Heloise.

    Where are the Nurses? Patient takes his inquiry about lack of nurses in the hospital to Heloise.

    A former patient speaks up about the lack of nurses during his recent hospital stay. He expresses the thoughts of many. "There was a time when American medicine was the best in the world. But is it …

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    Nurses Are So Bossy...

    horrible nursing practice anymore

    28 replies

    I was slapped by a patient

    It wasn’t about the fact that he was a patient and I was his nurse. It was about the fact that he was a man who slapped me out of rage, when I had no control over his plan of care at that point ( he w

    37 replies

    Another Tragedy at Vanderbilt

    Vanderbilt is having a rough patch. First the lethal Vecuronium error and now a never event. A woman at Vanderbilt undergoing kidney surgery suffered a wrong-site surgery to her kidney- a never event.

    26 replies

    Student sues Health Dept. (2nd verse, same as the first)

    sigh.... here we go again https://fox8.com/2019/03/19/teen-who-refused-chickenpox-vaccine-says-school-is-limiting-his-activities-so-hes-suing/

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    What's the oddest thing you've done for a student?

    Yall. I just legit wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy. First grader swallowed the errant tooth (or maybe he lost it in the lunch room, who can say?) I called mom just to let her know. Mom said that two t

    31 replies

    Did I ruin my chances of ever becoming a nurse?

    I recently was accepted to the 2019 Summer ADN program in Broward. Prior to my acceptance and my drug screening, I took a Xanax for anxiety and lack of sleep. I completely forgot that I took the pill

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    Passing NCLEX in 258 questions, FIRST TIME!

    Passing NCLEX in 258 questions, FIRST TIME!

    It's possible to pass the NCLEX in 258 and here's how to prepare for it.

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  2. Nurses

    Are all for-profit hospitals soul-sucking despots that truly only care about the bottom line

    At the sacrifice of employee satisfaction and safe patient care standards? Asking for a friend.

    15 replies

    Donning my armor!

    I just sent out an email to the entire administration that effective immediately, we will NOT allow ANY food to be brought in for birthday celebrations in the classroom. I tried this a couple years ag

    10 replies

    Overwhelmed new school nurse

    Ive been working as a school nurse for a little over three weeks at my local district. I am juggling four schools. My previous experience is limited--I was a substitute school nurse one day a week for

    13 replies

    How to best handle this situation with my instructor?

    Hello everyone, So I have encountered a situation where there was probably a misunderstanding between me and my instructor at the clinical today. Two days into the clinical, my instructor assigned eve

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    Peanut Allergy Resolved... now what?

    I have a student who is presently going through desensitization and will be eating his first peanut on Thursday (at his allergists). Now, assuming he passes the tests and is deemed to be free of a pea

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    Complaint of the Day

    Will you call my mom and tell her to move up my wisdom teeth surgery? I wrote on the pass: Shes asking mom to reschedule surgery. Not much I can do about that.

    7 replies

    Should I stay or should I go now...

    Anyone else thinking about leaving their current job and moving on to another school next year? I work at a great private school but thinking of switching to public for the pension.

    17 replies

    Family sues school district for death

    Family suing Kennewick school district after son dies from exercise-induced asthma attack The boy actually deteriorated at home. Apparently he was not supposed to exercise and had a doctors note. It w

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