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heron has 40 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Hospice.

Born in 1950, I am a widow with one son and two grandchildren (so far ... my son the bunny rabbit!) I grew up in a large, blended, terribly toxic family in rural New England and worked in the Boston area for 30 years before moving to ABQ.

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  1. heron

    Eyelash Lice

    I once worked in a university health service, evening shift in the infirmary. One of my duties was to triage after-hours calls from students. One evening around 10pm, I received a panicked call from a young woman that she had given her boyfriend pubic lice (“crabs”). I told her to come in with her boyfriend and I would check them out. The young lady did, indeed, have pubic lice, but no nits. Boyfriend, on the other hand, had lice AND nits of every hairy surface of his body: head, facial hair, eyebrows, chest/arm/leg hair, pubic hair!!!! I couldn’t believe it ... and neither did the docs who reviewed the visit the next day. But I know what I saw. I itch just remembering it.
  2. Respectfully, what does political correctness have to do with either malpractice or murder/manslaughter?
  3. heron

    Caring for a neighbor?

    I, too, have liability concerns. If you have your own malpractice insurance, I suggest connecting with them to ensure that your coverage extends to such an informal arrangement. Meanwhile, especially if you don’t have malpractice coverage, I would have a serious come-to-Jesus with the family regarding your respective responsibilities, communication, night-time supervision, etc. It feels wrong to be so defensive with a friend and neighbor, but if badness happens, a natural reaction in the heat of the moment is to find someone (else) to blame. Unfortunately, in many cases, the outsider comes to mind first. Then, tag - you’re it!
  4. heron

    Plus Size Scrubs

    One word: Dickies. Their prints are meh, but solid colors last and the scrubs are very well made. They wear like cast iron
  5. heron

    Do you think I can get my job back?

    I seem to remember that, in the absence of an individual or union contract, a company is legally bound by its own policies and employee handbook. Check out unemployment compensation with wrongful termination as justification. If you can scrape together the money for a consult with a labor attorney, that would help. Either way, try to get a copy of the policy you quoted in your post.
  6. heron

    psychiatrically unstable crohn's patient

    How do you know she’s “psychiatrically unstable” and not from a non-Western traditional culture?
  7. heron

    Latex/Adhesive Allergy in Patients

    That’s “scultetus” binder. Sorry ‘bout that! And, no, Rose_Queen - not bad at all. They were already falling out of use when I graduated nursing school in 1972. Spandex and Velcro took over that particular niche. Maybe worth looking at them again, though. Isn’t the incidence of latex allergy on the rise?
  8. heron

    Latex/Adhesive Allergy in Patients

    I’m dating myself, but a scutetus binder might be helpful with abdominal wounds. Might even be adaptable for other parts of the torso.
  9. heron

    Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    @Grumpy: (didn’t want to quote the whole post) I wasn’t referring to you. We have a member who joins every single thread mentioning Christianity (and has even started at least two) for the sole purpose of picking a fight. I have found your posts effective at calling out assumptions without attacking or bashing anyone. Wish more of us knew how to do that.
  10. heron

    Aspiring Christian & Nursing student

    I agree. It’s especially disheartening when members insist on hijacking threads that have nothing to do with their own self-described religious tradition.
  11. heron

    Concealed Carry...as a nurse?

    Note the body count.
  12. Perhaps it’s because we remember an almost identical meme circulated about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign. Bait me once, shame on you. Bait me twice, shame on me. Between this and the recent attempt to mischaracterize Nancy Pelosi’s health status, I’m thinking that the “conservative” press and associated meme-spreaders need to update their playbook.
  13. heron

    Women's Right to Choose

    We have been, for nigh on a quarter century now. For instance, google “Yellowhammer Fund”
  14. heron

    New Grad LTC Med Pass Problems

    ^^This^^ Scheduling meds the way you describe in LTC is completely irrational. In fact, I have read about facilities scheduling non-time-sensitive meds to be given in a loose time frame such as “in the morning/afternoon/bedtime” without specifying an hour.
  15. heron

    Nurses that “only do it for the money”

    You first. What are your thoughts on the subject?
  16. heron

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    After 7 years, I suspect the poster is long gone.