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Nurse Case Manager, Professor, Freelance Writer

Hi there! I'm Melissa and I'm a skilled writer, editor, and content manager and I would love to help you with your next project. I specialize in healthcare and women's content

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Melissa Mills has 20 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Nurse Case Manager, Professor, Freelance Writer.

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Articles, Content and Blog Writing

Melissa MillsHealth, Wellness, and Women’s Issues

From the catchy headline to the call to action – I’ll create content that exceeds your expectations by using my extensive medical background. My research abilities are stellar, which means that the final copy will be evidenced-based, factual, and current. If you’re looking for content with a conversational tone that engages your readers – contact me to get started.

If you would like to take a look at a few things I’ve written – take a look at my blog or head over to my portfolio.

Editing and Proofreading Services

I love to write, but there is something about editing that sets my soul on fire! I think it comes from being a creator at my core. It’s imperative to me during editing that I don’t lose the writer’s voice. I don’t want you to not recognize your own work. I want you to see your work and be amazed that a few new words, improved sentence structure, and properly placed commas made it flow.

So, you might wonder what the difference is between editing and proofreading – when I proofread – it’s the final review. I’m not reading to change anything, but rather to make sure what is written is correct. I have an eye for typos – so, if you need proofreading services – complete the Work With Me form here.

If you’re struggling with getting your final copy ready to publish – let’s get started.

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  1. Melissa Mills

    4 Reasons Nurses Need Mentors

    I remember my first nursing mentor like it was yesterday. Her name was Della. She was my preceptor during my preceptorship at the end of nursing school. She was smart, sassy, and offered so much practical knowledge that nursing school didn’t provide....
  2. Mobile Health According to Statista, during the second quarter of 2019, there were nearly 50,000 health apps available in the iOS app store. By 2020, the mobile health market is expected to be worth 21 million dollars globally. Many consumers tur...
  3. Melissa Mills

    5 Ways Nurses Can Support New CNA’s in Long-Term Care

    @Bloop41 Yes! Being a CNA before ever being a nurse taught me how to be a better nurse & lead a team. Listening to the CNAs and helping them provide patient care will make you a valuable team member in any setting! Good luck as you progress your ...
  4. What are CNAs?Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are the backbone of long-term care. They are the eyes and ears of the nurse and fill a critical part of the care continuum that you may not think about often enough. According to Rasmussen College, CN...
  5. Melissa Mills

    Six Pieces of Advice for New Nurses

    Excellent point, @kbrn2002!
  6. Melissa Mills

    Six Pieces of Advice for New Nurses

    Thanks so much for your experiences @emmasuern! It is def more challenging start in a more specialized unit. If a new nurse knows where they want to work, I say go for it! I worked on a medical-oncology floor for one year and then went directly into ...
  7. Melissa Mills

    Six Pieces of Advice for New Nurses

    Awesome additions @Lane Therrell FNP, MSN, RN! It seems that nursing schools are not putting enough emphasis on some of these basic skills that can make or break a new nurse when looking for a job. ~Melissa
  8. Melissa Mills

    Six Pieces of Advice for New Nurses

    I recently chatted with a soon-to-be nursing school graduate. She asked many questions about my nursing journey. She was interested in the type of unit that provides the best experience for a nurse grad, and she even wanted to hear about the differen...
  9. Have you ever seen a double-pan balance scale? It’s a scale that has two pans that are balanced against one another. As you put weights on one side, you must counter it with weight on the other to maintain balance. If you read about these scales, you...
  10. Going to work should not be dreadful. However, for many nurses, the stress, burnout, and culture can sometimes make it downright painful to get dressed and head to work. After days, weeks, months, or even years of these types of feelings, you might l...
  11. You probably know happiness when you feel it. As a nurse, you may feel those positive emotions that come with a deeper purpose when an acutely ill patient turns the corner toward better outcomes or a patient living with cancer finds out they are in r...
  12. Ah….fall! That time of year where we start to prepare for winter. Autumn brings leaves, pumpkins, and warm sweaters. Everyone heads outside for bonfires, football games, and trick-or-treating. Yet, lingering right around the corner is flu season. Thi...
  13. The need for patients to be well-informed, and even a bit tech-savvy in today’s healthcare market is critical. Those living diabetes with or without comorbidities must be well-versed in disease management strategies like how to recognize the symptoms...
  14. Did I see you work from home?  I have my Master's in Nursing Education and was curious if you had more information on where I can look.

  15. Your job title probably means a lot to you.It might even be as important to you as your birth-given name. You went to school so that you could write specific letters behind your name, such as LPN, RN, or FNP. However, if you decided that it was easie...