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  1. kbrn2002

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    Totally different situation here but yes, I've seen this. We had as a resident in my SNF an end stage MS patient. He was accustomed to a beer and a shot with his wife every night before bed. She saw no reason for that to change so every HS he had a beer and a shot via his feeding tube.
  2. kbrn2002

    No More TB Tests?

    We stopped annual testing for staff a few years ago. As soon as we got word that we were in a low risk geographic area and annual mantoux's were no longer required. Now we screen new staff only.
  3. kbrn2002

    Nursing school has pushed me to the edge. Anyone else?

    If there is somebody you can talk to please do. Even a very trusted friend or family member you can vent to is better than keeping those feelings bottled up. Because it is obvious affecting your schooling negatively. Now for the tough love part. Skipping lectures and showing up late for clinical can and very likely will cause you to be failed if it continues. The mediocre grades I am not as concerned about as long as you are maintaining a passing grade but be careful to not let them slide much more. School is a relatively short period of time when you look at it in the context of the time you will be putting into your career. One last reality check for you. Yes, school is hard with high expectations. It should be if you are going to graduate with the minimum skill set required to work as a nurse. The first year or even two of work for a new nurse can be brutal so the stress you are feeling now might not be less when you do graduate, pass the NCLEX and start working. So if you are going to succeed, and you can please talk to somebody to help you through it.
  4. kbrn2002

    BSN vs RN-BSN programs, pros and cons?

    You really need to research your market to determine which option is better. If financing is an issue the ADN to BSN route would probably be more affordable as community college is usually less expensive than a traditional university degree. Plus you'd have the ability to take the NCLEX and work while finishing your BSN. You also need to consider the number of nursing programs available in your area and if there is either a waiting list to get in or an overly competitive application process. For instance where I live there are four ADN programs and only one BSN program at an expensive but very well reputed private school so the opportunities for the ADN degree are much greater. Either way you go the BA will maybe help with needing fewer classes if the degree is fairly recent but since both the ADN and BSN are heavy on sciences it might not help as much as you'd like.
  5. kbrn2002

    How to be a Perfect Nurse

    Yes! That exactly. Every time a new "staff education" comes out you know that somebody screwed up. Then comes the new policy for whatever the screw up was that invariably adds to the already way too much busy work we have. What ever happened to educating and if necessary disciplining the nurse who performed the error? Plus the current model only draws attention to the fact that somebody committed an error of some kind that is resulting in additional work for all nurses. Not exactly good for morale.
  6. kbrn2002

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    Agree 100%. I am with Wuzzie on this. While what happened is sad and unfortunate it also goes way beyond a simple mistake. Do I feel bad for the otherwise upstanding citizen that makes a mistake by driving under the influence and kills somebody? Of course I do as that person has to live with the knowledge of what they did for the rest of their lives. Do I think that person should not face the legal consequences of that choice just because I feel bad for them? No, of course not. A public trial might even bring out into the open in a forum that can't be ignored the circumstances the facility put her in that allowed such an error to occur in the first place.
  7. kbrn2002

    What if/Is it possible?

    Theoretically I suppose it's possible for an intelligent person to study for the test and pass without any formal schooling. It would take the right kind of brain, the right kind of study materials and a lot of study time but sure, I suppose it could be done. In actuality though I doubt it would ever happen. I'm not sure how many state's allow somebody to challenge the NCLEX at LPN or RN level without the associated degree but I am pretty sure those state's that do allow it have a lot of other requirements that must be met before testing.
  8. kbrn2002

    Destined to Be a Flight Nurse

    Becoming a flight nurse is a long process and not every hospital and agency that employs them has the same hiring path to get there. I am assuming that your hospital has flight nurses since that is your eventual goal? If so talk to one or two of them when you get the chance and ask them how they eventually got to the point of being hired into the position.
  9. kbrn2002

    Nurses with Attitude

    Thank goodness I work in a SNF where that inane scripting hasn't been a thing, at least not yet. While most of us don't go out of our way to complain about staffing issues, we also tend to not lie about it. When a resident or family member comments about an obviously short staffed shift I will let them know that yes, we are challenged today. No point in lying about it when a shift is bad enough that they ask.
  10. kbrn2002

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    I don't regret it though there have admittedly been times I've wondered why the hell did I want to do this for a living? I work in a SNF and the workload and chronic short staffing occasionally gets to the best of us. Before people start responding telling me to get out of LTC, no thanks. I work LTC by choice, not because I can't find an acute care job. I am one of those nurses that has absolutely no desire to work in a hospital. Though it sometimes drives me a little bonkers overall the rewards of working with the elderly are worth it to me.
  11. kbrn2002


    In a perfect world I'd totally agree. However in some settings that just isn't an option. My SNF is at almost full census, we simply don't have a private room to move a c-diff positive resident to so we do the best we can with what we have to minimize risk of cross contamination as much as possible.
  12. kbrn2002

    Do I have time to take 'fun' classes when in nursing school?

    In every major in every school I've heard of there are a certain number of elective credits required. The amount of those credits that are needed will depend on your nursing program's graduation requirements. That being said, it seems a lot of programs especially at the ADN level consider pre-requisites to core nursing classes and required for graduation courses like communications as electives so you might not have as many elective credits required as you think you do. You should still be able to work a fun elective or two into your curriculum though as long as it doesn't conflict with the schedule of any required courses. Just be aware that even though it's a "fun" class the grade you get will count towards your GPA so don't take a class just for fun without planning to put in any work necessary to keep up a good grade.
  13. kbrn2002

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    Not that it excuses this old school doc's attitude, but think about that statement. There are sadly still people that don't believe women should be doctors. That attitude was much more pronounced years ago and women entering medicine as doctors were few and far between. Depending on how long she's been a doctor her road to getting that degree may not have been easy. Imagine the attitude and probable bullying she got as a med student, probably one of a very few females in her program. She had to grow some very thick skin to survive and thrive in that environment. No wonder she came out of it a little on the prickly side.
  14. kbrn2002

    Threatened by employer

    What concerns me most about this is your perception that you and the other CM are helping the owner run the company. While it may indeed be true the ultimate responsibility for the company lies with the owner and despite your assistance in "running the company" you are an employee and have no ownership in company decision making. While the owner's outburst may have been fueled by frustration it is still very telling. As the owner is more than willing to throw you under the bus if things go wrong it doesn't seem to me like your assistance in running the company is valued as much by your boss as it is by you. If you can live with that reality go ahead and stay, but like other's have said get your own malpractice insurance ASAP.
  15. kbrn2002

    In and Out Privileges

    Wow, just wow! What an insane place to work. How can an acute care facility be expected to keep violent patients indefinitely without strict safety measures in place? It's beyond unacceptable for staff to be assaulted with what sounds like zero consequences. There has to be a better way to provide secure housing for unplaceable patient's than allowing them free range to come and go as they please and having no secure place to contain a violent patient.