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Joe V is a web programmer and obstacle racing enthusiast. “It’s gratifying to teach others what you know. At the same time, it’s very satisfying to learn from others.”


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  1. Improve Your Writing Style A successful article is one that grabs the reader's attention and promotes reading. To do this, you must first write an article that is easy to read. Follow these simple rules to grab the reader's attention. Use the Inverted Pyramid Structure Create Short-to-Medium Length Articles Use Short Paragraphs Format Text When Appropriate Use an appropriate text link with anchor text (vs. plain link) Link to your past articles Link to external links (authority sites) Use the Inverted Pyramid Structure We were always taught to begin an article with an introduction. However, when using the inverted pyramid structure, you start with its most newsworthy info first. A summary is always helpful in this case. Do you remember the last time you read an article from start to finish? Do you remember why? Typically, a reader scans a page - looking for something to grab their attention. If nothing grabs them, they will exit. This loss is why it's essential to have the conclusions or key points first. In other words, provide the reason for creating the article first then provide its context/benefits. Create Short Articles Write short articles. A 700-3,000 word article will provide just enough information. If your article consists of 3,000+ words, you should consider splitting into 2 or more pieces. Use Short Paragraphs Long paragraphs are difficult to scan. Readers exit the moment they see a large blob of text. Use short and familiar words - no jargon. Format Text When Appropriate Do: Use Headings (H2-H3), Bold, and Italic. Divide content in short paragraphs Use a bulleted list when possible. Break up paragraphs with corresponding images, videos, or other media types. Do NOT: Change font-size - stick with the default text size Use excessive BOLD Use excessive emoticons. Emoticons are fun, but when used too much it takes away from the message. Use Appropriate Text Links When adding links to your article use descriptive text for links. Which do you think is better? https://allnurses.com/active-learning-strategy-concept-mapping-t274918/ (Bad) Active Learning Strategy: Concept Mapping (Excellent) https://allnurses.com/improving-your-sales-opportunities-when-t666108/ (Bad) Improving Sales Opportunities When Writing a Book (Excellent) http://usatoday.com/ is Ok. http://medscape.com is Ok. Link to Your Internal (Previous) Articles A great way to promote your articles is to link to each other. So when you are writing an article - think about your previous articles. If you believe any would help support your current article than mention it. Use appropriate anchor text vs. just a link. Submit Your Articles on allnurses.com What do we offer? 1 Million+ Members with a focus on nursing. 1 Million+ Social Network (Facebook, Twitter, etc) Followers with an emphasis on nursing. Millions of Pageviews per month Most website owners don't even get a fraction of our traffic. We can help get you more exposure. For some that could be brand exposure or increased sales opportunities. What we require: Article Summary Article Image Main Content (700+ Words) Grammar and Spelling Check (Optional) Complete your Profile page. A completed Profile page builds TRUST between you and the reader. Avatar Cover Photo Nursing Credentials Current Occupation Profile Fields About Us Website and Social Networks URL Promote Your Articles A smart way to promote your articles is by promoting your Profile > Blog page. Your readers can find all your articles on your Blog page. You can share your Profile link to your co-workers, family, and friends. The more people interested in you, the more FOLLOWERS you will generate. Other ideas: Promote your Profile on Facebook, Twitter, personal website, etc Clear your Profile > Signature and use this space to promote your articles. Introduce yourself in your Profile > About section Want more exposure? Get your article showcased on the main page. Stay Active The first year is critical. It's good to stay active to help increase exposure to your articles. Why? You have no FOLLOWERS. Readers don't know YOU. TRUST is earned not created.
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    And, the Award Goes To...

    NURSING! For the 17th consecutive year, Nursing was named the most trusted profession by the annual Gallup poll. More than 4 of every 5 Americans rated the honesty and ethical standards of nurses as “very high” or “high.” Why do you think that is? Toon is featured in our 2019 allnurses Spring issue. Download allnurses Magazine
  3. Excellent video! I really enjoyed it.
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    Ad Hijack

    I suggest running a Virus / Malware scan.
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    About Us

