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ineedachange1 has 6 years experience as a LVN, RN.

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  1. ineedachange1

    RN pay in Houston, TX

    I FINALLY passed my RN NCLEX!! I am super excited to be an RN. I have over 5 years experience in LTC and I want to work in the hospitals, while I pursue my BSN. How much should I expect to be offered as a new RN but with patient care experience? How much should I ask for? I know that LTC/SNF are different than the hospital setting but my experience requires extensive patient care that can be valuable in the hospital setting....so how much do I request?
  2. ineedachange1

    Need help! Failed Nclex RN three times in florida

    i failed my FL NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time!! did you find the questions to be different when you took the NY Boards compared to the FL Boards?
  3. ineedachange1

    I failed the FL NCLEX for the 2nd time!!

    I failed my FL NCLEX-RN for the 2nd time!! do you think i should sit for it a 3rd time or just register for NY and take their exam? I feel so defeated!! I hate the fact I have to sit for this exam again!!! I used UWorld and Saunders and still failed.
  4. ineedachange1

    Excelsior College

    @medic112 where are you studying now if you are no longer with excelsior (if you don't mind me asking)?
  5. ineedachange1

    A nursing student at 48. My journey could be yours...

    WOW @furelite...Your AMAZING and your career track is not only impressive but very inspiring! :)
  6. ineedachange1

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    oohh nnnoo I'm so sorry for him - I know he worked so hard! I'm happy to know that you are doing great! :) - AWESOME! AND SUPER HAPPY FOR YOU! i will continue to keep Bill in my prayers....this is exactly why I am afraid to take the CPNE - its like playing Russian Roulette....
  7. ineedachange1

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Did Bill pass? Nurse Pixie are you ok?
  8. ineedachange1

    Has Excelsior figured out a way to improve CPNE wait time yet?

    Thanks BSNbeDONE but I already took all of my pre-reqs for the BSN program while I was taking these classes and that's what took me so long in the first place. I took Chem w/Lab, Nutrition, Statistics, etc. the only class I didn't take (which I found out I have to take if I plan on going to WGU RN to BSN program) is the BioChem...I am "doing something(s)" - I am just tired and I am ready for it to be over so I can move forward.
  9. ineedachange1

    Has Excelsior figured out a way to improve CPNE wait time yet?

    Wow! I feel so defeated! I have to wait a year to test for CPNE then another few months to sit for the boards (that is if I pass CPNE the first time!!) - I should have read the fine print a lot closer!
  10. ineedachange1

    Has Excelsior figured out a way to improve CPNE wait time yet?

    Thanks Nurse Pixie!
  11. ineedachange1

    Has Excelsior figured out a way to improve CPNE wait time yet?

    Hi Nurse Pixie! I haven't applied for the CPNE yet! and I got the email last week...I am getting ready to register for head-to-toe because I finished everything else. That is why I am so nervous (and still crying). I will have to do head-to-toe and then register for the CPNE - I was so excited until I received that email. Thanks for answering my question (my state is NY); However, I know that there is a payment plan for the CPNE - will I be required to pay the entire balance before being given a test date? or can I be given a test date with more than half of the payment but they will not release my paperwork to my state BON to sit for the NCLEX until all is paid in full? - thanks for your knowledge!
  12. ineedachange1

    CPNE passed at Albany Medical Center-My Journey

    Congratulations!!! Great job!!!
  13. ineedachange1

    Has Excelsior figured out a way to improve CPNE wait time yet?

    Last week I received an email from Excelsior stating the wait time has increased to 12 months!! I haven't stopped crying since I read the email - I am already nervous about the CPNE and now the wait time has increased significantly. I don't think my nerves can wait one year! (still crying). Does anyone know how long do you receive your ATT to sit for your NCLEX after you have passed the CPNE?
  14. ineedachange1

    CPNE workshop advice

    Wow @Rearp! I am so sorry you failed the first time. I am almost complete (I have head-to-toe beginning June 26th) and I am NERVOUS about the CPNE! when do you plan to retake the CPNE?
  15. ineedachange1

    Chancellor CPNE lab

    this is great information - thank you RNBearColumbus!! I have been so nervous about the CPNE that I was looking at starting over at another institution just to avoid it. Now knowing there is a workshop that is a week long with a 92% pass rate - gives me a little hope (but I am still nervous). Thanks again!
  16. ineedachange1

    WGU Texas Pre-Licensure BSN Program Inquiry

    thanks for everyone's advice!! I just got off of the telephone with a WGU advisor and she was very nice! She said despite all that I am transferring with the curriculum will still be approximately 2.5 years! I told her about my Excelsior experience and my fear and she stated what you all have said - "don't worry you will be fine - you have come to far to start all over again. do the cpne and we will see you for the RN to BSN program!" - I thought that was very honest and nice of her. Thanks again, to all of you, for your information and suggestions! :)