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FullGlass has 2 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP and specializes in Adult and Geriatric Primary Care.

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  1. Capitalism is not "white." Throughout the vast majority of human history, around the world, capitalism was the de facto economic system. Socialism and Communism are recent inventions. Most of Africa practices capitalism. And given the constant concern by this country (USA) that China will soon become the world's largest economy, and last time I checked China was not a white-dominated country, I fail to see the connection between race and capitalism or any other economic system, for that matter. The most populous countries in the world are China and India and both are Asian and practice capitalism (well, a hybrid in China). Their economies have grown and will continue to grow tremendously. Back in the 1990s, there was great fear in the USA that Japan, an Asian country would economically dominate the US. Japan is a capitalist country. Not everything in the world is about race.
  2. I am bit baffled by the original post and much of this thread. No decent person wants to see racism or exploitation in medical research and clinical trials. I certainly don't. However, medical research that is conducted in a safe and responsible manner, and with the full knowledge and consent of the participants is necessary for the advancement of healthcare. 1. In the past, medical research has been criticized for not including enough women and minority subjects. Conducting clinical trials internationally and including representative samples of genders, races, and ethnicities is very important. That includes Africa and black people. 2. While there is still much poverty in Africa, not all Africans are poor and ignorant. Africa has enjoyed tremendous economic growth in recent years and a rising middle class, along with many educated professionals. It seems rather biased to assume that all Africans are poor, ignorant, and easily exploited. 3. Many types of people participate in medical research and clinical trials, not just poor people. While financial incentives are a factor, many people also truly want to contribute to developing new treatments. For example, many nursing and medical students participate in research and trials conducted at the schools they are affiliated with. 4. I am not aware of any African people being forced to participate in these trials against their will or without their full knowledge and consent. In fact, some Africans have even protested against these planned trials, indicating they have the freedom to express their opinion and not participate. 5. I have great respect for Africans. They have every right to decide for themselves whether or not they want to participate in clinical trials. If they are being exploited, and we have evidence of such, I will be on the front lines protesting and working to stop this. However, I do not see any evidence of this happening with regard to any possible COVID vaccine trials.
  3. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    ? My comment was on your article, which I read. My comment in response to that stands. As for patients being sent home for self-care, without more info on the specific cases, we don't know what happened. Not every COVID patient needs to be in the hospital as many are asymptomatic or only have mild sx. So was the person in your example sent home because she presented with mild sx or was it thought that she had recovered sufficiently to go home? Did she try to see a doctor once she got seriously ill? Many patients have not called 911 or tried to see a doctor because they have been terrorized by the media into fearing to go to a clinic or hospital, even when they need to.
  4. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    I am sorry you are upset and kudos to you for your hard work in this crisis. I have repeatedly stated that we should not take a one-size-fits-all approach, meaning we don't treat Modoc County Calif the same way we treat NYC. Yes, hotspots like NYC need stricter controls and I have never denied that. I am not talking about NYC or other hotspots. My argument is that it is time to start lifting lockdowns and this decision needs to be made at the local level, based on local conditions. I fail to understand why you find this so objectionable. Your personal experience is not representative of the entire country. When I talked about healthcare systems not being "overwhelmed" I was referring to the original rationale for lockdowns, which was to prevent this, and I understand why we initially had lockdowns. In that sense, overwhelmed meant that hospitals would not be able to care for everyone who required care. I was not referring to the front-line health workers IN SOME AREAS being overwhelmed by all the work they needed to do and kudos to them. And even in NYC, the number of ICU patients has been decreasing for about 3 weeks now. It is up to the state and local governments in New York state to determine how to proceed. Or do you think people in California, which has not been hit hard, should dictate to the people of New York how to move forward? No, you don't. So why do you think the people of California should have a lockdown based on the conditions in NYC? No, that's not what the article said. It reports that some people who died at home may have died of COVID. It did not say that they could not go to the hospital to get care. If anything, many people were too scared to go to the hospital thanks to the fearmongering of the media. You keep arguing with me. You went from the Bakersfield docs were inaccurate to admitting the raw data was OK, but you didn't like the way they applied it. You also thought it was OK that they were