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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    Didn't I say in another thread that Trump supporters would make his life as President miserable? And so it begins. https://abc7.com/republican-georgia-congresswoman-marjorie-taylor-green-wants-to-impeach-biden-president-elect-joe-qanon-impeachment/9650673/
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    No liberals are not called those things, liberals are called communists taking away the freedoms of Americans by asking them to wear masks and mitigate a pandemic to save lives, that liberals hate America, liberals want to re-write history and rather than teach that we are a great country, we are an evil country, Antifa stole the election from Trump, on and on with the rhetoric that I won't get into. This is why I laughed out loud at the idea that liberals need to tone down the rhetoric for healing. I do acknowledge that liberals aren't any better when it comes to rhetoric. I'm willing to look in the mirror and if you've followed my posts for a while I don't get into that kind of name calling, but try to look at things objectively and truthfully. The Trump administration on MLK Day published a controversial report on how slavery is taught in schools. It's really hard not to think of this as somewhat racist. It's hard to swallow the idea that I hate America while the Capitol is being taken over by people foaming at the mouth about a legal election (literally a cop's description of someone there beating him), waving a Confederate flag and spewing rhetoric that makes no sense. Illegal immigrants, you mean those persons that are already here working, contributing to society and have a lower crime rate than American-born persons, not affecting the wages or job availability for American-born persons? Those guys? I suppose while a caravan is on the way to legally enter the country it's a story worth talking about. Personally I think it would save a lot of time and money to do this but it doesn't stand a snowballs chance in hell in passing. It would be nice rather than stroking anger and fear conservative media like Fox News would be a bit more objective in presenting what's good about the idea. I don't mind discussing issues and disagreeing on them.
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    I vomited in my mouth at a conservative telling liberals to tone down the rhetoric so we can heal and quit following the thread I started at that line. After dealing with 4 years of rhetoric like fake news, the election was stolen on and on and on, I literally laughed out loud. I do see that Fox New lead story is about the liberal media and their hypocrisy at covering violence. This takes the focus off the Capitol. I also see them turning up the rhetoric against immigrants and the caravan. I'm glad to see they've moved on from the idea that Biden won't be president and promoting the usual predictable talking points. I didn't see a story on Hunter Biden. Carry on.
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    I've never really liked the "but your side does it too" defense or "both sides have their issues". It seems like a bit of a deflection from the topic at hand and not relevant. But yes, no one's hands are clean in the world of politics. Not that you've done it but I'm getting weary of the when I criticize the Capitol violence people want to bring up the BLM violence, as if that has anything to do with what I'm saying. But that's an issue I have. I also, while I try not to, feel myself tempted to do it myself, and sometimes slip up. So I get it. I also don't like people making generalizations, even about people that voted for Trump.
  5. Or they often make statements to the such. Often when I'm with patients they are watching the news either Fox or CNN and often comment to me expecting a comment back. Depending on which channel and what they say is how I respond. Sometimes it's with a comment "no comment", other times it's "don't get me started". Often I agree with them. Once many months ago I got a conspiracy theorists asking me what I thought. He thought it was a plan of Bill Gates to get control of the world. That was a no comment. Almost all of my patients understand covid and have been careful. I guess because they mostly are older and have chronic problems. A few of them that have it got it from their families. Most have been critical of super spreader events where people ignore the virus.
