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  1. amoLucia

    Lose vs. Loose

    sorry - couldn't get out of the 'bold' print
  2. amoLucia

    Lose vs. Loose

    advice vs advise
  3. amoLucia

    Passed NCLEX first time, 75 questions.

    Nice to see a very complimentary reference. Congrats on your success with NCLEX. Good luck with your next step - the job search.
  4. amoLucia

    Home Health and expectations

    (((HUGS))) I can't say anything but 'wow' to you and hold out good thoughts and wishes for you.
  5. amoLucia

    without a job until after new years

    I think this is a popcorn-worthy post.
  6. amoLucia

    HIPAA violation and future employment opportunities

    Also attorneys will most likely tell you to avoid using social media to discuss any details re this situation.
  7. amoLucia

    "My doctor told me..."

    To be realistic, there is the possibility that REAL miscommunication may have occurred. Many practitioners do speak with heavy accents, and while their English is correct and their information is also correct, pt age, hearing and ethnicity may be a real obstacle to good communication. Note: That was NOT the problem with my aunt.
  8. amoLucia

    "My doctor told me..."

    "My Doctor told me I can have a donut a day. And if I miss a day, I can have 2 the next day". So said my aunt, a Type 2 diabetic on BID large dose insulin injections. "I take so many meds. I take one for my hypertension and one for my high BP". So said my aunt again. me: "Aunt, hypertension and high BP are the same illness". "Oh no. My Doctor specifically told me one for hypertension and one for high BP". There was NO chance of reasoning with her.
  9. amoLucia

    Patient rights an privacy bathroom

    I confess. I'm one of these.
  10. amoLucia

    coworkers calling me stupid to and in front of patients

    I have a real concern when staff berate or negatively address a coworker or another absent staff member when they are IN FRONT of pts. It sends a message to the present pt that the facility hires bad employees. I'm sure that this is NOT a message that the institution wants to convey to the public. In a time when public image and satisfaction scores are carrying so much import, this should not be occurring. I think this would be a issue that higher-uppers might be interested to know. Also it is such a deterrent to team building and cohesiveness. Now I don't want to sound idealistic blowing glitter snow around, but in all the management and team building seminars I've sat through, rule #1 is DO NOT TEAR DOWN YOUR PEERS in front of others, particularly the public. I don't kow how receptive OP's higher-uppers might be if she were to somehow broach the subject with them. Maybe somehow dropping a concern thru the Corp hotline? Somehow without dropping too much damning details and finger pointing that could come back to bite OP in the butt. Sadly, I'll bet there's a group of that level of managlement present who never heard of rule #1.
  11. amoLucia

    Patient rights an privacy bathroom

    Can you engage the help of family/POA? It won't hurt if they know in advance that the pt is refusing because of the risk of pt safety.
  12. amoLucia

    Are you a "Sister?"

    I worked in a NH with a male CNA who emigrated from one of the African countries. He used to call me 'Sister' which made me uncomfortable. It just caught me off guard. I finally decided to talk to him about it. He explained that in his country supervisor nurses were called 'Sister' and it was a title of respect for the position. I felt better after our talk. But it took me a while to get used to it.
  13. amoLucia

    Two weeks notice?

    Make sure you connect with HR for any benefits owed you, like PTO. I don't know that you'll need COBRA health insurance. Sometimes things can be easily 'overlooked' or 'accidently missed'. A good HR dept will usually be straight up but you do need to watch out for yourself.
  14. amoLucia

    I want to quit

    To barcode - FIL = father-in-law; like SIL = sister-in-law etc. To OP - I'm guessing that you're just OVERWHELMED with your life throwing you one big stewpot of obstacles. School might be just be one ingredient in that medley of obstacles. You're carrying a lot of distressing responsibilities. Yet your concern re your nsg education can be a positive motivator rather than a negative influence. Like PP cayenne comments, school can help. Just asking this since your baby is a little, have you checked out postpartal depression as a factor that may need some professional help? Just asking and wishing you you the best.
  15. amoLucia

    It's etc and not ect!

    Davey, just FYI - some computer 'spellchecker' applications will read ECT as an error automatically and correct it to ETC. Another frequent one is the auto conversion of CNA (the nurse aide) to CAN. That one used to drive me nuts.