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RN MGR Told me I'm too old.

I graduated last May with my BSN, mid 40's. I had a phone interview, the RN Mgr didn't remember me at first, but then she did from a recent career fair. She told me the unit was "very heavy" and...

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Is this legal?

Not sure if this is the correct forum...? We have a policy where I work, that marijuana is confiscated from patient belongings when they are admitted, unless they have a medical marijuana card. ...

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Do healthcare administrators know one another?

Although I love my d o n and my administrator where I work I'm seeking possible other job opportunities and I'm just wondering do Healthcare administrators know one another and DONs? Although I know...

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Peer Review at work...advice please!!

I have been a nurse since January and working since February. Since then I have had 5 med errors since beginning my hospital job. Two errors that were administered to two patients but, fortunately,...

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Away from Bedside 4 1/2 years

Dear AllNurses, I would love any advice, thoughts, experiences, and constructive criticism. I graduated from nursing school with my associates degree in May of 2011, at 26 yrs old. I passed...

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Working on More than One Floor?

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, new grad here. I'm currently applying to hospital positions and have to wonder if it's possible to accept (for example) a full time and a part time or PRN...

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Hello everyone! I applied Nclex-rn for New York and failed. I am now living in Illinois for good. I need help which is better. To take the NY exam again or apply for illinois nclex then take the...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Will this interview question cost me the job if I answer truthfully?

Dear Nurse Beth, I am a new grad RN and have an interview with a hospital on a med-surg/tele unit. They said they would like to discuss my career goals. My dream units are L&D and Peds. I know it...

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Primary Care and Immunization Compliance

I used to work at a pediatric primary care clinic in Washington DC. We had the immunization requirements for entering school posted in our waiting rooms, the residents who worked at the clinic all...

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Dr Google scares me

Many of our patients consult with Dr Google. So do I. He scares the daylights out of me sometimes. How is Dr Google helping or hurting healthcare today?

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IM Injections Given Too Low?

Hey all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm a newer nurse, graduated in April as an RPN, and have been working in a long term care facility since. I have given a fair share of IM...

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Medical Assistant vs. RN

Hi, First, thanks to the fine people on this website for informing me more about getting certified to be either a MA or an ADN/BSN, when I asked in the past, on another posting... I have...

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If you DO NOT teach health classes at your school

I am curious to hear who teaches the health curriculum in your school if it is not you. I currently teach a curriculum I designed myself to K-3, but it is more when I have the time or if a teacher...

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Job Websites

Does anyone know any other job websites besides Indeed and Monster that are good to use? I appreciate any suggestions. =3

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Wheelchair and IV Pole

Question for everyone out there... I recently had a tech tell me I can push a pt in a wheelchair with the pt holding the IV pole between the pts legs. This was suggested so that only one employee...

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Politics in the Nursing Work Place: When Conflicts Arise
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Politics in the Nursing Work Place: When Conflicts Arise

- A colleague makes a disparaging remark about a political candidate that you like. - A patient makes a racial slur against a national leader while you are caring for them. - An offensive political...

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Tips for new RNs

I am graduating this December and am starting to apply for jobs, as I apply I am wondering if any one has any tips to give a new RN?

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Parents who wanted your job...

Anybody here experienced retaliation from a parent who wanted your job? I'm 7weeks in at my new position and have had one parent in particular who has given me a hard time since day one... From...

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Is it wise to specialize right after nursing school if you know that's what you want to do

I know there are several topics on this. However, the thing is I've been a CNA in a hospital for about a year in the float pool and it's showed me how much I don't like certain units. My...

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Changing directions at age 46

I've been a RN since 1998 and obtained my BSN in 2000. I worked in telemetry/PCU/step-down units, took some time off in 2003 (four years) when my second son was born. I returned to work in a PCU and...

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