    allnurses is a global site reaching nurses and students around the world. What started out as one page with eight links in 1996 is now the largest networking site for nurses, students, and educators. Our content is generated by professionals who represent more than 60 different nursing specialties. They come from all over the world to network, share, and learn. Regardless of country, age, or education, you are welcome at allnurses.com. Have a question? Check our Site Frequently Asked Questions. Our Mission To empower, unite, and advance every nurse, student, and educator. Our Vision To become the premier destination for the nursing community — supporting the profession by providing a place to network, share, and learn all things nursing. Our Growth 1+ Million Members 1+ Million Topics 1+ Million Social Followers 400,000+ Subscribers Thank you to all our readers! Without you this wouldn't be possible. Our Leaders Mary BSN, RN Content/Community Director Mary, BSN, RN is the Community Director for allnurses.com. She's been part of allnurses since 2006. Mary has 35 years experience in Peds, Med-Surg, Disaster Nursing, Home Health, Psych, Parish Nursing and Social Media. Judi MSN, APN Asst. Community Manager Judi has 25+ years of nursing experience, the last 12+ as an APRN in a large nephrology practice. She is a USN vet and volunteers on her rural fire dept. Julie Business Operations Julie has over 36 years of experience growing a successful business. As a Wisconsonite, she spends her freetime riding bike in the summer, her snowmobile in the winter, and Badger/Packer football in the fall. Gregg Director of Revenue Gregg has been working with digital publishers for over 12 years in various roles. He's helped clients with social media marketing, advertising, digital media sales, and revenue/monetization. Brian Marketing Director Brian (Sorenson) joined the allnurses.com team in 2014 and has an extensive background in advertising, graphic design, marketing and social media management. Claudio Job Sales Director Bachelors from SCSU with a major in management and minor in marketing. I have 8 years experience in recruitment and 3 years experience in recruitment sourcing. Joe IT Director As the Information Technology Director for allnurses.com, Joe has over 20+ years working in the field. When he's not working, you can find him at a Spartan Race event or enjoying a hiking trail with his wife. Dave CEO Dave has over 30 years of development/IT experience in the healthcare industry. He has a BS degree from UW Eau Claire in math and computer science. Dave enjoys playing golf and volleyball and follows University of Minnesota Gopher sports. Our Staff sirI MSN, APRN, NP Admin dianah ADN Admin Silverdragon102 BSN, RN Admin Pixi.RN MSN, RN, EMT-P Meriwhen ASN, BSN, RN NotReady4PrimeTime RN Esme12, ASN, BSN, RN Contact Us allnurses.com INC 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 Telephone: 1-612-816-8773
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    Learning From My Mistakes And Successes

    Reinvent yourself and learn from your mistakes. (great tip)
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    Communicating With Uncooperative Members

    An oldie but goodie. A must read for all students.
  8. To do this we need to change. We need to start thinking outside of the box. UPDATE Dec 19, 2018: Starting Dec 23, allnurses.com and the Breakroom will temporarily disable signing in and posting on the site for maintenance. In no particular order, here's a snapshot of the top 10 suggested areas for improvement... Search Page Speed Content Discovery (eg, nurse may just want nurse related topics) Problems with Signing In Lost Passwords Lost Posts (ie. Can't find my post, Can't find topic) Faulty Editor Hard to follow anything Too many ads Old topics bumped We agree with all of the above!!! As with all great advances and improvements, there will be change. Change that may affect the way information is delivered to you, our valued members. We think the changes will give you a richer experience. *The following will be affected... Post Count Saved Private Messages Saved Signatures Smilies/Avatars Post Count Your Post Counts could change. Two reasons why this may happen ... Deleted and merged posts were previously counted in your Post Counts. After the upgrade, these will no longer be counted in your Post Count total. allnurses and the Breakroom are separate sites but they use the same database. When we upgrade, each site will use its own database. This means that Post Count will differ per site. For example, if your Post Count is 12,000 but 5,000 is from the Breakroom your new allnurses Post Count will drop to 7,000 and your Breakroom Post Count will be 5,000. Private Messages and Signatures... The number of private messages and signatures in our database is excessive and most are from inactive members. Neither will be moved over to the new system. We recommend reviewing your Private Messages and download those that are important to you. You have until December 20 to do this. For those who have the Signature option, you will be able to create a new signature. Smilies/Emoticons... We will be using industry standard Emojis. Emojis work across mobile and desktop devices. Emoji Features Many to choose from. You can search for emojis. Skin tone modifier fully supported for emojis. Can be resized. Autocomplete Short Codes (eg. :grin and ASCII emoticons (eg. :D) now available Some smilies will be dropped. But, most smilies have an equivalent Emoji. Avatars... We will no longer provide a set of avatars to choose from. Everyone will be assigned a new avatar with the first letter of their username. All uploaded avatars will be moved over to the new system. But to be safe, we recommend you download your favorite avatar(s) to your computer for later use. NEW FEATURES YOU CAN EXPECT ON THE NEW ALLNURSES.COM New Comprehensive Search Engine The latest in search engine technology with advanced search features such as synonyms, stemming**, and misspellings. Precise controls for finding what you need. Search Members, Topics, School, Products, etc Fast results **stemming (example) when searching for the keyword "walking" the system will also look up "walked" and "walk" New Robust Cache System Improved page speeds across all devices. New Content Discovery Engine Allows you to see the content you are most interested in. For example, you will now be able to follow content posted by people you most admire, sections that you visit frequently, etc. 'Save Actions' and reuse the same filters for the next time you visit. New Powerful WYSIWYG Editor Drop-n-Drag uploads Rich embeds that will automatically embed a rich preview in a post when adding links from YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any content on the site. Members will now be able to Mention other members simply by typing @name. When using @name, the mentioned person will be notified, if they have opted to receive notifications. Improved Security & Privacy All members can protect their accounts using Two Factor Authentication. Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for your account to ensure that you're the only person who can access your account, even if someone knows your password. All members can log in using their Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn accounts. In addition, we will now offer alerts to you for unusual account activities. For example, if someone tries to login using your credentials at a different location or device. Changing your lost password is now more user-friendly. Robust Profile/Account This is YOUR space. You will be able to... Status Updates ( aka Activity Wall - where you, your friends, followers, and community can share, learn, and interact with each other ) Update your Notification Settings. Update your Security Settings. Update your Personal Information. Manage Membership Account. Manage your Followed Content. Search past Activities. A new Notifications System that will help members stay updated with new content. Members will now be able to follow everything on the site. The power to customize - which notification and where to send - is set per individual. Fewer Ads! Our goal is to get the average of ads displayed per page to 3. On long pages, you may see a max 5 ads. On very short pages, just 1 ad. We will also offer a new membership that provides 100% Ad-Free experience with many extra perks. MOVING FORWARD Our goal with the new system is to improve your community, identify and recognize site leaders, and highlight great content. We know you will love all the improvements coming to allnurses.com. ETA 2019
  9. I dare say that nurses do make a good salary but sometimes I wonder. What do you think? What's wrong with this picture? Please share your thoughts with us... Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!
  10. There are pros and cons to choosing a preferred nursing shift. But what is right? I mean - if you haven't tried it how will you know. What is your current working shift? Do you like it? What are the pros and cons of working your preferred shift? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!
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    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    We have over 743,000 members. Our members come from all over the world. Some members sign up to interact with other nurses, others sign up for entertainment, than there are those who sign up because they want to learn from other nurses. Why did you sign up with allnurses? Why do you visit allnurses? Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!
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    No notifications for reputation anymore

