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  1. No CNAs

    We are getting to this point in my hospital with 1:6 ratios for nurses and sometimes just one tech for the floor. I don't blame our techs for moving on one bit, as they are not well compensated for the work they are doing, nor is their work valued by...
  2. My Coworkers are Driving Me Nuts

    Letting the IV pumps beep... and beep... and beep... Not only is it annoying to the patient *and* me, it means they're not getting what they're supposed to be getting! I'll go and fix the pumps when I hear them, but I have some coworkers who I swear ...
  3. What shoes do y’all love?

    These Skechers have been everything to me since I started med-surg: Not for everyone, but I love alternating these with my Danskos d...
  4. There's A Bright Side To Night Shift

    As someone who lives to sleep in (not just love it but actually live for it!), I assert that night shift is a perfect situation. More money, less busy work (not that we're not busy, but when we are it's typically more meaningful and directly connecte...
  5. Hanging Out with Coworkers Outside of Work

    To be honest, the unit I've worked on where I was by far the most invested and happiest was one where I *did* socialize with coworkers, including our manager and my shift's supervisor. It was mostly for unit holiday parties, an event for Nurses Week ...
  6. Share your Nurses Week "gifts"

    I got scissors, a flashlight, and a pen. All things I already had in versions I prefer, but it's always good to have backups. Tons of candy at the nurse's station. They did feed us all kinds of food every night for a week, which was a nice break from...
  7. Dang, and here I am with my two little extra strength Tylenols and a multivitamin like, "Nope...need another sip...maybe I should try applesauce?" 😂
  8. I am diplomatic and typically able to sympathize with others' viewpoints, even if not necessarily able to agree with them. It's extremely helpful in communicating with patients and their families; it is rare that I have a patient (at least in their r...
  9. I Want Decent Health Benefits! Is That Too Much to Ask?

    That is out of control! Wish I could say something helpful or constructive, but I got nothin. Definitely furious for you, though. 😡
  10. Hey guys, looking for advice/wording suggestions on telling my manager I would like to transfer internally - to a non-bedside position, if that matters. I'll have been here for six months next month (I cannot find a specific transfer policy but ...
  11. I want my patients to know as little as possible about me, but so much more about nursing and the hospital environment in general. For example, no, some of these labs can't wait until tomorrow, or yes, I really do need to wake you every two hours to ...
  12. Seconded, and Been there, done that as well. I would honestly meet up with all y'all. It's good company here.
  13. Question About Typical Weekly Schedule For Travelers

    @NO JOKES OR PUNS ALLOWED may I ask, do you rent a car when you travel by train or plane, or are usually able to get around on public transportation or walking? I'm assuming this is probably dependent on where you are; just curious how you explore th...
  14. Question About Typical Weekly Schedule For Travelers

    Thanks for your reply; good to know! It's entirely possible that after starting to travel, I'll look at jobs further from home - just trying to start slow and get a feel for what it'll be like. I definitely have some farther reaching locations in min...
  15. Only you can decide how to handle this. Some questions I would ask myself in this situation are: -Have you already signed the contract? If not, would it be possible to negotiate having a week, or even a shift or two, off so you could be home at ...