condemned by some professional association and that some social media platforms are censoring COVID perspectives that differ from the current ridiculous orthodoxy. Now you say an opinion is OK, but not if it is presented as fact. Who is presenting opinions as fact? I'm not aware of the Bakersfield docs or anyone else with a dissenting opinion doing this. And get the giant chip off your shoulder. What is your problem? You come across as very indignant that I dared to disagree with you, ask me the same question multiple times, and now you express a complete lack of concern for what non-COVID patients are suffering, as well as for the economic devastation this lockdown has caused and that continued lockdowns could result in a Great Depression. I wasn't touting my own sainthood, but trying to convey the level of suffering I am seeing due to these lockdowns. And how DARE you put down what is happening to primary care, psych, and other non-COVID patients. You know what happens when people don't get care because they are afraid of COVID? Those primary care issues can become full-blown medical emergencies. What is wrong with you? It now appears that many patients who may be having a stroke or MI are not calling 911 or going to the ER because of COVID. You think that's OK? Many cancer patients have had treatments and surgeries postponed due to COVID. You think that's OK? Opioid addiction, ODs, and alcoholism are on the rise b/c of COVID lockdown. You think that's OK? Many people had elective surgeries postponed. We're not talking about cosmetic surgery. "As Brian Kolski, director of the structural heart disease program at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange County, California, told me, “A lot of procedures deemed ‘elective’ are not necessarily elective.” Two patients in his practice whose transthoracic aortic valvular replacements were postponed, for example, died while waiting. “These patients can’t wait 2 months,” Kolski said. “Some of them can’t wait 2 weeks.” Rather than a broad moratorium on elective procedures, Kolski believes we need a more granular approach. “What has been the actual toll on some of these patients?” he asked." "[Dr.] Lasic, describing a precipitous decline across the New York region in patients presenting with acute coronary syndromes, worries that others won’t be so lucky. “I think the toll on non-Covid patients will be much greater than Covid deaths,” he said." Above quotes from: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMms2009984?query=featured_coronavirus Postponing some surgeries like knee and hip replacements results in a lot of pain and suffering and that can also lead to more opioid abuse and ODs. The toll on mental health patients is not to be shrugged off. Severely stressed mental health patients can attempt suicide or harm others. Yes, the lockdowns are being eased in most areas, and thank goodness.
  5. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    What is your point? It is irrelevant to this discussion. I am not talking about trained personnel or what your personal experience is. I am talking about policy decisions. 1. You have NO evidence that patients are dying for lack of critical care. 2. How many times do I have to say that NYC is not the whole country? I have repeatedly said these decisions need to be made at the LOCAL level. If NYC wants to continue their lockdown, that's understandable. That doesn't mean the rest of the country does. 3. The curve has been flattened. 4. Many hospitals are now half empty or more. Doctors and nurses being furloughed. Elective surgeries are now becoming emergencies. Some patients may have died from "elective" surgeries being postponed. Rural hospitals are always financially hurting and now some of them will have to close. You think that's OK? 5. I work in primary care and psych. People are not getting needed medical care, many people are psychologically imploding, and people with mental health issues are getting worse. 6. I have had multiple patients crying over whether they can put food on the table. I have given my own food to some patients. 7. The death rate from COVID is quite low. We also now know who high risk individuals are and those individuals can take extra precautions. So don't extrapolate your own experience to the whole country. That's very poor reasoning. COVID isn't the only health problem we have to deal with, and other patients are suffering due to the lock down. And most people don't want to go into a depression and lose all their money, possible their house and car, and so forth. Over half the states are lifting restrictions and more and more local governments, as well as individuals and businesses, are ignoring them. That is your opinion and you are entitled to it. My point is that it is plain wrong to censor and condemn doctors who have a different opinion and interpretation.
  6. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    You misunderstood me. My stance is that lockdowns should be at the local level, not the state level. Anyway, that ship is sailing. Over 1/2 of states are starting to lift lockdowns. And more and more local governments are just outright defying state lockdowns. We must be realistic. People were very cooperative with lockdowns initially. It has now been 6 to 7 weeks, the economy is tanking, and people are getting increasingly frustrated and angry. Food shortages are looming. I provided evidence that people are increasingly ignoring lockdowns. I don't care if the case numbers increase. I care about serious illness and death. And we now know who are high risk indivduals so we can adjust safety guidelines accordingly. We have now reached the point where the medical, financial, and emotions costs of the lockdowns exceed the benefits. The curve has been flattened. Time to build up herd immunity.
