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MochaRN424 is a ASN and specializes in Women's Surgical Oncology, MIU,MBU.

I passed boards March 2007 Graduated July 2006 I am married and have three beautiful girls.

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  1. MochaRN424

    59 Years Young - Give Up My Comfy Job And Travel?

    Here I am an RN working 7 years in my current position on a MBU. I have been trying to obtain a remote nursing position and here this nurse misses interaction. I guess as we work in different areas we can’t always see the pros and cons of a situatio...
  2. MochaRN424

    Burnt out on Working Weekends and Holidays

    I am currently a Post-Partum Mother Baby nurse and this is my issue now. The unit is very short staffed so they are constantly looking for people to fill in. Yes we have to work weekends and holidays and not just 8 hrs and everyone use to rotate but ...
  3. MochaRN424

    Don't Burn That Bridge When You Change Jobs

    Thank you for this article I think for me this is very timely and was meant for me to see. I am in a position where I am not happy and I am looking for the next open door. Yes I may not be where I want to be but my attitude and how I handle things in...
  4. MochaRN424

    Patient Nurse Ratios 7:1

    Wow I am going through this same thing right now! Our ratios is 1:8 and I do not feel comfortable nor do I function at my best with these numbers. I too wanted to know how to handle the question when looking for a new position where they want to cont...
  5. MochaRN424

    How did you get into NICU nursing?

    I'm glad this question was asked because this has been my dream since I got out of school in 2006. But now that I have been off the floor being home with my daughters now 3 years...not sure how I would ever get a chance. I've done Women's Surgical O...
  6. MochaRN424

    My interview at a Hospital with the lions

    They called you in for an interview why? I will never understand this...if they didn't like what they saw on your resume why even bother to waste your or their time. I agree with the few comments I have read...Yes Thank God they showed their true sel...
  7. MochaRN424

    Why do you visit

    I initially joined as a student to see what the nursing environment was all about. To get the perspectives of other nurses and their situations. Sometimes I have to limit my viewings at times because it reminds me of what I am currently dealing with ...
  8. MochaRN424

    An RN That Is In Need Of Spiritual & Career Guidance

    Heather, Thank you so much for the encouraging words...Excellent choice of scriptures ...It definitely came at the right time. Yes so true only those who have a Christ centered upbringing would truly understand and its clear that you do. I have learn...
  9. MochaRN424

    Moms who work 16 hour weekend shifts

    Ok and I said I was not clear...if this was a problem for you... then perhaps you need not respond.
  10. MochaRN424

    OK Wesleyan Uni- no stats, no clinicals, no chem

    Thank you for this...Now I have to look at indiana also :0). I have been in contact with Oklahoma and I like how thorough Ms. L has been in her correspondence to me...looking forward to hopefully speaking with her on tomorrow.
  11. MochaRN424

    Moms who work 16 hour weekend shifts

    Again if its over the course of two days thats 16...if its 16 per day then thats 32...
  12. MochaRN424

    Need personal career advice!

    You are very welcome...I think your grades will speak for themselves. I just want you to stop speaking so negatively...slim stay positive and say that you will do it!
  13. MochaRN424

    Moms who work 16 hour weekend shifts

    Not clear are we speaking of two 8s...8 hours Saturday and 8 on sunday? I did PRN didn't like the nights and my child was almost 1 yr old at the time but the money was good. It worked because hubby would be with the baby so when I came in I could sl...
  14. MochaRN424

    What to ask prospective employer?

    Google this will find some good suggestions online (free). Also I have a Job Interviews for Dummies book...its not specific for nursing but overall good points for an interview (had the book before I became an RN). From experience make...
  15. MochaRN424

    Difficulty with coworkers

    MiriamRN, I'm not sure how this feels as far as the way people are being towards you but I know this much. Don't quit your job...If its that bad then start looking to go elsewhere where you will hopefully be appreciated. I have been out of work part...