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FullGlass has 4 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP and specializes in Adult and Geriatric Primary Care.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I read it and the numbers are the numbers for this organization. That said, I think there are some obvious issues which need to be addressed. However, I won't have time to provide an in-depth analysis until Sunday or Mo...
  2. Did you ever tell us exactly what your role in healthcare is?
  3. High Demand or Oversaturated?

    Any NP that goes into psych w/o really wanting to help the mentally ill will not last. People don't realized that it is emotionally taxing to be a PMHNP
  4. I'd give this a thumbs up 100x if I could. It is not our job to judge people! How many people get the flu every year because they did not get the flu vaccine? Just stop with the judgement! Furthermore, it is now apparent that the vaccines are...
  5. The "easiest way" to pass the AANC test?

    Leik is good. I used her book to supplement Barkley. I have friend who took the Leik class and spoke well of it.
  6. ACUTE CARE NP and private practice

    Me too. In California and NP is an NP is an NP . . . However, independent practice requirements differ by state. Some states require a certain number of years of experience before full IPA, etc.
  7. The "easiest way" to pass the AANC test?

    Please don't beat yourself up. I don't know of any "easy" way to pass the exam. You have to study the right way for you. Here is what I did: - took the Barkley course. I liked this course b/c you can get CDs or audio files and list...
  8. ACUTE CARE NP and private practice

    I suggest you check with your state board of nursing. They should information on their website. If not, call or email them. It is important to know the licensing laws in your state, as this is governed at the state level.
  9. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    The grass is always greener . . . I used to work in high-tech. I worked my way up to become a Director/VP equivalent at very large, leading firms such as Oracle, Accenture, PWC, as well as working for a number of start-ups. I literally lived in S...
  10. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    You didn't answer the question about your role. What do you do professionally? Are you a nurse? What you described above is nothing special. I am a PMHNP and I always check for physical, medical causes for psychological symptoms. Our practic...
  11. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    This is for state income tax. If you work longer than 1 year in a state, you have to pay that state's taxes. I'm not sure, but you may also have to pay taxes in the state of your legal residence. Check with your accountant.
  12. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    Something else to consider is that it is not good to wait too long from graduating to actually becoming an NP. Employers generally won't like that. You also have to consider losing your NP certification after a certain period. I would say travel n...
  13. Possible HIPAA issue?

    I just messaged the doctor that owns the practice if she has, indeed, returned to work. I also asked him to clarify her role if she is working again for the practice.
  14. Possible HIPAA issue?

    Through Microsoft Outlook. The EMR isn't great, so there is no way to send messages through that. The wife thing is weird, so I'm just ignoring that and see what happens. I'm also going to consult with the state NP association for legal advi...
  15. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    You have to decide what is more important to you: short term $ or long term career prospects, plus a job you will like better. Do some research on FNP earnings in Texas for experienced NPs, so you get an idea of your long-term earning prospects...