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Joe V

Programming / Strategist / Web Development

Joe V is a programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”

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Joe V has 25 years experience and specializes in Programming / Strategist / Web Development.

Joe is the IT Director / Strategist / Developer @ allnurses. He has over 20+ years working as a programmer, software engineer, strategist, web designer, graphic artist, and more. Joe loves obstacle racing and fast cars.

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  1. How do you feel about your career choice? Are you still happy that you made the switch to nursing? How do you feel about your nursing school? Please share your thoughts with the community...
  2. Joe V

    Dodging The Mucus Bullet

    I heard a joke one time, "How can you tell a Nurse from a respiratory therapist? Stand them both in stool up to their chests and throw sputum at them. The one who ducks is the nurse." We all learn in our Nursing programs how to do trach care. Ducking at the right time, however, is a self-taught response. Can you relate? Has this happened to you?
  3. Have you ever found yourself just staring at the wall? What have you done to give yourself a "reboot"?
  4. There are people of all ages wanting to become a nurse. What would you tell them about nursing school or nursing in general?
  5. Joe V

    It's Not All Bad

    Nursing students have so many challenges to handle. You can get so caught up in deadlines, classes, studying, etc that you wonder if you will survive. When something good happens, it almost seems overwhelmingly impossible. Tell us how you felt when you started seeing that you are making progress in becoming a nurse.
  6. Joe V

    Never Give Up!

    A strong positive message can move mountains. What do you do to remind yourself to never give up? Is there someone in your life that's always there to pick you up? I believe that inspirational/motivational quotes are a great picker-upper... especially if read at the right time. Share your stories...
  7. Joe V

    I just lost it!

    @Davey Do I knew this one was right up your alley. 😉😁 Thanks for sharing!
  8. Joe V

    Coffee Is My Medicine

    I drink about 40 oz per day.
  9. Joe V

    I just lost it!

    Have you ever lost it at work, school, or during training? Share your stories...
  10. Joe V

    A Rough Start To The Day

    I think all nurses have had mornings feeling like this. What gets you going in the mornings? Please click like if you enjoyed it!
  11. Joe V

    Dodging The Mucus Bullet

    post 7/18 update DATE
  12. Joe V

    Can we have a punching bag in the break room?

    Yep, great way to relieve stress. 👍 If not you're bound to explode.
  13. On a per month basis, what's the total cost (avg is fine) of your nursing education? Please include all school costs such as tuition, food, transportation, books, gear, etc
  14. Joe V

    Security certificate?

    should be OK now ... please confirm
  15. Joe V

    Stop the drama already...

    Stop the Drama! 😜 🤣
  16. Submit your articles now. Contest ends June 4th!