  6. I'm basing what I said about BLM on studies that I remember reading over the Summer. We had a lot of protests here and they were always outside and people for the most part stayed apart and wore masks. I can only speak to the ones that I personally saw myself here. I know elsewhere this wasn't true. https://www.healthline.com/health-news/black-lives-matter-protests-didn't-contribute-to-covid19-surge Trump rallys, as I pointed out had people in close proximity, maskless and often indoors. There have been some studies that have linked them to further spread of covid. Many people in the Trump administration, attending Trump meetings and gatherings got covid. https://www.reuters.com/article/usa-election-coronavirus-rallies-explain-idUSKBN27H1IG A traditional inauguration might indeed be a super spreader event. I'm not sure what Biden is doing about that, but I'm sure there will be some social distancing and masks. Being outside with masks, with social distancing seems to not be a "super spreader" scenario. It would be hypocrisy if he acted like covid didn't exist, had the inauguration in the traditional way with all the traditional parties. Chesca tested positive and no symptoms but performed at Biden's MLK event virtually and the event kept in mind CDC guidelines. Doubtful she's going to get anywhere near the inauguration where she isn't scheduled so no outrage necessary.
  7. California did indeed have some success with their lockdown, but is having a tough time now. https://ktla.com/news/california/california-once-quelled-covid-19-with-stay-at-home-order-why-this-one-isn't-working-as-well/ I'm not sure sure there many Democrat inspired super spreader events. Democrat politicians were very aware of covid, wore a mask and had events from their cars. BLM matters have proven to not be super spreader events. Trump held rallies of large amounts of people not wearing masks in close proximity Other super speeder events were tied to events like the Sturgiss bike rally. Pretty much all regions of the country have had their turn at having high rates of infection. New York was one of the first so it them them a bit to get it under control but their efforts were extremely successful towards the end. Florida, Texas, and Arizona took their turn as did the Northeast. The midwest took their turn at a different time. It's really hard to say that one part of the country did better than others. Some of the highest rates of infection per capita are in rural towns. https://247wallst.com/healthcare-economy/2021/01/05/covid-19-the-5-deadliest-counties-in-america/ Where I live, Florida, has no lockdown or restrictions and has had over 10,000 cases a day for weeks on end, and often over 15,000. It isn't pretty. Two local hospitals are at capacity for ICU beds.
  8. I'm not sure about mental illness but it sure seems to me some are brainwashed on a massive scale. He got the 2nd most number of votes in history next to Biden. I work with a few Trump supporters that are college educated and in every other way seem normal. When I asked if one believed the election results, rather than say yes, she clung to "I just don't know what to believe". Other's very often deflect and say things "well you didn't say anything about the BLM riots" (not true). They just can't seem to grasp the reality that is staring them in the face. Or they don't care. They should have had a clue when Trump said he had the largest inauguration crowd in history and pictures proved he didn't. It was staring them in the face from Day 1 that he's a liar. I've said many times I understand the conservative agenda of low taxes, regulation, strong military, and Trump delivers on that. But whey so fervently support someone that blatantly lied to them? Why not pick someone else like. Mike Pence or any other number of people. Oh well, I've had a gazzillion discussions about it and can't wrap my head about supporting the man especially now.
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    I made no broad strokes. Not sure what Hunter Biden has to do with anything related to the original post but he is under investigation. Republicans have seen to that. That's fair. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/09/politics/hunter-biden-tax-investigtation/index.html Trump made things difficult for himself from the get go and I think it's a bit more than the casual statement that he has had "issues". Had he been a man of truth and integrity it would been garden variety "making his life tough" like politics as usual and has you say "no matter who is in office". The way Republicans treated Obama, the way Democrats treated Bush, the way it usually is. I have no hope since the incidents at the Capital and for Trump not acting presidential in the handover, and is baseless claims that he won the election by a landslide, that when Biden takes over it will be the same politics that we have seen in years gone by. His life literally is in danger (as is Mike Pence). He still has enablers in congress spewing his rhetoric or remaining silent. I do hope I'm wrong.
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    I feel responsible for a patients death

