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  1. martymoose

    Knee replacement

    Hi I'll try to keep this short. Recent herniated disc blew 6weeks of disability. I also need a knee replacement. Still thinking I won't be able to do floor nursing. Also not sure if remaining 6weeks disability will be enough Should I do the replacement?
  2. martymoose

    Save yourself; get out of medicine.

    Totally agree with you op.Im sorry; this profession didn't work for me either .And this really sucks when you realize you are too old or it's too late to fix things. Hopefully your husband's job will carry you through.
  3. Hey , I would do that if given the opportunity!call center that is......
  4. martymoose

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    Thank you for acknowledging that you don't like the liability of acute care nursing. I totally agree with you on that one.
  5. martymoose

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    Yeah, I hear ya. I switched my weekend with a gal so she could get married and go on a cruise. I thought we were switching weekends. I was wrong . I got scheduled for 3 weekends in a row. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!! That's it . No more favors.
  6. martymoose

    2/13/16 What I Learned This Week: Discipline is King

    I learned ( well ,got reminded) that I do not like to precept new grads. The new grad I had was borderline dangerous as she would pass meds with out telling me,making stupid judgement mistakes, or various other things. Too impulsive. I started out being nice, using the situations as learning opportunities.She agreed. Then she still went on to pass another med with out telling me. Ughh!! I explained AGAIN that just because a med is ordered doesnt mean you HAVE or SHOULD give it. Gosh, no critical thinking AT ALL!!! I finally had to resort to being mean. Shes gonna make a big mistake one of these days!!! I couldn't follow her 1:1 as I had an additional assignment and the management was making us move pts off the floor for other pts in ED.So not safe!!!!! Some people seem to only worry about passing meds and getting donr early so they can play on the phone or whatever. I fear for the patients for some of these new nurses out there. I hate precepting.
  7. martymoose

    Nurses Eating Their Young- A Different Perspective

    Interesting perspective.
  8. martymoose

    Top 10 Reasons We Get Fired!- Medication Errors

    I'll tell you- the customer service thing and med administration do not go hand in hand. I constantly worry and double check everything I do, because I am CONSTANTLY interrupted when I am giving meds. Call lights must be answered with so many seconds. pt that Im going in to give meds say they have to go to the bathroom NOW, not after their pills. of course that is a 15 minute fiasco, and no one else is around to help , as they are doing the same thing with the other pts.We used to have a sign to not disturb the nurse when they were getting meds. Well, that's gone. And it's not getting the meds, it's administering them. You can tell these patients til you are blue in the face that you cant do that ( whatever their request is) right now, as it's important you dont make any mistakes with your med pass. NOPE, they don't want to hear that.They don't care. It's the me me me thing. No wonder more mistakes aren't made
  9. martymoose

    The Patient I Failed

    Sad situation. Could Ethics have been brought in?
  10. there is no personal responsibility. Just today I had a pt get angry with me that I wouldnt let her go out and smoke. Then her son brought her in pretzels and cheezewhiz( diabetic) She has no desire to change anything.just get her abx and go.( might have osteo in foot/leg) I see this mostly with 40 and 50yr olds, sometimes younger. Funny , going through their chart you usually see "hx of non compliuance". Yet they still come in , expect tx, and some food, etc while here. These people arent paying for their bills out of pocket.,As long as they keep getting re-admitted , its all good .ugh.
  11. martymoose

    So, when are you going to get your RN?

    It's just so employers can boast. I have no interest.Do what works for you.
  12. ^^^ Im sorry. This is only the tip of the iceberg.
  13. I agree with the above, but unfortunately the surveys don't discriminate- the higher ups aren't going to have specifics as to WHO actually did the survey. That's where the rest of us are getting spanked for "low scores" It really sucksssss.
  14. ^^^ I feel you should write an editorial to a local paper on that one- it makes complete sense. I'm sure most everyone is happy that they had a good outcome as opposed to the red carpet service. I still think it's an ulterior (sp?) motive to get out of paying. why this stuff is based on froo froo stuff ,- it is unrealistic to think that the perfect doctor/nurse with the perfect bedside manner with the perfect outcomes , exists
  15. yes- no win. had to move a pt from a private to a semi for a pt and family in which the family was very large( like 20 people would be in the room at one time) and that pt with the large family was possibly going to be put on comfort care. The family was very grateful. I bet we might even get a good score on that one. Only to be cancelled out by the person who was upset that they got moved.