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RNNPICU has 16 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU.

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    Rest in peace- all the "Sarahs"

    Hugs to you. How sad. We really do need to think about how we care for the caregivers. We need to look out for each other.

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    Eye agree.

    Why is there a shortage of pediatric nurses?

    You also have to remember that everyone was impacted by the pandemic. Hospitals had to make lots of changes, even in pediatrics, Everything became harder ratios became worse in pediatrics and acuity was still high. People were pulled to do things tha...

    Telling My Manager I Would Like To Transfer

    Make sure about that six months, many times it is 6 months after orientation, or 6 months after the probation period, not six months from date of hire. Also, with a sign-on bonus, even if you internally transfer you may need to pay it back since it ...

    A Sticky Wicket

    Davey Do: I agree with you. If they illegally obtained those arm bands, any public display of medical information such as name, MR, DOB, etc. is a violation. Even if the hospital did some worngdoing against the deceased, having patient informati...

    Our Lap Chole Story

    Davey Do: So sorry to hear about Belinda. Sending healing wishes and prayers up to the universe. Hopefully she will continute to mend. Also healing wishes to you for you to send forth. It is always scary when a loved one needs medical ...
  7. except for a nurse that has given both versed and vecuronium. Versed does not need to be diluted. Vecuronium is in powder form and needs to be reconsitituted with 10ml of NS. In a vial of versed there are 2ml. In a reconstituted vial of vecuroniu...
  8. I guess technically that is BID. Twice a day. Wonder what would happen if evening shift did not do them. What time does night shift start? Do they actually want them TID? Just trying to understand.

    Remote positions with a baby?

    hard to say because even case management jobs based for a hospital are not remote work. Maybe try looking at insurance companies. If you are on linked-in there are always job postings.
  10. Davey Do: I always love your perspective and the wisdom you bring. The perspective you brought is good insight. I think I would like to add, at times someone may to or act a certain way because they too have reached the end of their rope, ...

    Nurse Help

    This sounds like how it is everywhere right now. Meds are delayed because of delays throughout a hospital, you don't know that maybe the pharmacy has already been contacted 5 times. As for scans etc not getting done, perhaps the scanners are being us...

    Unintentionally Violated HIPAA. Felt Stupid.

    I was thinking the same thing. If you walk in Joe's room and are doing an assessment and start talking to him and start telling him yeah, did you know that Jack from accross the hall has COVID can you believe that = HIPAA If you walk into J...

    Heart Rate Bouncing Up and Down

    Not really, movement, poor connection, lots of other reasons. One way to test for afib is an official EKG,

    Unwelcoming Facility/Shunning

    OP: Did you ask how to be more confident? Was there any specific scenarios she could reference and give you feedback on how to be more confident? I would follow-up - perhaps there is something that she is seeing that you may not be awa...

    Retaking NCLEX after 3 years

    Check your State Board of Nursing - You may need to take an RN Refresher course prior to testing. Plus, you may want a live review - I realize that you may not be able to do in-person, but if you have a live review that you can stream or view via zo...