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"He just wanted to know..."

So here is the situation. I work as a private practice NP Internal Medicine provider in the same medical center where I started as RN years ago. A some time ago, I stopped sharing ANY private...

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Employer used my photo without my permission on social media

My nursing supervisor approached me today to show me a photo that had been posted by my employers twitter account. The photo is of me doing a procedure on a patient while at the same time promoting...

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Canceled! Jerks!

Early one morning recently, I was on the way to my PRN job on a behavioral health unit. I was literally in my car, and it was 30 min before the shift was to start. I got a text telling me I'd been...

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Pain control in pt. With hx of opiate abuse

I noticed that some patients have this severe chronic pain with history of opiate abuse have a lot of trouble getting pain control in the hospital. Sometimes, I feel like physicians don't listen to...

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Soon to be new grad looking for advice

Hello allnurses I am new to this website and wanted to ask something. I am finishing up my nursing school and will begin to start studying for my nclex but I have run into a problem. I did not have a...

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Quit being an NP

I don't know where to start but here it goes. I have about 4.5 years of pedi ICU experience, went to NP school, became a FNP and got my dream job.. and I hated it. So much so that I put in my month's...

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What OTC meds or substances can cause vomiting in an elderly patient?

Hi all, I'm a paramedic (but aspiring nurse) and had a call the other day which I can't stop thinking about...I get too curious sometimes. This is also something I think that hospital staff will know...

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Background Check Delay After Start Date

I accepted a formal offer for an RN position at a large Houston area hospital. I put my 2 weeks notice in at my last job, finished out the 2 weeks, and then started my new job. On orientation day 2...

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To donate or not to donate

Hi all my fellow NPs, I am new to this site.. so bear with me. Have a patient on my stepdown, who is declared brain dead, now on pressors etc, awaiting family's decision re :donation. As f/u, the...

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Brandon B

CRNAs being supervised by drs who are not anesthesiologists

Why do some states as Oklahoma have laws that say a dr, which could be dentist, podiatrist, surgeon etc have to sign off on a CRNA at end of procedure. Could any of these drs step in and take over...

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RN's are you happy with your career, why or why not?

I've seen so many posts about nurses hating their jobs, and this is kind of scaring me from the career, but I still want to go through with it. But are you happy with your choice to become an RN why...

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Anybody else feel this way?

I'm a new nurse working on a telemetry/med-surg unit at a hospital in southern New Jersey. Right now, I'm back in school for my BSN (required by the hospital as a condition of my hire), currently...

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Is it worth going back to get my rn when I make 57,000 a year?

Is it worth me going back to school of I make 57,000 a year.I do want to go back but idk sometimes I dont feel like it.I like the ability to work and then do what I like.I also dont want all the...

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financial donation to a needy patient

I took care of a patient who is homeless . He said he lives in a vehicle with his wife and one cat for three months. I feel sad for his situation knowing that I should feel grateful for what I have...

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Nursing student reaching out to the OG's

Hello, everyone, I need help and motivation with something. I am currently in a nursing program and I literally study every single day and spend most of my nights in the library but my grades aren't...

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Too young to get license back?!

Heard at a support group that the BON does not want to give a nurse who self reported and started IPRP his license back. They suspended and said come back after a year of documented clean time in...

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Medication Error

Feeling extremely anxious and incompetent about myself right now. I am a new Registered Nurse and just started practicing about three months ago. Last week I had to give my patient Albumin IV. I...

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Preparing to be a NICU Nurse

Hi everyone! I will be graduating in May 2019 and currently work in the NICU as a PCT and have been there for almost 3 years. I am pretty much a shoo-in for an RN position once I graduate :) May I...

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NY BON no need to pass CVS?

november 17, 2018 im new here so please bear with me im planning apply for NCLEX under NY state i went to an agency and they gave me the requirement im confused, according to the agency, CVS...

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Is Giving 2 Weeks Notice Ancient Practice?

There are just some jobs that do not work out. If I've been at a job a decent amount of time and plan on including it on my resume, I give two weeks. A couple times in my career I walked into a...

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