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ArrowRN has 3 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Med Surg, Vascular, E.N.T.

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  1. ArrowRN

    Should I just give up?

    If you got a BS degree already you should be trying BSN program applications or accelerated BSN programs, not just ADN. When I first applied I actually got denied to ASN programs and actually got into the BSN program which was my top choice anyways...that was like back in 2013. A fully online program with not be an option for you unless you have LPN, or RN already. I suggest going to your closest state University and meet with a Nursing advisor on how you can reach your goals.
  2. ArrowRN

    Ridiculous medical mistakes on TV

    I seen on this one low budget Christian movie, the patient was connected to an IV...but when I looked at it closer it was a dang tube feed bag hanging full of water and the purple port was taped to their forearm...lol
  3. It really depends on the type of med surg floor you are on and how sick the patients are. For me 5 is just on the edge of tolerable but it takes only 1 patient to turn it to a nightmare. Most hospitals in my area do up to 7...I will stick with my hospital which is union protected and can't assign us to more than 5, if fully staffed my floor gets 4:1 but we are often seem to be short. Reality is you probably won't find a hospital floor in med surg that does less than 5. I did work on one that does 4 patients but it was progressive care...always a trade off. Maybe consider ICU, less patients but more work per patient but it give you that focus, if thats what you looking for.
  4. ArrowRN

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    Oh so we do got some nurses with priviledge, maybe I just working at the wrong hospitals :) It's not an issue for me only because I work nights. I was late leaving 1 morning and did get a warning ticket. They actually check car tags to rule out employees from visitors. For day shift the Decals plus monthly fees runs anywhere from $300 per year to $1300 per year. Guess which has the long walks and shuttle rides? When I do have to show up for days for training I get a discount at $4/day unless I cheat and hope they dont spot me in one of the ungated visitors lot, haven't been caught yet hehehe. I think some urban hospitals is where the problems as. They could manage this by limiting number of visitors and the length of time they stay so traffic can be better circulated, and stop them from treating hospitals like hotel rooms.
  5. ArrowRN

    Sign a consent without witnessing actual signature

    A witness does not verify the information provided to the patient, the purpose of a witness is that the provider spoke to the correct person and and that person signed the form and agrees to the procedure. In medical field its based on facility policy but only RN's can witness at our facility. Ideally yes the witness should be there in the room but realistically anyone can sign as witness. When you go to a notary, a total stranger, for them to witness, they dont know you, nor will they often not know the information stated in the document you need notarized, they look at your ID, see you sign the paper and witness that yes they see you signed it and you affirm you are that same person.
  6. ArrowRN

    Not told of lower training pay

    I have never liked "graduate" positions. I believe in focusing all your time towards passing the NCLEX than looking for a job. My gut would tell me to run from this verbal offer, its a bait and switch, why should you have to settle? What did they say happens if you don't pass? Will you be let go and out of a job anyways? Only exception is if you find the training to be exceptional, but they are just trying to save a buck training you with CNA pay vs LPN pay, a dollar or 2 less is reasonable but not $7. and the way how it way done...is very questionable.
  7. ArrowRN

    Let go from job during orientation

    Yeah I did the same as well due to excitement plus a family of 4 and none or us working. bills piling up, that first job I left had 7:1 ratios, I felt like I learned nothing and was exhausted and unsafe. I now work with a hospital with strict 5:1 ratios, makes all the difference. My second job is part-time and they got 6:1 ratios, its doable but on the edge of crazy unsafe, but i got more experience now so I handle it.
  8. ArrowRN

    Can I please get a Parking Spot!

    I haven't written anything in a while, but keeping it short and venting...I am just so frustrated with all these employers who are treating nurses are second grade employees when it comes to parking. Doctors get priviliges such as their own lots closest to the facility. Some even get reserved spots with their name even if they there maybe once or twice per week. I work at two hospitals and both of them treat nurses parking as a threat to their patients. One of them charges rediculous fees to the day shift and require them to purchase annual parking decals. Thanks goodness I work nights, but if I don't leave on time I will be cited and possibly ticketed. The other facility, makes nurses park off campus and "shuttle" them to the hospital. Which means instead of reaching to work 15 mins early you got to be 30-45mins early to beat the shuttle rush catch your shuttle, more time unpaid and being wasted. All this is being done in the name of "patient first"...so what the rest of it? Patient's first...Nurses Last? That brings to bear the question, are nurses truly essential personel at hospitals? and if so why are we always treated this way? What made me write this is a facility now threating crazy citation fees if the parking rules are not followed...I mean..if the parking rules are not followed BY NURSES. This extends into other areas in society as well. For example, on Family Feud, there was a question on asking 100 people to name an occupation that save lives. The top answer was Firefighter, deservidly so but I dont think nurses even made the list. In my state there is a discount program for mortgages called "Good neighbor next door" but it only applies to firefighters, EMT/paramedics and police officers. you would think a nurse would be a good neighbor to have but the State does not think so. When will the status of nursing be respected to where I can at least get a decent parking spot?
  9. ArrowRN

