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    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    A hospital in Ohio recently fired 23 physicians, nurses and pharmacists after 25 patients died from excessive doses of fentanyl. In addition, 48 nurses and pharmacists were reported to state licensin…

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    Monster Med Passes

    Whats the largest number of patients you have passed meds on in a shift. I recently took a break from ICU and took a foray into Corrections. They do 8 hour shifts. Im the sole nurse on evening shift i

    33 replies
    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    The doctor-nurse game is a unique method of communication between nurses and doctors. Some say the doctor-nurse game no longer exists...what do you think?

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    Scared to leave nursing

    I apologize if this will be a long post. I just need to vent my feelings and am wondering if anyone else has ever felt the same. Ive been a nurse for 5 years. My very first nursing job was on a med su

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    Nurse Beth

    61 With No Current Nursing Experience

    Dear Nurse Beth, Im going to finish my 3rd Nurse Refresher Course in August, so I will start looking in September. Im turning 61 in July. Last time I worked in Nursing was in 2006 part time at a busy

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    let go from job

    Anyone ever had that happen? I know many have. I never expected to have it happen to me. I started a new job not even 2 months ago, and when they let me go, they didn’t even give me specific reasons b

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    Nursing Responds to New Superbugs

    Nursing Responds to New Superbugs

    Antibiotic resistance is a health care crisis. In this article the author shares some ideas about nurses' responses to help combat the crises.

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    I just failed the CPNRE! :(

    Hey guys, I just got my results for the CPNRE exam that I took. I failed it! I’m feeling really discouraged because I thought I passed it for sure and I didn’t. I scored 99/170 which means I got 58%.

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  2. Nurses

    Controlled med not documented

    Hello! I am a new grad. My assistant nurse manager approached yesterday for a narcotic discrepancy. I pulled out a narcotic medication and administered it. I scanned pt and med and everything. Well I

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    I'm free!! TPAN is over. Three years in the books

    Formerly Kel65 here. I am TPAPN free. My caseworker sent my completion paper today and notified me that my account will be deactivated. God it feels so good. Chinese big out with loved ones Saturday.

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    New Graduate

    Good morning, good nurses! I am writing this morning for a little direction. I recently graduated in May and interviewed here in Colorado for the nurse residency program with UC Health, but was not ac

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    Narcotic diversion vrs. Incompetent nurse

    I work in a LTC facility and change shifts with the same nurse 90% of the time. This nurse is often unable to complete a narcotic count without an opps I fotgot to sign that out or neglecting to sign

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    New RN, how to save face

    I’m a new grad, 6 months in CCU so far. Last night I did something so stupid I feel like I want to crawl in a hole and not come out to face anyone at work for months. We just did shift change and I wa

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    New PMHNP

    Hello, I am a new PMHNP. Will be starting in September. Im nervous about prescribing, dealing with insurance companies, etc. Ive been a nurse for 6 years, but Im still feeling nervous about it all. An

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    Probably giving up :((

    Last semester was by far the most difficult and stressful semester in my many years of college, and it was only one class (divided into lecture and lab). A&PI really kicked my butt. I have a lot o

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    NP Students

    Failing a nursing class

    Hi guys, I failed in one of the nursing classes in my last semester of an accelerated BSN program. I plan to apply for NP school after my graduation. Currently, I am having a GPA little bit over 3.5 w

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