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Alicia777 specializes in Surgery.

Surgical NP with 20+ years RN experience and 3+ years NP experience.

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  1. Alicia777

    Nurse Practitioners as Legal Nurse Consultants???

    Just got hired for my first LNC case. I'm over the moon! I have 5 years of surgical NP experience. I was referred by a MD who does it on the side as well. DELETE this post sorry... I was hired as an expert witness. Different from LNC.
  2. Alicia777

    Role Development of NP's

    Hi there- 1. I would say my biggest challenge was confidence. Still is. No matter what specialty you go into you will always be questioning yourself in the beginning. And this is a good thing, right? You don't want to think you know everything, because you don't. 2. At 6 month I was just hanging on for the ride! At one year, I felt competent enough but very green still. I think that's normal. It takes year (s) to feel comfortable in a new role. Good Luck!
  3. Alicia777

    Best Paying States and Cities for NPs

    I wonder how many years experience this is based on?
  4. Alicia777

    Surgical NP to office-based procedures?

    Hello there- I’ve been working as a surgical nurse practitioner for the past five years. Recently, I was approached by two of the general surgeons I work with for an office-based procedure role. I am strongly considering it. I feel like it would give me more autonomy and some experience in the outpatient setting. They are offering a month each with them for additional training. Wondering if if any have gone down this road and what your thoughts were? Thanks
  5. Alicia777

    Aesthetic NP salary/job role experiences

    Hey there- I’ve been an inpatient surgical NP for several years and have always been interested in the field of aesthetics. Lo and behold I was looking for a side hustle and applied to a large cosmetic practice who’s MD owner called me back within minutes of applying on Indeed. I have a in-person interview tomorrow!! I’d be injecting Botox, fillers and fat transfers independently. I’d be trained but obviously come with some surgical experience under my belt. My question is for those NPs in the field—What part of the country are you in and do you feel you are paid well, or what is your salary? Do you enjoy your job? What advice would you give someone new to this field of practice? Thanks much!
  6. Alicia777

    Surgical NP's

    Surgical NP here. FNP. I was an OR RN for the 10 years prior to starting school but zero of my internships including assisting donor was all on the job training. Love my job! Bottom line is it can be done via FNP route but if you’re coming in without a surgical background I’d imagine ACNP -at least for inpatient experience-May be the better choice?
  7. Alicia777

    Compensation for Call Pay

    Ok-update it would only be phone call triage for the surgeon group. Would a flat fee for 48 hours of weekend phone call coverage like 1K be reasonable? I think that's the least I would take to be bothered with it.
  8. Alicia777

    RNFA: how does it work for you?

    I'm a NP-RNFA. Does your current job have tuition reimbursement of any kind? I got through school n 3 years-part time-with 20K in debt and having to use my 10K nest egg but I paid that off quick. Its also allowed me so much more autonomy and learning to operate is fun! Get the RNFA.
  9. Alicia777

    Orthopedic salary for new grad FNP

    It would help to know if this is inpatient or outpatient Ortho and what state you live in. It also matters what your RN experience is like in Orthopedics..
  10. Alicia777

    Suturing class near Schaumburg, Illinois.

    I agree YouTube videos are great. Grab a suture kit, needle holder and some blue throw away OR towels and you're good to go. You could do a RNFA course too..
  11. Alicia777

    Compensation for Call Pay

    As in my previous post I'm a surgical NP and have not had to take call in the past. I have a question for you NPs that take call. My specialty here at the hospital has had a recent exodus of surgeons, leaving them very short-staffed for call. I've offered to take it in the interim of new surgeons signing on-with the acknowledgement that there would still need to be a surgeon on 'OR call' for cases in which we have to take someone to the OR. So what do I ask for compensation-wise? My role (as I see it) would be coming in to the hospital for any consults to our service as needed and fielding calls from office patients. I do not bill, but since NPs can bill at 85% of MDs salary do I aim for 85% of their call pay? What do you think? Thanks
  12. Alicia777

    Surgical NP

    That's right I completed my RNFA at my first job. They allowed me to work and train simultaneously. It took me about 6 months to find a position but I was happy enough in my RN job to wait for it..
  13. Alicia777

    Surgical NP

    Well I did my FNP part-time, that took 3 years and my RNFA was after I became a NP and that took me about 5 months. The amount of time it takes to get the RNFA is all dependent on how much time you can get in the OR to complete the required hours..
  14. Alicia777

    Surgical NP

    Sure, I work in the Northeast and I make roughly 120K with 2 years experience.
  15. Alicia777

    Surgical NP

    Hi there! I've received quite a few PMs recently regarding how I became a surgical NP. Which specialty is the best route and in general what my typical day looks like so I thought I'd post something. I started as an Med/surg nurse and then a travel nurse in cardiac step-downs but OR nursing always intrigued me. So I became an OR nurse and was there for about 10 years. My hospital had an excellent reimbursement program and a friend of mine had started NP school and I decided I didn't want to be a lifer lol so I decided to start chipping away at an NP program too. I always envisioned myself doing something procedural based with it. I didn't really see myself as a primary care NP so that was always my goal-although none of my training in NP school was in inpatient surgery. I decided to go with an FNP program figuring that that would be the broadest education. At that time the Acute NP programs were just becoming more popular-still I feel like FNP works well. It took me quite a bit of work to get my first surgical NP job. I hounded my first boss with emails when I saw position posted and when I finally got an interview I really played up my OR nursing experience. My training was all hands-on. They were generous enough to pay for my RNFA program-RN first assist program which is required in my state for all NPs to practice in the operating room. It Required about 200 hours of precepting from a surgeon and it took me roughly 5 months together these hours. By no means did I feel skilled at the end of those hours but I felt competent enough for small cases/closures. I've been at it for about two years now and have since changed hospitals. I do not take call, work weekends or holidays. I typically round by myself and chat with the doctors either on the phone or via text. I assist in the OR almost every day and I love it. I feel like I'm getting a lot better. I occasionally see patients in the ER, consult and consent for procedures. I dictate on consults after speaking with the surgeon and discharge plans. I oversee patients in the day surgery unit and write prescriptions and orders for them as well. I'm thrilled with my move. I feel like I've been able to spend a lot more quality time with my family and I even still moonlight at my old hospital for 'play money'! I definitely recommend the specialty although it is difficult to get your first job and your foot in the door as we all know we are not typically trained this way so it helps to know people or to have the luxury of waiting for the perfect job.
  16. Alicia777

    CVS Minute Clinic

    I will disagree with the others, my good friend has been at a minute clinic for a few years now and started as a new grad. They can see patients 24 months + so no infants as PP mentioned. She's been happy, well-paid and has grown to become confident in treating these types of patients. I would definitely keep it to just the MC job at least for the first year though.