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  1. Healthcare workers are recommended to be vaccinated for Hepatitis B (series of 3 shots), tetanus (3 shots if you've never had any), MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) 2 doses, and chicken pox, 2 doses. Some schools and clinical sites may also require an annual flu shot. Most of these can be completed in 6 months, but many schools will let you start, conditional on completing the series before clinicals begin. As a young woman nearing child-bearing age, I highly recommend getting an MMR before pregnancy. Also, there are several measles outbreaks currently, and mumps pops up from time to time. Good luck on your studies.
  2. nursej22

    Nursing Prioritization! Help!

    This is all the info you have? Any vitals, mentation of patients, how long ago was the heart cath, when did the diltiazem start and what rate is it at? And my old stand by for prioritization is who is going to die quickest? If the patient on heparin is alert and oriented, I would predict that she is relatively stable. If she was confused and a fall risk, I would be more concerned. For a heart cath, a puncture is made into a femoral or radial artery and if that starts to bleed, a lot of blood can be lost in a very short time. Atrial fib guy? He is most likely on a monitor, and IV diltiazem has a fairly quick onset and half-life. If the rate had just been recently changed, that would need checking. But if he's been on the same rate with a stable heart rate for 8 hours I would not be concerned. And in my experience, a patient with new onset a. fib might very well be on a heparin drip as well.
  3. nursej22

    what to do when union does not have your best interest?

    I agree, check in with the union rep outside of your meetings with management. She may not understand your concerns. Or, she may weighing the interests of the bargaining unit against your personal interests. I had a write-up once, that my union rep advised me not to grieve, but I insisted and it was thrown out almost as soon as the paperwork was filed. I think, in retrospect, that she didn't believe my version and/or was so lazy she wasn't interested in doing her job. And yes, you can always go up the chain of command.
  4. nursej22

    Lose vs. Loose

    It is however, good to be aware of regional dialects. If one grows up saying "axing" instead of "asking", and everyone around them does as well, it is not necessary wrong, or uneducated. When a Brit pronounces aluminum differently that an American, do you think they are uneducated? I live near the Canadian border and often hear people say "eh" at the end of a question, much the way I would say right? or huh? "It's chilly today, eh?"
  5. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    Hmm, okay. I thought you were talking about the origins of the United States, and now you have switched to the constitution. You do realize that many of the founders/writers were slave owners, right? (Washington and Jefferson were, at least). And that they wrote in a clause (article 1, section 2) to allow slave owners to count 3/5 of their slaves for the purpose of representation. Sorry, I am not understanding you equating slavery to abortion. Slavery allowed much of this country to be settled and generated a lot of wealth for white landowners. How do you compare that to the loss or removal of a pregnancy?
  6. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    Back to the original post, I don't quite understand this part: Where do patients fit in? Should patients expect all of their needs to be met? Where do we draw the line between being PC and enabling? When discharging patients from the hospital nowadays, follow up appointments are made, prescriptions electronically sent to pharmacies, perhaps home health arranged and other case management needs that are met. Then, the patient states, "I need a ride to my appointments." When did this become the responsibility of the healthcare system? While we are all striving to reduce readmission rates, when does the responsibility of transportation become the patients' responsibility? Or is it PC to say, "Oh I can get you a cab voucher"? Are we making healthcare too accessible? As a nation, shouldn't we "man up" and be responsible for our own lives? Is expecting needs (or wants) to be met considered PC? Certainly there are some basic needs are provided by a hospital: clean accommodations, nutrition, clear communication, etc. But in my opinion, once they are discharged, the hospital's obligation ends. Yes, of course, some people have little to no resources, so there may be services arranged for, but I don't know how many nurses have time to do that. In my state, Medicaid will pay for a taxi to health care appointments.
  7. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    Claims mislead about California forcing jail time for using wrong transgender pronoun | PolitiFact California Even is someone was charged under this law, it would be a misdemeanor and unlikely to result in jail time. And there is no "they" banning that song. As far as I can tell, 3 radio stations, one in Cleveland, one in San Francisco and one in Canada pulled the song from their playlists. Decisions made by private businesses not to use a product. Radio stations make choices all the time about the music and programs they broadcast. Country western doesn't play rap. Is that an example of being too PC? Or are they trying to play what they think listeners want to hear, or sponsors want to be associated with.
  8. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    I am very sorry for what you have endured. No one deserves to be assaulted in that way. I should not have used the term "rapey". Am I permitted to describe the song as suggestive of someone in a position of power taking advantage of another, in order to have sex with them against their will?
  9. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    I personally never said it should be censured, or censored. I said I don't care for it and won't listen to it. But I think it's okay to have a conversation about the lyrics, as we are doing. And, I don't think it's a Christmas song, either.
  10. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    But it is being played today, when we are teaching youth that no means no, alcohol loosens ones inhibitions, and that you should not leave your drink unattended. How would you feel if an adult man and a 12 year old girl sang this as a duo? Or how about an man and 12 year old boy? No, I don't have to consider the time it was written. In fact, I don't have to listen to it at all.
  11. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    I live near Seattle and had never heard this. A quick internet search showed a story from 2011, where a 16 year old volunteer at a private school claimed to have been instructed to use the term "Spring sphere". This is hardly equates an entire city changing the name of Easter eggs. After 7 years, this rumor needs to just go away.
  12. nursej22

    Are We Too PC?

    I actually do not like that song, and as a pp said, it's a little rapey. What do we teach young people, No means no, unless it's in a catchy little tune? And how about the line, " say what's in this drink?" Is that not a reference to being rufied? As for being banned, whatever. I don't think this song has a message about peace, love and joy, unless you are referring to forced intimacy. When I hear it, I change stations. I continue to strive to say things that don't hurt others and take their feelings into consideration. So sue me.
  13. nursej22

    Learning Types and Strategies for Success.

    From the Atlantic: Are 'Learning Styles' Real? - The Atlantic "... of learner or another. In a study published last month in the journal Anatomical Sciences Education, Husmann and her colleagues had hundreds of students take the vark questionnaire to determine what kind of learner they supposedly were. The survey then gave them some study strategies that seem like they would correlate with that learning style. Husmann found that not only did students not study in ways that seemed to reflect their learning style, those who did tailor their studying to suit their style didn't do any better on their tests." I think we all benefit from using a variety of learning styles, and not be pigeon-holed into one specific one.
  14. nursej22

    Holiday Bonus

    I work for the county, so no bonus, nor would I expect one. My manager though, makes each of us small ornaments and brings in baked goodies.
  15. nursej22

    As seen on TV

    I used to say to my family "I don't know what they are injecting that works that fast, but where can I get some?"