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I Desperately Want Out

Hi Everyone, i just need to vent and I need someone to talk to me. I'm just feeling very upset right now and I want out of nursing.. I graduated with my associates a year and a half ago and...

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Joe V

The Nurses BreakRoom: Going, going ... been gone?

Nurses, have you ever tried explaining to newly licensed Nurses how it used to be when YOU were a brand new Nurse? I mean, really. Do they roll their eyes, think you are just a crusty old-timer who...

13 replies
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Curos caps for foleys?

I work in a Neuro ICU and we have had a huge problem with CAUTI this year. Our hospital hired some outside infection control person to come over see our unit and one other. One of the new things...

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Do I need A's?

Hello everyone, It has been quite a while since I posted due too circumstances in my life and studying. I wanted to post this in regards to the pressure I am feeling and my nerves getting ready...

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Totally stuck

Hi everyone! I'm approaching my last semester at Chabot College in Hayward, CA for my prerequisites. I originally wanted to get my BSN, but now I'm looking into majoring into more of an office job...

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Private Duty
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Parent/camera nearby...can u read?

There's downtime with GB kids where I would have liked to check my phone, read a book etc. They could be napping, feeding, standing in stander etc. I normally try to talk and sing to my pts all day...

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reactivating NJ RN license

Has anyone reactivated their RN NJ license? I originally took my boards in NJ, thinking that is where I was going to work, but I could not find any jobs. I then moved to CT and when it was time to...

9 replies
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Pell Grant Denied... Help!

Hello, I got an Ass degree in Business Admin about 2 years ago and obviously I want to be a nurse now. I'm trying to take my pre-reqs and a few more classes to finish up the requirements for it to be...

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Looking for Nursing Shoe Recommendations!

I am entering nursing school in the fall for my ADN program. I have everything I need, but will still need to buy shoes to wear to clinical. The only guidelines for my school are that they must be...

3 replies
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How to know if your license is approved or denied?

I graduated nursing school in May and took the NCLEX June 21st and received my pass letter a week ago. Does this mean my license is Approved or can it be denied? I looked online for Illinois nursing...

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Epic Charting

I need to know if its possible to delete someone else's chatting. When I gave report to a nurse coming behind me, I told her I had given a med she didn't give. It showed up as overdue. She became...

20 replies
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what should i have done.

patient 77 year old JOHN DOE: admitted for: encephalopathy (related to meth, benzos, opioids is what i gather) hx: COPD, hight blood pressure, stage 3 kidney disease, unspecified seizures,...

16 replies
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Multistate license

I have been a nurse for 15 years. I moved to my current state 10 years ago. I applied for my RN license a few months after getting settled in. Approximately 30 days After receiving my license here I...

13 replies
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Stylish Shoes for Male Student

I realize this question has been asked a ton, but I thought I would still go ahead and ask. I start nursing school this Fall, so I need some nursing shoes. They have to be white, and, of course, no...

15 replies
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Disappointed but trying to move forward

Some nurses that bullied me and were let go from my old department d/t neglecting patients went to the BON and stated that I failed to protect a patient by letting her out of restraints. First, I am...

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NP Students
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NP Programs

Hi all! So I will be graduating with a BS in Microbiology but I'm looking to be an WHNP. I've been looking into various Entry-level Master's Degrees and ABSNs, however I'm finding that the...

9 replies
Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Wrong site surgery waiting to happen

Dear Nurse Beth, I was an OR circulator for a hospital with six ORs for nine years. I left town for a while and when I came back I had the opportunity to work at a small specialty surgery center....

1 replies
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90 on the TEAS without studying... should I retake it?

Scored a 90 on the TEAS VI this Tuesday without even studying for it. I was at the end of an intense Physiology class, and it really helped. 95% on science, 100% on math, 85% on reading, and 75% on...

7 replies
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Poor attendance in past hurting future

I've struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. The past few years have been rough as I have been hospitalized a few times and I have had to take medical leave a few times, so attendance...

1 replies
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Is it jealousy, bullying or my imagination

A few months ago, I was approached by upper management about cross training for nursing supervisor. The position was going to be intermittent as needed to cover vacations or days off. I was so happy...

4 replies

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