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  1. Burn out? I'm pre-nursing

  2. Interest in Travel Nursing

    Thank you
  3. Burn out? I'm pre-nursing

    Hi there, I'm considering a career as a nurse and I'm worried about becoming burnt out/overworked in the profession. My mom is a nurse and seems burnt out and seems like many other nurses feel it too. Thoughts? Are there certain specialities th...
  4. Interest in Travel Nursing

    Hi there, I'm considering a career in travel nursing and wondering if any RNs could speak to this for me. - What's it like if you're in a relationship- have a partner/spouse? - Are there ever assignments that are shorter than 8 weeks? -...
  5. Interest in nutrition

    Hi there, I'm interested in a career in nursing and wondering what others have to say about specialities that deal with nutrition issues. So far my mom (a nurse) has mentioned working in Diabetes or Cardiac. Are there any nurses in this area tha...
  6. Family or career?

    I don't know but my heart goes out to you! I'm a pre-nursing student and I worry about this, too.