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Hi! Nice to meet you! I love helping new nurses in all my various roles. I work in a hospital in Staff Development, and am a blogger and author.

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Nurse Beth has 30 years experience as a MSN and specializes in Med Surg, Tele, ICU, Ortho.

Nurse Beth, MSN, RN-BC, HACP, has more than 25 years of experience in clinical and leadership positions. She has a passion for helping nurses, and as a professional writer has written several articles about interviewing, resumes, navigating the job search network, and much more. Beth just published Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job.

Nurse Beth loves helping new nurses, and blogs about how to get hired and all things nursing at Nurse Code. She authored the popular "Your Last Nursing Class: How to Land Your First Nursing Job" on Amazon! It's the ultimate guide with insider tips to land your nursing job!  Her latest book can be found at First-Year Nurse: Advice on Working with Doctors, Prioritizing Care, and Time Management, published in 2020.

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  1. Nurse Beth

    Kathy Visits the Psychiatrist: Part 2

    True, nothing's fool proof I think the secretary was discharging us before the provider finished his notes/orders
  2. Nurse Beth

    Kathy Visits the Psychiatrist: Part 2

    I think the orders should be electronic between the doctor and the facility but thats just wishful thinking, I supppose
  3. Nurse Beth

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    Here's Kathy Part 2
  4. Nurse Beth

    Accused of Narcotic Diversion

    Hi Beth, I took a job on a busy med/surg unit almost 8 months ago. I have been on paid admin leave for a month now for suspicion of narcotic diversion that is untrue. The 1st investigation meeting showed no proof, then the 2nd meeting changed to p...
  5. In Part 1, Life With Kathy Is Never Boring, I take Kathy to her psych appointment. Here in Part 2 we have seen the NP and are in the waiting room waiting for her discharge paperwork. After seeing the NP, Kathy and I sit and wait for her discharg...
  6. Nurse Beth

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    Thank you so much. One of the themes of me deciding to write her story is advocacy in our healthsystem. You can be lost without an advocate.
  7. Nurse Beth

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    Yes,:) they are!
  8. Nurse Beth

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    Thank you !
  9. Nurse Beth

    Life With Kathy Is Never Boring

    This week I took my sister to her psychiatric appointment. Usually, the facility where she lives transports her to her appointments but I go when I can. Recently she told me she’s been seeing mice in her room and could Bob, my husband, get an exterm...
  10. Dear Nurse Beth, I was terminated, and about to write a letter to the corporate regarding the untrue/ reason of termination. I want to complain to corporate about the unfairness of my 2 bosses. Should I tell corporate, that because of the 'injus...
  11. Dear Nurse Beth, I just started nursing orientation a week ago at a rehab hospital on a unit where we get traumatic brain injury patients. I'm a nurse with nearly 17 years of experience but am fairly new to rehab nursing. It’s only been my fi...
  12. Nurse Beth

    Fix Staffing Ratios by Monetizing the Value of Nurses

    Nurses are included in the room rate. As long as nurses are employees, this is not likely to change.
  13. Nurse Beth

    Dear Healthcare Leaders: Self-Care is Not the Answer

    My sister (also a nurse) just worked 8 days straight and most of them turned into 16 hr shifts. I hate to see her get caught up in the working because we're so short-staffed cycle. At least she splurged and bought a nice Johnny Was dress.
  14. Nurse Beth

    Colleague Anger

    She's a bully. As others said, don't meet with her in private. Don't explain yourself. But do plan a couple of responses to have in hand when she challenges you in public, like Davey Do recommended. For example: Calmly and quizzically ...
  15. Nurse Beth


    Maybe activate your network to try and get some first hand impressions of a workplace from people you know. When you interview, ask about turnover. While it seems most places have high turnover right now, it can be an indicator of a less than i...