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nursej22 has 30 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in med/surg,CV.

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  1. The only viral infection that I can think of that is curable is Hepatitis C. Generally, one recovers, recovers with sequelae, develops a chronic infection, or dies. I am beginning to think the OP is not a health care person.
  2. I this article made up of out of context quotes, and inflammatory inferences written by someone who quotes another person who wasn't present. So it is just a bunch of whipped up indignation about something that may or may not have happened. Pretty junior high, in my opinion. I have taken several classes about diversity and racism and am learning about how I have benefited from white privilege and the inherent racism in our society. I feel this has made me grow as a person. It is uncomfortable at times to imagine that I am racist, but it is reality.
  3. If people say an image is hateful or hurtful, I believe them.
  4. nursej22

    I'm so ashamed of myself

    I am no longer in acute care, but I remember how nice it seemed when H1N1 brought about restriction of visitors, especially children. You could actually have a conversation with a patient, teaching them about their meds, importance of diet and activity. It was always a constant battle to turn off the TV when assisting a patient with a meal who was an aspiration risk. I just about lost it one day when I recovering a heart cath patient and her granddaughter insisted that she must give Nana a manicure as I was readying to pull a femoral artery sheath.
  5. Yeah, he's hoping that seniors who survive COVID-19 will still vote for him in November.
  6. nursej22

    Role of Unions in keeping bad cops

    That cop would never have stayed on the job without tacit approval from his coworkers. In the small part of the video I watched, 2 other cops were kneeling on this man and another was keeping onlookers at bay. I have worked with some horrible nurses that management repeatedly looked the other way when their behavior was reported, therefore the union was never involved.
  7. I am glad for seniors, but this announcement was short on details and I am suspicious of the private /public partnership aspect of this deal. But what about all the non-seniors that take insulin? The link article speaks about a groom who rationed his insulin to save money. I am going to guess this was a T1D , less than 65 years old. When do they get a break? My spouse takes Tresiba that his insurance will no longer cover. It costs about $500 a month.
  8. nursej22

    Are churches safe?

    I wonder how many church goers would resist the thought of a log and seating chart to track possible contacts. Our governor is suggesting restaurants keep a log of patrons for this reason and people are declaring this is tyranny. I am not a church goer, so I have little to say, except that I feel for my fellow nurses. They will be called on to care for the inevitable spread that will occur, as demonstrated by churches in several states. Hopefully faith leaders will proceed carefully.
  9. nursej22

    Businesses need to fully reopen now!

    Even with limited reopening, in Alabama is experiencing the very stress on Montgomery hospitals that flattening the curve was supposed to avoid. https://www.newsweek.com/alabama-reopens-its-hospitals-are-running-out-ICU-beds-1506112 They are sending people to Birmingham, 100 miles away to try to seek hospitalization. I shudder to think what the situation would be if they had opened everything up.
  10. We are opening slowly in Washington State. Counties, mainly the less populous ones, are starting to open. Our county is still in "Phase One", but I think we are on track to move to "Phase 2" by the 1st of June. I am so ready!
  11. nursej22

    Age vs Years Nursing

    63 years old, a nurse for 35 years
  12. nursej22

    Coronavirus and Supply Shortages

    When I look on the CDC page for Healthcare Supply of PPE https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/healthcare-supply-ppe.html it states that HCP should use airborne precautions, including N95. Our local health department has ordered additional masks that are due to arrive in May. We have a soon to expire stockpile that we are seeking approval from NIOSH to continue to use even after the expiration date. One of my TB patients who works at a manufacturing plant has been told to change their masks sparingly because they don't know when they can resupply.
  13. As a former charge nurse who had to make the assignments for the oncoming staff this used to drive me crazy. The staffing would often change up until the last minute, and I might revise the assignments multiple times: trying to give someone the same patients, unless someone was staying over, don't over load the newbies, don't assign open hearts to float staff, don't give too many isolation patients to one nurse, try to keep them in the same geographic area, etc. And then try to make good assignments when someone is hopping foot to foot asking for their patients.
  14. D'oh! I knew something didn't look right. I remember a veteran nurse instructor teaching about this. And I think they do it pretty routinely for cats.
  15. nursej22

    "Hypothetical" Situation

    This same er probably let the patient sit in the waiting room for an hour, like they did for my son with a dislocated shoulder and another son with 3 rib fractures and a small pneumo.
  16. nursej22

    Severe vasovagal response.

    Working in a heart cath recovery unit, had a patient recovering from and EP study who vagaled and went into 6 seconds of asystole after swallowing Percocet. We called a code but had no time to give Atropine. We lowered the head of the stretcher and he woke up with a shake and shout. EP doc discharged him home after having him up and walking about for 15 minutes. Another case vagaled during an arterial sheath pull following a diagnostic cath. We pushed atropine but the patient went into asystole of about 5 or six seconds. She woke up just before the first compression. She stayed overnight without incident.

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