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    CoWorker using a patient's medication

    My RN coworker took prescription ointment from a patient diagnosed with scabies and used it on herself, fearing she would be exposed and did not want to take scabies home to her family. She had no sig

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    Treating an ex family member

    I work for a psychiatric crisis center. This is actually my 6th year anniversary i am contingent now. At the psych facility we receive packets to come in and be psychiatrically evaluated. I was workin

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    Reaching my breaking point with middle schoolers

    Has anyone else ever had a period in time where theyve just kinda had it. I had a student come in, no pass. Nope, go get a pass. She rolled her eyes as she left. She came back with a pass saying she n

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    Vent Sesh

    Its one of those days. I feel myself being much less patient than usual. So now Ill spend a minute complaining about everything thats annoying me. Administration moved the printer into my office. Peop

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    Nurse Assault: My Story

    Nurse Assault: My Story

    I was sexually assaulted by a patient. This is my story.

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    Potential new employer trying to rush me into accepting job offer.

    Hi fellow nurses! (This is my first post, so I hope Im not breaking any rules and posting it under the correct topic.) I just recently passed the NCLEX and have now started my job hunt. I had my first

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    Who wants to hire a graduate nurse at 55?

    I am in my final semester for my BSN. I qualified as an RN in September 2019 and I have been job searching. Due to my recent job interview experiences, I am beginning to wonder if I can secure a gradu

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    Help cbd oil user!!

    Hi! I’m currently in a nursing program. I work at a hospital and I am a CNA, I was falsely accused of smelling like liquor and my managers reported that to hr, so I was required to submit a breathalyz

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  2. Nurses

    Annual Dog & Pony Show

    Yes. Its once again time for the ever-dreaded mandatory all-day dog & pony show inservice that I would prefer second only to marathon tag-team gum surgery. Four hours involve a boring four hour pr

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    TikTok Nurses Drama

    Anybody else hear about the TikTok Nurse Abstinence drama? Apparently a nurse influencer with a lot of followers made a statement that abstinence until marriage is the best way to prevent STDs, and th

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    Hi! I am currently a second semester junior in nursing school. My mom is a nurse in a leadership/management position, so I worked at her hospital as a unit secretary on the 7-3 shift this past summer

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    Snack Time

    Looking for opinions. We are thinking of transitioning to be a snack free school because honestly my teachers are spending over an hour each week checking snacks, washing hands and following other acc

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    Patients in Med Surg Needing 1:1

    As a new grad Im hoping for some advice on the best way to handle a tricky situation I encounter a lot at work. Ive had quite a few patients lately who honestly needed a 1:1 sitter but didnt have one

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    question---How many?

    I am the only one district wide of about 700-750 students with approximately 350 elementary. My office is based at the elementary the middle school and high school handle the majority of things at the

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    Nurse Practitioner- Job Outlook

    Hi, Assuming I get accepted, I will start FNP School in a few months. We all know how expensive it can be and I have a family...and well, a lot of questions that Im having a hard time finding the answ

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    Help with a head injury

    Has anyone had experience with students having a hard time returning to school after head injuries? I have a student with many absences due to a head injury that happened early 2019. Most of these abs

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