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  1. Nurses

    Gloves at all times?

    Snotty Miss Perfect Nurse thats the daughter of a patient chastised us for not wearing gloves during a med pass. Doesnt anyone around here where gloves anymore?. Apparently she wears gloves at all tim

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    termination :(

    I was in orientation and today I got terminated. The reason is that I am not ready to work on the floor. My director thinks that I need to build up more nursing practice. My director told me that I am

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    Is this resident abuse and should be reported?

    If a person witnesses a resident grab a CNAs arm to block them from moving by, and the CNA shrugs the resident off their arm or swats the residents hand out the way, like Get away, but doesnt actually

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    Telling A Little Bit Of My Business

    I started taking courses for a BSN program back in 2011 and had to put my education to the side for a while because life got hard while doing my pre-requisites so I decided I would attempt Nursing onc

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    Operating Room

    New Grads with no patient care experience in the O.R

    Recently in the O.R.where i work there has been discussion about new grads with no patient care experience working in this area. Many of my coworkers as well as I feel they need med surg experience at

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    Help! The teacher's answers are different from mine?

    Erythromysin 250 mg in 100 ccD5W to infuse over 1 hour. The I.V. tubing delivers 20 gtt/ml. Calculate gtt/min? I got 83.3 but her answer that she gave us was 33. I am so afraid of failing drug cal tom

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    CA Licensure vs TX

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with some insight on how to get licensed in California properly. I am a nursing student in Texas at Texas Womens University. I graduate in August but

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    Nurses: When Will You Take Action?

    Nurses: When Will You Take Action?

    Illinois and New York nurses (APRNs, RNs, LPNs) Check your inbox for an email survey. Your responses can help get the attention of state legislators.

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  2. NICU

    well baby nursey to NNP (it's long, sorry)

    I am not new to this site by any means, but this is my first post, so please bear with me. Ive had my heart set on NICU sense i found out such a thing existed. We toured our closest NICU during nursin

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    Dialysis and Diabetics

    New grad here, when a patient goes to diaylsis and they are a diabetic, should you hold insulin till they get back if they wont eat till they return? I think im just overthinking this. Thanks!

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    Studying For NCLEX

    Hi Everyone, I am in my last semester of nursing school and haven’t done any study questions or looked into useful tools for preparing for NCLEX. From experience, when would be a good time to study fo

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    If anyone reads this...

    I am a new grad nurse and I guess this is T -3 months until I am a McDonalds employee. I do not know why I feel set-up to fail right now. I read a lot of these posts and take it... personally. Like a

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    Pertussis Parent Notification

    What is your schools policy on notifying parents of a pertussis case?

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    Scab nursing?

    What do you think of crossing a picket line as an agency nurse? The facility would be suffering financially by paying an arm and a leg for staff, instead of negotiating a compromise. Are the nurses wh

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    How does part time work>

    Hi, Im a new-grad, about to start my first job. Im having a bit of a freak out, Im part time (72 hours a pay period), will I typically be given those three shifts a week, or since Im part time will I

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    Central Florida RN jobs for new grads

    Hello everyone, New grad here and I was wondering if anyone applied to jobs in the central Florida area and was hired before obtaining their license. Also how long did it take to hear something after

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