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RN_SummerSeas has 11 years experience as a MSN, APRN, NP and specializes in Post Acute, Home, Inpatient, Hospice/Pall Care.

8 yrs RN in home, hospice, med/surg experience.

2 years NP in home, palliative, hospice, transitional, inpatient & post acute care. Mobile Integrated Health med control.

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  1. RN_SummerSeas

    NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    SE (Massachusetts suburb not city) 1.5 yrs NP, 10 yrs RN Hospital based transitional care and mobile integrated health I pick my own patients, work my own schedule and can work from home when needed. I work on my own and only answer to one MD....
  2. RN_SummerSeas

    Talk To Me About Being An Inpatient NP

    So my job is inpatient but not hospitalist and it may interest you seeing as it appears you are medic also (or have been?). I work at a small community hospital and was hired to help them implement two new programs that I will be run. They kind of ...
  3. RN_SummerSeas

    Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

    All you would have to do (because yes I have done this) is make the pronouncement and fill out the form. The calls, the rest, the LPN can do. I have pronounced for LPN's in facilities I didn't work for because a hospice patient passed and there was n...
  4. RN_SummerSeas

    Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

    I get that its the principal but its also the death of someones loved one. That should come first in that instance. Like I said, I wouldn't work there when there are so many jobs right now, go where you are treated well and appreciated.
  5. RN_SummerSeas

    Refusing to Sign Off On Others Assessments

    First, I would be finding another job since nurses are in short supply and this job sounds awful. Second, no I wouldn't sign an assessment I did not do, the RN/DON can do it in the a.m. The death I would do as soon as I was between patients because ...
  6. RN_SummerSeas

    Wrong Department?

    That is no place I would want to work. To keep your sanity and license safe, I’d say find something else, ASAP. They don’t sound supportive and they sound toxic and unprofessional. People project their issues on to others, remember it’s not you, it’s...
  7. RN_SummerSeas

    New NP anxiety and imposter syndrome

    I think you seem well prepared. Imposter syndrome is very common as we start out. I am only a year in and still feel it. Take it a day at a time and soon enough you will realize you feel right at home. Best of luck, you will do fantastic with all t...
  8. RN_SummerSeas

    Can an FNP work as First Assist?

    I did get to do surgery in my training, not enough for first assist, nor would I want to! I did get to work with a nurse who was in school for his first assist and it seems pretty involved so I would suspect you need to do that entire training as we...
  9. RN_SummerSeas

    Passed AANP FNP Boards

    Thank you for sharing! I am prepping right now for my exam this month. I have not told anyone other than my family when I am testing. I got Walden's crash course, Asia crash course, am doing V. Clarks live review this week. I also have the Leik &a...
  10. Hi! I am hoping someone on here can tell me a little bit about SSH in Weymouth. I am interviewing there this month. I was hoping to get info on the culture, pay, differentials, EMR etc. I appreciate any info any one may have! Thanks!
  11. RN_SummerSeas

    Regis College Fall 2018

    FYI the title of this forum is "Regis College Fall 2018" so I came here looking and I am not a BS/MS student. I think others will probably look here as well as the title does not say it is strictly BS/MS direct entry...just saying...
  12. RN_SummerSeas

    Thinking of leaving hospice

    You should find a better company, those hours would burn out a lot of people, I wouldn't do it. Find a job with no call to minimal call and go there! You will find your sanity is saved!
  13. RN_SummerSeas

    hourly pay?

    When I was located in MA I made $35/hr in hospice but did not start that high. I am currently in NC and the pay is much less. I have been quoted $24-30/hr with my degree, certification and experience...so it really depends on where you will work.
  14. RN_SummerSeas

    Young hospice/palliative nurse?

    Maybe other nurses go to hospice at the end of their career b/c they just found it? I have been a nurse for 5+ years and have done hospice most of that time and love it. All you need is the desire to do and a good company to work for. You should N...
  15. RN_SummerSeas

    Hospice vs. home health

    I personally like hospice better because I am very passionate about providing care to patients at the end of life. The documentation is different based on reimbursement. I have done both and I am not a fan of certified home health, it is easier in ...