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Lazy co-workers

I have yet to understand why a person would come to work and not finish their assigned tasks or roles within a work place environment. I have tried to justify their actions in my mind like "maybe...

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Operating Room
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Weekend Work

Hi y'all! Quick question, I feel like a lot of people enter the OR to work "business hours" (or something close to that) shifts. I actually went into nursing to avoid the whole 9-5pm thing (of...

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Questionable Behavior: Reports and Write Ups

Last night, during my shift, I was having a conversation with a unit clerk over borrowing some equipment from her unit. The unit clerk said something to me that I believe to be inappropriate and...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Highly Recommend in Landing Job

Dear Nurse Beth, I don't have a question. I just wanted to thank you for writing the book, "Your Last Nursing Class". It really helped me in my job search and I referred back to it multiple times...

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Hate night shifts

Hi all!, I am a newer nurse with 6 months of experience on a floor I love with a team I love. However, it is night shifts and I am hating them. I feel like my entire life either revolves around...

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Correctional Nurse Dating a Guy on Probation

So I am concerned about how this could affect my career as a correctional nurse. So I am engaged to an amazing fiance who happens to be in is last 15 months of his 6 years of probation. I met him...

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Gift for my preceptor

Tomorrow is my last day of role transition clinical. My preceptor was great and I want to thank him. Most of my classmates got Starbucks gift cards for their nurses. However, my preceptor doesnt like...

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Lpn salary in new york 2018?

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Help! Need to find a Biochem/OChem course

Hey guys! I am hoping for a miracle at this point. I have spent the last 7 HOURS trying to find an online biochem or OChem course that does NOT have a lab and is affordable. Seems like the only...

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High school diploma

Hi There! Iam 45 years old, never got my HS Diplolma or GED ..Can I still get into the nursing program. It's been 25 years from when I should of graduated from High School.

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Horrifying medical quack info on the Internet

Because an Allnurse posted about medical bloopers on the movie Meg..."the patients gases were dropping"...."what all of them?" the poster responded. I got to thinking about ABG's. I've been...

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If not nursing then what?

I am someone who never had a real job before becoming a nurse. I mowed lawns and landscapes for people under the table before graduating. Now that I work I always think...what about when I want to...

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Bathing and Showering Systems in Hospitals

Hi, I am conducting a study to understand the current hygiene scenario in US hospitals and nursing homes. My current focus is on bathing and showering systems installed in the facility. Could you...

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Brian S.

Freebies and discounts for nursing students

https://allnurses.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=27285&stc=1 Whether you're deep into your journey to becoming a nurse or just getting your feet wet as you start nursing school, discounts and...

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Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

The title says it all. Did not do well in med school, dropped out, did a ABSN program, worked in the ICU for 2 years before going on to CRNA school. Now I am a CRNA.

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Does anyone use "SN" in email signatures while a student?

I was just wondering if anyone uses the SN abbreviation for Student Nurse in email signatures while a student? I currently work as an ER Tech and am in an accelerated BSN program. I was creating my...

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Inpatient Boarders?

I work in the ED in a mid-size city in New York. It seems that the hospital floors are always full, and most of the time we have over 30-40 inpatient boarders, sometimes up to 55. We have 60 beds in...

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How long does it take to complete a BSN?

I am only 19 years old but I have always had a passion for helping others and making them feel welcomed which is probably why I was drawn into a nursing career. Starting this fall I'm going to begin...

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Having a total Meltdown

So I finally got my A.A. degree from my community college and will be transferring to Valencia State College to try to get into their nursing program. I have all my pre reqs and teas score but the...

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Antibiotic Theory

I used a telemed Dr today for a minor problem I'm having, that we agreed needed an antibiotic as part of treatment. At the end, the Dr told me that antibiotics do not "kill" the infections, only...

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