    I agree with the above to not torture yourself. You did what anyone would have done, you gave a person on a regular diet with a low blood sugar something to eat and drink. You feel bad you didn't have magical powers to know the future? There's not one of us that hasn't been part of a bad outcome or an incident. It comes with the territory.
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    It will be interesting to see what the next administration uncovers. However, it will probably mean nothing to Republicans whom have turned a blind eye to all things offensive about Trump for over five years now.
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    The Impeachment of Joe Biden

    Yep she's waiting her breathe, looking for attention. Trump's approval ratings are in the tank. These enablers really need to get off the Trump Train and regroup.
  13. I see your side. How fair is that people leave, those left behind work the long hard hours and then lose their hours when they return. On the other, as was stated before management allowed them the time off and allowed them to come and you're not privy to that. Some may have had health issues and excuses from MDs or other issues that management supported. Where I work, if you don't want to work covid and you don't have a medical reason (and several people do have doctor's notes), you either go to covid or quit. And several people did quit during the Summer surge here in Florida when their unit went covid. I can understand all of it. It's a big fat mess.
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    Nurses with Unusual Diets

    Few tweaks here and there?? How about a major overhaul. LOL Don't call it "unusual", call it what it is a horrible and unhealthy diet. I can't judge too much because I have days when I do eat like that. I'm eating vegan chicken nuggets for dinner as I type this. But also seeing the long-term ravishes of an unhealthy diet in my work keeps me eating healthy most days. When I was in my early 20's I could eat like you without consequence. But I'm 61, a normal BMI and low cholesterol and no medications and active. I'm going to stay that way.
  15. I feel the same way. A lot of what I hear from the people I vote for I know is BS politicking to get elected. That's a million vaccines a day. The roll out isn't really going well here. The Health Dept. here stopped taking appointments because their website crashed and they don't have enough vaccines. It has gone well however for healthcare providers and nursing home residents which were the priority for the governor but moving on to the next phase of over 65 (which is a WHOLE LOT OF PEOPLE here in Florida) isn't going well. I hope Biden can help but not sure.
  16. Thanks for the clarification of your change of the subject. Regarding what you hoe for for our nation it's obvious Trump accomplished none of that.
  17. Separate topic. But oh heck no I don't think Biden can fix things. Trump and his loyal supporters will make his Presidency a living hell (with or without his Twitter account) and I don't think there's anything Biden can do about it. We haven't been "hunky dory" in this country since Gore lost in a nearly 50/50 split and we've been 50/50 split since then with the tide turning ever so slightly back and forth from left to right. I suppose by asking if Biden will be the best fix for the country, you're admitting there is something terribly wrong here and Trump certainly didn't fix anything, in fact it's worse now than ever in my lifetime since about 1969. Mother Theresa couldn't fix this country. But Goofy would be a better President than Trump. Republicans need to decide if this, as his son says "is not the Republican Party but the Party of Donald Trump", or they are truly the Republican Party. Despite Trump's widespread popularity, they would do best without him and reclaim their party. It's been stunning to watch people like Graham and Cruz become his lapdogs. They need to man up and reclaim their party. I really just want some common sense to return. I want people to make their decisions based on critical thinking and not buy into things like their rights are being taken away by communists. I heard this the other day and I just shake my head in shame and dread.
  18. You're entitled to you opinion. That thought process is very flawed. Seriously it's not inciting violence to report that a yet another cop murdered a black man and black lives matter and to express anger at that and demand that things change. This is how democracy works, there is an injustice and people protest. Also how Democracy works is there is an election and those with the most votes win. It hasn't been proven otherwise despite countless accusations with lack of evidence. However, it's fair to have a protest. That's perfectly legal. https://fortune.com/2021/01/07/trump-speech-capitol-attack-riots-pence-we-will-never-concede-maga-rally/ But no one said you condone the violence.
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    Maybe it is about taking away guns

    On second thought maybe congresspersons should be allowed to carry concealed or even open carry guns.
  20. I disagree that "very little is said" about the BLM violence and feel you are exaggerating about "burning down of cities" but that is the way Fox News and other outlets and the President portrayed it, like the country was ablaze, and will let you have that opinion. Democrats widely condemned the violence but that message seems to be lost on some. It was however a cause they were sympathetic to. I've also heard the same thing from a Trump supporter today on BBC that there was no way no how she could be convinced that the cause wasn't right because the election was stolen, but she didn't condone the violence. However, comparing what you mentioned to a President of the United States inciting a riot at the Capital and saying that there is no difference is a bit ridiculous. But again you're allow to think as you may. All that said, Democrats need to calm down and listen to Biden that the best fix for this is January 20th. Republicans and Trump followers need to calm down and accept this reality.
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    Gender neutral opening of Congress

    So Pelosi violates the rules by calling herself a mother and grandmother. I don't really have much time to research it but is smells like BS to me. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/pelosi-gender-ban-house/
  22. Agree. I pretty much loathe Trump and everything about him but I can understand this.
  23. I appreciate that you're not a Biden fan, but please don't put words in my mouth when I clearly said it's too late for him to be effective and it's going to a mess. Again, it's going to be refreshing to at least have someone with some empathy that actually cares, and will look at the science, and appoint people with some sense. I never said that he was going to save us from the worst pandemic. It's too late for that.
  24. Thanks! I alternate a kale smoothie with a spinach smoothie for breakfast, but reading so much about the goodness of greens want to eat a small serving with lunch and dinner as well, switching it up with other greens like turnips, mustard and collards. I easily lost the weight vegan whole foods, cutting out processed foods and lowering the fat content. I've been somewhat plant based for many years but it creeped on. Now I enjoy the occasional Beyond Burger and So Delicious ice cream, but still need to maintain the loss. TMI, I know but since you're a "Vegan In California" I know you'd get it. LOL
  25. https://www.tampabay.com/opinion/2021/01/04/trump-doesnt-care-about-the-covid-vaccine-column/