What You Need To Know About Older Nurses:  Myths and Realities
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What You Need To Know About Older Nurses: Myths and Realities

Today’s nursing force is aging with an average age of 44 and average retirement age at 61 Current strategies to address the continued nursing shortage includes retaining older nurses and delaying...

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Do you ever get concerned about certain users on here?

I love this forum and tend to lurk more than post, but there's a couple of users here that sound a little unstable and I worry about them. I guess it's refreshing that not everyone posts how well...

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What to do?? A whole BOX of crazy!!!

Hey there! I'm reaching out to my fellow nurses for some much needed advise, and appreciate any and all responses. Sorry for the long post, there's a whole box of crazy about to open!! I've been...

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I'm tryting to become a neonatologist and am wondering if getting my bachelors in ultrasounding counts as a pedatric degree? also interested in knowing for any baby nurses out there where you were...

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Lots of questions!

Okay, our district nurses are seeking input on the following... we appreciate your responses. 1. What State are you in? 2. Do you have a nursing supervisor, or a non-nursing supervisor? 2a....

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First Year
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New grad bedside nursing disappointment

I graduated in May passed boards in June and started in working in ICU. I made great grades through school, and I looked forward to clinicals. However, ever since I started work I am a nervous wreck,...

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Did you keep your RN license and why?

Hi everyone, I am a newly licensed FNP and I am currently job hunting. I was just wondering if any of you kept your RN license even after securing an NP job. A part of me feels like I don't know...

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Will pharmacology mnemonic devices help you in nursing school?
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M.A. Roni

Will pharmacology mnemonic devices help you in nursing school?

Pharmacology is one of the most memory-crunching and challenging courses for nurses. Although students should focus on understanding the cause-effect relationships in pharmacology, most of the time...

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Business Card Title

I need to give a template for my business card. I was curious what other people use. Do you list all your education? Example: Firstname last name, BSN, RN, PHN, SNSC Or do you just list RN? ...

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How to gain respect

Hello, I am a new nurse (LPN) and have been at my job in the nursing home for three months now. I try my hardest to be fair to everyone and treat them all equally but some days are harder than...

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Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession
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Racial Discrimination In The Nursing Profession

My article describes what racial discrimination is and how it can be present in the nursing profession. I included a personal story of my own experience with racial discrimination and the negative...

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2 full-time jobs?

Hi! I am wondering how likely and doable it is to work two full-time jobs as an RN? I am currently in nursing school and will be graduating with over $200,000 in student loan debt (before...

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Documentation Error

I just graduated nursing school in Spring 2018. I started a job on a med/surg floor. I received orders over the phone to discharge my patient. I discharged my patient and realized a few days later I...

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Lightning Rose

Future of Nurse Practitioners

I'm passionate about cardiology and am considering being an outpatient cardiac nurse practitioner, but I hear the NP profession is looking quite grim (supply more than exceeds demand, grossly...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Should New Grad Start in Hospice?

Dear Nurse Beth, I'm currently in my fourth semester of nursing school. I was thinking of working in the hospice area of patient care. Should I first get more nursing experience in a hospital...

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Student Assist
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Case Study Answers

Read the case study, answer the questions, and determine the two most appropriate nursing diagnosis for this patient. A 59 year old black female is admitted at midnight with a diagnosis of Chest...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Help! I need confidence

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a fourth semester nursing student participating in preceptorship. Would you advice in ways to build up more confidence. Thank you! Dear Needs Confidence, Your...

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Since when is it okay to be late ?

I work in a very large SNF. At least 4 of the nurses are chronically late. If anyone says anything to them, they cop an attitude. "I picked up this shift extra". I appreciate that you picked up the...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

New Grad Age 60 Can't Land a Job

Dear Nurse Beth, I have written to you before regarding ageism. I earned my BSN about 2 years ago and still do not have a job as a nurse. I am now ACLS cert. and was advised that may help. I was...

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Can I work as a nurse in the UK or Ireland if i tested positive in hepatitis b?

Is it possible for me to land a job as a nurse in the UK or Ireland if i am tested positive for hepatitis B?

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