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  1. Recovery

    If The Cali Board Of Nursing Accuses You Give Up Your License

    Look Folks...Nursing DOES NOT pay well. Taco Bell managers make more money. If you drank and drove AND the Cali board found out...YOU ARE NOT WELCOME ANYMORE. Clearly, YOU DO NOT want to be a nurse. N

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    Justifying the cost of an Ivy League Nursing Education

    how do you guys justify the cost for a program like Yale, Penn or Columbia? Like why would you pick one of those over a smaller, wayyyy cheaper school? Just wondering your thoughts!

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    Do you scrub the hub of a PICC between each medication?

    Hi! I’m a new grad currently orienting to my unit and this question came up the other day. Basically, I was heparin locking a PICC at shift change. I disconnected the IV tubing, scrubbed the hub, atta

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    what to do if you disagree with PA's treatment

    Hi all, I would like your opinion on what you would do if you thought (knew) that the treatment recommended by a PA was not appropriate? I have a kinder student with tinea captitis (ringworm of scalp)

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    Hands on Training in school?

    Im embarrassed. Almost all of my clinical was shadowing, until I started doing mental health. Then I was alone with a patient. I cant imagine a clinical scenario in training where a student could poss

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    Breastmilk Exposure in Eye

    Im freaking out and need some information on people who have had a bodily fluid exposure. Today I had breastmilk splash in my eye. Im still waiting on mother of baby to come in and get tested, but her

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    caring for a neighbor?

    Howdy! My moms neighbor knows Im ED RN, and i was recently approached by her to care for her husband while she is out of town for 5 days. I said i would be happy to help, but then she started listing

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    Interview with the Psych Nurse

    Interview with the Psych Nurse

    Exploring the thoughts of a psych nurse who has been a patient on an inpatient unit!

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  2. Nurses
    The Vehicle Has Not Come Yet To Take Me!

    The Vehicle Has Not Come Yet To Take Me!

    Dying family member. Advocating for comfort care, grateful to his nurses who went above and beyond.

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    Is Nursing Kind?

    Is Nursing Kind?

    Let's talk about being kind as nurses! What can we do to be kind and stay that way in a world that makes it harder and harder?

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    Probation/monitoring $$$

    Guys this “monitoring” is sooo expensive!! I have to take 3 courses , and one of them is $150.00 and is an all day class. The penalty fee was $500.00!! Guess I’m just venting!! Once these classes are

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    Good PRN job for school nurses

    Hi, I’m considering going into school nursing. I worked one year as a 1:1 nurse and subbed in the office. I enjoyed this but the pay was not good. If I end up working as a school nurse again I would p

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    Schools medical policy?

    Hi Everyone, I have been working at private school (K -12) for almost 3 years and I do not have my own office. Before I came on board they had the office manager handling all the medical issues and ga

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    What should I do?

    Hello nurses, I am a semi new graduate and have been a Med Surg RN for about 4 months now. So far the job has been ok... but the thought of leaving has crossed my mind many times. The hospital I work

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    I feel like I'm going nowhere

    Hi everyone. I kind of want to rant and I kind of want some perspective. I started working at an LTACH right out of school and I’ve hated it since day one. I started applying here and there with nothi

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    Chemistry Class

    Hey everyone! I am needing to take Chemistry and the last one I took, I dropped it because it was absolutely horrible. The Instructor was not good at teaching it at all. Anyone had the Chemistry Cours

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