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heron has 40 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

Born in 1950, I am a widow with one son and two grandchildren (so far ... my son the bunny rabbit!) I grew up in a large, blended, terribly toxic family in rural New England and worked in the Boston area for 30 years before moving to ABQ.

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  1. This is pure speculation, but I gotta wonder if the agenda isn’t to trigger violence in order to make Trump look like The Great Protector of the American Public. I believe the term is agent provocateur. Whatever ... I just hope that protesters don’t take the bait. The ONLY way to maintain any moral authority is to stay resolutely non-violent.
  2. heron

    COVID-19 Remdesivir Priced at $2,340 per Patient

    Thanks - that’s the same breakdown I read. Frankly, that’s cheaper than I expected in these days of $300+ for a vial of insulin. Lots to unpack, though. I look forward to the discussion.
  3. heron

    COVID-19 Remdesivir Priced at $2,340 per Patient

    Let’s be clear: that price is for the full course of treatment, not a single dose.
  4. heron

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    Easier said than done, I think. You’re right that it’s been a good look at the dynamics of white fragility ... that tendency for Caucasian heads to explode whenever someone implies, however gently, that racism is a defining characteristic of white culture. It’s the dark underbelly of ethnocentrism. There is no painless way for us white folks to wrap our heads around that. The only way out is through. Think of it as labor pains.
  5. heron

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    It seems to be a fairly predictable form of silencing that gets trotted out when a discussion starts getting too dangerous. It’s practically impossible to write anything thoughtful or nuanced in the middle of a snark fest. About the only remedy that works is the liberal use of the ignore feature. (Heh ... see what I did there?)
  6. heron

    allnurses has Become so Politicized

    As other posters have pointed out, AN has always been political. It’s just that fifteen years ago it was wall-to-wall ditto-heads and Ayn Rand wannabes. One’s assessment depends largely on whose ox is being gored. There’s been some good conversation here up until the last couple of pages. Thank you.
  7. QED - the perpetual victim card. And they call me a snowflake!
  8. heron

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    You left out the Rambo wannabes who aren’t half as good shots as they think they are. Still wondering how twice as many bullets flying equals increased safety. But I’m old and rheumaticky, so that’s just me ...
  9. Perhaps she should have said “implied” that trump is being censored. An easy assumption to make, since the OP cited an article about his executive order on social media and all/most of your posts mention actual censorship. Which, btw, has not happened, as far as I know.
  10. By free-speech warriors, I’m referring to those who use the principle to justify disrespect, verbal violence and flat out lying and manipulation. You know ... the ones who brag about being “politically incorrect”. (Kind of a riff on SJWs) (See also my edit to previous post)
  11. Why should I not fact check his opinion? Are you saying that it’s desirable for people to agree or disagree with an opinion without asking questions or doing their own critical thinking? How is that not silencing those who would challenge Trump? How you not see the issue here? Citizens not being allowed to question the president ... I would think the free-speech warriors would have a better grip on the constitutional Issues. ETA: as for the leaders of Iran or North Korea ... they are not my government. Trump is. In my opinion, what they are allowed to do on social media is not relevant to this discussion.
  12. Was the tweet deleted? Was Trump deleted? What, exactly, is your problem with readers being encouraged to check the veracity of potentially dangerous claims?
  13. I notice that the price of the insulin hasn’t changed, just the co-pay. My purely personal theory is that the price charged to Medicare will skyrocket as soon as the new copay goes into effect. A little “government teat” action behind the scenes, where the public is unlikely to notice. Meanwhile, the public outcry over the existing price gouging is likely to quiet down considerably now. Win/win for Big Pharma, doncha think?
  14. Too late to edit, but in my previous post, in the sentence referring to civil rights backlash, it should have read “Republican campaign to take over ... “ not “their (conservatives’) campaign”. I try not to conflate republican with conservative ... not the same. Carry on ...
  15. Spiro Agnew was Richard Nixon’s Vice President until he was forced to resign after being convicted of tax evasion (a plea deal to avoid more serious charges). My favorite one of his was “nattering nabobs of negativism”. By my memory, the current conservative victim narrative goes all the way back to the backlash against the civil rights movement and their campaign to take over the southern electorate. They have replaced fact-based, reasoned argument with pejorative labeling ... aka the politics of division. And it’s dominated the national conversation for most of that time. The current violence, both verbal and physical, is exactly what they’ve been working toward for better than half a century. So ... enough with the “silencing” fantasy. To address your question, confirmation bias is a real thing, this is true. The only remedy I can think of is self-awareness and the conscious decision to seek all the available facts, not just those that support one’s personal position (“welfare queens” anyone?) You just cannot turf that resposibility to someone else. Do your own homework. So the question of the fact-finder’s bias is one you have to answer for yourself.
  16. To me, the term censorship implies that the posts are eliminated. I question the intellectual honesty of referring to advice to fact-check a post as “censorship” when the post is then published as originally written. The “looting/shooting” post is more nuanced and I need to think about it more. One can argue that POTUS should be subject to the same rules as the rest of us. However, if his posts are flagged/hidden, so should any others that break that rule. I don’t think that happens. I puts me in mind of an incident a bunch of years ago over on the blue side. A self-described conservative poster accused liberal members of silencing her. When asked to cite the posts she regarded as silencing, she quoted posts that challenged her facts or disagreed with her reasoning. Disagreement does NOT equal silencing! I’m 70 years old this year ... my memory goes back a ways. I’ve been hearing self-described conservatives sounding off about “fuzzy-headed liberals” ever since Spiro Agnew coined the term. As a lifelong lefty, it’s not as if I actively seek out conservative sources unless I’m researching a specific issue. Yet, the conservative viewpoint has been front and center of the political zeitgeist for most of my adult life - at least since the late sixties. Sorry, this victim narrative of “silencing” just doesn’t pass the smell test for me.

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