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    Fired for saying i might file safe harbor

    A few weeks ago I was called by a corporate nurse who verbalized I was being fired for saying i was thinking about filing safe harbor. She literally said this during my termination phone call. We had

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    Half the class expelled... help.

    Last year in November, half of the class including I were expelled from our college. We were 3 months away from graduating after being together in classes for 2 years... all because of a false accusat

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    Case Study: I’m too tired to walk the dog…

    Case Study: I’m too tired to walk the dog…

    A new case study in which the patient, T.K. a 51-year-old woman who has finally taken a staycation, doesn’t have enough energy to walk her dog. You’re the CSI – read through the findings, ask question…

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    Hi i live in south east oklahoma and I am just being able to be in TPAPN. I live in Oklahoma and was reinstated in Texas. My license is in Texas. I drug test in Arkansas and plan to work in Texas. I g

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    Failed -- unacceptable reason

    So, I am out of my nursing program because I did not pass an exam by one point. However, my answer that I chose for the question was taken directly from the book. I tried to challenge it, but it could

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    And just like that... it's over.

    I finished my monitoring today. 3 years. TPAPN. Very anticlimatic, if I do say so myself. Guess I will have an everything bagel tomorrow to celebrate. Thats the biggest thing Ive missed. If you just s

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    What tricks do you have for nausea?

    The blank stares when I tell them there is not much to do about it are heartbreaking.

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    Maybe HR Won’t Notice My Accusation, ha, ha?

    Ever since my Accusation from the Cali BON I have felt like some criminal on the run. I am a travel nurse in Cali which is good money so Probation is a death sentence. All of these lawyers are in bed

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  2. Illinois

    Visa Screen

    Hello, i am about to start Visa screen, i pass NCLEX last May, through NMI nursing board, and my contract in Illinois, Chicago, so my question do i need to do endorsement of license first or visa scre

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    I need to borrow you for about 30 minutes. I need your help

    Hello, Almost three years ago, I came on this group to speak to nurses everywhere. I brought some unconventional youtube videos with me, the first of which was very dark, which I called Truth. I did t

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    RN in Medical School -Should I keep this to myself?

    Hi All, Im a pediatric RN that has just recently been accepted to Medical School and will be matriculating in the Fall of 2020. It has taken me several years to do this as Ive been working part time a

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    Need advice

    I am currently a CNA who is looking into nursing school. I have one problem. I cannot stand the sight of large amount of blood. I can watch videos of anything involving blood and be fine with it. I ca

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    Question About Sterility Related To Giving Injections

    Question: If you draw up a dose of flu vax from a multidose vial but dont use it at the particular clinic where you are assigned that day, will it be safe to use it (still sterile, still potent) at yo

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    Work from home RN jobs? Pros and Cons?

    Hi Everyone, Ive been feeling lately (well for a couple of years at least) that I really need a change. Currently working in school nursing, but dont know how much longer I can take it. Considering a

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    Hello, I just want to get some feed back on this situation: Currently I have a union position and have been asked by management to provide support for a position that is non union. I am wondering if t

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    Is anyone else ever guilty because they feel they should have done more?

    Hi all. I’m a District Nurse of 10 years experience and a recent situation has really hit me hard. The gist is I became involved in the care of pt with a poor prognosis. Having never met this lady, I

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