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  1. Mass Exodus of Staff RNs…

  2. Desperately Need to Vent

    Background: Im an ER nurse with almost 6 years in the ER plus a little over a year on a Tele floor and a year of Med/Surg experience. I just started (1week) at a new hospital, only having worked at 2 other hospitals in my career. For the first tim...
  3. What Quick References do you have available at Triage?

    I keep our orders protocols for reference.
  4. Addicts in the ED

    We have a packet of resources to give them but more often than not it gets thrown back in our faces. They are usually not ready the moment they find out they are not going to get the dilauded they have been waiting for several hours to get, sometime...
  5. I don't know about Mayo clinic but I know in my hospital when we are really busy or most of the beds are filled with 'holds' the triage nurse orders labs and diagnostics and sometimes the doctor sees them in the phlebotomy/EKG room just off of the wa...
  6. Fire fighter to ER nurse?

    I'm not sure if you would get your 'thrill' fix in the ER, but in my opinion its definitely less tedious than floor nursing. Sure, you get your occasional exciting cases or codes but percentage-wise your dealing with mostly primary care issues, drun...
  7. Going to the ER from floor nursing -telemtry!

    I just moved from Tele to the ED myself 6 weeks ago and LOVE IT! Hope you do, too!
  8. I think I screwed up..feels like quitting

    Those are mistakes you'll never make again...hang in there, it does get better.
  9. When a hospital has several postings, for example, med/surg, and they all have different floor next to the posting, do you apply to all of them or do they all go to the same place?
  10. Correctional Facility Registered Nurse, CA

    Its called an assessment but it really just asks you about your need to study. There may be a written test later in the process but that isn't it.
  11. There are plenty of State Universities that have online RN to BSN programs...University of Wisconsin,Arizizona State, and California State University Dominguez Hills are a few I can think of off the top of my head if you are that concerned about it ...
  12. Best ADN nursing programs in San Diego

    All of the community college programs are comparably good and they have all done away with wait lists. The new admission system is based solely on points so you could get in right away. I would just choose the one closest to where you live. i.e. E...
  13. ATI way to study???

    I did both ATI and NCLEX practice questions since ATI produces the NCLEX as well. Read all the rationales, even on questions you get right and you should do fine. For me reading the book wasn't as helpful in retaining the information.
  14. How long are patients NPO after surgery

    Until they pass gas; they can't eat until their GI system is working again.
  15. ATI testing is hard... help!

    Depends on how you learn. I, personally do better on ATI's when I do NCLEX practice questions. I have an app on my phone, my computer and my Ipad and I always get a Level 3 on my ATI's. Remeber ATI also writes the NCLEX so the questions are pretty...