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    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Ask your patient if she is safe at home -- even if her husband is handsome and charming, well-dressed and well spoken. Ask even if you know her husband, he's the life of the party or you've worked wi…

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    The Nursing School to Welfare Pipeline

    I am sure many people have heard of the social issue/ cause school to prison pipeline that many civic groups are trying to eradicate. I am here to draw attention to a similar related problem , the col

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    Moving California. Insight on pay scale etc?

    Hey everyone! I am currently a nurse in NC. I have decided to make a life change. Ive always wanted to live in California and so Ive decided to take the plunge and go for it. Can anyone shed some ligh

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    Is it like this everywhere now?

    A nurse friend of mine had the day from hell at work the other day. He was telling me all about it. Patients moving, discharging, admitting and too many patients from the get go. Just chaos all day. T

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    Women's Right to Choose

    I havent seen this conversation come up on AllNurses, even after Scrubs Mag addressed the erosion of womens right to choose. I apologize if this is too much of a hot-button issue to open up for discus

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    I'll miss you all, but...

    I turned in my resignation yesterday. Im leaving my job I had for the past 3 years. Im not sure yet what I want to do, if I want to go back into the Medical Assisting work, Medical Admin or School Nur

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    just a Thursday vent

    1. Why are dress code issues a nurses issue? I am no more equipped than anyone else to use a piece of string as a belt, or tape a falling-apart shoe together. 2. In a school with a VPK why is a toilet

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    Transgender man has stillbirth

    Please move to appropriate section as needed. https://apnews.com/b5e7bb73c6134d58a0df9e1cee2fb8ad This article denotes something that the nurses in my area have wondered about since early 2015. To sum

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  2. Students
    When Nursing Students Cheat- Part 2

    When Nursing Students Cheat- Part 2

    Why would a nursing student cheat despite the risk and consequences? This follow up article to Lost Integrity: When a Nursing Student Cheats will explore explore why students cheat, short and long te…

    6 replies

    How many Male School Nurses are out there!

    How many Male School Nurses are out there? Im a school nurse at my alma mater high school. Curious to see who is one in NJ and in the US!

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    Primum non nocere

    Ive been thinking lately about Medicine and Nursings role in the current opioid crisis. Our new thinking regarding pain-i.e pain is the 5th vital sign, pain is whatever the patient says it is.... Acti

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    Joint Commission Citing & Employee Files

    Joint commission has been at our facility this week and watched me do a blood glucose check on a patient. I failed to wipe the first drop of blood before obtaining the sample for the stick so our depa

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    Outdoor (at times) Nursing Jobs?

    With spring and gorgeous weather in full effect it made me wonder, are there any permanent year round nursing jobs that allow you to be outdoors at least on some occasions? The obvious one I know of i

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    I earned a BSN 10 years ago but never took the NCLEX; I thought about taking a cheap 12 month vocational nursing course as a way to prepare for taking the exam. Can anyone give me advice on attempting

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    Virginia Nurse Practitioners Join Others Who Practice Independently

    Virginia Nurse Practitioners Join Others Who Practice Independently

    Virginia joined a growing list of states that now allow NPs to practice independently. Discover how one nurse set up her practice and what one naysayer says about nurse practitioners in private practi…

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    First Year

    CHOC RN Residency August 2019

    Hi all! The CHOC app for their new grad RN residency recently opened, so I wanted to create a forum where were all able to connect! I applied to the CVICU! Crossing my fingers for all of us! Thanks!

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