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Anesthesiologist charged with strangulation of nurse

Anesthesiologist Charged In Strangulation Of Nurse << CBS Denver An anesthesiologist went crazy, turning off alarms due to alarm fatigue. The recovery nurse kept trying to turn the alarms back on....

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Terminated from my PerDiem Job... Need to vent

So, when I left my last job (FT at an outpatient specialty clinic), I was asked by my supervisor if I would like to stay on per-diem. I made it clear to them that I would, but that I would have...

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RN, ADN being absolete

I recently got in contact with a nursing school (ASA college) inquired regarding a RN program. i was informed by a counselor that they only offer the BSN being that the RN license is becoming...

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new night shift nurse always tired on days off

I am a new grad nurse who is working on the night shift for about a month. I love night shift and prefer it as opposed to day shift. When I am working, I do not feel tired. I also have no problem...

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Diastat on field trips

Looking for your thoughts on a recent debate in my district. Thanks for any insight!! If a student has diastat ordered to be given in case of a seizure lasting >5 minutes, do you send this on a...

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I didn't wake up on time and was too late to come for AM shift?

Hi, I've never been late or absent for the past 6 months Ive been working in our unit as a staff nurse. Tonight I slept on time and woke up at 6:57Am for a 6am shift. It was seriously terrible. They...

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First Job: Rehab or Homecare

Hello Everyone, I have applied to several jobs, but the only ones contacting me back are rehabs and homecare. I am an entry level nurse, meaning this will be my first job as nurse. Most hospital...

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work nightmare

I just need to share with those that understand. I am in California, as you know the state has a couple of big fires burning. I am several hours from the fire nearest fire, but it is extremely smoky,...

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Record Year for Acanthosis

Sad but true...Texas state law requires us to screen 7th, 5th, 3rd, and 1st graders for Acanthosis Nigricans. We used to only screen 7th graders, then it went to 5th, then 3rd, and a few years ago...

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Please help!!! New NP Dilemma :(

Hi All, I am a new Nurse Practitioner working in an outpatient surgical department. This department has 3 well experienced surgeons, 1 chief PA and 2 Nurse Practitioners. This practice, the...

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Roll Call - Who's Been Around the Longest and Your Accomplishments

Our staff was discussing you, our members. While we all like to remain anonymous, we are all proud of our accomplishments. We'd like to do a roll call of honor. Who has been on AN the longest? Who...

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Bathroom Breaks

Sprinkle some wisdom on me wise school nurses! I had a parent contact me because the teacher is limiting them to one bathroom break a day. Poor kid ended up having an accident due to this policy,...

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what would you do - meds w/o labels

scenario: a student brings in a wrapped/sealed med from home, but it's not in original packaging (like zofran, some ADHD medications, and even EPI pens, for example). consent is signed... what would...

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Am I In or Nah??

Hello Everyone I need your opinions on this letter I received from my nursing school of choice. I need honest feedback because I don't know if it means I am accepted contingent on my grades at the...

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Favoritism among staff

Any advice on dealing with favoritism among staff? Especially if it's causing a near hostile work environment...?

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Dealing with quadras

Hey reader! Question: So, I'm working at a ventilation/rehab/LTC and of our daily census, I can only think of two quadriplegics. In my experience as a CNA, they are VERY bossy IF they're alert and...

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Positive UDS

I tested positive for alcohol. Had a phone conversation with my case manager which was extremely negative. I was trying to be adult about it and own up to my mistake. I was met with her berating on...

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Being the ONLY medical personnel

How do you feel? I feel anxious everyday. Though, there is an on call doctor I always feel I'm the only one responsible if something happens

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nursing concepts, death and dying,

I need to write a small paper about an "ah-ha" moment I had in clinicals this semester. The only thing I could come up with is, one of the last senses that a person loses before they die is hearing....

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My chances of getting into a nursing program in California?

Hello, I am a 23 year old male pre-nursing student in California. I keep hearing that one needs straight A's in all their pre-nursing courses to have any chances of getting into a nursing school. Is...

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