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Holiday Bonus

Anyone here get a holiday bonus from their company? Or are those a thing of the past?

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Extreme nurse burn out need help please

I need help. I have been burnt out for a long time for various reasons. I have come to my end of burn out and I am severely depressed. There's a lot of background to why I feel like this but this is...

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Any advice for a new grad trying to stay afloat?

A while ago, I posted on here about choosing which area to work. You all were very helpful, so now I'm back. Don't get me wrong. I am extremely glad I chose to work where I did. There is pretty...

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What is happening with safe nursing..

I have been an ER nurse for several years. I've always been very proud to be an ER nurse, but see some pretty sad trending in the field. I have a family member that works in the ICU, so I often hear...

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Would you take the exam or push it back with this prediction test scores?

Hi I am driving myself tears with something so silly. I took my last uworld predictor test - borderling with 37th percentile. then took the free rn nclex mastery simulation nclex - 62% I...

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VA nurse job with Other Than Honorable Discharge

I got an OTH discharge from the Navy after 4.5 years for possession of steroids and attempting to obstruct justice. 60 days in the brig was also part of the deal. That ended in September 2016. I've...

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RN to BSN process vs BSN

Hi all, (Backstory) I am currently a sophomore at my university. My school has a 2 year nursing program, I have a 3.5 GPA and I am currently passing my classes.. I am use to making A's and these...

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eBook vs Physical Book

So, apologies if this has been posted a lot previously, but when I was scrolling through forums, I was mostly finding topics from at least a few years back, and opinions and technology change....

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Some Psych Providers are incompetent

The 60 y/o male patient was referred with very little history to Assisted Living. By the time I saw him, he had been there for 2 weeks and was described by staff as adjusting well. Asymptomatic. ...

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Favorite Holiday Traditions

Turning the Grinch thread on its head, what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? What helps put a smile on your face and get you through the holidays, as difficult as they may be at times?...

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questionable IM injection

I recently switched specialties from surgery to corrections and recently observed a fellow nurse administer a viscous depot injection (4ml) into the deltoid muscle of a adult, small-built male. This...

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Profanity in the workplace

In the ER, F bombs are not uncommon. How much is too much?

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May the odds be ever in your favor... we head into one of the hardest weeks of the year... The last few days before Winter Break. When Junior High kids turn into 5 year olds... When 3rd graders are dealing with their...

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How do you take blood pressures for 90 people?

I have to do that along with blood sugars, flow sheets, feedings, and colostomies in 7 hours. Any advice? I have another nurse to help me but he/she usually does the blood sugars which is like 14...

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Emergency in nursing home.

I read allnurses article and advise almost every day. I am not a new grad but recently changed from home health to skilled and rehab center. I am scare because of pt ratio;I have minimum 27 pts. I...

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Independent Diabetics?

Long post... Looking for some insight about what you all do/don't do for your independent diabetics. I work in a highschool where, in the past, I usually had several years of lunchtime and prn...

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What is a Skilled Nursing facility?

I am looking for a nursing home for a 90 year old relative, who requires complex or skilled medical supervision. So far, all the facilities I've researched are semi- independent living long term...

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Taking travel job, hoping for perm offer. Too risky?

I'm moving from the west coast to either Hartford or New Haven, CT. I work in a psych hospital and management begs every travel nurse to come onboard as staff after their contract. I'm considering...

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legal nursing orders in the USA

Hi, I'm not a nurse in the USA, but we are looking at medical orders used in the USA. We saw the following orders: LEGAL STATUS 12 HOUR INTENT TO LEAVE LEGAL STATUS 72 HOUR INTENT TO LEAVE SUB...

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Unsafe staffing with 4:1 ICU ratios 8:1 on floor.

I really need advice on how to advocate for change. I work in the SICU of a 350ish bed hospital that does cardiac surgery. We got a new CNO two years ago during a nursing shortage. She gave us a...

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