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Nursing is my second career, and I'm so glad I made the change. I don't always love it, but most of the time I do.

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About Ado Annie

Ado Annie has 13 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg.

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  1. Ado Annie

    Sunday March 2nd 2024

    Was good to join my book club friends. The taco park (just an outdoor space that served tacos and other fare, kind of food-truck style) was closed. So much for trusting Google. But all was well because nearby a big lit-up sign said "cocktails" LOL. N...
  2. Ado Annie

    Sunday March 2nd 2024

    Didn't go to church again. The choir had to sing without us. Did finally get round to starting laundry and dishes again. Now chilling in the front yard with Dory and Binx. It is 79 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. In fact it is quite 🌞 BRIGHT. Nee...
  3. Ado Annie

    Saturday March 2 2024

    My illness seems to have relocated to my head with low grade fever and snotty drainage. Hubs is having similar symptoms. I think someone needs to burn some sage. LOL. Twin A cooked the pasta I brought home so everyone could eat. Twin B now has ...
  4. Ado Annie

    Friday March 1 2024

    Glad to have the traveling done for the week. I guess it's only about 70 miles but took a good 1 hr 25 minutes to make the trip. Even though portions of it use the "turnpike" where the speed limit is 80. Yesterday it rained throughout the entire trip...
  5. Ado Annie

    Tuesday February 27th 2024

    The wind is bringing in the cold front again. Hubs and I were just counting first cousins. I have/had 10 (plus 1 we never knew about until 23 and Me came along). He has/had 32. Our kids have 9. One of mine lives fairly close by but we don't see each ...
  6. Ado Annie

    Monday February 26th 2024

    Stars, I hope you can soon get some uninterrupted time. Things are always in upheaval at the hospital. When your staff is "lean" it's a big deal anytime anyone quits. Ugh. Twin B heard tonight that one of the FT night shift clerks quit so he is...
  7. Ado Annie

    Monday February 26th 2024

    Stars, Hubs finally replaced the faucet in our kitchen a few weeks ago. We've had some accidents over the years when his "handyman" skills were great except he'd forget some one important thing... like to break off the tab between the new garbage dis...
  8. Ado Annie

    Sunday February 25 2023

    7pm does seem like an odd closing time for a restaurant. Hubs has gone to church but I stayed home, not wanting to share this virus, assuming that's what it is. Temp is down to almost normal so that seems a good sign. Had a slice of toast and watered...
  9. Ado Annie

    Saturday February 24 2024

    Stars, it just might be that norovirus. I feel like I never go anywhere but the hospital (!) and home so who knows where I came in contact with that. I did go to choir practice Wed night and shook hands with the new choir director, who does have an 8...
  10. Ado Annie

    Saturday February 24 2024

    Made myself go to the urgent care in the evening. Got a shot of phenergan that at least let me sleep through the night. And the maalox-and-lidocaine cocktail. Still mildly feverish and nauseated. Meanwhile, an ER nurse called in and there is much scr...
  11. Ado Annie

    Friday February 23, 2024

    Happy Birthday, J22! Today was a lost day. Lost to N/V/D, stomach pain, and fever. Hoping tomorrow is better. But the boys are just starting to show symptoms, too.
  12. Ado Annie

    Tuesday February 20th 2024

    I can't say about the ravioli because I'm not a seafood afficianado. I had one piece of ravioli and a couple bites of scallops. It didn't taste bad. The sauce that Hello Fresh had to go with it was this: saute shallots and garlic in butter, then add ...
  13. Ado Annie

    Tuesday February 20th 2024

    Twin A had picked out some recipes from all the Hello Fresh cards we kept. So tonight we had lobster ravioli and scallops. I made spaghetti for the seafood non-eaters. Who knew Walmart had lobster ravioli? Especially in small town Oklahoma. Hub...
  14. Ado Annie

    Tuesday February 20th 2024

    Beautiful day here. I put the top down on the convertible when I went to grab a sandwich for lunch. Now waiting to hear that my pickup order at Walmart is ready. It's an exciting life. Hubs is not willing to give all Gma's assets to Medicaid fo...
  15. Ado Annie

    Monday February 19th 2024

    but Gma's was! She took off her absorbent underwear some time during the night. Hubs forgot that he wanted to attend a funeral this morning so he didn't schedule a sitter. (I actually planned to go, too, but whatever). Twin A was working and Twi...

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