    Let go from job during orientation

    I resigned from my first job after 3 weeks as a new grad, did not feel safe. Being let go during orientation just means you were not the right fit for that job or unit and I would also bring to question the training being offerred to you which lead to mistakes. People are quick to blame the RN and not the process, If this is the "culture" in that facility I would look elsewhere. What was your patient ratios? Sounds like too many red flags. Being let go there should be no harmful repurcussions to your future as a RN. On an observation unit you will not be good fit for a new grad, in my opinion. As the population changes and stay is usually less than 48 hours, fast paced, where they are "observed and monitored" to either be discharged or admitted and you won't really "learn" a specific patient population, that could be confusing for a new grad. A med surg floor would be best for a new grad, the type of med surg floor is up to your interests. I work on a cardio-vascular floor, lots of AAA's and bypass surgeries post op, we also had ENT at one point lots of trachs and suctioning and high risk aspirations but now we got transplant patients. Ortho, would be a literal "pain" think broken bones, fast paced and giving lots of pain medications. A strictly medical floor is more slower paced , not many people going for surgeries such as A hospitalist floor or Family medicine floor is a good learning back ground then you can leave after 1 year if you hate it. Browse around and identify your interests first, despite and pressure you got to start working. After 6 months at my hospital you are able to float and pick up extra shifts on other medical surg floors so you can find what you really like. I dont particularly like med-surg but the people I work with makes the different and I been at it over 3 years on same floor.
  10. ArrowRN

    Registered Nurse Salary Purchasing Power Across States

    Why people eyeing Florida so much? My first year as new nurse in Florida, I made more than the stated average. This is of course with night shift differentials. Even within a State earnings vary widely by location and type/ size of system you work for. Some in Fl barely get over $40000 in first year. So basically this survey says nurses make the same no matter where they go. Before jumping state lines, try crossing county lines within your state before you make that big move.
  11. ArrowRN

    Medical Staffing Network: respiratory fit test

    Urgent care center costs varies from $60 to $95 I told the recruiter if he knows an affilite i can go to get it done, he said basically, no to google it. I replied I not ok with fitting the bill for these upfront costs, i filled out a tonne of paper work online passed all their tests but i am still not officially "hired".By then my "spidey sense was tingling" lol . I replied I need to hold off on my application for now.I don't know just something smelt fishy, i wondering how much other costs i have to pay for. Including this respiratory fit test, I also got to pay for a physical.
  12. I applied to medical staffing network for per diem, they also do travel nursing so i thought it would be good to do as a trial. They asking for a respiratory fit test at my expense.I filled out lots of forms did testing online and all i need to be hired is physical and this respiratory fit test. Fit testing is for those N95 masks which my hospital phased out in favor of PAPR's The only places I can find to do respiratory fit testing is at Urgent care clinics but those require me to buy my own masks, what if I buy the wrong fit masks then what? Is this common requirement for hiring with a nurse agency?
  13. ArrowRN

    Passed nclex and still no job

    2.5 months...yes extruciating wait. I have family of 4 was only hope for income, we almost got our house forclosed during that time but then offers started coming in. Apply to more hospitals include other counties. I currently drive 1.5hrs to work for way better pay than my local hospitals now they all want to hire me. Dont worry once you get that first year or two in opportunities will pour like rain
  14. ArrowRN

    Florida hospitals and apartment

    Therese have you found hospital yet? Check out UFhealth Shands in Gainesville. It has lots of nurses from phillipines, lots of apartments in walking distance, and public transport, its a college town associated with University of Florida. Many people walk to work or ride scooters.
  15. ArrowRN

    Stop the Silence...Violence Against Nurses

    No it's not over, maybe you never had a 250lbs 6 foot dude run up to you and push you into the wall. That was one of the scariest things I ever been through in nursing. Not just at the actions of the guy but I feared for the rage I had in me when a swore an oath to do no harm. This was not in ED it was on the floor. I got a huge temper and had I not withhold myself I probably would have loss my RN license and punched the hell out of that patient. I was nervous to return to work for several weeks. I find your remarks condescending to say the least. Go tell a rape victim to just "Get over it".
  16. Dude/ OP you gonna get kick back no matter what you say on here, it's dominated by women..hehe. But as a RN in the field I do think some of the things in nursing are folly and a waste of time and I'd probably be best suited for the medical model. In any case the male stereo type does still exist. Especially the patients and females trying to kill your back cause they you should be able to lift anyone with 1 finger. Just 2 weeks ago had a patient like that, I got another male nurse to help me pivot her to the commode and that lady literally put all her weight on us. I was like hold up lady we not here to lift you up, you gotta help us. The second time she called I was like no, I not doing that again and 2 little nurses one of them like 50 or 60 got her to commode with no problem. I was like its a miracle! Then theres the patient who always be laying flat when it time to get up they like give me your hand and pull me up. I'm like no way, I only got 1 back, you help yourself or put the bed in a sitting position. Of course there's the occasional person who doesn't want a male nurse or doesn't want a male nurse to do procedures like foleys, at this point I'm like whatever you say, you the patient and you got the right. Far as relationship with female nurses, I get along pretty well. Those that are strong A types I would butt heads with once in a blue moon, but once they realize I'm not a push over, if they respect me they get it in return. But that happens whether one is male of female. Even with the doctors. In general tho I like the people I work with. Too bad it did not work out for you man.

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