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  1. This is for anyone applying for the upcoming semester thats planning to apply or just wants to talk.
  2. Hello! I just wanted to make a thread for nursing program at BC for this coming Fall semester. I passed the Hesi last week after 4 days of studying. (Got tired of studying the Elvesier book so I took my chances) My overall score: 85%. My lowest score...
  3. BombMom17

    Broward College Fall 2020

    Anyone Applying to the fall 2020 Nursing program at broward college , that is getting ready to take or have taken the HESI ?
  4. sirI

    Broward College

    In 1959, Broward College, a public institution, was established. In 2012, Broward College was named one of the top 10 percent of community colleges in the nation by the Washington D.C.-based Aspen Institute. Broward College is based internationa...