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  1. Tweety

    Sunday August 14 2022

    Good morning! Joe, I love barley soup. Hope J can get his allergies under control. Stars, I have a coworker with gallstones that are controlled with diet. I'm about to head to the gym. Going to a 2pm play with best friend. A Neil ...
  2. Tweety

    Saturday August 13th 2022

    Good morning! Nothing much going on today. Hope to get outside for a walk before the heat and humidity creep up. Well, it's already humid and 84. I suppose I should shred but I don't. Most of what I get is junk mail as most of my trans...
  3. Tweety

    Friday August 12 2022

    Me just minding my single unmarried business.
  4. Tweety

    Thursday August 11th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, glad your anxiety is better. I took my clonazapam to assure none last night and slept okay. Although the very early hours seem to be an issue with me. Not much going on here. At work 5:1 ratio and in charge. Apparen...
  5. Tweety

    Wednesday August 10th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, sorry to hear about the anxiety kicking in. Hope you have a better day. J22, sorry to hear about the car. Glad your sister is feeling better. Dianah, glad you found the cat fud (my spellcheck doesn't like that word...
  6. Tweety


    Saw "Elvis" in the theater. Very well done and acted. At 2 hours and 40 minutes it was a bit too long for my tastes but it did hold my attention.
  7. Tweety


    I started a thread here that I meant to put somewhere else, and I erased it. So what to discuss in the coffee lounge? Have you seen any good movies lately? Last movie I saw was "The Last Duel". Pretty good. Anyone seen "Dune"? I s...
  8. Tweety

    When Did Nursing Become a Contact Sport? | Life of a Nurse

    To answer your question "when", probably long before either of us were born. I remember CPI training over 25 years ago. My sister who was a nurse got body slammed into a wall by a patient and cracked her pelvis. Most of the violence I rece...
  9. Tweety

    Tuesday August 9th 2022

    Stars, I hope you can get Nannie to clean up and change. You wouldn't want to be accused or investigated by the state should EMS or someone find her in an unkempt condition, wearing her own feces. They would blame the caretakers and you'd be on the...
  10. Tweety

    Tuesday August 9th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day. Sorry to hear about J not feeling good. Glad your office visit went well. My first anesthesia was my screening colonoscopy as well. I was more nervous about nausea and vomiting than anything. ...
  11. Tweety

    Saturday August 6th 2022

    Good for him. From what I see, my chances of getting it are pretty low as well. My response is "it shouldn't have to happen to you for it to matter"
  12. Tweety

    Monday August 8 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a decent day. Dianah, that sounds like a fun day. Off until Thursday. Taking Slowbro to his routine three-month eye exam for his glaucoma. They just started opening up the lobby again and require a ...
  13. Tweety

    Sunday August 7 2022

    That's so sad Stars.
  14. Tweety

    Saturday August 6th 2022

    I was in a patient's room doing care and she was watching Fox News and their resident MD said that it's a sexually transmitted disease with no known deaths and syphilis causes more deaths and we don't worry about that. He then went on about go...
  15. Depends on the area I suppose. In my experience when it gets tough, contract nurses get canceled and the there's a hiring freeze for them.
  16. Tweety


    Interesting off-beat indie movie I saw yesterday. Pretty good.
  17. Tweety

    Friday August 5th 2022

    I'm sorry to hear that Ado. Hopefully he gets some help and it's not a bad episode. J22, how did one person expose so many health care workers? Did they all have close contact? I had a dream I saw a monkey pox lesion on my arm. G...
  18. Tweety

    Friday August 5th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day. J22, we've had a few practices open up so it's easier to get seen here for things like GI, ortho or cardio, but others like Dermatology can take months. Hope your sister improves. Stars, yo...
  19. Tweety

    Thursday August 4th 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day at work despite the fatigue. Stars, hopefully Nannie can be convinced to do personal hygiene. Dianah, if the cake tasted okay, who care if it fell in the middle. But sounds something that wou...
  20. Tweety

    MONKEYPOX IS GOING VIRAL: What You Need To Know!

    When this article was written less than two months ago there was 31 cases according to the original poster. Monday 5,800 "probable or confirmed" cases were reported. Certainly there is no room for panic, but three states have declared states of...
  21. Tweety

    Wednesday August 3rd 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you've a good day. Glad J is feeling better. Ado, I hope your back is feeling better now. My sister is a former nurse so knows a bit what she's getting into with my elderly parents. However, knowledge is one th...
  22. I can only speak from my experience. I have never worked for a union. I've been a nurse over 30 years through a few recessions and not once have I ever seen RN salaries decrease. I've seen benefits cost more and lessen, for example high de...
  23. Tweety

    Tuesday August 2nd 2022

    Good morning! Joe, hope you have a good day. Ado, good to hear from you. Stars, I always cringe when I hear "what could happen now?" because something always does. J22, I hope they continue to investigate your complaints. Those...
  24. Tweety

    Monday August 1st 2022

    Good morning. Joe, I'm glad J was feeling up to getting together and that it was just some sort of withdrawal symptoms. Dianah, hope you pie came out good. Not sure I'd like that. I love onions but it would have to be tempered with someth...
  25. Tweety

    Skipping Pinning

    100% of my class went to the pinning but only about 1/3rd went to graduation. I thought that strange because to me graduation means a cap and gown and walking across a stage. That was for my ADN. 15 or so years later when I got my BSN I just h...