Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you
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Seasoned Nurses - This one is for you

Seasoned nurses are special, not only because of the knowledge they possess and the skills they have mastered, but also for the many changes and advances in medical technology they have seen over the...

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Took My NCLEX yesterday 75 Questions - Help?

Hi, all my lovely nurses and nurses to be! I took my NCLEX yesterday in California and finished with 75 questions. I would have not called it an easy test... at all. I DID NOT get the good pop...

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Need help from anyone crafty

My DD came home from school last night with a note that they are doing a secret Santa and they have to MAKE a gift for their classmate. She has to make something handmade, related to "dance"...

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Holiday Bonus

Anyone here get a holiday bonus from their company? Or are those a thing of the past?

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Dismissed From Nursing School, Not Sure What To Do Now

Hi, I've just recently been dismissed from nursing school and I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. Nursing is still my biggest passion and something I want to do for the rest of my life. I've...

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Forgot to follow up on orders

Feeling very ashamed today. I need to vent to my fellow nurses and please do not judge. I'm an RN working in home health and forgot to follow up with my Clients PCP regarding a urine specimen which...

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School Programs
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Has anyone heard of Ideal Professional Institute School of Nursing?

I found an online nursing school, "Ideal Professional Institute," and can't find any reviews about it. Does anyone have any experience or hear anything about it? It is located in Miami, Florida....

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Any advice for a new grad trying to stay afloat?

A while ago, I posted on here about choosing which area to work. You all were very helpful, so now I'm back. Don't get me wrong. I am extremely glad I chose to work where I did. There is pretty...

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Under DHA, centralization of military healthcare

Any insights on the centralization of military healthcare move in regards with recruiting, work assignements, deployments etc. im just curious as a future direct accesion applicant. Thanks

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End of semester! How did everyone do?

Whew! Semester is over! I hope everyone did well! I only had 2 nursing classes as all my gen ed's were done. Got A- in both. Kinda bitter I didn't do as well as others in my class, but I have a...

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Those parents who believe everything their kids say

I get wanting to believe your kid, but I also know as a parent, that 99% of the time, you are NOT getting the full story. I got an angry call from a mother of a first grader I saw yesterday,...

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Job Hunt
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Help! Not sure which unit to choose.

Hi everyone! I'll be graduating nursing school tomorrow morning (yay!) and currently have two job offers that I'm torn between. One is a busy 36-bed neuro unit at a level 2 trauma center, 6:1 ratio...

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questionable IM injection

I recently switched specialties from surgery to corrections and recently observed a fellow nurse administer a viscous depot injection (4ml) into the deltoid muscle of a adult, small-built male. This...

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Law School???

Hi all! I'm looking for advice from anyone who was a nurse and went to law school or knows someone who did! I've only been a nurse for 3 years and I already feel so drained and dread the thought...

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Failed Nursing 1 by less than a percent looking for advice

So I made an account just to post this here and as the title says, I just failed my first semester of Nursing school. Sorry but this might be a long rant, anyways, I'm really upset that this happened...

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Davey Do

FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!

I do enjoy feedback and you School Nurses are a fun group. So, hey, what do you say we play "FARAWYN, School Nurse to the rescue!"?

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Travel nursing? Those with experience - how does it work?

What up people, pre-nursing student here. I have a question for travel RNs - how does it work? Have some years left to finish my nursing education, but want to know what I am getting myself into to...

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Hospice Pay?

It seems that each time I look into a hospice RN position (primarily home hospice), the pay is significantly less than a hospital position. Are others seeing the same? Thanks

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ICU vs Travel nursing

I really need your honest advice. I've been a nurse for over a year now at a Neuro progressive care unit at the #1 ranked hospital in the state. I've learned a lot in my first year and I know I have...

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The widow is open to register to sit the certification exam in the Spring. Anybody else going to take it? If you have your certification, what study guide did you use? Did you take any of the...

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