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Fired for taking vacation

I put my vacation request in 30 days prior to the new schedule as per policy. The new schedule comes out and they have me working during my requested time. So talk to the scheduler confirms I have...

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PAs Do Not Like Us

New forum idea? - Professional PA General Discussion - Physician Assistant Forum I just thought this was funny. Poor PAs. Admittedly better training model but falling behind quickly...

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Worried sick that I may have caught MRSA?

I love nursing but I'm a bit OCD and a germaphobic. While at work tonight, I was visiting one of my favorite clients and so a bump on his arm that was a little open but barely. I asked what was that...

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Giving insulin late patient request

Humalog insulin sliding scale ordered for patient before meals however it is to be given regardless of whether or not they eat. The patient requested not to have insulin at 8. She got the insulin at...

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I left my job and feel lost.

I've been an RN for over a decade. The most recent four and a half years, I was a School Nurse - something I assumed would be temporary, but has turned out to be "my calling". Halfway through my...

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Becoming a travel independent contractor

Hello everyone, This is my first time posting in this forum and I am excited to connect with all the beautiful and brilliant minds that already exist here. My husband and I are looking into...

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Fundamentals Nursing Outlines?

Hi, I was asking where do people get outlines ( usually condensed, gets rid of fluff ) for Fundamentals of Nursing? I see people talking about it on youtube, but when I do a search, hard to...

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New nurse and I had a breakdown at work

Hello all, I'm a new nurse and this past weekend was just a disaster for me at work. I'm still in orientation and I'm working in the CVICU. I went in Friday night just already not wanting to be...

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Lemon Bars

% infants in Peds? Male RN in Peds?

Hi. New grad RN/BSN here looking for career advice. I used to be a 5th/6th grade teacher and I love kids. I am thinking of applying for nursing jobs in Pediatrics. There are two concerns that I would...

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Waiting for NCLEX results in CA

I've been going crazy since I tested 9/10/18 and still have no results, nor do I have help when I call the board. It's been almost 2 weeks and I did the PVT got the good pop up, I do it almost...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

New Grad Age 60 Can't Land a Job

Dear Nurse Beth, I have written to you before regarding ageism. I earned my BSN about 2 years ago and still do not have a job as a nurse. I am now ACLS cert. and was advised that may help. I was...

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Nurse Attorney
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Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD

Co-worker Impersonating a Nurse - Am I obligated to report this to the BON?

Dear Lorie I suspect a co-worker is impersonating a nurse. He was hired as a medical assistant, but recently states he has obtained RN licensure, although this is not supported by the state BON...

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Lazy RN looking for a gig

I work full time (three 12's a week) at a large hospital at the bedside, which I enjoy. Most of my coworkers have second jobs but I do not want to work that hard. All the per diem I have seen require...

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Does the exhaustion go away?

Hi all, I just started a new job last week and I have to get up at 345 am to be there for 7. I don't drive, I take public transit because of the traffic. Anyway I noticed even on my days off last...

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Hospital cancelled my contract due to inexperience...

It was my first travel nursing assignment. I relocated to Tennessee, spent $1800 in rent, supplies, etc., and I was let go by the hospital for inexperience. They went on to say that they...

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Inexperienced nurse in a more critical role

I graduated nursing school in 2015 and went into Psych Nursing then Utilization Review for behavioral health. I'm in a new position titled "Palliative RN Case Manager." I was hired by an interim...

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Advice on how to end up in the NICU

I am a working CNA in a LTAC Hospital, applying to the local nursing programs next fall. I am also applying to my local county hospitals internship, where you can work hands on in all departments. ...

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I'm freaking out about getting a failing grade! Need advice

Okay so each week we have to complete paperwork, and this semester the professors grade harder than usual. I got my first weeks paperwork back and I did really good I got an A. However, I just...

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Oxygen Christmas Tree new guideline?

Has anyone heard there has been a new Joint Commission recommendation regarding single use O2 Christmas Tree adapters? I know it's been a hot topic, but I was recently informed there was a new...

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New grad nurse and feel so lost!?

I am an orientee at a cardiac interventional unit and I just finished my 3rd week of orientation on the floor. I am a mess. The first 2 weeks I was with different nurses each time, and just this past...

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