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ineedachange1 has 8 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. ineedachange1

    No hospital will hire me!

    @mibrazuka my friend was told the same thing and I even suggested that she goes to Dallas before leaving the state and heading back to NJ. Thank you for sharing your experience I will share this with her also. I just don’t want her to give up and neither should you - don’t give up!
  2. ineedachange1

    No hospital will hire me!

    Good morning allnurses family, I have a friend that was an LPN for 3 years and has been an RN for almost 2 years - all of her experience is in skilled nursing, LTC and home health. She is trying to get a job in a hospital, in houston, tx and has been unsuccessful (she received her ADN degree in NJ - therefore, her clinical were completed there). She has her BSN from University of Phoenix. My friend alleges that every time she applies to hospital jobs she gets rejected with automatic replies stating that they are looking for candidates with "experience"....how does she get this experience and/or a chance to work in a hospital? She has revised her resume several times and it looks great to me and other professionals but she is lacking "hospital experience" and has been told that she is not a "new nurse" so she does not qualify for residency programs. She is very discouraged and wants to return to NJ - I don't know know how else to advise her...do you have any suggestions that I can give her? Thank you
  3. ineedachange1

    Where in FL can nurses make the most money?

    Hi allnurses family, I currently live in Houston, TX and I am interested in moving to Florida but I hear that the pay for RN's in Florida is not that great. I was an LPN for 6 years and I have been an RN (BSN) for 2 years - my experience is in pharmacy infusion, skilled nursing and med surg. I make between $32-38 per hour - where would I be able to live to make that (or more) in florida and live comfortably? your help with this is greatly appreciated.
  4. ineedachange1

    Travel Nursing With No Hospital Experience

    I tried looking for the travel nurse page and couldn’t find it that is why I posted here
  5. ineedachange1

    Travel Nursing With No Hospital Experience

    Hi Everyone, I have over 7 years of nursing experience (LTC/SNF/Clinic/Infusion) but no hospital experience. Would I be able to work as a travel nurse? Also, are there agencies that can train me in med surg and place me? Thanks
  6. ineedachange1

    Post-Masters Acute Care NP Programs

    @Alaxamanathere are several Adult Acute Care NP programs but they are better known as "Adult/Gerontology Acute Care NP Programs. According to US News, Duke University and U-Penn have the top programs in the country. I am not sure if they offer online/hybrid programs but I am including the link to the information from US News and Graduate Nursing Education Organization so you can do more research. https://www.usnews.com/best-graduate-schools/top-nursing-schools/nurse-practitioner-adult-geriatric-acute-care-rankings https://www.graduatenursingedu.org/top-40-best-MSN-agnp-programs-by-region-for-2019-20/ https://www.registerednursing.org/nurse-practitioner/acnp/programs/ Good Luck!
  7. ineedachange1

    Moving to Boston

    Hi Nursing Family! I just received my BSN and I am excited! I was an LPN for 6 years and an ASN RN for 1 year before earning my BSN this month! Currently, I live in Houston, TX and I am ready to go! I am originally from NY and I would like to move to Boston, MA for the New Year 2021. I have LTC and sub acute - I do not have any hospital experience as an RN - YET. Does anyone have any suggestions and/or tips for me? Where can I apply to work? where do I live safely (I do not have family in Massachusetts)? I heard great things about nursing in Boston and I want to experience all the great opportunities Boston has to offer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. ineedachange1

    RN pay in Houston, TX

    I FINALLY passed my RN NCLEX!! I am super excited to be an RN. I have over 5 years experience in LTC and I want to work in the hospitals, while I pursue my BSN. How much should I expect to be offered as a new RN but with patient care experience? How much should I ask for? I know that LTC/SNF are different than the hospital setting but my experience requires extensive patient care that can be valuable in the hospital setting....so how much do I request?
  9. ineedachange1

    I failed the FL NCLEX for the 2nd time!!

    i passed!! Thanks for the advise and encouraging words...I am FINALLY an RN
  10. ineedachange1

    Houston Baptist University FNP

    Does HBU FNP program accept any BSN degree? For example, WGU has the pass/fail option - would they accept graduates from that program? or Capella has the Flex RN to BSN program - would they accept a degree from that institution?
  11. ineedachange1

    Need help! Failed Nclex RN three times in florida

    i failed my FL NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time!! did you find the questions to be different when you took the NY Boards compared to the FL Boards?
  12. ineedachange1

    I failed the FL NCLEX for the 2nd time!!

    I failed my FL NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time!! do you think i should sit for it a 3rd time or just register for NY and take their exam? I feel so defeated!! I hate the fact I have to sit for this exam again!!! I used UWorld and Saunders and still failed.
  13. ineedachange1

    Excelsior College

    @medic112 where are you studying now if you are no longer with excelsior (if you don't mind me asking)?
  14. ineedachange1

    A nursing student at 48. My journey could be yours...

    WOW @furelite...Your AMAZING and your career track is not only impressive but very inspiring! :)
  15. ineedachange1

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    oohh nnnoo I'm so sorry for him - I know he worked so hard! I'm happy to know that you are doing great! :) - AWESOME! AND SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU! i will continue to keep Bill in my prayers....this is exactly why I am afraid to take the CPNE - its like playing Russian Roulette....
  16. ineedachange1

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Did Bill pass? Nurse Pixie are you ok?