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  1. MierKat

    Nurse Gives Lethal Dose of Vecuronium Instead of Versed

    The Vanderbilt nurse was arrested today for reckless homicide and patient abuse.
  2. MierKat

    Geropsych NP... what to do

    Gonzaga's BSN nursing programs are very well respected in the Northwest as is their CRNA. I'm sure that the NP programs have a similar good reputation. For the NP program, I believe that you have to live in the NW I think because they find clinicals for you. Someone on here really liked UNorth Dakota as they had a very robust pharm sequence for PMHNP - sorry I can't remember his name but you might do a search for it under the student NP forum. Vanderbilt has a well-respected program that you can do mainly remotely but with a few campus visits.
  3. MierKat

    Was CRNA worth it all?

    Yes, an MSN is more than a BSN. I can't imagine any school not accepting an MSN, which is higher-than BSN.
  4. MierKat

    Vanderbilt MSN 2017

    No, I didn't apply but know people who did and I visit Nashville a lot.
  5. MierKat

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Winter 2018

    For shift differential, it's $2/hr for weekends and $4 an hour for nights. So working overnight on Saturday is $6/hour above base. Overtime is paid on holidays if worked and overtime for more than 40 hours a week. ED (and perhaps ICU) get a $1/hour excess of base all the time.
  6. MierKat

    Vanderbilt MSN 2017

    Nashville hotels are quite expensive. The hostel in Nashville is pretty good (even has private rooms which could be cheaper than a hotel). It is located near Vanderbilt and Music Row so an Uber or taxi wouldn't be too expensive.
  7. MierKat

    Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program Summer 2017

    This is last year's thread. You might want to look at the 2018 thread here: https://allnurses.com/nursing-job-hunt/vanderbilt-nurse-residency-1104912-page14.html
  8. MierKat

    Vanderbilt MSN 2017

    I would email them and ask. They're very helpful.
  9. MierKat

    Important!! Help

    I don't think it's possible to determine how long it will take. If you're determined, a step-by-step process will get you there. 1) College general ed requirements and nursing pre-requisite classes 2) RN or BSN program 3) Graduate and take NCLEX 4) Get job 5) Finish BSN if not part of original degree 6) Aqcuire NICU experience - amount varies 7) Apply to NNP program. Good luck!
  10. MierKat

    If you were in my shoes...

    Because of competition for spots and high demand, California is hard on prospective nurses. I hope your next post is in an easier state. Good luck on your journey.
  11. MierKat

    If you were in my shoes...

    Maryjean, you have misunderstood my post. I said she should check with her state and I stand by that comment. I was referring only to LVN-RN. Last time I checked, WGU's LVN-RN program was not acceptable for residents of my state, Washington State. You are correct that WGU's BSN is acceptable in all states. Washington just had an issue with online clinicals required for LVN-RN licensing and maybe that has changed However, I could easily be wrong. I try to give uber-helpful info when I reply and my main point on that is that before starting a college program, the OP (and any potential student) should check to make sure that the program that they are considering is acceptable to their state's licensing agency and not take some random internet stranger's word for it. That could be a frustrating mistake.
  12. MierKat

    If you were in my shoes...

    I'd see what state you end up in in 6 months. If the state allows WGU LVN-to-RN, I'd do that. (May not be able to be licensed in all states.) If not, then I'd do an ADN bridge if you can find one local (not online) to you. Excelsior IMO is more risk and I'd only do that or other online options if you exhaust other options. But really, at this point since you don't know where you'll be I'd just finish the AS and enjoy your baby while it's young.
  13. MierKat

    Is getting your DNP worth it?

    Please don't call yourself Dr. Brookeg or have Dr. Brookeg on your white coat in the clinical setting. Yes if you're an instructor or are working for an insurance company, sure, call yourself doctor. But NPs or DNPs introducing themselves as Doctor is confusing to patients.
  14. MierKat

    Online part time MSN programs?

    Here are some things to consider when trying to find an NP program (online or in person). First, where are you and are you able to move or need to stay? Second, what state do you live in? Third, what are your priorities - cost, time to complete or stature/reputation of the program? Fourth, what specialty(ies) are you considering? Fifth, do you want lots of group project or few group projects? Sixth, do you want fully online or are you ok with one or more trips per semester to the school? Seven, does the school find preceptors for you or are you on your own? Consider where you live - a nursing degree online has some drawbacks, so if you choose a program that is in your state or your region of the country, it will be better known to HR and other employers than one from across the country. The grads will be a "known" more than an "unknown." I'm in Seattle - if I wanted online I'd pick Gonzaga over University of South Alabama because Gonzaga is well known here and I'd have to fly to USA for their in-person meeting. I'd have more local contacts with Gonzaga. Some states require that their residents go to school only at "approved" schools. For example, Ohio and Tennessee have rules about where students can attend. So if you look at Ohio State University nursing school, for example, you may see that they are not approved for your state. Cost is an issue and some programs are monstrously expensive. Some state schools are cheaper for residents. Some state schools give in-state tuition breaks (that is, a discount) or all online students even if they live out of state. If you don't ever want to go to in-person classes, don't pick the NP at schools like Vanderbilt, which requires in-person attendance occasionally. Some schools find preceptors for their online students, some don't. This can be a real problem and you'll see frantic messages here from people who can't find a preceptor. If you are working as an RN and you have lots of friends, coworkers and connections locally who are willing to precept you, then that might be less of a risk. Also ask your friends, coworkers, former classmates and bosses where they went to nursing school, even if it was just for their RN as it may give you ideas for good local schools. I'd caution you against expensive for-profit schools unless you have no other option. Since you didn't list your priorities or your location, it's hard for people to advise you. Post back with some factors and maybe someone can help. Once you have a general idea of what you want it's easier to do some online research.
  15. MierKat

    New NP Job Not What I Thought...

    I think that this is your first job after you got your NP license, correct? You probably do want to have your first job be one with more structure, and perhaps in an environment where you have experienced providers on whom you can model your day-to-day work, ask questions and get your practice off to a strong and successful start. Find a job where there was an incumbent who had the job before and was successful: In other words, not a newly-created position, not a satellite office, not a job where the person before you was let go or was not successful and resigned. Look for a stable, mature staff and a strong but not abrasive office manager or head nurse or whatever. Realize that if you're a new graduate you are not going to have all the answers so approach the work with an open mind, ask questions and give it your best. Communicate and especially don't wait until things go wrong to speak up. I would take the old manager up on it and see if there are other positions at the medical center that might fit you. And yes, call the other job and ask them if they're still looking. Good luck!
  16. MierKat

    RN-FNP for Old Nurse

    Of course, happy to get PMs.