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  1. Nurses
    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    The Stigma of Men in Nursing

    Barriers and stereotypes of male nurses are discussed. Males who choose nursing as a career face unique barriers.

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    Did I already screw up my nursing career?

    I graduated with my BSN in may and got into a nurse residency program in August. I quit after 2 months because I had a terrible experience with my orientation and I struggle with extreme anxiety. My p

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    Just a Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    Just a Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    Reflections of a day in the life of a nurse, through her eyes...

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    What is right way to hold urinary catheter in hand when inserting it?????

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    LPN/LVN Students

    New LVN Grad not feeling ready.

    I have 1 more week of LVN school and I am really not feeling ready for the floor. Im struggling with low confidence about my ability to perform hands on skills. I dont feel like my school prepared me

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    Not eligible for rehire

    So I recently I work at my current hospital job for less then a month as a PCT. I was not able to complete my orientation due to personal reasons that cause me to miss days. My manger told me I was no

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    Unsafe Nurse Residency

    I am a new graduate nurse and accepted a nurse residency position in L&D. I am very grateful, but I am working at a small hospital with an underdeveloped nurse residency program. There is very lit

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  2. Operating Room

    I wrote up a surgeon and looking for advice

    Hello, As a circulator tonight Im feeling defeated. Ive been a circulator for 3,5 years. Today a surgeon became really upset because I informed her it was policy to use an Legal interpreter before ent

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    All I want for Christmas is . . .

    Parents to keep their sick kids home.

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    To kill or not to kill... another person dream?

    Here is the story: About three months ago, our family hold a big celebration gathering in our house. One of the invited guests asked to bring with him his daughter who is a senior in the same high sch

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    Code Blue: Just Trying Figure Out What Happened?

    I recently started in the ED. I had a patient who came in with Pnuemonia and sepsis. Was on a norepinephrine drip to maintain a MAP65. Her BP went up, MAP was 80ish. We had to get a stool sample, so m

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    Houston Nurse Residency June 2020

    I graduated in August with my BSN and still havent found a job yet so posting this for some info on the upcoming new grad jobs that will start opening applications come January.

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    Another lost new grad

    Hi there, I am a new grad nurse who graduated 7 months ago. I am having a hard time landing a job in my area because its currently saturated. I have no CNA job experience, which I now of course regret

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    Im so indecisive

    Hey all, I have been an LPN for almost 9 years, I started in healthcare when I was 17 and have been an LPN since 19. For the last probably 5 years I have wanted to change my career, Ive thought about

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    NP Salary

    I recently finished my AGPCNP program and I am curious about what to expect as far as salary. I am in Texas and just want some input. Is it hard to find NP jobs in Texas? Thanks!

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