    Sorry about that ... this should be fixed now.
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    Am I the only one

    Watch this... Read this...
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    activity stream not hiding 'forbidden' topics

    I made some changes hopefully that will help. NOTE: There are instances where something was posted in a public forum then moved. This will show up in stream until system cache has been cleared.
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    February 2019 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Thank you @RNToBe695 for the winning caption. Cartoon can be found at
  16. Let's have some FUN! Good afternoon. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, involves coming up with a caption to this cartoon. You have 30 days to share your caption. You may submit as many captions as you wish. To participate, please follow the Caption Contest Rules below. CAPTION CONTEST RULES: Winner wins $100. Everyone is allowed to participate! You may submit multiple captions. A TOP 8 Captions Poll will be created 30-40 days after the start of the contest. The community will select the winner. The caption with the most votes win. The Winner will be announced 60 days (give or take 1 week) from the start of the contest. Captions must be posted on allnurses.com to participate. Captions must comply with our Terms of Service. UPDATE Top 8 Caption Poll added (3/16/2019) UPDATE (3/25/2019) Thank you @RNToBe695 for the winning caption. Cartoon can be found at
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    WELCOME HOME allnurses!

    And, we're back! allnurses recently completed the new site launch in January. WOW! Isn't it just beautiful? And, like Robinson Crusoe, we found our way home. At one point in our lives we all decided to become a Nurse. Some days we feel defeated; we want to quit and never look back. Other days, we know we've made significant differences in the lives of our patients and are convinced we've made the right career move. WE ARE NURSES and proud of it. WELCOME to the NEW allnurses.com. Come on in, sit a spell, take your shoes off, and share a story or two. Thank you RNToBe6956 for the winning caption.
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    activity stream not hiding 'forbidden' topics

    Likely due to reported topics. ie. spam, etc This is normal. This is due to how items are cached within the system to save on resources. Cache is purged every xx minutes. Just to be safe... Can you take a screenshot of activity feed when you see something "forbidden"? Thanks.
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    Safer staffing? Your wish is my command.

    Not even a genie could get you safe staffing.
  20. Nurses are desperate for safer staffing. Which is more impossible: Asking a Genie in a bottle to grant your wish or getting State and Federal legislators to pass safer staffing laws?
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    NCLEX Study Guide Question

  22. Nurses, Physicians, and hospital Administration all strive, in their respective roles, to ensure high quality, safe, and efficient patient care. But, as we all work to get to the end result, our collective efforts may fall short of that goal. Communication difficulties, egos, tunnel vision - all play a role in the dissolution of any primary objective. If we are all not on the same page this nightmare becomes reality. In the end, who profits? No one. It's a lose-lose situation. What can we as Nurses do? Visit Toons / Memes for more cartoons!