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RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

I graduated last May with my BSN, mid 40's. I had a phone interview, the RN Mgr didn't remember me at first, but then she did from a recent career fair. She told me the unit was "very heavy" and...

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IM Injections Given Too Low?

Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a newer nurse, graduated in April as an RPN, and have been working in a long term care facility since. I have given a fair share of IM...

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Medical Assistant vs. RN

Hi, First, thanks to the fine people on this website for informing me more about getting certified to be either a MA or an ADN/BSN, when I asked in the past, on another posting... I have...

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Question about applying for hospital job

So I have a question about applying for a hospital job. I graduated in May and got my RN license in July. I have stayed with the same company I have been with for the past 8 years, a group home that...

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Job Websites

Does anyone know any other job websites besides Indeed and Monster that are good to use? I appreciate any suggestions. =3

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Wheelchair and IV Pole

Question for everyone out there... I recently had a tech tell me I can push a pt in a wheelchair with the pt holding the IV pole between the pts legs. This was suggested so that only one employee...

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Away from Bedside 4 1/2 years

Dear AllNurses, I would love any advice, thoughts, experiences, and constructive criticism. I graduated from nursing school with my associates degree in May of 2011, at 26 yrs old. I passed...

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Hello everyone! I applied Nclex-rn for New York and failed. I am now living in Illinois for good. I need help which is better. To take the NY exam again or apply for illinois nclex then take the...

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Politics in the Nursing Work Place: When Conflicts Arise
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Politics in the Nursing Work Place: When Conflicts Arise

- A colleague makes a disparaging remark about a political candidate that you like. - A patient makes a racial slur against a national leader while you are caring for them. - An offensive political...

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Tips for new RNs

I am graduating this December and am starting to apply for jobs, as I apply I am wondering if any one has any tips to give a new RN?

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Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

For the first year of nursing school I had the same instructor, as well as a lot of my other classmates. She seemed particularly cold, snobbish and seemed to maintain a professional appearance. She...

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Is this legal?

Not sure if this is the correct forum...? We have a policy where I work, that marijuana is confiscated from patient belongings when they are admitted, unless they have a medical marijuana card. ...

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Do healthcare administrators know one another?

Although I love my d o n and my administrator where I work I'm seeking possible other job opportunities and I'm just wondering do Healthcare administrators know one another and DONs? Although I know...

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If you DO NOT teach health classes at your school

I am curious to hear who teaches the health curriculum in your school if it is not you. I currently teach a curriculum I designed myself to K-3, but it is more when I have the time or if a teacher...

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NCLEX 11 days ! First time ! Super worried

Hey !So i graduated nursing in 2013 . ANd didnt practice it as i did my MBA in hospital admin.So i lost touch of my books (I was a gud student) Now. I came to USA and i have to give NCLEX to get my...

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sonographer or nurse?

hello, I am a psych major and am considering pursuing medical sonography. Would I need to change my major to like bio or something if I wanted to do that? Also, can someone help me understand what...

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Private Duty
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Concierge Nursing Services

I am thinking of starting a concierge nursing services in California and I wanted to know if I can legally own this type of business. The nurses will be providing nursing care to pt's. at their home...

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Peer Review at work...advice please!!

I have been a nurse since January and working since February. Since then I have had 5 med errors since beginning my hospital job. Two errors that were administered to two patients but, fortunately,...

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Rehab nursing - Yes or No?

Hi I am a new graduate nurse who is actively job searching right now. I've been applying to both hospital positions and to some rehab/LTC facilities. When I was talking to a nurse that I know they...

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Primary Care and Immunization Compliance

I used to work at a pediatric primary care clinic in Washington DC. We had the immunization requirements for entering school posted in our waiting rooms, the residents who worked at the clinic all...

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