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Heart Attack Zack has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CCRN.

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  1. I have two years of ICU experience, and the past 18 months of that have been in a COVID-ICU. I had a severe allergic reaction to my first dose of moderna (major swelling of my face and tongue with extreme difficulty breathing. I rode via ambulance to...
  2. UAMS Summer 2018

    UPDATE: I sent my application to UAMS in January of 2018. On March 21st, I received an invitation to interview. My interview is scheduled for March 28th. If accepted into the BSN program, my campus of choice will be the Hope campus. Good luck to any ...
  3. UAMS Summer 2018

    I sent my application in January, and as of March 1st I haven't had my interview.