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kbrn2002 has 20 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

RN experienced in geriatrics and wound care. Now with Dialysis.

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  1. Some people just have a lower respiratory rate. It bugged me to no end in the SNF when everybody would chart 16 or 18 for the rate every time. I would be the only RN charting respirations "14 per baseline"
  2. kbrn2002

    ETOHer...(and other slang)

    A local nursing home which closed several years back was once cited by state for multiple nursing staff charting resident suffers from "FMPS." Legend has it one of the surveyor's questioned the diagnoses after seeing it charted multiple times and is...
  3. kbrn2002


    What the ever loving heck? Do you have a history of some kind of conflict with this MD? I don't get why on earth the MD would continue to place the blame on you when the pt told the MD they did it themselves plus you were long gone. Makes about zero ...
  4. kbrn2002

    Frequent Bathing is Harmful to Health: 17th Century Pilgrims

    I vaguely remember as a kid a movement to decrease water use, hearing "save water, shower with a friend" on either radio or TV ads. This would have been the late 60's to early 70's. I was too young to pay much attention to the reason behind that, n...
  5. kbrn2002

    At Clinic, Offered Hospital Position

    Is the clinic you are working for affiliated with a bigger medical system? You really should give the proper 2 week notice at minimum regardless, but if the clinic is part of a big system and not an independent then you really need to give proper not...
  6. kbrn2002

    New Job Not Working Out

    Other than the trainer do you think you will like the job long term? Training won't last forever. By the way, acting "mad" when you ask questions is definitely not OK but telling you some of your questions will be addressed and answered later in the...
  7. kbrn2002

    Anatomy & Physiology

    I am a little surprised and disturbed that a nursing program would consider accepting pre-req credits that are 10 years old in the first place. Even with tutorials and a "crash course" that's a lot of information to digest. I'd suggest after that mu...
  8. kbrn2002

    A Deep Dive into NCLEX Next Generation 2023

    I am a member of the NCSBN and participate in test writing panels. I am actually going to Chicago in late August for the first round of in person panels they have had since COVID. The confidentiality agreements I have to sign as a panel participant d...
  9. kbrn2002

    Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    I actually laughed and kind of thought that was a brilliant idea that I wish somebody at my old SNF had come up with. The year I quit there the first 7 months employee of the month went to either one of the managers or a day shift RN. I will admit I...
  10. kbrn2002


    If your manager suggested scrubs take that as an informal instruction to wear scrubs. Besides, they are more comfortable and in the long run more affordable than buying an entire business casual wardrobe as you can easily get away with wearing the s...
  11. kbrn2002

    New VA job offer in another state

    Well as it's not 100% remote work you'd obviously have to move. First is the job opportunity enough of a step up to make moving worth it? Is it a good career move for you? The money is better, but is it enough to warrant uprooting and moving your li...
  12. kbrn2002

    New Grad RN Can’t Find Job

    I'm in a border town with MN and I get it. The way you describe it makes me wonder if we are in the same location? There's 3 community college ADN programs and one 4 year university BSN program in the area so there's no lack of new grad nurses for ...
  13. kbrn2002

    Nightingale or move out of state? So torn!

    Your kids are young enough to be pretty flexible so as long as the schools are good in the new location I wouldn't be too concerned about about the impact on them. Frankly it'll be harder on you as the parent to get them registered and ready for a ne...
  14. kbrn2002

    Who do I escalate to ?

    Well that's very much no good. It's been a week since you posted, have you been able to reach anybody yet? Wasn't the class provided with a list of contact numbers either during registration or at the least at the beginning of the semester? Dep...
  15. kbrn2002

    Challenge of Diaper Change Timeliness

    The SNF I worked in for many years had a normal ratio of 12:1 for CNA's to residents. The expectation was that all residents who were incontinent and/or mobility impaired were repositioned and checked every two hours. In reality was this always done?...