New NP anxiety and imposter syndrome

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I'm sure this has been discussed before (I tried searching, was not helpful, can't narrow search to this forum), but I felt like I needed to vent or seek out some advice. I finished an FNP program and graduated last November. After a months long credentialing process I am due to start a new position in a hospital based urgent care in the next few weeks.

I am not sure why I am so nervous about working in an urgent care but I am feeling some serious anxiety as the date approaches. It's probably due to the fact that I've been rather comfortable in my career for some time now before this change. For over a decade I've worked in the ER/EMS setting as a RN and paramedic. I worked as a flight nurse for a few years and wasn't even this nervous about transitioning into that role. I guess it's because I have never worked in an urgent care and I've never worked as a NP so the role change part is getting to me I suppose. Also the fact this is a teaching hospital where I'll be working next to residents, physicians, and experienced NPs/PAs (they don't usually hire new grads, not sure why they chose to hire me as one, but they are fully aware I'm a new grad). This is in part adding to my anxiety, as I feel I'll be trying to work next to and keep up with people much smarter / more educated than me.

I will be getting a couple weeks of "orientation" shifts before being on my own, which is somewhat reassuring, but I am pretty worried about looking dumb or missing something. It seems to get worse the closer it gets. I've been doing the HIPPO ED urgent care bootcamp, have been practicing suturing at home, and studying in some of my spare time, but I just can't shake this anxiety / imposter syndrome feeling. I know I'm not the first to experience this, so I guess I am just seeing if anyone on here has some good advice or words of wisdom to share.





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Deep breath. You’re preparing yourself well for this role. They’ve hired you because you have great credentials. And they know you’re a new grad. Take comfort in the fact that its a teaching hospital- they should be very used to questions. Asking thoughtful questions is part of the learning process. And I have a feeling that a lot of it will come easier to you than you expect (tho doing this in a provider role will be new).

FWIW- I remember feeling exactly how you feel. I’m nearly at year three of practice- 1.5 years urgent care, 6 month ED fellowship as training into my current role. Some days I still tell my patients “huh, you brought me a bit of a mystery. Let me think on this” and then consult uptodate, Google, and my colleagues.

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I think you seem well prepared.  Imposter syndrome is very common as we start out. I am only a year in and still feel it.  Take it a day at a time and soon enough you will realize you feel right at home. Best of luck, you will do fantastic with all that experience!



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OMG! I so feel you on this! I am an ACNP, with 13 years of Level 1 teaching/trauma ER experience as a RN. I am starting a new role as a Hospitalist NP. Totally different role than ER. As my credentialing is almost complete, I am freaking out! I have been ensured that I will get adequate training and not be expected to take on 20 patients out the gate. I am doing a lot of reading in my spare time and picking the brains of other Hospitalist NP's that I know currently. 

I made it very clear during my interview that I am a new grad with an ER background but I am willing to take the challenge and learn as much as I can.