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RN from WI

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kbrn2002 has 22 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

RN experienced in geriatrics and wound care. Now with Dialysis.

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  1. Have you considered or applied for a position in dialysis? The company I work for requires nurses to work under supervision for a relatively long time as part of the job training so the need for those supervised hours would be met simply by the job ...
  2. kbrn2002

    What happens if I take a 15 yr break from nursing?

    A 15-year employment gap will be challenging to overcome, especially in a specialized area of practice like a NICU. Would you consider staying with your employer on a very part-time or even per diem basis if the option exists for you?
  3. kbrn2002

    Snacks for CNAs and Nurses

    That is very nice to do however before carrying through with the plan please check with the facility. They very well might not want you to affix anything to the walls, even a light basket would have to be approved through the facility maintenance dep...
  4. I haven't done it myself but I have participated in the search for a pill that was dropped, and yes she gave the pill to the patient. I wasn't really too surprised and frankly would have been tempted to do the same were I in her shoes. It was a con...
  5. It's usually location, location. location. Pay is determined by market value. A nurse in California will make way more than a nurse in Alabama, but then the cost of living in California is also much higher so you need to factor that in as well. ...
  6. kbrn2002

    Should I retake Microbiology?

    An advisor suggested you just fail the class? I'm sorry but that's nuts! Do not just stop the coursework and fail. Very bad advice. A fail looks much worse than a C grade on any transcript even if you retake the class. Plus depending on school policy...
  7. kbrn2002

    Should I start over or find a new career?

    Depending on how your program was setup you may be eligible to sit the NCLEX for LPN. It might be the shortest path for you to getting that RN to license as an LPN and then look for an LPN to RN program to finish the degree. At least you would then b...
  8. kbrn2002

    💔 nurse about to become a dog groomer

    You got a verbal warning for being too smart? In an ironic sort of way that's kind of hilarious. Apparently dumbing down charting is indeed a thing. It was heading that way when I left the SNF where I was their wound nurse. I would use the correct te...
  9. kbrn2002

    Falsified writeup

    Unfortunately fighting a write-up is rarely successful and only serves to put a bigger target on your back. If I were in that position I'd just start looking for another job. Just about every place in health care seems to be short staffed so you shou...
  10. kbrn2002

    Mom is charge nurse

    Where I used to work there were two sisters, one was a Unit Manager, and one was a floor nurse, They worked different units which was allowed. The sister that had been Unit Manger was promoted to ADON, then DON. There were concerns about favoritism b...
  11. kbrn2002

    Accused of falsifying charting

    There likely is. A new ownership is going to first want to cut costs and there are WAY too many management staff unless this is a huge facility. Then they are likely going to want to put their own people in management positions after they figure out ...
  12. kbrn2002

    Accused of falsifying charting

    Sadly that doesn't surprise me. The SNF I worked for is a good one. Best reputation in our region and well deserved. But talk about top-heavy. It's a 90 bed facility separated into three wings. Day shift has 3 or 4 floor nurses, when there's a 4th ...
  13. kbrn2002

    Accused of falsifying charting

    Honestly, I would be angry about them threatening your job when clearly you did nothing wrong. Especially with an accusation of falsifying charting which is an offense that could get you in hot water with the BON if they were to act on their empty th...
  14. kbrn2002

    Accused of falsifying charting

    If the nurses who are not performing the wound care are clicking that off in PCC then they are the ones falsifying documentation, not you. I was the wound care nurse in the SNF I worked in for years. I did my own charting, there is a "wound" categor...
  15. The problem is when it's not in the clinical setting. A Doctor of whatever degree in an academic setting should be entitled to use the title they earned. That's not staying in their lane, they aren't even on the same track.