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nursej22 has 37 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Public Health, TB.

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  1. nursej22

    4th of July 2022

    Another, gray overcast day, with a few sprinkles of rain, in the mid 60s. We were supposed to go to the local minor league baseball game last night, courtesy of our investment manager, but we both forgot. Plus it was threatening rain.We played mini-g...
  2. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    You seem to imply that SC justices do not recuse. Then how to you explain Justice Thomas recusing himself 54 times since he was appointed. Sometimes beca...
  3. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    I believe that Justice Thomas should recuse himself around decisions including the 2020 election, since it's been revealed that his spouse has communicated with several groups connected to overturning the election, including Arizona legislators. ...
  4. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    So there is no problem with a justice ruling on cases that their spouse, someone they presumably live with, is actively involved in? as far as I know, the Biden family member that lives with the President is the First Lady. Does anyone think she...
  5. nursej22

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    That’s how I do my yearly bloodborn pathogens, specimen packaging and TB testing: click past the PowerPoint slides if needed and take the tests. Hopefully I have completed my last mandatory testing !
  6. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    Wouldn’t it be more applicable if Sotomayor or Kagan had family members with involvement with the EPA or gun legislation?
  7. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    I did not say Thomas was in charge of his wife. He should however, recuse himself from cases where she is likely involved, such as ones concerning the last presidential election. I don't understand why you bring up the Biden family. Did ...
  8. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    Sorry, I don't understand your first sentence. Who is the Maverick? And no, John Roberts may be the chief justice, but he does not seem to be running anything. If he did, he would put pressure on an associate justice to recuse himself in cases ...
  9. nursej22

    President Biden thread

    The Senate is run by democrats? Shhh, don't tell Mitch McConnell. And who, by the way, runs the Supreme Court?
  10. nursej22

    What do you think about with current News and Opinions?

    Does this mean you are opposed to the former president making a third presidential run? And for what it's worth, this independent will not vote for Desantis. I think many us are aware of his denial of science throughout the pandemic.
  11. nursej22

    Sunday July 3rd 2022

    It’s gray, and showery today. We were going to play mini golf, but looks doubtful now. Spent most of the day in the garden yesterday;it finally looks less like a jungle. The blueberries are starting to ripen! Dd is back from their trip to the Grand C...
  12. nursej22

    Friday July 1st 2022

    Another mild day, although a bit humid at 85%. Rode my bike out by the bay. Look to be lots of tourists staying in cabins and condos. Today is Canada Day, and we are so close, that many come down for weekends. That area really suffered during border ...
  13. nursej22

    Thursday June 30 2022

    It's a pleasant 70 degrees here, although it feels warmer with a 65% humidity. Had a nice run at the park, but I was dripping at the end. I took pictures of the gardens that are around the homestead house in the park to show sis. She is a master gard...
  14. nursej22

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    Yes, Ado, we like the chicken with lemon-y pasta, and dh likes the Asian rice meals. He does not like spicy hot, which many of the dishes seem to have. I like green beans but Hello Fresh beans rubbery and tasteless. We may not save much in dollars, b...
  15. nursej22

    Wednesday June 29th 2022

    What a sloooow day. Weather is cool and overcast. It rained a little yesterday. Supposed to be nice tomorrow and Friday. Rain forecast for the 4th, which is not unusual. I'm going with sis to her Dr. appointment today(PCP) and tomorrow (cardiology). ...