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  1. Nurses

    Terminated in probation - no reason given

    Hi all, I worked at a hospital for around 9 months and accumulated approximately 1500 hours. I was 12 hours away from probation, when I was handed a letter that said I was being terminated, without an

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    Did I do the right thing in this code situation?

    Having some anxiety over how I handled a situation and would really appreciate some thoughtful feedback. Some background - Ive been an RN for a little over 2 years, worked inpatient for 1.5 yrs &

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    Job Hunt

    Help.... Can't find a job after nursing school

    Hey Everyone! So, I am feeling a little stressed right now and confused. I recently graduated at the end of May with my BSN and I am scheduled to take my NCLEX on July 10th. I have applied to literall

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    The Art of Telling Patients Bad News: One Physician's Story

    The Art of Telling Patients Bad News: One Physician's Story

    One study found that only about 5 percent of cancer patients had an accurate understanding of their illness. This statistic is likely caused by the way they are told about their diagnosis and prognosi…

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    Which social platform are nurses using most?

    My coworkers and I were recently having a discussion about social platforms. I love social, so I have an account and pretty much every platform there is. My coworkers, on the other hand, have accounts

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    Experienced nurse turned down several times..

    Hello, Im an experienced nurse, I am trying to work at a hospital thats closer to my house, Ive interviewed at 5 different hospitals and been turned down after feeling like the interview went well. I

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    Leaving federal job for nursing school

    I am currently a health technician at The National Institute of Health. I currently make $26 an hour and am taking pre-req s for to apply for Nursing School, I plan to apply a year from today. I am a

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    need help

    Hi all, For background I am a new grad, as in havent yet written the NCLEX, but I am working as a new grad RN. I am just off orientation one shift in and I already feel as though I cant do it anymore.

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  2. Travel
    Travel Nursing is Always an Adventure

    Travel Nursing is Always an Adventure

    As an experienced travel nurse, I want to share the good, bad and the ugly about traveling. This article describes my experiences as a travel nurse. If you are thinking about getting into travel, you…

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    Don’t know what to expect

    Hi everyone. I guess I’m just venting. It’s been almost 4 years now since I self reported and gave a statement to the BON here in Mississippi. I went to rehab, and have stayed in AA and celebrate reco

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    post-masters PMHNP what job to take in the meantime

    Hi all of my nursing experience has been in a PICU. I just graduated in May from an acute care pediatric nurse practitioner program and my clinical rotations were in a PICU, pediatric cardiac ICU, a p

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    Stupid mistake when being observed

    I have always, my whole life, had a kind of stage fright when being tested or supervised, even if I am 100% confident in the task and confident in teaching or training others. Our home health is chang

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    Idaho nursing

    I saw this had been asked previously but it never gets answered and people just rant randomly. Does anyone know if Idaho state is unionized? I have tried to look up collective bargaining agreements bu

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    Nurse Beth

    Help! Turned Down for 5 Jobs

    Dear Nurse Beth, I am an experienced nurse with 11 years nursing experience under me, 4 years as a Registered nurse and 7 as a licensed Practical nurse, I have recently been turned down from five job

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    Should I go off the "updated" information from U World?

    So after starting UWorld from Kaplan NCLEX qbanks, I realized that UWorlds content is very updated (some as recent as from days ago). Im wondering if anyone knows that this is the information to go of

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    Reporting conviction to BON

    Hey everyone! So i was researching and found out that I do need to report a conviction to my BON within 90 days. That gives me until August 1st. My case manager was going to have me wait until i renew

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