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JBMmom has 10 years experience as a MSN, NP and specializes in New NP Hospitalist, Critical care, Med-surg, LTC.


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  1. JBMmom

    Share your Nurses Week "gifts"

    I'm sure that there are people at every organization that truly feel a sense of gratitude for the work that nurses do and they want to make a Nurses Week show of appreciation. But we all know that sometimes they fall short (I think I remember someone...
  2. JBMmom

    Rest in peace- all the "Sarahs"

    I found out about a former colleague who apparently took her own life earlier this week. I haven't worked with her in a couple years, but she was such a funny and sweet coworker when we did work together. My heart breaks for her, and her family and f...
  3. JBMmom

    Transferring to Another Unit That is Less Stressful

    The float pool isn't for everyone. You've been working there and if the anxiety of not knowing where you'll be on any given day, it sounds like a very reasonable choice to me to pick a unit that you think seems like a good fit for you. There's a chan...
  4. JBMmom

    Working with a Colleague with a Dominating Personality

    There's something to be said for "the squeaky wheel gets the grease". Obviously this pattern of behavior has worked for your colleague in either her professional or personal life- or both. I think everyone has dealt with these people, whether they we...
  5. JBMmom

    From The Wrong Side of the Bedrails

    So glad that you're through your experience! I can only imagine that was a very challenging time for you. Good to hear that you received excellent care from the staff and that you're recovered.
  6. JBMmom

    Giving Up a Patient’s Care to Another Nurse

    It's both a blessing and challenge of long term care that staff members often form relationships with particular residents/patients. Another nurse recently posted about the difficulty when a resident with whom she had become very close died suddenly....
  7. JBMmom

    Giving False Bad Reference

    It sounds like this will leave your former coworker in a potentially bad spot and that's unfortunate. However, I think there aren't too many situations where this would impact you in the future. First, I would not give the unit phone number for...
  8. JBMmom

    Hanging Out with Coworkers Outside of Work

    I have a few friends I see socially outside of work. However, none of them are in a supervisory role, nor am I. I have a moderate level of interaction on social media, but I don't use social media for a whole lot other than keeping family and friends...
  9. My two different jobs have some very different opportunities: My hospitalist job: I love being able to support my nurses. From seeing patients and explaining the plan of care, to addressing more emergent changes in condition, being there fo...
  10. JBMmom


    It sounds like other than charting vitals that you weren't 100% sure of, or worse- knew were inaccurate- you didn't do anything wrong. The patient had periods of stability based on her vital signs between the time you administered the medicatio...
  11. JBMmom

    PTSD from COVID Deaths - Help getting back

    I thought I had replied a while back, but I had computer issues and I guess it didn't post. I'm sorry that you've had such a difficult time. I know that my last two years in ICU have been pretty bad, with January being the worst month of certainly my...
  12. Honey, to help you out I added toilet paper to the grocery list.
  13. With the end of another school year coming up the new grads will be looking for jobs. There are many threads about the down sides of night shift, so I think it might help people to hear any positive aspects to the job. If you have some to share, plea...
  14. JBMmom

    Would you pass the 1920 NCLEX?

    Not sure I would have passed, but I loved reading through, thanks for sharing!
  15. We're hoping for that FDA approval on aerosol ativan.