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  1. Direct Observation UDS

    I once told an ROTC recruiter that I wasn't interested in military because I couldn't 'pee on command' and I needed extreme privacy to pee. We laughed and went our merry way.
  2. Do I need to take a RN refresher course?

    Knew I wasn't sure re those ages! Re home health - from my reading here, I think the documentation has increased ginourmously!
  3. Student nurse HIPAA violation question

    Ask your Medical Records person, but better still, ask the facility-designated HIPAA Coordinator. I think I remember that all HC facilities had to have one trained representative (?). Put your request in writing with a simple explanation and ask...
  4. Do I need to take a RN refresher course?

    I think Medicare is 67 yo so I think you're talking a bit longer (I could be wrong here). How much will that affect your plans? Your health, current skill set and all those other things that nurses in similar straits face are critical factors to...
  5. How to let your manager know you’re quitting after a week?

    Just give notice and leave. You're not really a fully independent staff member so there's no great loss for them. Otherwise, I would be cautious that they don't take advantage of you and dump on you.
  6. Let's Put The Brakes On Drowsy Driving

    Take No Chances - TY for repeating my stance re diagnosing some unknown med disorder. So surprisingly simple to investigate. Nurses - take care of yourselves. We are all so special to so many.
  7. Let's Put The Brakes On Drowsy Driving

    Leader25 - condolences on your loss.
  8. Continuous cardiac monitoring - legal (?) question

    Do you have any pre-existing established P&P re continuous observation? Get it in prep of your meeting. Good opp'ty to bring this topic at the staff mtg. But keep it cool, calm & collected. Professional, not emotional. Try to keep some s...
  9. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Wanna bet some donuts that recruiter still knows that one particular nurse and/or the others?!?! Betcha she'd just like to sling some mud or just some juicy gossip! Good for you to follow your instincts!
  10. Sunday April 10th 2022 Palm Sunday

    I can't get Braves games on my unfancy TV channels. Golf was on - BORING! The 'lobster' burger sounds good to me. I'm debating WHEN to use up somemore pantry can soups. Like for a big potato/corn/bacon chowder. I've got the soups & other stu...
  11. Blood Forgotten in Coolers After Case Completion

    RickyRescue - TY for your comment re blood comparing it to an organ donation. I'm ready to cry as I read OP's post re wasted blood. I responded to another post re my emergent need of 2 units PRBCs just 2 yrs ago. Am still borderline anemic - ju...
  12. Wearing Mask Incorrectly...

    Good point this ^^^
  13. How to Successfully Advocate for Better Staffing

    SB - soooo many of us have already said this in all your past postings that it's like dripping down the wall! You seem not to care to listen and take heed, so it's your choice to be miserable. With your MSN, you have more value elsewhere. But y...
  14. Direct Observation UDS

    Interesting info. I always wondered about this after hearing from Recovers and military. I can't produce STAT specimens privately, let alone OBSERVED.
  15. DD - can really relate to your 2nd post. I too, have learned much from watching others and then trying to incorporate others' into my own practice. FWIW, I have thought some folk were the 'best-est' negotiators EVER. Is that EMULATION? That...