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  1. January 6 Select Committee

    A reminder of the content of the Georgia phone call that has been publicly available for a long time.
  2. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Alaska Airlines will reimburse health travel costs after abortion ruling How long will we accept being ruled by a minority?
  3. Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    Alaska Airlines will reimburse health travel costs after abortion ruling Alaska currently allows abortion. There is a grassroots effort to provide affordable housing for women who might travel to the state for needed reproductive Healthcare.
  4. Patient Died in ER lobby

    Roughly 25% of Americans do not have what would be considered a primary care provider.
  5. January 6 Select Committee

    Perhaps. The testimony today is very interesting. "Just say the election was corrupt and leave the rest to me and the the Republican congressmen."
  6. What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    How do you feel the honest Americans from the dishonest Americans when millions of Americans aren't capable of discerning obvious lies from truth? It is interesting that in your comment about honest Americans you forward a dishonest and partisan cont...
  7. January 6 Select Committee

    Yep... we all watched and listened to the corrupt language used to undermine elections and then we watched the attack on the capitol after we were aware that Trump's team wasn't participating in an orderly transfer of power. Most of us are now watch...
  8. Patient Died in ER lobby

    Isn't it sad that Americans cannot schedule a visit with their health provider because they owe them money?
  9. January 6 Select Committee

    My preconceived notions? I'm not the one suggesting that Trump should be indicted without a DOJ inquiry simply because congress held an investigation of something. Let's talk about the testimony that was heard yesterday. How widespread was the ...
  10. January 6 Select Committee

    That partisan part is most important to you it seems. What do you think about the possibility that members of congress were trying to facilitate this electoral college plan?
  11. January 6 Select Committee

    Yes... and if you watched the hearings you might wonder if Trump and other Republicans weren't trying to corrupt that electoral college to install Trump as some kind of extra-constitutional president. Nope, instead of talking about the findings of t...
  12. Patient Died in ER lobby

    Hospital safety has long been a concern and topic for conversation and analysis. Part of the dialog could arguably be believed to be driven by capitalist concerns rather than patient concerns. Today our profit focused health system has been ra...
  13. January 6 Select Committee

    What are your sources for facts about the information that these hearings are sharing with the public? Where are you "researching" this information? The Committee conducted thousands of hours of interviews and reviewed thousands of documents. What re...
  14. January 6 Select Committee

    Trump didn't win in 2020 against Biden and since 2020 Trump has made himself look more like a dishonorable man with no qualms about lying, cheating or breaking the Republic to benefit himself. But sure, his supporters are certain that he could win a...
  15. January 6 Select Committee

    The people who are watching the hearing are learning about Trump and others conspiring to overthrow the election results in 2020. You aren't watching and learning about that as you admitted. You've formed strong opinions about the subject without ac...