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mmc51264 has 10 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in orthopedic; Informatics, diabetes.

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  1. mmc51264

    Nurses, Do You Feel Valued???

    I do. I am a terrible people pleaser, and I am harder on myself than anyone can. I still am one of those weirdos that like bedside nursing. I put a lot into my job and my organization and I get a lot out of it.
  2. mmc51264

    Need help, Carbon dioxide vs anion gap for DKA

    Mom of two T1s and where I work is where I take them if I suspect DKA (only 3 times in 16 years thank goodness) and they look at anion gap. I would be curious the rationale behind their policy. When we have pts on an insulin gtt, we usually wil...
  3. mmc51264

    Degree over Experience?

    I started as an ADN nurse. I had way more clinical hours/experience than the new grad BSNs. I am at a Magnet hospital and the end goal is for everyone to get their BSN (I did mine online in one calendar year) We are hiring new grads that are pe...
  4. mmc51264

    Previous Jobs Not Giving Out References

    I thought it was down to: eligible for rehire, not recommend rehire (or something like that-can't think of the right term) and ineligible for rehire.
  5. mmc51264

    MONKEYPOX IS GOING VIRAL: What You Need To Know!

    Has anyone on here actually had a case in their hospital? I see a few frantic posts on Twitter about it. I don't think we've had a case in the SE that I know of
  6. mmc51264

    VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    Fed benefits are amazing! My husband works for Dept of Homeland. Insurance is great. I'd stay at the VA.
  7. mmc51264

    Judgmental rant about time off

    I don't understand why call outs would affect a position. Are they doing away with all mid-levels? I work at a teaching hosp (surgical floor) and the APPs are the ones on the floor weekdays. Weeknights and weekends, the residents are on call. W...
  8. mmc51264

    Offensive Badge

    I am a huge Grateful Dead fan and wear a badge reel for my locator that is a band logo (my actual badge is usually a hospital one or one for my specialty-ortho. I go through a lot of them for some reason). Most of the time people love my badge, ...
  9. Us too!! LOL
  10. mmc51264

    AC & HS

    Thank you for asking for clarification!! I am struggling with teaching that "ACHS" is NOT synonymous with fingersticks! I get this in report: pt is ACHS Q6H. UGH! Now when I update a board, I put AC & HS, reminding people that it stands for some...
  11. That doesn't necessarily have to be someone with "bad health" They sound like they have bad work habits and have not been held accountable. We have older nurses with some arthritis and can't run to a code like some of the other ones, but they s...
  12. No offense, but if you "failed" out of a new grad program (not sure that is even a possibility-normally, it's just "not a good fit") and get bored after 2 years, I am concerned. Good ICU is busy but boring, if it's not boring, something bad is happen...
  13. mmc51264

    Baylor Pay

    I didn't think they did true Baylor anymore (getting paid for 40 hours while only working S/S. I am a "weekend option" RN-they don't call it "Baylor" (sign a contract that I agree to work every weekend; I am allowed 8 weekend days off/year without pe...
  14. mmc51264

    How often is Vecuronium given in the ICU setting?

    I think that question is more about how often a paralytic is used, in general. I am not an ICU nurse and know nothing about these meds other than they are used for intubation. I still am gobsmacked at why it was in an imaging area and able to b...
  15. mmc51264

    FMLA for Stress/Mental Health

    I can't imagine that you would not be able to get FMLA for that. I work with a nurse that has had many issues with anxiety/depression; I believe she is probably on the spectrum as well. She has had major meltdowns and I have even helped her find a th...