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    Trigger Warning!

    Mods : This may be in the wrong place as I have yet to figure out how to get to the break room. I have been told at my school and facility that we are now required to give a trigger warning before we

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    How to retain nurses?

    How can we retain nurses? This question was queried at my last staff meeting by the director. We currently are using 17 or more travel nurses in our approximately 150 bed hospital with at least 20 or

    28 replies

    A year and a half into ICU nursing and still not feeling like I'm getting it

    I hope this topic helps me, along with other nurses stuck in the middle like myself. So my background: I graduated nursing school in May 2017. I passed my NCLEX in July 17 and was hired right away ont

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    Air in Line

    When using an Alaris IV pump and it says Air in Line, how to aspirate the air from the IV tubing using an empty syringe? I have tried doing this many times, and it never works for me, so I must be doi

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    Blast from the past...

    So, yours truly is of an age where the original Power Rangers was her must-see TV in her preteen years. And because Ive been stressed and needing a bit of 90s nostalgia, Ive been re-watching the serie

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    Thoughts on vegetarian/ vegan diet

    I am curious about what advice I should give to a patient about a vegetarian or vegan diet for lifestyle adjustments. I have seen many benefits for patients overall health but I wanted to see if other

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    I think I'm tapping out...I hate nursing :(

    Hey yall, I am a nurse based in Toronto, Canada. I dont want to come off as pessimistic, but I do want to share my story. Im embarrassed to admit, I entered this profession as a desperate attempt to f

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    Job Hunt

    Sharp New Grad Program Summer 2019

    Hi all, just wanted to start at thread for all those applying to to Sharp Healthcares summer new grad program for Grossmont, Memorial, and CV! The application is supposed to open up tomorrow (2/18) at

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    Would you do this

    Hello everyone :) I have the opportunity to have a position for 9 months teaching other nurses how to use computer based med chart. However I am worried that 9 months away from acute nursing will have

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    Did FDR have Guillain-Barré?

    Ive been binging on documentaries on Netflix this winter. Did you all know that FDR most likely did not have Polio, but instead Guillain-Barre ? He was an entirely amazing man. Just watched The Wheelc

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    Jason Hiney RN

    Jason Hiney RN was a relatively new nurse when he was hired at Wrongway Regional Medical Center (WRMC) to work MN weekend option primarily on the adult male psych unit some ten years ago. Jason was in

    9 replies

    help with getting back to study for nclex

    i been out of school for almost 4 years. i took nclex couple of months after graduating didnt passed got frustrated and never tried again. now im ready to retake it but not sure where to start. i feel

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    Why Is This Patient Smelling Music? - The Mind-Body Connection Pt. 1

    Why Is This Patient Smelling Music? - The Mind-Body Connection Pt. 1

    This article presents a case study of a young woman in her freshman year of college who comes to the student health clinic complaining of sudden onset panic attacks. Other symptoms include nausea, diz…

    4 replies
    Job Hunt

    Duke New Grad Residency Summer 2019

    Hi all!, Wondering if anyone is in the process of interviewing with Duke for their New Grad Residency. I have an interview scheduled for early March. Would love to hear from anyone else who is plannin

    7 replies

    Can I work during an ABSN program?

    Im deciding between two ABSN programs and Im wondering if anyone here has completed such a program and done part time work while enrolled. Most of the admissions people were adamant that working was n

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    What’s your favorite feature with the brand new allnurses.com?

    After a few weeks, we hope that the veteran users of allnurses.com have settled in and found the wealth of new features within the web site. If you’re a relatively new user, we hope that you’ve found

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