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JBMmom has 11 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in New Critical care NP, Critical care, Med-surg, LTC.

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  1. JBMmom

    Please, I need your insight.

    In my RN program, LPNs started their bridge in the third semester. Every semester we had some new students, some were repeating the previous semester, some coming back after taking a leave for a semester. I didn't know who was coming from LPN or anot...
  2. My outpatient experience is limited only to my clinical rotations where I realized that, for me, outpatient is NOT a good fit. I found myself frustrated with patients coming in for their specialty visit (nephrology and pulmonology) that are not demon...
  3. JBMmom

    Hospice Advice

    I am sorry this happened to you, especially in the very close relationship with hospice patients I'm sure you developed a level of attachment. Since you don't have any more information, and may not get any, don't assume that this is 100% because of s...
  4. JBMmom

    From nursing home to hospital

    I worked in LTC for five years before I moved into a hospital med-surg position. I didn't leave the LTC because I hated it, but I have to say I worked harder in that job than in any job since. As busy as my nights have been in med-surg, ICU, step-dow...
  5. JBMmom

    leaving outpatient for bedside, feeling guilty?

    Everyone has and keeps their job for whatever reason they have. There's nothing wrong with nurses that would enjoy the job you had that required more desk work and a certain mindset and skillset. And there's nothing wrong with nurses that don't enjoy...
  6. I will be going back to work for my next shift as a nearly independent ICU NP after a little over a year of orientation. After 24 years of professional employment (and 33 years of work overall) this was the most challenging year I have ever experienc...
  7. JBMmom

    Increasing D-dimer

    D-dimer is a notoriously unhelpful lab value in many situations. It is best used to rule out a condition involving clots like a PE or DVT. However, as DavidFR already pointed out, it can be elevated in other conditions like cancer. Additionally, preg...
  8. JBMmom

    Lazy Coworkers?

    A very good point. As awful as it is to follow a lazy coworker, you're the only one that knows whether this is worth it to follow up and risk either losing your job or making an uncomfortable work environment. If these things rise to the level of saf...
  9. JBMmom

    Nurse Practitioner had live sex for online viewing

    I think it's unfortunate but I don't really extrapolate this situation to any reflection on NPs in general. There are people that make questionable life choices (in my opinion) in all walks of life. If I hear a local news story about a teacher who ha...
  10. JBMmom

    New Reports on NP Compensation

    One other thing to focus on in job comparisons is the benefits package. Not reflected in base pay, that can really be a game changer. I know that my salary may not be the highest but my medical coverage is outstanding, and I will have a great retirem...
  11. JBMmom

    From CVICU to ENP (Best route?)

    Practically speaking, I think that ENP programs are much harder to come by than PCNP or ACNP, but that's just a logistical thought. The transition from any bedside position to provider can be a challenge. I know, I'm trying to complete that transitio...
  12. JBMmom

    Mandated to Work 16.5 + Hours

    My hospital has been using mandation for years. For those that already work 12 hour shifts, you can be mandated for an additional four hours, which we all know often runs over. I've heard that if someone refuses mandation there could be disciplinary ...
  13. JBMmom

    Transition to night shift

    Just like any other healthy habit, you have to set yourself up for success by planning for working nights. I LOVE my blackout curtains, white noise machine, bone conduction headphones headband, and bedside fan. Those are key for me for sleeping while...
  14. JBMmom

    2 Nurse Skin ✔ q Shift ❓

    I think it's called a Scout. It's kind of cool technology, but another thing that takes time and is of questionable use to patients. It's really just so the hospital doesn't get dinged for pressure injuries, so no actual benefit to patients since we ...
  15. JBMmom

    10 Fastest Nurse Practitioner (NP) Programs | 2024

    I appreciate that this article is well-researched and presented. I do think that a better approach would be to ask which programs provide the BEST education, as opposed to which programs provide the FASTEST education. We all know that there is a lack...

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