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Joe V

Programming / Strategist / Web Development

Joe V is a programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”

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Joe V specializes in Programming / Strategist / Web Development.

Joe is the IT Director / Strategist / Developer @ allnurses. He has over 20+ years working as a programmer, software engineer, strategist, web designer, graphic artist, and more. Joe loves obstacle racing and fast cars.

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  1. Joe V

    2019 Holiday Deals - Nursing and More

    Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) @ amazon New Apple iPad (10.2-Inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (Latest Model) FOR A LOW $249.00 - $80 SAVINGS! Buy Today Before Sale Ends! If you find any great deals please share with the community.
  2. Joe V

    2019 Holiday Deals - Nursing and More

    Regal Cinema Cyber Monday: FREE $15 concessions promo eCard with each $50 in Regal eCards purchased. 1 DAY ONLY Snag This Deal
  3. Joe V

    2019 Holiday Deals - Nursing and More

    Help support allnurses.com with... Give The Perfect Gift To A Friend: Platinum Membership Now you can directly contribute to a friend or family member. Simply enter the member's name, a short message, and add to your cart. LIMITED TIME ONLY! 50% off. Use code PLATINUMHALFOFF at Checkout. Offer extended thru December 25, 2019. Gift A Friend: Platinum Membership IMPORTANT: All revenue from our Store goes back to the community in the form of contests and the FREE allnurses Magazine.
  4. I saw the above meme and I started laughing. I quickly thought of the community and it made me wonder... Have you ever had a moment when you thought to yourself that it may be time to retire? Or, maybe you saw your co-worker do something odd and told them that it may be time to retire? Share your story below.
  5. Joe V

    2019 Holiday Deals - Nursing and More

    Thank you Karen. It's fixed.
  6. Joe V

    12 Days of Giveaways 2019

    I can't believe the holidays are upon us already. Time flies so fast. Don't you think? The bonus giveaway is a great last-minute addition to the contest. Thanks to Beth Hawkes, Keith Carlson, and Mandy.
  7. Joe V

    Fatal Error

    Streams are working now. If you are still seeing an error clear you cache.
  8. Joe V

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Update (Oct 18, 2019) Thank you @Feral.Cat.Herder for the winning caption. Cartoon can be found at
  9. It's been around for a couple centuries: Anti-vaccination. Words like, "safety and efficacy", "thimerosal", "religious objections", and "violations of personal liberty". Everyone needs to be educated on the myths and facts of vaccination, that's true. But, sending in the ghouls and goblins to threaten us? What fears and/or objections have you, personally, or as Nurses caring for your patients, encountered when it comes to vaccinations?
  10. Joe V

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Get your votes in!! Winner will be announced next week.
  11. Joe V

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Thank you EVERYONE!!! Top Captions Poll is now available. Vote for your favorite.
  12. Joe V

    Nurse Innovators Program

    CONTENT What Is A Nurse Innovator? Become A Nurse Innovator You+allnurses=Success Achieve Your Goals Build An Online Persona Criteria For Membership Agreement What is a Nurse Innovator? If you create something for nurses to read, share, buy, or use …. You are a nurse innovator and we want to work with you. If you are a nurse leader and would like to become an agent of change in your profession …. You are a nurse innovator and we want to work with you. Our Nurse Innovator Program will help Nurse Innovators achieve exposure, growth and a wider audience. Join Nurse Innovators Program Become A Nurse Innovator Are you a blogger, writer, business owner, or thinking of starting your own business? If so, you already know how incredibly difficult it is to get in front of the right audience. 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  13. Joe V

    Why am I 16?

    I think of it as an "Adventurer". Someone who is open to new things (allnurses) and takes a dive and Registers. They are open to exploring the site to learn new things, open to new friendships, and always seeking knowledge.
  14. Joe V

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    Time is running out!! Submit your captions today.
  15. Give Me Liberty $1000 Scholarship is an easy scholarship with no GPA requirements. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide each student with an equal opportunity and freedom from the burden of tuition and loans. The scholarship is open for anyone attending or going to attend an accredited institution in the US. The scholarship is awarded once each year and is available to all eligible students regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status. The scholarship recipient will be selected based on a lottery conducted providing each student an equal chance of winning the scholarship regardless of their academic and extracurricular achievements.
  16. The College Monk $1500 short essay scholarship is an essay required scholarship with no GPA requirements. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to high school graduating students or college students who are going to attend an accredited institution in the US. The scholarship is awarded once each year and is available to all eligible students regardless of ethnicity, national origin, or immigration status. The scholarship recipient will be selected based on the essay provided.