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Astral Walker

Med carts with no drawers

Long time reader, first time poster. So I need some advice. Our facility is switching out our computer+scanner+med carts, from huge, heavy, hard to push things with several drawers each (for...

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Thinking about quitting after first day

I am a graduate LPN who just had my very first orientation day at an assisted living facility, and it was awful. When I got to the facility in the morning I had to be with the night shift...

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I've been on my unit for one year. We just lost our 5th nursing manager after one year. Do i stay or should i go?

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Lemon Bars

I'm extremely slow at passing medications

I'm a new grad RN. Tonight is supposed to be my 7th and final shift of orientation for my night shift job at a SNF/Rehab facility. Last night my trainer, who is an LVN, had me pass the evening...

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UM 2 RN Voice Interview today.

So I did the interview today as they sent me another email reminding me to do it. There were 11 questions 1. Your name and describe how your skills match. 2. Have you ever worked for Humana...

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As a nurse, have you ever seen Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome?

It is my understanding that this is a very rare condition. Have you ever seen HPS in your career? If so, how does it manifest? What do labs usually look like, how do we treat it and what is the...

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NP Students
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Can ACNP with ENP-C see kids?

So I've been scouring the internet trying to figure this out and it will impact whether I decide to do an ACNP or FNP program. I know ACNP's can't see kids but what about an ACNP with an emergency...

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Hi yesterday I took exam.i am so nervous about my results,my computer shut down in 75 questions,I have 10 sata,2 calculation.. everybody said 2 calculation is not good thing.please let me know ya...

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new staffing laws in mass? CA nurses

So MASS is voting in Nov for new staffing laws. I know CA did these a few years back. Any CA nurses on here-Did you lose your aids, unit secretaries and EKG techs etc....? Conflicted about this

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Passed NCLEX with 265 Q

Hey everyone, I am so happy atm because I found out this morning that I passed the NCLEX even though my last question was number 265. My main source was UWORLD and i used to do about 150 questions...

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8 Tips for Tough Conversations with Patients
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8 Tips for Tough Conversations with Patients

Informing patients of abnormal assessment findings or lab values can be hard. On the one hand, you want to be honest and forthcoming, yet, you don't want to cause unnecessary stress or alarm for the...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Nursing program refuses to pass graduating class

Dear Nurse Beth, I finished my nurse program and in one week we will be having a pinning ceremony. The problem is my school is holding us back from graduate . We have Hesi exams on our school...

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Hot Cheetos are a public health menace

I had a woman come in for abdominal pain the other day. She accompanied by a husband and 3 small children. I walked into the room after reading the triage note in the computer. There she was, a...

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Please Give ME any Good Reason to Stay in the Nursing Field

Background: 28. Creative but business minded girl. Family hx of Nursing. LPN (familial pressure) worked a little, started a BSN program, took a break after 1ST semester. In the meantime I got a...

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Harrison closing

What happened with Harrison College? They just closed there doors out of no where.

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HURST vs KAPLAN live review

Does anyone have an advice on whether to go with HURST vs KAPLAN for a live NCLEX review? For reference, I am in an accelerated ADN program- our program lasts only 10 months. I know HURST is...

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Quitting IPN

I finally found a way out after being bullied for two and a half years. I'm a CNA who has a nursing degree and failed my RN boards. On the application it asked if you have been treated for addiction...

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Wrong name in application for NCLEX

Hi, I am a foreign educated nurse and I got my CES report from CGFNS. I applied to MA board of nursing ( through PCS Inc.) to eventually sit in NCLEX. However, when checking my online profile on PCS...

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Working as RN for the state vs hospital

I was curious as to know how working as an RN for the state is different than the hospital? What are the odds of applying for and getting a job at the state? Any experiences that would increase the...

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Hospice nurse role in death at home.

Hi I'm new to hospice and and I work on call. I did do hospice years ago. My question is... After arriving at a death in pronouncing and wasting medications call the funeral home called the doctor...

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