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Alicia777 is a MSN, NP and specializes in Surgery.

Surgical NP with 20+ years RN experience and 7+ years NP experience.

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  1. Travel RNs Making $$ - Would you go back to it?

    I signed up for Vivian Health. I get the alerts that fit my old role of 'operating room RN'. I've started the process of talking to one of the recruiters and feeling out if this could be a possibility for me, while it lasts.... I'm going to DM y...
  2. I am in awe of what travel RN companies are currently paying. In my pre-NP life I traveled around the country doing assignments when I was young and single, it was fun but you definitely needed to know how to hit the ground running... Right now ...
  3. FNP - to surgery

    So you're asking if my FNP allows me to work in the ICU? Yes. I've been helping out there from time to time. Two thumbs down ? LOL
  4. FNP - to surgery

    Hospitalist-I would think so, although all of our hospitalists are MDs. ICU I think Acute care NP is going to make more sense these days.
  5. FNP - to surgery

    I'm a FNP who works in surgery. I first assist in our hospital's sub-specialties; Urology, ortho, breast, ENT, plastics. In my state I need a RNFA to be in the OR as an FNP. My background is as an OR RN. I made a lengthy post about my path a couple y...
  6. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    Boston suburb hospital. Updated numbers… I think I posted on here a couple years ago. I have 8 years NP experience. RN since ‘99. $151K. Full time. Surgical NP. First assisting, seeing consults in the ER and on the floor. -PTO, 4% matchin...
  7. Tips to increasing efficiency as an Outpatient NP?

    I’ll be using Epic which everyone raves about. We have it at my hospital now as an external ‘view-only’ and it looks user friendly so I know a bit about navigating. I’ll be working in urology outpatient. Good tips! Thank you all ?
  8. Starting my first position as an outpatient NP soon. I’ve strictly worked in inpatient surgery prior to this and since I’m adding to my overall weekly hours I want tips to getting out on time. I’m already assuming I’ll be brown bagging my lunches and...
  9. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    This is incredible! Good for you ?
  10. Procedures as an FNP

    I’ve been shown how to perform a knee tap, place a chest tube and a bedside cystoscopy, although the MDs usually perform themselves. *I work in an acute care hospital
  11. Surgical NPs—Progress Note question adding attending?

    That makes sense. No, we don’t currently bill. It’s just funny because this particular surgeon is the only one who seems to care, so I have to remind myself to add him which is practice change..
  12. Hi there— We’ve been having an ongoing discussion at my hospital as to whether or not surgeons need to be CCed on to our daily surgical progress notes for billing purposes. Typically I have only been adding them if it is an initial surgical cons...
  13. NP with prior discipline

    I would probably look into asking your own PCP, NP/PA or anyone that you've come in contact with at you own health appointments. At least someone who 'knows you' might take pity LOL and give you a chance. I actually got my WMNP this was because I was...
  14. New NP pay

    This sounds bad! I hope you at least like your coworkers and you feel like it’s a good learning environment.
  15. NP salary/pay let’s be transparent

    I have to agree. This is an abysmal salary and arrangement.