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Religion & ectopic abortion

Hello nursing community! I have a question for you all. How do you feel about methotrexate or other drug-based treatment for the termination of ectopic pregnancy? As someone who was raised with...

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I'm over the nonsense...

Hello my school nurse friends I sent a student home about 2 weeks ago for throwing up in the classroom after lunch. The day I sent her home, she did not have a fever or anything. So the student...

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This makes me laugh everytime

Have y'all seen this Portal commercial?? I can't help but laugh every time I see it come on! Portal from Facebook TV Commercial, 'Cancellation: Starting Price' - iSpot.tv

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Davey Do

Eccentric Doc

The neighbors called the Police on him. All he wanted to do was light firecrackers and throw them off his porch. Dr. ABC. He had been a Viet Nam M*A*S*H surgeon. He was a rock climber and flew a...

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Alcohol free hand sanitizer

Hello all! I am about to start working on a med/surg unit this week. I am concerned about the frequency with which I will be expected to use the alcohol based foam for hand hygiene. The facility does...

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I don't do well under pressure. Pls help

I get really nervous when I have too many (more than 1) students in the Health Office. Is this normal? I could feel my face turning RED. Any tips or advise?

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Please help... Failed 1st Semester Nursing

Just found out I failed 1semester nursing school. I have been so hurt behind it all but that is a whole different story. Came out with a 79.2 and needed a 80. I was doing really good until I took my...

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Safe Nursing

A poster on this forum, a nurse who I understood has ED nursing experience, started a thread "Safe Nursing a thing of the past?" The thread was closed due to not being allowed to provide medical...

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When family fails the patient... it breaks my heart

This is more a vent post than anything... Had a patient today who any reasonable nurse would say should be on hospice.. trach, tube feeding, dependent on CRRT and IABP... screams in pain...

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FNP Job Outlook

Hello Everyone, I graduated with FNP in December, 2017. I had personal issues to deal with before i could take my boards. I finally took boards in June, 2018 and passed on the first attempt. I...

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Out to a stressful start.

I graduated LPN school not long ago, and had a much more difficult time finding a job than I expected with the nursing shortage. People seem to want RNs. I eventually found myself out of money...

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At a Crossroad

Hello All. I have a bit of internal struggle going on right now. I have been in school as an LA (Liberal arts) Major and I am struggling with the Idea of Nursing school. I want to be a Nurse ( former...

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NP Students
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FNP vs psych NP

Hey everyone I'm a psych rn with 7 years experience in psych. I love what I do but I feel it's time for me to go back to school and go for my np. I initially thought to go for psych np (makes sense...

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Why do you love being a nurse?

I worked on Med Surg for few years, and started in ER half a year ago. I just don't get how anyone can love this profession. I just don't see it. No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try,...

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i'm back with math help needed again please!

I have trouble with the word problems...nothing seems to follow a formula in my brain. Can you guys please tell me why sometimes we multiply and other times divide? This is for a test I need to...

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Nurse Beth
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Nurse Beth

Should I Attend a Non-Accredited SChool?

Dear Nurse Beth, I have been accepted into a school that is not listed as ACEN certified. What exactly does that mean for me if I were to go through the program? I have asked a few of the...

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Success Stories?

Hey, ive been feeling really discouraged about this whole mess that i have been in lately. I could really use some success stories about getting into nursing school and getting your license after a...

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NCLEX stopped at 85 questions Dec 2018

Well... I should start by saying that this is the second time I take the Nclex. Everything about this test went wrong from the beginning. The day of our graduation I was notified that there was one...

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What does a quality management consultant rn for aetna do?

Hi All! I am looking to take a break from the floor and curious as to what a Quality Management Consultant nurse for Aetna does.

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Just in time for the holidays

My PRN employer just announced they are eliminating several positions within our hospital. These are roles that will impact the whole hospital during a time when the staffing crisis is causing...

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