  7. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    OK, so now you qualify your statements. You are OK with the raw data, but don't like how they applied it. OK. But I am OK with what they said. Here in California, we have been fortunate. More than half of cases and deaths have been in Los Angeles. So the doctors were correct when speaking about Bakersfield. Their key point is don't treat every location the same and I totally agree with that. I live in Sacramento and this city has the LOWEST number of cases/fatalities of any major metro area in the US. I don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to this issue. And as you conclude, we have to adjust our approach based on new data. That also involves discussion and debate. We can't have that if we stop and/or condemn doctors from presenting their perspectives and opinions When this started, there was panic over lack of ventilators. Fortunately, we had enough. But then some doctors reported the ventilators may make things worse. Then other doctors found that turning patients on their stomachs was helpful. These doctors didn't wait around for controlled, double blind studies because we were in an emergency situation. They were absolutely right to express different opinions and try different approaches based on what they were seeing in their practice. Medicine has a long, sad history of trying to squash new ideas: Semmelweise, Dr. John Snow, etc The "experts" in this country said Sweden was wrong. Now WHO says Sweden is a model.
  8. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    I can't speak to what is going on inside each individual hospital. My point is that in most parts of the country, the healthcare system was never overwhelmed. Even in NYC, it was clear that the system was not "overwhelmed" in the sense that everyone who needed treatment in the hospital got it and the overflow facilities got little use. While individual hospitals may have struggled to provide all the needed care, they were able to do so. And even if some areas and hospitals struggled, it does not justify a mass lockdown of every single area at this point. As I said, this is becoming a moot point as over half of states are lifting lockdowns and more and more local areas and individual businesses are disregarding lockdown orders
  9. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    They provided raw data from their practice. How is that inaccurate? That is not unethical. They provided their opinions. That is not unethical. They extrapolated, yes, but they were clear when they did that. Their big point is that COVID has caused a relatively small number of fatalities and that the lockdown is overkill. They also feel that the response should be different in different areas, which is also what you believe. You are free to disagree with them, but that does not make them unethical or inaccurate. Nobody really knows much about COVID. In my opinion, people who claim to be "experts" who know all about COVID are the ones who are being unethical. Didn't "experts" project 2 million Americans would die? That isn't going to happen. They were wrong. Why are you okay with them making those types of statements which caused widespread fear and panic, but you are so upset with the Bakersfield docs? "The coronavirus has touched almost every country on earth, but its impact has seemed capricious. Global metropolises like New York, Paris and London have been devastated, while teeming cities like Bangkok, Baghdad, New Delhi and Lagos have, so far, largely been spared. The question of why the virus has overwhelmed some places and left others relatively untouched is a puzzle that has spawned numerous theories and speculations but no definitive answers. That knowledge could have profound implications for how countries respond to the virus, for determining who is at risk and for knowing when it’s safe to go out again." "Draconian social-distancing and early lockdown measures have clearly been effective, but Myanmar and Cambodia did neither and have reported few cases." https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/03/world/asia/coronavirus-spread-where-why.html
  10. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    Why do you keep asking me the same question over and over? I have repeatedly answered your question: 1. People who have tested positive for COVID should be quarantined. Due to the shortage of tests, some people with a high probability of COVID, and have been diagnosed by their providers as likely having COVID, should also be quarantined. This is already being done. 2. We know which individuals are at high risk: older people, especially over 70 y.o, HTN, obese, diabetic, heart issues are at the highest risk, along with individuals with compromised immune systems. These people should self-isolate. If these people self-isolate, then it doesn't matter what the rest of us do! High risk individuals living with other people will need to make arrangements to protect themselves in their homes. As nurses, you all know this is possible through PPE (which can be home-made), and strict hand-washing, disinfection, etc. We already teach family members of sick individiuals and high-risk individuals how to minimize risk of infection spread at home. It might make sense for some family members living with high-risk individuals to also self-isolate. 3. We have NEVER in this country had a widespread lockdown like this. It is unprecedented in our history and in world history. More and more "experts" are now stating it may have been a mistake. 4. We need to make lockdown and/or social isolation decisions at the LOCAL level. This is not one-size-fits-all. And like it or not, more and more local governments have come to this realization and are lifting lockdowns. 