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Any RNs considering medical school?

Hello nurses! I just want to reach out as a new member to ask about RNs who have considered studying medicine. I am in my last year of nursing school and am finding nursing school to be incredibly...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Insecure and Failed Interview

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new grad who graduated in August. I have passed the NCLEX-RN and have already received my state license. I thought that the hard part would be over. In an interview...

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First Year
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New RN Grad Need Guidance Please :()

Hello everyone! So where to begin.. I'm a new grad working on a level one trauma ICU and my orientation period is 8 weeks. I've completed 6/8 weeks and it's been a learning experience for sure...

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First clinical nightmare

I'm curious to know if other nursing students have had similar clinical experiences to my first one. I am in my 5th week of my ADN program and our program focuses extensively on Nclex style...

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IM Injections Given Too Low?

Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a newer nurse, graduated in April as an RPN, and have been working in a long term care facility since. I have given a fair share of IM...

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NP Students
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Switching Nurse Practitioner Specialities

Hi Everyone, I am currently in a Doctorate of Nursing Practice program specializing in Adult-Gerontology Primary Care. However, I am considering changing to the Family Nurse Practitioner...

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Pre-CRNA course offered at BARRY

Hello, has anyone heard about the Pre-CRNA course offered at Barry University? I was wondering if it is worthwhile being that it is 3,000 plus 150 for books and they do not offer financial aid for it...

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Privacy: Disclosing Meds on Drug Screen

I have a pre-employment drug screen coming up, and I have some concerns about disclosing prescription medications I am taking. I completely understand WHY they ask this information, and--if it were a...

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Failed 2 nursing tests

Hi everyone. i need some help. so im starting off my first semester of nursing school and have been taking a heavy courseload of nursing classes. i have failed the first 2 nursing tests of my class....

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Love for Nursing

Is there anyone Nurse out there who absolutely loves what you do? I'm an Lpn currently in class going for my RN. I can honestly say I LOVE BEING A NURSE. Days are up and down but I wouldnt change my...

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Opposite Sex Coworker Social Boundaries

Recently, I had plans to have a BBQ at my house with several of my ex-coworkers. I suggested the idea to my wife before my employment arrangement changed abruptly and she seem copacetic. Later, my...

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Coworker violated HIPPA

What would you do? I work in an Infectious Disease Clinic. I am newer to this role. My nephew, who is gay, called me one day at work to tell me he was diagnosed with HIV. I was able to get him in...

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Nasty/aggressive patients

Hi nurses, so, I recently graduated from my rn program and have accepted a job in the emergency department at my local hospital. Seeing as how I always had wonderful and interesting patients in...

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New grad struggling to land first job

Hey there, yet another new grad with no job post. Graduated in August, passed boards in September. Started applying for new grad hospital jobs back in May, slowed down during my preceptorship in...

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Inappropriate instructor/student relationship?

For the first year of nursing school I had the same instructor, as well as a lot of my other classmates. She seemed particularly cold, snobbish and seemed to maintain a professional appearance. She...

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I am in. Now what? Any advice before I start.

I recently was accepted into a CRNA program that starts in a little over six months. Any current CRNAs, SRNAs, or anyone else got any advice of what I should try to accomplish in these last six...

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Question about applying for hospital job

So I have a question about applying for a hospital job. I graduated in May and got my RN license in July. I have stayed with the same company I have been with for the past 8 years, a group home that...

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Job Hunt
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RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

I graduated last May with my BSN, mid 40's. I had a phone interview, the RN Mgr didn't remember me at first, but then she did from a recent career fair. She told me the unit was "very heavy" and...

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Pre-employment physicals: Who pays?

As a travel nurse applying for a new job I've been told by the Agency recruiting me that the expenses of the pre-employment physical exam (inclusive Chest XRays to rule out TB, since I am PPD...

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sonographer or nurse?

hello, I am a psych major and am considering pursuing medical sonography. Would I need to change my major to like bio or something if I wanted to do that? Also, can someone help me understand what...

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