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  1. heron

    What is up with these Sickle Cell Patients?!

    After 7 years, I suspect the poster is long gone.
  2. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Curious take on the subject when "anti-PC" sentiment is just another way of refusing to take any responsibility for what comes out of your mouth.
  3. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Google "Christian Nationalism"
  4. heron

    Are We Too PC?

    Are we too PC? Nope. In my opinion, the whole anti-PC schtick is just an excuse to be as offensive and intellectually lazy as you want. Thinking begins and ends with language.
  5. heron

    I Gotta See If He Is Dead!

    Wouldn't have a clue ... the issue might be that the morgue was never set up to allow public access, for administrative, financial or even forensic reasons. It's a pity that the facility had no mechanism for visiting remains that had already been transported out of the ED or off the unit. That exposure to the physical reality of death is important, in my view, in helping survivors cope with the fallout of such a big loss.
  6. heron

    I Gotta See If He Is Dead!

    It takes an expert, even gifted, manager to know when a power struggle over enforcing a rule will just escalate the damage being done and to go ahead and break it. Compassion (not pity) + skills = a truly kick-ass nurse. Without this intervention, that family might have been suffering from their totally natural denial for way too long. Impacted grief is not a good thing.
  7. heron

    Young, Thin, and Cute New Hires

    Old dead thread, overworked slam against large nurses. Run a search.
  8. heron

    Salvia Divinorum: A Potent Hallucinogen

    Thanks ... I had visions of people raiding supermarket spice shelves or calling the cops on someone's garden!
  9. heron

    Salvia Divinorum: A Potent Hallucinogen

    Get your facts straight: the sage used in cooking is salvia officinalis, aka garden sage. There are almost a thousand species of Salvia, many of which used ornamentally in Southwest gardens. Don't conflate them.
  10. I think it's doubleplusungood to hijack this thread.
  11. The argument is basically promoting a war of religious dominance, which has a long and honored place in Christian history dating back to the take-over of the pagan cultures of Europe at the point of a sword, thru the crusades and inquisitions of the Middle Ages, leading to hundreds of years of religious warfare after the Protestant reformation and extending to the physical and cultural obliteration of indigenous cultures here in the Americas. It continues even now, in ways that include calling for the death penalty for homosexuals. All of it under the sign of the cross. Militant Islam vs. militant Christianity. Nope, I just don't see a world of difference between the two. Now, the hate mongers want to co-opt a grieving community's tragedy to rationalize their war. Shame!
  12. Not much different from the bible with very similar passages justifying pretty much the same behavior. To rid the world of a religion you don't like requires killing off it's believers - all of them. Leaving aside the fact that many of our most rabid islamaphobes can't tell the difference between Muslims and Sikhs, a Christian crusade against Islam - which is what you're calling for - is no different from the terrorists' "jihad" and both are religiously motivated genocide. I'm not going to change your interpretation of the Orlando murders. But I will never agree with it or provide ethical cover for a call to genocide - I don't care how politically incorrect you think I am.
  13. No, it isn't - it is about religious extremism that uses cherry-picked references to a holy book to rationalize hate.
  14. You watch way too much Bill Maher.
  15. Skeptic - a couple of points: I didn't call you hateful ... I called your blanket condemnation of Islam hateful. It is. You simply have no clue what you're talking about. Your analysis of diversity is identical to that of people who seek to erase a problematic history by pretending that it was all in the past and, after all we're all human and equal now, tra-la, so none of that matters. The so-called "color-blind" boast is a prime example of that. No one is color blind. Let a non-white person express anything white folks are uncomfortable about, and it becomes very obvious. Whole books are written on the subject of cultural erasure, so I'm not going into it here. It's a can of worms that needs it's own thread ... or website. With regard to Orlando, what many of us object to is the attempt to disappear the long history of violence against lgbt people in this culture, justified and still being promoted by the dominant religion of this culture. Yes, of course my personal experience is with Christians because I live in this culture. That was my whole point. What was hateful about your argument was the illogical assertion that, since the lunatic who perpetrated this particular atrocity was a Muslim, then we must agree that Islam is evil and must be wiped out. And that most certainly is using us as ethical cover for a call to genocide. And I object to that.