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When you thought it was patients you needed to watch...

I can't even wrap my head around this one. Anesthesiologist Charged In Strangulation Of Nurse << CBS Denver

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RN, ADN being absolete

I recently got in contact with a nursing school (ASA college) inquired regarding a RN program. i was informed by a counselor that they only offer the BSN being that the RN license is becoming...

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Positive UDS

I tested positive for alcohol. Had a phone conversation with my case manager which was extremely negative. I was trying to be adult about it and own up to my mistake. I was met with her berating on...

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Lack of Manners

I was sitting here at my desk and a second grader walks in (without knocking) and shoves her arm in my face and just says "Rash"! Then just stands there staring at me. :no: I politely asked her...

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First Job: Rehab or Homecare

Hello Everyone, I have applied to several jobs, but the only ones contacting me back are rehabs and homecare. I am an entry level nurse, meaning this will be my first job as nurse. Most hospital...

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Please help!!! New NP Dilemma :(

Hi All, I am a new Nurse Practitioner working in an outpatient surgical department. This department has 3 well experienced surgeons, 1 chief PA and 2 Nurse Practitioners. This practice, the...

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No Meds, No School

As part of my ongoing efforts to improve student health services, question for you all: What do you do with kids who are 1) known to have a medical condition that requires emergency meds (ex....

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NP Students
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FNP program passing grade

Wondering what program/school you are attending and what the minimum passing grade requirement is for your program?

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Sick of managment but need 9 to 5

I was some how moved into management, which I admit, I have learned a ton and even received my MSN. I enrolled into FNP school, but the stress overwhelmed me. I find myself really disliking my...

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Screening incentives for MS and HS

I will be conducting vision and hearing tests on my MS and HS students. They are too big now for stickers. Any ideas on what I can give them ? Theres only 30 students so I don't mind spending my own...

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Terminated from my PerDiem Job... Need to vent

So, when I left my last job (FT at an outpatient specialty clinic), I was asked by my supervisor if I would like to stay on per-diem. I made it clear to them that I would, but that I would have...

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I didn't wake up on time and was too late to come for AM shift?

Hi, I've never been late or absent for the past 6 months Ive been working in our unit as a staff nurse. Tonight I slept on time and woke up at 6:57Am for a 6am shift. It was seriously terrible. They...

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Diastat on field trips

Looking for your thoughts on a recent debate in my district. Thanks for any insight!! If a student has diastat ordered to be given in case of a seizure lasting >5 minutes, do you send this on a...

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Snow Day

Just popping on to say "Hello from the house!" snow day for me today!

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

New Grad Terrified of Choosing Wrong Job

Dear Nurse Beth, I need your help! I am a nursing student graduating in December 2018. I applied to February nurse residencies and didn't get my dream hospital or field. I have two options left...

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Student Assist
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nursing concepts, death and dying,

I need to write a small paper about an "ah-ha" moment I had in clinicals this semester. The only thing I could come up with is, one of the last senses that a person loses before they die is hearing....

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Non-patient care nursing jobs

Hello all, I am thinking that patient care may not be for me. I love caring for people but my anxiety is so high all the time because I'm so afraid that I am going to do something that harms someone...

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Mandi Mae

NCLEX Today Shut Off at 75!

I know nothing is certain until it's, well, certain! LOL! But I'm cautiously optimistic! I took the NCLEX this morning and it shut off at 75. It felt like quite a few fairly complex questions with...

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Ugh...feel so inadequate sometimes

Kid hurt his wrist yesterday at recess. I honestly thought it was fine. Minimal, if any, swelling. Good ROM without signs of discomfort. Did not seem tender to palpation. And he was using his...

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RN student DUI

Currently second year nursing student, pulled over during my first year of the program (There is not a day I don't regret it). Will have court this month. Can anyone have any advice/suggestions? Have...

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