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mmc51264 has 9 years experience as a ADN, BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in orthopedic; Informatics, diabetes.

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  1. mmc51264

    Looking For Advice On A Hospital Job

    Do her pay stubs have FTE units? I.e. I am a FTE 0.9 (3 x 12 =36). I have a friend that works 2-12s one week and 3-12s one week, of a 2 week pay period. On her pay stub it says FTE .7 (or something to that effect) Another does 2-12s per week and it is an FTE .6 Somewhere there has to be a contract. You are right, something fishy is going on.
  2. mmc51264

    Are nurses really leaving nursing in droves?

    We are "bleeding" nurses (and aides, PT/OT, dietary and EVS). Covid has a horrible impact on healthcare. Nurses have been sick, tired of the stress of worrying about getting the virus, getting yelled at. Being the only human contact that pts get. Then the newer grads from last Spring, never had hands-on experience. Right now, we have 17 new nurses that are supposed to start in the next 2 months. On my unit there are about 10 nurses total that have more than 5 years of experience. We have nurses that have been there a year precepting new grads. We are not staffed ideally. I am hoping that we can find a way to stop the cycle and get a good crew to stay together. As one that has been on the same unit for 8 1/2 years, I desperately want some consistency. Nursing is so hard. It is so frustrating that there is this "grass is greener" mentality and when it isn't, they leave nursing. I have a friend that graduated not quite a year ago and is on her 3rd job already. I don't know what the answer is, but it IS hard. I still love bedside nursing and it has been hard, but I don't believe it is any better anywhere else. I work for a large non-profit teaching hospital and they have been really good to us. They are trying, at least.
  3. mmc51264

    Pyxis problems

    we don't use a pyxis for meds. we have Omnicell. Our pyxis is for supplies and things like fluids.
  4. mmc51264

    Every Nurse Should Know Martial Arts

    I absolutely agree that no one should be subjected to violence but as I said, how would you get people to "buy in" to this? The CBI training is evidenced-based, as far as I know.
  5. mmc51264

    What to do when patient refuses wearing a name band?

    put it on their foot. We had some lazy night shift nurses that put the bands by the computer keyboard and with the higher pt turnover we have, there were times when the wrong pt's nameband was there. We have a zero tolerance policy. Lab has to scan. We have to scan every med. We are tracked for that.
  6. mmc51264

    Protections of civilian nurses from fed. inmates

    Do you not have some sort of safety reporting system at your facility to report unsafe conditions? We have a system where we can identify unsafe conditions and we have the backing of most of the leadership. This person should not be getting privileges. We have a contract with both local and Federal prisons and when we have a Fed prisoner, there are 2 guards in the room at all times. They are the ones that enforce the rules (same rules at the hospital as in the prison). Something is very off, and very unsafe. I would have to refuse to take this pt on as an assignment Hope you can get this resolve! Stay safe.
  7. mmc51264

    Every Nurse Should Know Martial Arts

    not sure how feasible that would be. Can barely get people to do required CE and what training we do offer.
  8. mmc51264

    Medication Error During A Code

    It sounds like there was no one leading the response. We always call out medication and dose when preparing and handing over and then again with time given. SVT for an hour? You did well. We can't be afraid to acknowledge challenges in ourselves and the system.
  9. mmc51264

    Every Nurse Should Know Martial Arts

    We are offered, and I have taken, CBI training, which is specific to nursing/health care. How to keep oneself out of danger and ways to get out of physical situations. It was a really cool class
  10. mmc51264

    8-10hr nursing jobs that give hospital paygrade

    I don't understand what kind of "courses" you are taking. If you are a nurse already and not back in school, can you not get whatever education you need through your facility? I have not taken any courses outside of schooling for work. So far, I have not heard of any positions that pay what bedside nursing pays, even NPs in certain positions. I know my manager is salaried so if you're looking at per hour pay, I make more. I wouldn't teach, that is a hard job. I was a teacher before I was a nurse and I know how nursing instructors work. Unless you are a tenured university professor, one that brings in $ for research, there isn't a ton of money there either. I could probably make more money working for one of the diabetes DME companies, but I don't want to do sales
  11. mmc51264

    type of certification

    pre-op education. Also they are using a lot of nerve blocks to avoid a lot of general anesthesia. The total joints that do come to the floor, there is a lot of preventive measures. It really has evolved in the 9 years I have been doing it. Get up and move early!!
  12. mmc51264

    Nursing Staffing Post COVID Quagmire...

    We are bleeding nurses at the hopsital and we can't hire them fast enough. In the coming months, we have 15 new nurses to orient. It is a daunting task. We are going to have to utilize nurses that are probably not ready to precept, but when the pool of more veteran nurses is small, there is not enough to precept and be charge nurse. Many are going to other units/specialties, thinking the "grass is greener", but it's hard everywhere. The new grads got very little hands on training and it is going to take a long time to catch up. One of my pet peeves right now is that they are offering extra money to pick up OT and we got raises as RNs. The aides got nothing. SO frustrating! We need our aides. They work so hard and need to be recognized as well.
  13. mmc51264

    type of certification

    I a an orthopedic RN (certified). With Covid and new EBP, our total joints are doing mostly same day d/c or <24H d/c. The patient population on my unit is going to change, adding surgical trauma. What certifications coincide with this? I have looked at trauma certifications and most are related to emergency or EMT situations. I am not going to do critical care, just ortho/trauma, GSW, MVC, etc. I'd like to learn more and add a certification as well, if it is applicable. TIA!
  14. mmc51264

    Breakroom Pet Peeves

    Do not bring your leftover fish and nuke it in the microwave! Room smells like fish the rest of the day! During Covid, we only had 2 chairs in the room for social distancing. Don't put your back pack on one of the two chairs! Please clean up after yourself. I honestly would love to see what some of these people's homes look like
  15. OMG! we got rocks too! LOL
  16. mmc51264

    Not Sure What Direction To Go From Here...

    What is interesting about having social anxiety and being an introvert (I am both), I have no issues with patients-my issues are with colleagues. I don't feel comfortable sharing with them, I feel socially awkward, etc. It's really odd. I work on a busy ortho/trauma unit. I love my job, I just struggle with my peers. I hope you can find a place that feels comfortable for you. oh-I agree with Smiling Blue Eyes-NPs have it rough. It is hard to find a job, the loads that they are required to carry has increased and I am not sure the pay is worth it.