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    Everyone is white?

    I am posting this because I need some feedback. I work at a SW Florida hospital and well just like the title says, everyone is white lol. The entire executive team, all the board members, and to be ho

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    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    Hello, lovely nurses! We have just moved to MI and I found a lovely job at EC observation unit. So I see a big difference between the hospital I worked at and this magnet hospital. Nurses are so much

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    School Programs


    So I’m making this because NO ONE has made one and literally the due date is almost near so if you have any questions upload them here so we can help each other out!

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    Halloween 2019 Caption Contest

    Halloween is right around the corner. If you can come up with the winning caption you win $100. Its that simple. Do you have what it takes? 🤖 To participate please follow the Caption Contest Rules. CA

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    Adultitis - Yikes! What is This and How to Cure it???

    Adultitis - Yikes! What is This and How to Cure it???

    What is adultitis? Do you have stage I, II or a full-blown case? Jason Kotecki was the featured speaker at the AACN NTI Chapter President’s Luncheon and his topic was adultitis.

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    Very First Nursing Job

    Hi! Ill be starting my very first nursing job on Monday, and Im so excited but also nervous! I have a week of general hospital orientation before I actually start working on my unit. I was hoping to h

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    Peak flow meters

    I have received several asthma action plans so far. Each of them discuss the peak flow ranges (green yellow and red) I ask families for a peak flow meter (until I get my own) and the inhaler so that I

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    No calls after my interview!

    So I just graduated with my ADN in nursing and have been applying to countless hospitals. I got a call to interview for a hospital close to my house on Aug 1. I scheduled it and interviewed Aug 16. Me

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    Palatable PO PRNs

    There are often PRNs for psychotic patients which read something like Haldol 5mg/Ativan 1mg IM or PO q6hrs PRN psychosis. If a patient is actively agitated and/or aggressive, the psychiatrist is calle

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    HELP. 1:1 District School Nurse Caring for Two Students During Lunch Breaks

    Good Afternoon~ Id like to connect with anyone who knows of a school district policy allowing 1:1 school nurses to care for two medically fragile students to cover coworker lunches. Ive been with the

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    Which job would you take?

    Job 1 $45/hour 45 minutes to 1 hour commute. Three 12 hour shifts per week for a total of 34.5 paid hours. Every other weekend and alternating major holidays. Very high acuity. Job 2 $38/hour 10-15 mi

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    Student Assist
    How to Study for Nursing School Success- Part II

    How to Study for Nursing School Success- Part II

    Whether you are a new or returning nursing student, the study habits that have worked for you in the past may not be enough for the challenges of nursing school. This article will add to the effectiv…

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    "We don't hire male RNs" and other things you should never say to me

    TL;DR - Recruiter told me they dont hire dudes. Firestorm ensues. I get a PRN job. Recently I did an online Talk with a Nurse Recruiter session as I have moved to a new city and Im looking for some PR

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    Monitoring after 3-4 years?

    Hi all. Have any of you been placed in monitoring after the BON contacted you even 3-4 years later? I think this is so strange. I have been practicing as a RN without problems the last 3 years. So far

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    HELP! - board order due to hospital visit?

    Hi, everyone! I have been a nurse for 4 years without any incident. I have a few alcohol related convictions from prior to becoming a nurse, but received my RN license without any stipulations, etc. 2

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    How Do Nurses Advocate for Their Patients?

    How Do Nurses Advocate for Their Patients?

    Nurses advocate for their patients every shift. How do you learn to advocate? Did you learn in school, on the job or ???

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