5. I am not privy to the thoughts of the Bakersfield doctors. I am giving my opinion based on what I've learned and my reaction to listening to them. 6. Why do you keep asking me what to do? I've given you my opinion, repeatedly. I've also given you the reality, which is that lockdowns are being lifted and more and more people are ignoring lockdown orders. I personally do not make these policy decisions. Why don't you share what you think we should do? Here are the official definitions of quarantine and isolation: Isolation and quarantine help protect the public by preventing exposure to people who have or may have a contagious disease. Isolation separates sick people with a contagious disease from people who are not sick. Quarantine separates and restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick. https://www.CDC.gov/quarantine/index.html So, no, we don't quarantine or isolate EVERYONE out of fear some are sick or have been exposed. And like it or not, the lockdowns are being lifted. Except for a few areas, like NYC, the healthcare system was not overwhelmed and there is no reason to think it will be now. And even in NYC, everyone that needed treatment got it. The tent hospitals and the US Navy ship for overflow were hardly even used. That's because the initial estimates were "2 million Americans will die" and those estimates have been revised drastically down. Most hospitals have been quite empty during this period. Doctors and nurses are being furloughed and laid off. This has been especially hard on already struggling small town and rural hospitals and some of them may now have to close FOREVER. Do you think this is good? Many "elective" surgeries have been postponed, and this may have caused needless deaths and certainly caused a lot of suffering: https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMms2009984?query=featured_coronavirus The Untold Toll — The Pandemic’s Effects on Patients without Covid-19
  11. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    I am very concerned that the "flatten the curve" has morphed into prolonged lockdowns. The purpose of flattening the curve was to prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. It was NOT to prevent sickness and death, but bluntly to alter the date when those occurred. When lockdowns were announced, they were not intended to go on until we have a cure, treatment, or vaccine. Realistically, if the healthcare systems are not overwhelmed, then they can treat everyone who needs it, and that likely saves lives. This has been accomplished. We also know more about COVID and know who the high risk groups are, so these individuals should definitely protect themselves. 1. People who have tested positive for COVID should be quarantined. Due to the shortage of tests, some people with a high probability of COVID, and have been diagnosed by their providers as likely having COVID, should also be quarantined. This is already being done. 2. We know which individuals are at high risk: older people, especially over 70 y.o, HTN, obese, diabetic, heart issues are at the highest risk, along with individuals with compromised immune systems. These people should self-isolate. If these people self-isolate, then it doesn't matter what the rest of us do! High risk individuals living with other people will need to make arrangements to protect themselves in their homes. As nurses, you all know this is possible through PPE (which can be home-made), and strict hand-washing, disinfection, etc. We already teach family members of sick individiuals and high-risk individuals how to minimize risk of infection spread at home. It might make sense for some family members living with high-risk individuals to also self-isolate. For everyone else, we begin lifting lockdowns, based on local conditions. We don't treat Alturas, CA like NYC. We can continue with social distancing. Restaurants could open, with reduced seating capacity for social distancing, etc. There is no reason for beaches, parks, and hiking trails to be closed. The vast majority of people who are infected with COVID are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms. We need to start building herd immunity. I don't know why this is so hard for people to understand. At any rate, this discussion is becoming a moot point. People have had it after 7 weeks. 31 states have begun lifting lockdowns. In states like California, where the Governor is on a facist power trip, residents are beginning to ignore the lockdown anyway. Local governments are beginning to take legal action against the lockdowns, and local law enforcement have in many cases just refused to continue to enforce the lockdown. Planes that were almost empty at the start of the lockdowns are now 80 to 90% full. WHO just announced that Sweden is the model. In other words, not a strict lockdown. https://nypost.com/2020/04/29/who-lauds-sweden-as-model-for-resisting-coronavirus-lockdown/ And in Wisconsin, no COVID spike after in-person voting: https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/04/coronavirus-wisconsin-election-no-spike-cases-after-in-person-voting/?utm_source=recirc-desktop&utm_medium=blog-post&utm_campaign=river&utm_content=more-in&utm_term=third The natives are getting restless and starting to disregard lockdowns anyway (focus on California) https://apnews.com/55f97b2efde8b788d1e726b04ac3393c https://www.forbes.com/sites/johnkoetsier/2020/05/01/apple-data-shows-shelter-in-place-is-ending-whether-governments-want-it-to-or-not/#2864b80f6fb5 https://apnews.com/32d5564a7774aae7c2b45b850d1000f5 https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8277407/Californian-governor-Newsom-blasted-allowing-citizens-watch-sunrise-amid-lockdown.html
