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Med school drop out, now a CRNA. ask me anything...

The title says it all. Did not do well in med school, dropped out, did a ABSN program, worked in the ICU for 2 years before going on to CRNA school. Now I am a CRNA.

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Boomer Nurse no longer able to do bedside nursing

I'm a 59 year old RN with 39 years of nursing experience in ICU, ER, Case Management, Occupational Health, Home Health, and Pediatric nursing. Over the last year, I have lost 3 jobs. In all 3, my...

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First job after LPN licensing & Being treated with disrespect!

Hi I need help on making a wise decision. I just started my career as an LPN and my first week has been hell. I was hoping this dream job would focus on patient care but so far it has been gossiping,...

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LPN to Paramedic

I am an LPN looking to also do Paramedic work. Do I still have to go through paramedic school to do this?

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SO jobs?

I am planning on becoming a travel nurse after I graduate school and get some experience. I am married, so my husband would be coming with me. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas or...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

My manager is interrogating staff, what does this mean?

Dear Nurse Beth, My Nursing Manager is calling in nurses and aides to her office to ask" how are you doing?, Is there anything you want me to know?, what is going on in general?" These are...

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LTC Directors
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DON on cart

I've the ADON at my facility for just a week and the DON just walked out because she refused to work the cart! Is this unheard of? DON ON CART? Should I except the position?

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Back to night shift...am I crazy?

I've been a nurse for nearly 30 years. I've done my share of night shift, around 15 years total. About five years ago I left the bedside to do case management for an insurance company, and while...

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In the ICU, do you get a tech?

I have only had one RN job and currently work in the ICU. We do total care on our patients and do not have a tech. I actually like it because I am actively aware of I/Os, vitals, when my pt was last...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Feel Like a Failure in ED

Dear Nurse Beth, For the past 2 years I worked at a very slow post-op unit. I recently was hired in a busy pediatric ER in May 2018. I am nearing the end of my 3 month ER orientation. I just...

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3 Reasons Why Nursing Schools are Turning Away Candidates During a Nursing Shortage
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3 Reasons Why Nursing Schools are Turning Away Candidates During a Nursing Shortage

Did you know that over 56,000 qualified nursing school applicants were turned away in 2017? This number is shocking by itself but added to the fact that we are in the midst of a nursing shortage,...

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Per Diem/PRN pay national comparison

Hey all, I am curious how prevalent this is. I work per diem as a nurse in my state and in exchange for forfeiting the usual benefits the hospital provides, am compensated with a higher hourly...

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What is an example of a non-passing level question?

Just finished my NCLEX at 80 something questions, and I don't know how to feel. Felt good early on, but near the end had more multiple choice questions. Anyway, what would a non-passing level...

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The Science of Self Doubt and How to Overcome It
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The Science of Self Doubt and How to Overcome It

Everybody finds themselves at some point in their lives where they want more. Whether it's a new promotion, a romantic relationship, or packing up and moving to a different city, we have these set...

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LTC nurses having to do CNA work all day

Looking for feedback on this: I am a nurse at a LTC facility. We have anywhere between 30-35 patients on the hall. Two nurses. We have 2 CNAs typically for the hall. There are a lot of total care...

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Sitting out another station

I work in a very small facility. One side is Rehab and another is SNF. I work in rehab but I sit in SNF. it's literally 20 steps away from where I sit at (I do charting, documented, ect) I do my...

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Please help! I'm overwhelmed

Hello! I hope you are doing well! I've lurked on this website forever and I finally just made an account! I would love some advice. I graduated college this past June with a degree in...

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How can I avoid diluted urine?

Basically I get drug tested every few weeks, and it randomly gets sent to the labs whenever they choose. I don't use any substances what so ever. But the issue is the last few labs that have been...

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ICU Travel Nursing: Switching Specialities?

My first job out of nursing school was into an ICU float pool at a large teaching hospital. I received training in SICU, CVICU, Trauma ICU, and Neuro ICU. Two things that have always sparked my...

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Turned down PNAP

Going through a bad divorce, diagnosed with PTSD from when my husband held myself and small kids hostage when we tried to leave. Turned to drugs and ended up with felony charges for possession and...

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