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    Positive pre-employment drug screen! What will happen?

    Hello, I am a licensed RN for Ohio and California. Have been working travel in California for 6 months. I applied for a new agency to start per diem work in California and just found out I tested

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    Not being paid anything for overtime hours worked during orientation. Is this legal?

    I have recently started my first job as a nurse in an ER. My orientation is around 14 weeks, and I have been (and will be) working full time (40 hrs/ week, 80 hrs/pay period). I went to accept my firs

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    What is it like to work in a good hospital?

    One day I was doing chitchat with my co-worker. She said she wanted to work at another hospital located a few hours away, but she mentioned it was very hard to get hired into the hospital because no n

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    Monster Med Passes

    Whats the largest number of patients you have passed meds on in a shift. I recently took a break from ICU and took a foray into Corrections. They do 8 hour shifts. Im the sole nurse on evening shift i

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    Nursing job is making me sick ?

    I’m trying to give a year at my current job. I’ve been there for 5 months and I notice on Sunday I feel mentally and physically sick. I feel drained. my issue is I made a terrible mistake. Once I grad

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    Is Nursing Dangerous?

    Hi all, This is my first posting on here. I just had a question about working as a nurse. Is it basically guaranteed that working as a nurse will result in becoming injured through time? I love the so

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    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    Does the Doctor-Nurse Game Still Exist?

    The doctor-nurse game is a unique method of communication between nurses and doctors. Some say the doctor-nurse game no longer exists...what do you think?

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    An NP I work with couldnt figure out that 150 pills dispensed in the community since February this year did not equal tid dosing. A BSN I work with could not figure out how to order 125 mg of a drug t

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  2. NCLEX

    Took My Nclex Today!

    I took my nclex today and I am horrified! I stopped at 129 questions I didnt think I would go that far. Once I got to 100 questions I died on the inside. I got several SATA questions. As soon as I ste

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    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    All About Nclex/Uworld/Pvt Trick July 2019

    I will try to keep this short and to the point as possible. I will be talking about how I studied. Study tools that I used. and if the Pearson VUE tricks works in 2019 or not. 

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    Nclex RN exam Retake

    Hi Good day! Im christian i just want to ask a question,. i take my NMI NCLEX-RN exam last july 12 2019 and i found out from my quick result (PURCHASE) that i failed my exam, now i am planning to reta

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    Nursing Responds to New Superbugs

    Nursing Responds to New Superbugs

    Antibiotic resistance is a health care crisis. In this article the author shares some ideas about nurses' responses to help combat the crises.

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    Scared to death

    I live in GA and went to treatment for alcohol approximately a year ago a half ago. I had my license renewal this past January and naively answered yes to the question “Have you sought treatment for d

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    Nurse Beth

    Is it OK to Call HR About my Application?

    Dear Nurse Beth, Hello! I am having trouble getting a job with two years nursing experience. I have a couple interviews coming up but I would also like to call some of the other jobs I applied for to

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    The Weekend of... 7-12 to 7-15-19

    It was another eventful weekend on my three 12 hour MN shifts at WRMC (Wrongway Regional Medical Center) and I plan to give you some highlights in story and song as this thread progresses. Being assig

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    Scared to leave nursing

    I apologize if this will be a long post. I just need to vent my feelings and am wondering if anyone else has ever felt the same. Ive been a nurse for 5 years. My very first nursing job was on a med su

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