  12. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    We agree on cost benefit analysis. We don't really have any truly sound science on COVID at this point. As for "inflammatory claims," it appears that some on this forum think an inflammatory claim is one that differs from their own opinion or an unfounded orthodoxy. That is not reflective of true science or logic. And more and more doctors are coming forward in basic agreement with the Bakersfield doctors. Some have been saying this all along. I provided materials from Dr. David Katz, a doctor with impeccable credentials. I suggest you review the information. And as of yesterday, WHO lauded Sweden and stated they should be the model. This is a fascinating article and interview: "The world has watched in amazement as Sweden eschewed draconian lockdowns and instead trusted its citizens to manage this virus for themselves. Now the head of the Health Emergencies Programme of the World Health Organization, epidemiologist Michael J. Ryan, M.D., has praised the approach: Sweden “relied on the relationship with the citizens, and on the citizens’ ability and willingness to implement physical distancing and self-regulation… I believe that if we are to reach a new normal situation, Sweden can in many ways represent a model for the future.” https://www.aier.org/article/lockdown-free-sweden-had-it-right-says-world-health-organization-interview-with-prof-johan-giesecke/
  13. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    Please watch and listen again. Their point is that we should quarantine those are have COVID and in addition, individuals who are in a high risk group should self-isolate and so forth. There is no need to put a mass lockdown on everyone and in every location. No, they did not deserve to be condemned. They presented their perspective based on what they are seeing in their area. They were very clear on where they got their data and when they made extrapolations. There is nothing wrong with that. True science cannot flourish or really exist without free and open discussions and constant re-examination based on new information. While one can disagree with the Bakersfield docs, there is no reason to condemn them. What I find chilling is how rapidly an orthodoxy has been established with regard to COVID. We have about 3 months worth of knowledge, which means we don't really know very much. There are no controlled, double-blind studies. We don't even have really good random sampling at this point. So we don't really know the true prevalence, or how many people are asymptomatic carriers, how many people just got a very mild case and didn't even know they had COVID, all the possible symptoms, and so forth. So it just boggles the mind that new opinions and information that don't conform the current orthodoxy is rejected, condemned, and censored. I don't care. Actually, censorship by private companies running social media platforms that are de facto monopolies is indeed a hot legal topic. Specifically, Youtube, Twitter, and facebook have no real competition. Therefore, many legal experts have argued that these platforms should be viewed as utilities for communication and that they should not have the right of censorship. Also, on what basis are they making these decisions? They aren't being run by a bunch of COVID experts. And I see no reason to ban content just because some experts object to it. https://www.abajournal.com/magazine/article/social-clashes-digital-free-speech Sorry, I disagree.
  14. FullGlass

    New Grad NP - How I Got Multiple Job Offers

    Hi there, you can send me PM through allnurses
  15. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    My point, and the point of the Bakersfield doctors, is that we "quarantine" the sick. We need to start lifting this unprecendented lockdown of the entire population. We do have a pretty good handle now on who is at highest risk for serious illness and death. Those folks should continue to self-isolate and take strict precautions. For people without comorbidities, the odds of death are very low. The rest of us need to get back to work. Yes, we should follow reasonable precautions like social distancing and good hygiene. Honestly, I don't care if someone wants to cower in fear inside their homes and self-isolate for the rest of their life. They can make up some kind of full-body condom if they have to go out in public, too. I'm also sick of ridiculous sanctions like people not being allowed to take a hike in a remote area or people being told they can't take walks in a public park, even if they observe social distancing. Gov Newsom of California had a hissy fit because people went to the beach last week during a heat wave, EVEN THOUGH LIFEGUARDS SAID PEOPLE OBSERVED SOCIAL DISTANCING. This is absurd. And what on earth do authorities plan to do if 50,000 people show up at beaches? There is no way they can secure California's entire coast line and even if they could, are they going to arrest 100,000 people? Where would they put them? They've let DANGEROUS criminals out of prison due to COVID - are we going to put people in prison now for going to the beach?! I'm sick of this crap. At a certain point, the costs, medical, psychological, and financial, along with the infringement of liberties, of an extended lockdown will outweigh the benefits. I believe we have reached this point, at least in California, where I live. I'm also sick of the censorship emerging. We don't know much about COVID, yet individuals who dare to question the current conventions are having posts removed from social media, can be condemned by professional associations, etc. This is crap and goes against the First Amendment It reminds me of how Galileo was treated back in medieval times for daring to say the earth orbits the sun. There is NO settled science on COVID. And we don't make public policy decisions just based on the medical perspective. There are very important economic, social, and legal issues at stake here.
  16. FullGlass

    Kern County ER Docs C-19

    *** they are giving their opinion, and they are not the only doctors that have this opinion. The purpose of the lockdown is to flatten the curve, not elimiate all illness and death forever. The point of flattening the curve is to pevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. That has now been accomplished. We may NEVER have a vaccine and it could be a year or more before there is a cure or effective treatments. We can't stay locked down for that long without major economic catastrophe and a whole host of other medical problems.

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