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NPdancer has 13 years experience and specializes in 11 YRS ER RN, 6 YRS Travel RN, New Grad AG-ACNP.

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  1. AACN ACNP-AG Boards

    Hello! I'm not sure if the AACN has changed the test recently, but in the past they provided some "study questions" and a study bank when you purchased your certification. I found Rosh Review to be more in lined with the AACN, along with B...
  2. Agency Nursing versus APN Role

    No, you're not alone. I have been an ER nurse since 2009, graduated with my AG-ACNP in August 2020 and I have been applying for NP jobs and I'm unable to land anything. I have no choice but to continue to work as an ER nurse and travel to get the mon...
  3. Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    Hello there! My main travel nursing companies are Flexcare, Fastaff, and Kruical. I used Flexcare pre-covid and they had the best rates for CA and paid the highest at the time. I used Fastaff for a local assignment and was given great hourly rates,...
  4. I've been an ER nurse for over 12 years, worked at several hospitals across the country due to being a travel nurse. Some of the most memorable ones: Pt comes in by ambulance. States he has a "funny taste" after eating something "my girlfriend c...
  5. How long is this going to last?

    Kruical just posted crisis needs again for TX this AM. Favorites is posting crisis needs for CA today. While I'm not happy about COVID, with each new variant, crisis rates will be around to stay. I'm personally taking a local travel assignment f...
  6. Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    I am a new grad NP, passed boards, and been a travel nurse for 8 years, RN for 12 years. I am doing a local assignment for 115/hr, OT 172.50/hr. I only have to commit to 36 hours a week. Right now, that's more than what any experienced NP is making t...
  7. Personal Life Affecting Work Life

    What other hobbies or passions does your husband have outside of drinking? If he's "bored", that sounds like a personal problem. I'm sorry, but it seems to me there's a fork in the marriage here, it's going in two different directions, with two...
  8. Low Stress Specialties

    My last semester of NP school, I worked in nuclear medicine/radiology. I've been an ER nurse for almost 12 years. The most easiest, low stress job I've ever had as a nurse. I worked four ten hour shifts, on call every other weekend for nuclear medici...
  9. job hunting in the time of covid

  10. job hunting in the time of covid

    Hello there! I just graduated with my AG-AGNP on August 16 and I'm scheduled to take the ANCC certification in November. I've been an ER nurse for 11 years, now currently working in Nuclear Medicine, while doing ER PRN now. I just literally...
  11. Advice for applying to FNP programs please!

    I just graduated from Walden University with my AG-AGNP. I would NOT recommend this program at all! I believe most of the NP programs are now mostly online, I would do intensive research about each one. You also have to find your own pre...
  12. New Grad NP, got an interview, need advice!

    Hello there! I am a newly graduated AG-ACNP (August 2020) and currently awaiting a test date for ANCC. The school I graduated from has not sent all the documents to ANCC or the State Board of Nursing, although my degree has been conferred. I hav...