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    Do I have to disclose mental illness

    So I just got accepted into nursing school and I was so excited until they asked me to disclose my medical history. I went through a pretty rough time when I was getting out of the Army and was in-pat

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    Where are the Nurses?  Patient takes his inquiry about lack of nurses in the hospital to Heloise.

    Where are the Nurses? Patient takes his inquiry about lack of nurses in the hospital to Heloise.

    A former patient speaks up about the lack of nurses during his recent hospital stay. He expresses the thoughts of many. "There was a time when American medicine was the best in the world. But is it …

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    nurses so ***y and bossy

    horrible nursing practice anymore

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    2 year night shifter thinking about days need help!!

    Hi fellow nurses! I would really appreciate all of your input in this. I am a nurse of a little over 2 years. I had orientation on days and hated nursing (I am not sure if I hated it because I was so

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    Celebrate Certified Nurses Day - March 19

    Celebrate Certified Nurses Day - March 19

    Certified Nurses Day is an annual worldwide event dedicated to celebrating certification as a means to help ensure high standards of patient care and to promote continuing excellence in the nursing pr…

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    Is 54 too old to get hired as a new RN?

    I am 54 y.o., and studying for NCLEX again. So with that, I ask...what is too old to get hired as a new RN and/or get in a nursing residency? I dont want to continue to study, pay for testing and wo

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    A rock and a hard place

    Hello, I know this has been posted too many times to count, but I dont feel the love for my job anymore. Not just this job, but healthcare overall. Ive been an LPN 8+ years and a nurse aide 5 years be

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    Application process

    HI, would like to know where or to whom should I submit my application to, when seeking a job as a Critical Care Nurse?

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  2. Nurses

    Outpatient New Grad Opportunity

    Hi all! Hoping for some input.. I graduate from nursing school in 6 months, and have been offered an outpatient nursing position at a womens health clinic as a Triage nurse after graduation/NCLEX. (I

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    Checking consciousness by touching the patient?

    Is it ok to touch a pt to check responsiveness? If a patient with a triage note stating ems found them unresponsive was lying supine in a bed with a towel over the head and not responding to being cal

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    NCLEX in March, CA results

    I took my test on 3/12 at 1pm and my test shut off at 133 questions. Ive done the PVT trick 3-4 times and gotten the good popup all times. I still have not gotten any results on breeze or the license

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    Where do you go after COT Air Force

    I am curious to know what happens after COT. Do they send you directly to your duty station? Or, do you go back to where you were?

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    Nurse Beth

    Fumbled During Interview and Lost the Job

    Dear Nurse Beth. I adore your last nursing class book! I received my first new grad hospital interview but I was declined. I was quite nervous and fumbled on a few questions. I have so much more to le

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    Student sues Health Dept. (2nd verse, same as the first)

    sigh.... here we go again https://fox8.com/2019/03/19/teen-who-refused-chickenpox-vaccine-says-school-is-limiting-his-activities-so-hes-suing/

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    Cdiff question

    If a person is experiencing diarrhea while taking an antibiotic at what point do you test for cdiff? More specifically, if a patient has only had 3 episodes of diarrhea in 24 hours could they still ha

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    CRNA Admission

    Hi Everyone, I just started working in the ICU as a new grad. My end goal is to become CRNA. I want to apply to DNP programs. Can someone tell me when should I apply to CRNA programs and what are some

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