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    Mean nurse?

    So I recently got report from a nurse that is new to our unit. She didnt know the patients history (intubated/surgery ect) or why specialists were consulted. During the report, I asked questions as I

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    Blunt Fill Needles for IM injections?

    Can blunt fill needles be used for IM injections?

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    What are your views on switching days with people?

    Do you never switch with others? Do you always say yes, unless you absolutely cannot? What do make of those who will ask people to switch with them, but never to seem reciprocate? Do you question why

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    Cdn "journalist" blames Nurses for covid spikes

    According to Siri Agrell, apparently, nurses and pubic health experts failed to post enough signs for the university educated and privileged classes. Feel free to let this moron know how you feel abou

    27 replies

    Starving and Aggressive Rats Not Staying at Home

    Quote Humans aren’t the only ones hankering for the days they could dine out at their cities’ restaurants: Some rats that miss feasting on the scraps are becoming increasingly brazen to find new food

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    Hopefully taking CNA classes soon, tips/tricks?

    This thread is mostly so I can talk to someone about this because Ive annoyed my entire family at this point. I applied for CNA classes at a nursing home about an hour away from where I live. Im in a

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    I feel dumb as a rock in comparison to my classmates

    I don’t feel like I deserve to be a nurse. I’m a third semester student and I barely know how to hang and set up an IV. Like literally I don’t even know how to start the machine...that’s how bad it is

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    Biggest Pain or Problem

    I am curious to see the various individual problems facing the profession. What has been everyones biggest pains or problems recently or over the past year? Feel free to post aside from Covid or inclu

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  2. Nurses


    I am not sure if this topic already exist, but I just would like to read other peoples response regarding hospital employees presenting their hospital/work I.D. when they become a patient in any healt

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    Ethical Issues

    Hey everyone. I have a question. There is a nurse that I know of who takes exotic photos, has an OnlyFans account, models in music videos & doesnt mind posing near naked in sexually suggestive pos

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    Inhalation Errors: Rethinking Devices for Your COPD Patients

    Inhalation Errors: Rethinking Devices for Your COPD Patients

    An article sponsored by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

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    NCLEX Repeater

    Hello Is there anyone whove taken NCLEX this year and receive No Sata and passed?? Should every test contain Sata?

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    Nurse Beth
    Worried I'm not aggressive enough to be a nurse

    Worried I'm not aggressive enough to be a nurse

    I'm not sure if I'm aggressive enough to be a nurse. I do want to help people get better and make a difference but I just don't know which career is better suited for me.

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    What is Your Nurse Hero Story?

    What is Your Nurse Hero Story?

    I am a nurse, not a hero. Happy doing my part in this global pandemic. I hope with the new normal that is to come, we will learn from our past and come out stronger than ever as a profession.

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    Are Nursing Students Burned Out Before or After They Graduate?

    Are Nursing Students Burned Out Before or After They Graduate?

    An inquiry of the existence and prevalence of nursing student burnout. The questions an investigation of research has raised. And, a request for further thought.

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    FNP jobs with RN schedule: 3-12 hours shifts

    Other than hospital or inpatient, where else can I find an FNP job that has the 3-12 hour shift schedule? I dont mind working every other weekends. Thanks

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