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  1. Hi Dana! Great post - I am researching FNP programs and I didn’t realize that WGU had a program….I appreciate your review and information. I will look more into this program. CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. Travel RN to New FNP - Is it worth it?

    Do you have to surrender your RN licensure when you work as an NP? If not, then find an NP position that is flexible and work as a “local” travel RN - maybe double weekends or 3 consecutive days around your NP position? Or step away from travel for...
  3. Dermatology RN in Tampa, FL

    How difficult is it to get a position in dermatology as an RN - specifically in Tampa, FL? I have been looking at job boards and posts are recruiting for LPN/LVN. I am a BSN-RN and currently working in Med Surg. I just obtained my esthetician lice...
  4. Moving to Tampa, FL

    Hi Fam! I a BSN-RN with over 6 years of experience as a nurse and 1.5 years experience working in a major hospital (med surg) in Houston, TX. With so many things happening I was thinking about moving to Tampa, FL to be a little closer to famil...
  5. Having hard time getting hired in hospital

    I posted a similar topic a few months ago…nonetheless, you should rework your resume to highlight all the “hands on” patient focused skills you acquired while in LTC…I was having the same problem and when I did that hospitals started calling me. Als...
  6. No hospital will hire me!

    @mibrazuka my friend was told the same thing and I even suggested that she goes to Dallas before leaving the state and heading back to NJ. Thank you for sharing your experience I will share this with her also. I just don’t want her to give up and ne...
  7. No hospital will hire me!

    Good morning allnurses family, I have a friend that was an LPN for 3 years and has been an RN for almost 2 years - all of her experience is in skilled nursing, LTC and home health. She is trying to get a job in a hospital, in houston, tx and has...
  8. Where in FL can nurses make the most money?

    @WynGator that sounds like a good idea-I will consider that. I have been to Florida I have family who live everywhere except Tampa. But they are not in healthcare like I am but I think a travel assignment might be a good option. Thank you
  9. Where in FL can nurses make the most money?

    Hi allnurses family, I currently live in Houston, TX and I am interested in moving to Florida but I hear that the pay for RN's in Florida is not that great. I was an LPN for 6 years and I have been an RN (BSN) for 2 years - my experience is in ...
  10. Travel Nursing With No Hospital Experience

    I tried looking for the travel nurse page and couldn’t find it that is why I posted here
  11. Travel Nursing With No Hospital Experience

    Hi Everyone, I have over 7 years of nursing experience (LTC/SNF/Clinic/Infusion) but no hospital experience. Would I be able to work as a travel nurse? Also, are there agencies that can train me in med surg and place me? Thanks
  12. Hi allnurses family, I have been in nursing for over 7 years - predominately working in Skilled Nursing/LTC, infusion nursing and outpatient clinic. I worked in Med Surg for only 1 month and due to personal reasons. Currently, I am traveling b...
  13. Post-Masters Acute Care NP Programs

    @Alaxamanathere are several Adult Acute Care NP programs but they are better known as "Adult/Gerontology Acute Care NP Programs. According to US News, Duke University and U-Penn have the top programs in the country. I am not sure if they offer onli...
  14. Travel RN Agencies

    You can contact career staff unlimited, or AMN Staffing or elite specialty staffing. They are pretty good with reimbursement and non-taxed stipend on housing and meal stipends. I hope this helps some
  15. Moving to Boston

    @Alzsunrise THANK YOU SOOOOO VERY MUCH FOR THIS VALUABLE INFORMATION! I appreciate it so much. I will take your advise and start applying because I would ideally like to be in Massachusetts no later than the 1st quarter of next year (2021). Thank ...