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Geriatrics, Dialysis

RN from WI

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kbrn2002 has 21 years experience as a ADN, RN and specializes in Geriatrics, Dialysis.

RN experienced in geriatrics and wound care. Now with Dialysis.

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  1. kbrn2002

    Twelve Hour Nights or M-F

    I'm an odd duck that never minded working the weekends and holidays. I liked my days off, thought the longer hours per day were worth it because I worked fewer days. Shift differentials weren't a factor with my schedule so that made no difference in ...
  2. kbrn2002

    Finally, someone is discussing this openly

    Many nurses have discovered there are jobs available away from the bedside where they can still utilize their nursing degree. There's also jobs where nurses can utilize their education and work background that aren't nursing related at all. Still mor...
  3. kbrn2002

    How do BON investigations work?

    Thing is there's just no telling when the BON will reach a decision. Most states BON's are not known to act very fast and when your BON does respond to the charges it could come with very little warning so then you might not have the opportunity to ...
  4. Most employers are going to have some kind of attendance policy and by your own admission you have missed a lot more work than your norm this year so no, it's not bullying. Offering you a "counseling" that won't appear in your employee record is ofte...
  5. kbrn2002

    BON NCLEX PN Which State

    It's not going to be as easy as you would like to get around Florida's rules just by applying for a different state. Most, if not all states require you to either live in, or at least have a legal residence in that state for a period of time determin...
  6. Where do you both work that neither one of you is required to work every other weekend plus you can both set your own schedule and have it be consistent? That sounds fairly unlikely that you both have employers that allow this. If by some chanc...
  7. kbrn2002

    What was she thinking?!

    Actually it is kind of a big deal. If I had been expected to carry a phone, answer every call and also page the correct person or worse yet run around the building to find the correct person to take the call after the quiet hours when pages are no l...
  8. kbrn2002

    The Collapsing Healthcare System in the US

    I only pulled this part of your post because your were responding to somebody else and I don't want to appear like I am also trying to jump into an argument so please don't take it that way. But sadly yes, with the inflated health care costs i...
  9. kbrn2002

    Phasing Out ADN?

    Well never say never but this ADN V BSN argument has been going on in this forum since I've been here and that's been a LOT of years. ADN programs aren't going anywhere, at least not for the foreseeable future.
  10. kbrn2002

    New Job Recommendations

    Look at it this way. You can be part of the positive change that facility needs and you'll be learning the job under the close supervision of the state. Guaranteed the current management won't be training you in the ways to cut corners when under the...
  11. kbrn2002

    Please, I need your insight.

    Being a military spouse does add a few complications when looking for employment. Go for that RN as it will open a few more doors for you when job hunting. I would imagine that employers in a community with a military base are familiar with the...
  12. kbrn2002

    New Job Recommendations

    Take the first job. If for no other reason that it is just far enough away that you are considering moving to that town, Time to leave the nest and move out of your family home.
  13. If you are being asked for a reference as a manager many companies have a policy to only confirm start and end dates of employment and eligibility to be rehired so you could easily stick to that rule without raising any eyebrows. If you are bei...
  14. kbrn2002

    Should I stay per diem with my old job?

    If staying PRN requires 4 shifts a month and if you are already working M-F at your new job that essentially requires you to work every other weekend to get those 4 shifts in. So the big question is are you willing to go such a long stretch working ...
  15. kbrn2002

    How do BON investigations work?

    If your employer allows can you resign, collect your accrued PTO and still stay on as a per diem employee and continue to pick up shifts as long as you are able? I'm guessing probably not as going per diem would mean you are still employed so ...

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