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martymoose has 20 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PCCN.

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  1. martymoose

    I Hope Some Of Your Days Are Still Worth It

    Im glad that pt was able to validate your work. Everytime I want quit , that kind of situation happens(validation) , and I hang on a little longer. But I am officially done( unfortunately I don't care what a pt says)For the last 6 months on ave...
  2. martymoose

    Last chance RNJob

    Due to rediculous staffing ratios8-10 pts on a intermediate care unit with cardiac drips, temp pacers, tavrs , pci, etc I want out! I've applied to non staff jobs with some interviews and no luck. I think its because I've been doing the other for ...
  3. martymoose

    Background check

    Is there a way to see what a potential employer would see on a background check? And I take tramadol at hs for back pain ( from pain mgmt MD) will that prevent me from getting a new job ?
  4. martymoose

    While browsing the job listings on indeed

    Id like to know which mcd’s pays more than 15 bucks an hour????sign me up!(actually worked 3 yrs for them in the 80’s) LOL
  5. martymoose


    We have them on our stepdown / pcu floors. Would not see that on a m/sfloor
  6. martymoose


    Is your unit made up of more travelers than house staff? I know of a unit that is probably 10 percent house staff and 90 percent travelers.
  7. martymoose

    Finally Left Nursing!

    Congratulations!? I hope to be in your shoes someday!
  8. martymoose

    Are all ICUs running out of ratio now?

    Not ICU, but imcu/pcu and we are getting 7 pts a piece days eves and nights
  9. martymoose

    I'm Out... (Cue Mic Drop)

    {quote] Caring for patients with devastating long hauler syndrome Maintaining a high standard of care without adequate staffing, supplies and other resources Working routine overtime because of your own personal responsibility to suppo...
  10. Congratulations on the job.
  11. martymoose

    Non-Patient Contact Jobs

    I realize those jobs exist , it seems that theres more applicants than jobs ? Ill keep trying but we only have two listings where im at right now...
  12. martymoose

    Is Nursing Still a Good Profession?

    Absolutely not happy where I work . They changed our ratios from 4 pts on days to 7 . It's just too much. Cardiac stepdown . I've never wanted to quit a job so bad
  13. martymoose

    Non-Patient Contact Jobs

    Is anyone noticing that it seems very difficult to find non patient care jobs? Almost every nurse I work with is trying to “get out” and we hear that request everyday from other nurses in the company too. Anyone else having this problem ? Was ho...
  14. martymoose

    Another one wanting to bite the dust.

    Just saw a job for a rehab nurse. I honestly don't know what that entails as an RN , but I guess its worth a try to find out. If not , then Ill try harder to pursue a non clinical job. I just might have to realize I have to drive even farther. Those ...