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Urgent question

Hello All, I am hoping that this does not border on legal advice.... I am currently working in a nursing home in Wisconsin. Currently on day shift right this minute. I was told at one point that our...

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Little boy reading

The 7 year old son of a patient was so utterly adorable today. He sat, with legs dangling, reading a chapter book while Mom got worked up for her symptoms. I loved seeing this youngster not on a...

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Academic adviser says I'm selling myself short by going into nursing.

It met with my adviser last week to find out what other courses I needed for nursing after taking English 101 . She didn't seem to like that I was taking nursing and told me that I was selling...

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How hard is it to get a job as a nurse practitioner in san francisco?

FOR ACUTE CARE ADULT NP, I wanted to see if any of the community has experience applying to this part of the US. I am not familiar, and just want to see other's opinions. Also how early for CA do you...

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Designer looking for ways to better assist Nurses

Dear Nurses, first of all thank you for all you do. I served in the US navy in addition to my everyday job I served as a stretcher bearer, during which time I got a small glimpse of how hard and...

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WOC nurses in Airforce

Hello, I was wondering what background of nursing does the Airforce consider the most. I have a BSN and I have been an RN for 5 years. I am currently a certified wound care nurse and most of my...

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AACN Student Policy Summit

Hello, all! I am new to site, glad to have discovered it! I have been asked by my school if I would like to attend the AACN student policy summit in D.C. Looking for more information regarding this...

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Drug administration in PACU

Hi all! I wanted to see other hospitals' practices for administering narcotics in PACU (adults or pediatrics). For example, say you have a 100mcg vial of Fentanyl and want to give your...

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Shared Space

I would love to find out more about the DEFINITION of privacy and confidentiality. I work at a school that has a storage space in the back of my office. When we moved in the building administration...

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Administer OTC medications or No?

Good Day All! I'm a couple of weeks into working at a private school and I noticed the previous nurse gave OTC medications if the parents signed a form giving permission to administer. The form...

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You just can't make this stuff up!

In acute Psych here and just had one of those days where you really can't make this stuff up. I can't really share even general information due to HIPAA but would love your stories of the stuff you...

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LPN/LVN Student
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No friends in my class?

Okay so I started VN school about 4 months ago and everyone has formed their groups and friends. I found one friendly that I usually stick with but sadly she is transferring. We connected because...

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Is it possible to work as an RN on an L&D unit as a CNM?

I'm a lover of knowledge and am seriously considering going back to school for my CNM degree. However, I just want the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge base in the area. Would it still be...

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Stress 101
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Part time night shift worker. Difficulty sleeping!

I work part time nights (11pm-7:30am) and usually when it's my first night to work I will wake up at my usual time in the morning (8-9am) and take a 3 hour nap before my shift. And then when I get...

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Blood products

Im new to ICU and I have had multiple preceptors tell me different things which now Im not sure I understood them well. There are alot of things I dont know. My pt the other day was AMS, hypotensive...

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Should I take nutrition online?

Hi, so last month I received my acceptance letter to nursing school. Im going to be starting next fall! So excited. Right now I'm studying to be a cna and should be done in December. Next semester I...

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Yet another ethical question...

I recently encountered the Philips Respironics V60 ventilator the gold standard hospital dedicated noninvasive ventilator. It led me to wonder about a DNI order. If someone was a DNI would it be...

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Questions for Cancer Center interview?

Hello all! I am going to interview for a position in oncology at a cancer center. I applied for a position for giving injections and another one for doing infusions at the same place. I want to be...

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Incivility and bullying

Has anyone had to deal with actually being afraid of there clinic manager due to incivility?

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Online Learning
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Online Certification Courses

Has anyone had problems with fraudulent online courses? I started a course recently online and it was going fairly well, there were some problems. The email contact answered one email but did not...

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