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Nursetom1963 has 31 years experience as a BSN and specializes in ICU.

Started in 91 as a CNA, LVN in 93, ADN/RN 2007, BSN 2014, CCRN Oct of 2021. I've done Nursing Homes, Urgent Care, Home Health/VNA, 17 years at the local acute hospital, 10 on the floor, 7 in ICU, and a little chemo for a few years.  My Background before that was auto mechanics and all kinds of construction, which applies to nursing a whole lot more than you might think.

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  1. I Happily Left The Nursing Field

    Isn't that what "CS" behind you name is? 
  2. Advice For 'Wanna-Be-ICU Nurse' (new grad)

    ICU is not a place to learn basic nursing, you have to put an ever-changing puzzle together all day long. Get some med-surg time behind you, a year or more. If nothing else, you need to learn how the hospital works.
  3. Am I getting into nursing for the right reason?

    Come to think of it; whenever anyone asks me, or even just suggests they are thinking of going into nursing; I advise them to get there CNA and work, or even just be a volunteer. Get an eyeful of what it's about before you go sinking 4 years of your...
  4. Am I getting into nursing for the right reason?

    Agree with most of what is said here, I have to admit though; at first it was just a paycheck for me (CNA) But the work never ended and they never stopped asking me to work overtime, in 30 years. I will point out; those "rush moments": you are PERSO...
  5. Read through twice; did your manager actually SAY anything to you? She or He may not be as wrapped as you think; you say this isn't this nurse's first time undercutting someone; could be they are known complainers and this is just another example. ...
  6. How often is Vecuronium given in the ICU setting?

    We use Rocuronium for intubation (up to the doc) and very rarely Vecuronium for some vented patients. I think they used to do it a lot more, even drips before I came to the ICU. We used it alot more during Covid; and interestingly it seemed to help ...
  7. Difficult first experience as a new grad

    I want to suggest you speak to the director, but you kinda already put the squash on that. He sounds like a real winner for sure, but there are few other options. Kinda gotta agree with him on one point; ICU is advanced, and you need good foundatio...
  8. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    Wow, forgot I posted on this way back then. I do take my time, and understand what and why I am giving what I am giving, perhaps I didn't realize the level of failure discussed here. My near-misses come down to having to sign on to 2-3 layers of com...
  9. Top Skills for the ER Nurse

    I would like to hear what experienced ER nurses say about this post
  10. Latest on RaDonda Vaught case

    20 some pages of discussion; I just hope this is discussed in nursing classes throughout the country for years. And maybe a few changes in the whole medication administration process; with the voices of actual floor nurses. If this thou...
  11. Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

    Thank you, that was hilarious!
  12. The Wage Gap Myth

    I have no idea what my coworkers make, and I would have to print out a pay stub to be sure of what I make per hour. My union is always trying to get more money for us, except me; I tell them "I don't want more money, I want more hospital, adequate e...
  13. PICC Line Dressing change

    Why don't you see if you can spend a little time with the PICC Nurse and get some feedback? And maybe a crash course on current PICC indications, care, and whatever else?
  14. Wanting to get trained in ICU. Have I messed up?

    Gonna say that after reading your post, I think you should wait. Needing lots of support on a general m/s floor says your organization skills and general nursing skills need work, ICU can be pretty intense, and you have to be fairly strong in those ...
  15. Very interesting thread! Here's a thought; write up an incident report (I assume you have a system for it) send it in, keep the tracking number or a copy, and drop it. You did your part. And if you are ever asked (by an inspecting agency) you can ...