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Nursing is my second career, and I'm so glad I made the change. I don't always love it, but most of the time I do.

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Ado Annie has 11 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Ado Annie

    Tuesday July 5th 2022

    Darn. Hope that gets him feeling better. Do you think his other symptoms are related?
  2. Ado Annie

    Tuesday July 5th 2022

    Hi, all! Joe, I hope you don't get sick. Where do you do your bird-watching? It was a decent long weekend. Twin A sort of enjoyed his little trip to Ft. Worth. He got an upset stomach and of course it was hot, hot, hot. But he used Lyft to...
  3. Ado Annie

    Saturday July 2nd 2022

    I use Google Chrome but Hubs likes Duck Duck Go
  4. Ado Annie

    Friday July 1st 2022

    I went out and bought a wading pool for bathing the doggos. They're not fans of playing in the water 😞 but maybe it will still feel good to get bathed and cooled off. 97 degrees today. Twin A made reservations for his solo vacay. He's taking the...
  5. Ado Annie

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    J22, I also have to satisfy Mr. Meat and Potatoes. That said, our one remaining Hello Fresh meal is Italian chicken with lemon-y spaghetti. Which sounds pretty good. And Hubs does like pasta dishes with a few restrictions. He's not a fan of pesto, mu...
  6. Ado Annie

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    No veggies in sight, Tweety! LOL. I did eat some strawberries and kiwi that were in the fridge. And that sounds really good right now. I might be able to score some grapes and a banana or apple from the cafeteria.
  7. Ado Annie

    Tuesday June 28th 2022

    Love the pictures, dianah, and your outing sounds heavenly. We had another nice day in the 80s with low humidity. Trying to enjoy it while I can. Twins A and B are responsible for dinner tonight. They have the appetites and desire to cook of te...
  8. Ado Annie

    Monday June 27th 2022

    I understand, Stars
  9. Ado Annie

    Monday June 27th 2022

    Another beautiful day here, and I'm inside. I did walk over to the taco truck for lunch. Poor sleep again last night and I was really feeling it while watching a CMS webinar (severe sepsis will now have different criteria for pregnant women between 2...
  10. Ado Annie

    Sunday June 26th 2022

    Hey all! Welcome back, dianah! Stars, I'm sure you refrained from saying "I told you so". Or maybe not. 🙃 Tweety, I always found it nice when someone expressed gratitude, even if I didn't think I'd done anything special. It was 8...
  11. Ado Annie

    Roe v. Wade abandoned by Supreme Court

    There are many who believe that birth control pills can be "abortive" because while their primary action is to prevent ovulation, they can also prevent implantation if fertilization does occur. The hardcore "life begins at conception" people will go ...
  12. Ado Annie

    Saturday June 25 2022

    Joe, I hope you got somebirdwatching in. Stars, that was a thoughtful and fun thing your dh did. I was the one asking about Outlander. Yes, the daughter created a syringe in one of these episodes using a snake's fang. Tweety, what form of...
  13. Ado Annie

    Friday June 25th 2022

    I got bonafide and Modernafied again today (second booster). I was putting it off (just out of laziness) but the CDC made it a requirement for HCP over 50 to be considered compliant so I decided to just get it done. My arm is mildly sore. Now I shoul...
  14. I guess even if some people end up going to jail over Trump's shenanigans the conservatives have won their long-sought prize ...
  15. Ado Annie

    Thursday June 23 2022

    I'm not above giving Gma some towels and the like to fold. Keeps her busy, and that's one less thing I have to do. She would be stuffing the pile of napkins, etc. down her shirt (or her pants, you never know). I just made a poster for the skill...