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Joe V

Programming / Strategist / Web Development

Joe V is a programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”

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Joe V has 24 years experience and specializes in Programming / Strategist / Web Development.

Joe is the IT Director / Strategist / Developer @ allnurses. He has over 20+ years working as a programmer, software engineer, strategist, web designer, graphic artist, and more. Joe loves obstacle racing and fast cars.

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  1. Joe V

    Site Changes

    Sorry, was off the past few days. allnurses-breakroom.com is not going anywhere. We encourage continued participation over there. The rules here are more strict than it is on allnurses-breakroom.com. What we are going to do is create our own Breakroom here on allnurses.com. Moving forward the Clubs Directory will be renamed to Breakroom Clubs. We will than have a "Breakroom" link going to the new breakroom (aka clubs).
  2. Joe V

    Site Changes

  3. Joe V

    Site Changes

    Thank you for reporting. 🌹 This is now fixed. (Link moved top right)
  4. Joe V

    You've Gotta Know the Lingo

    I know ... I know... it's an oldie ... but, I couldn't stop laughing. 🤣 I just wanted to let you know that your stories still make me laugh. (I was laughing then and I'm laughing today.)
  5. Now more than ever, nurses and healthcare professionals need all of the personal and professional support they can receive. Vohra, the global leader in wound care, including education and certification, is dedicated to helping nurses learn the skills they need to excel. The Vohra Wound Care Scholarship for Nursing Education and Nursing Certifications exists to provide a scholarship to current nurses or nursing students in pursuit of a nursing degree, who seek financial assistance and show interest in earning a wound care certification. Vohra Wound Physicians will select one scholarship recipient annually for a chance to receive a $1000 cash scholarship, plus free tuition for Vohra’s Wound Care Certification course, valued at $650. Helping you build a long, successful career in the field of nursing is our number one priority. This scholarship, along with access to our wound care course and certification program gives you a rare opportunity to take your nursing career to new heights. Who is eligible? Current nurses and/or nursing students who are interested in learning more about wound care are eligible to apply. You may benefit from this scholarship if you are studying to become a: Registered Nurse (RN) Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN) Nurse Practitioner (NP) Physician Assistant (PA) Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  6. Joe V

    Links at top of pages missing, site wonky

  7. Joe V

    Site Changes

    I found it hilarious 'cause I was saying the same thing a couple of months ago. 🤣
  8. Joe V

    Site Changes

    Nothing in the Breakroom will be moved to allnurses. Completely separate sites.
  9. Joe V

    Site Changes

    The last 2 years have been crazy. Technology is advancing, mobile usage is increasing, user behavior on the Web is changing (misinformation), and then COVID comes along. UGH. So to improve the site we now have to make changes... I'm aware that most of this is not easily understood. Just know that the end results will make the pages load faster and more user friendly. Below are just some changes that we have made so far... Cluttered Pages (too many distractions) We try to cater to our long-time members by keeping features they love but we are at a point were we have to make some hard choices. You may find some features completely removed. Some features that are needed but not used frequently may be moved to a dropdown menu. Other features, may be available when you hover or click on the page. We prioritized removal of items based on usage. Pagination REDUCED The number of pagination buttons have been reduced. Next Topic / Back to Forum link (bottom of topics) REMOVED. We found that this feature is seldom used by users. It requires more resources to display so this decision was an easy one to make. Color usage on the site REDUCED. We are trying to minimize the colors we use on the site. We started doing this by replacing all the colored labels found throughout the site. (Having too many colors are a distraction to many.) Breadcrumbs REPLACED. Use Labels to move page to page. These are found everywhere. I do need to add labels to parent forum when in a child forum. For example, Site Feedback should have a Label to the Announcement forum (parent). Done! Post CHANGES. We started cleaning up the posts template. This is now what's seen by Guests. All the noise removed. Slow Pages A cluttered page not only affects user experience it also slows page loading time. This is a priority as most of our traffic is coming from mobile these days. We've already made changes to our servers. We started making changes to the design. We are now upgrading the code that runs allnurses. We expect changes to continue throughout the next few weeks. Breakroom We've been thinking about this for a while now. We believe it's time. Moving forward, we are shifting our focus to the Clubs (U.S. Politics and Coffee Lounge) We want to keep all discussions on allnurses. You can bookmark the current Breakroom link to continue any discussions you may have there. You will no longer find the Breakroom link on the main navigation. For those who use the allnurses-Brreakroom.com site please feel free to bookmark this link. allnurses-breakroom.com is not going anywhere. We encourage continued participation over there. What we are going to do is create our own Breakroom here on allnurses.com. Moving forward the Clubs Directory will be renamed to Breakroom Clubs. More changes will be announce in the next 2-3 months. I will continue updating this page as needed. (Sorry for any typos/grammar mistakes.)
  10. Joe V

    Farewell Esme - In Loving Memory

    It's a sad day. I will miss you. Rest in Peace Kristi. 🌹
  11. Joe V

    Racial Refusals In Nursing

    This evergreen article was shared with us in 2014. These words are still true today. Every new grad should read. When was the last time you experienced "racial refusal"?
  12. They took the job, TO SERVE AND PROTECT. One can't be selective when taking this job. They are there to serve EVERYONE. If they are scared and worried about their livelihood than maybe policing isn't for them. There's a reason why nurses are the most trusted profession. Nurses are color-blind. Even in darkness they find a way to do their job.
  13. At no point, should we be FEARING THE POLICE. No point. They are there because WE PAY THEIR SALARY. THEY KNOW THE RISKS when they decided, "To Serve And Protect". If they don't like the risks vs rewards they can quit. If PEOPLE CAN'T TRUST THE POLICE who can they go to? Why bother with a police force? There are good and bad apples in every basket. We need a better system where ALL ARE TREATED EQUALLY. To begin healing, there needs to be REFORM.
  14. Worldwide Floyd Outrage Goes Global! https://www.usnews.com/news/world/articles/2020-06-02/demonstrators-abroad-identify-with-the-cause-of-us-protests
  15. Nurses supporting protesters in New York.. Healthcare workers taking a knee #BlackLivesMatter...
  16. LIVE video on protesters

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