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So as I'm always on the hunt for the perfect side hustle, I've been contacted by a recruiter for a part-time NP wound care job. Apparently I would visit a few SNFs per day, and change dressings, debride if needed, prescribe treatment. They are willing to train, pay me while I train and pay for wound care certification. The autonomy, flexibility and task-oriented nature of this role appeals to me and as I have a surgical background the 'blood and guts' part doesn't bother me. 

Those that have done this work;  is it depressing given these patient are mostly elderly at end-of-life or rewarding? Do you like what you do? Can I become competent with part-time (1 day a week) work?


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I'm not an NP, an RN here so I couldn't perform physical debriding but I did wound care for the SNF I worked in one day a week. I found it interesting and rewarding work. It is nice to be able see that improvement in a wound week to week and know what you are doing is making a real difference.

On a strictly professional level it is also quite rewarding seeing that wound healing progress and knowing your treatment plan is effective. Or on the flip side I also enjoyed the challenge of solving the puzzle and finding the right wound treatment plan when what I was doing wasn't working as well as I liked.

As a time commitment how long of a day it was week to week depended on current caseload and complexity of the wounds. I spent as much if not more time charting on the wound care than actually performing it though if you are going to being seeing patients in multiple SNF your mileage on that may vary depending on the charting requirements of each facility. Typically in my one facility I spent on the average 5-6 hrs on wound care day. Total caseload numbers you can expect to vary as residents heal, develop new wounds or are transferred in or out of the facility. Depending on how many patients you will see, the complexity of their care and travel time between facilities it could be doable in one day but it might be a long day.


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did you end up taking the job? I am also thinking of taking a part time wound care NP job and I have an interview this week. But wasnt sure how it was...

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