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ArrowRN has 9 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, PCU, Travel.

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  1. ArrowRN

    The 10 Highest-Paying Travel Nurse Assignments in 2023

    Anyone told landlords we no longer make the average $4500/week? not to mention the barrage of new nurses jumping into traveling and not realizing what they getting into.
  2. ArrowRN

    Should I just give up?

    If you got a BS degree already you should be trying BSN program applications or accelerated BSN programs, not just ADN. When I first applied I actually got denied to ASN programs and actually got into the BSN program which was my top choice anyways.....
  3. ArrowRN

    How do you handle female patients your age or younger?

    It's way too easy to get accused of something. I get a female in there with me, its always an option so I don't see why I should take the risk. Younger females are just uncomfortable with men in general and it should be done.
  4. ArrowRN

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I seen on this one low budget Christian movie, the patient was connected to an IV...but when I looked at it closer it was a dang tube feed bag hanging full of water and the purple port was taped to their ?
  5. I would never work at a place like that. They fail to recognize that is a system issuse and NOT an RN failing to do their job issue. At our hospital what we have done is in the computer system, in the MAR pain assessment are now built into it when ad...
  6. It really depends on the type of med surg floor you are on and how sick the patients are. For me 5 is just on the edge of tolerable but it takes only 1 patient to turn it to a nightmare. Most hospitals in my area do up to 7...I will stick with my hos...
  7. ArrowRN

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    Oh so we do got some nurses with priviledge, maybe I just working at the wrong hospitals :) It's not an issue for me only because I work nights. I was late leaving 1 morning and did get a warning ticket. They actually check car tags to rule out emplo...
  8. A witness does not verify the information provided to the patient, the purpose of a witness is that the provider spoke to the correct person and and that person signed the form and agrees to the procedure. In medical field its based on facility polic...
  9. ArrowRN

    Not told of lower training pay

    I have never liked "graduate" positions. I believe in focusing all your time towards passing the NCLEX than looking for a job. My gut would tell me to run from this verbal offer, its a bait and switch, why should you have to settle? What did they say...
  10. ArrowRN

    Let Go From Job During Orientation

    Yeah I did the same as well due to excitement plus a family of 4 and none or us working. bills piling up, that first job I left had 7:1 ratios, I felt like I learned nothing and was exhausted and unsafe. I now work with a hospital with strict 5:1 rat...
  11. I haven't written anything in a while, but keeping it short and venting...I am just so frustrated with all these employers who are treating nurses are second grade employees when it comes to parking. Doctors get priviliges such as their own lots clos...
  12. ArrowRN

    Let Go From Job During Orientation

    I resigned from my first job after 3 weeks as a new grad, did not feel safe. Being let go during orientation just means you were not the right fit for that job or unit and I would also bring to question the training being offerred to you which lead t...
  13. I hope Trump will also pay your discrimination suckers. We here to take care of people not question their choices. Do your job or quit and find something else.
  14. ArrowRN

    current Jacksonville salaries

    Last year Baptist Health system offered me about $25.25/hr and that was with 2.5 years experience and it includes additional $1.00 for med-surg certification and $1.00 for BSN , add to that $3.50 night differential makes $28.75 but i turned them down...
  15. ArrowRN

    Health benefits and pay rate??

    Incorrect, There are a few union hospitals in Florida under the Florida Nurses Association/OPIEU . I work at one of maybe 3 left in the state. Florida is indeed right to work and also Republican governors have a long history here, so they push back a...