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RNNPICU has 13 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in PICU.

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    First Time Parents Asked For A Different Nurse

    Honestly while it does make you feel bad, be thankful. Why would you want to enter a room with a family that act like that. Some families want so much control in situations where they have little control. Families who are similar to the one you described know that this will hurt you and want control. You were much better off with a better assignment. Let it g.. There will be others in the future. Although initially it stings, some of the families are just unhappy and will take it out on you.

    Breathless, Coughing and Run-down: What's Going On? | Case Study

    I would want and HIV, CBC, CT, CXray

    Interview Panel, riddle me this?

    Most interviews of new staff include being interviewed from several different team members. Everyone can bring their perspective and ask questions and see how you would interact with different levels of care providers. This way it is more of a 360 degree picture of the candidate.

    Setting my orientee up for failure?

    I wonder ishowing her a progession time line would also be helpful. It sounds like you have taken all of the right steps to ensure your orientee's success. I wonder if this is something where this orientee might need to be told that during a specific shift they need to do everything and you are available but for assessments, meds, balacing patient load is on them. Obviously you will be following behind the scenes but to let them not check with you for everything. Maybe have a lunchtime check-in that shift and see where they are at. I think being very clear on the expectations for the shift is helpful and the orientee understands that they are the RN responsible for managing time.

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    OP: Glad you came back with some instropsection. While approaching you during patient care could have waited, Educators are forever chasing people down. Missing the class, although optional, is actually a big deal. It was something you signed up for and maybe took the place of someone else who may have also wanted to attend. I do not like swearing and would have been offput by the use of profanity when addressing an issue with me, especially if I am not comfortable with the person, or if it is in reference to something related to time and attendance issues. Casual conversation might be okay if I am very comfortable with the person and conversation, but I rarely have used profanity in the workplace. As for BLS this is not the same as our license, it is something that needs to be on file and updated per hospital poolicy. There may have been someone loking at files and came across yours and with no BLS on file it looks like you are non-compliant. Someone probably notified the Educator and now the Educator is frantically trying to ensure all files are compliant. I think the next time something like this occurs during patient care, just ask "Clinical Educator, I am right now in the middle of patient care, I will come and find you once I finish and we can discuss this" I am not a fan of using profanity expecially if it is even remotely related to performance issues. I think it is often hard when starting off to know the culture of the Unit and what are the requirements. I think now you know that even optional classes if you sign up, you should attend or notify if you can't make it, and always keep BLS and other certificates up-to date and on file.

    MMJ Card

    You still need to get your RN first, which involves clinicals, as well as going on for your NP. Many NP programs now are a DNP. It would be very hard to have an independent practice with zero RN experience or any clinical experience. You still would need to be drug tested. There are no loop holes, you still need a drug test to get into your clinicals. I think a major difficulty with MMJ is there is yet to be a threshold for under the influence. Not trying to rain on your parade, but currently there is no exception and no other way. To go to RN school you will need to find an alternative.

    Odd cystic fibrosis question

    However, if you look at all the other options, B is the BEST choice given the others. For the NCLEX you are selecting the best one, not what might be done in the real world. CF patients need high fat, high protein, high calorie. If you look at all of the other options, none of the others would fit.

    please help

    Before you begin preparing for the NCLEX, please check the BON for your state. Some may need you to take a refresher class prior to being allowed to take the exam.


    Some EDs will have you train for the higher acuity areas after you have mastered the other area. I would definitely ask about how to get experience there, as well as see if there is a TNCC course or something similar you can take? Ask your your educators what you can do to up your skills

    What if I'm not meant to be a bedside nurse?

    I don't think you need to prove anything, if anything, you have proved that you are successful at your job and your role.

    Help - Should I Work or Wait?

    I think the 3 months of experience is what is limiting. Clinicals from nursing school are what help you graduate and are not independent practice no matter how much independence you had as a student. They are needing vaccinators now, perhaps pick up some experience that way. PRN positions require you to have the experience that you can just start a job right away. Most PRN jobs will only give a 3 day orientation since you are already supposed to now how to function independently. Not to say PRNs cannot ask questions, but shouldn't need the support or extra resources as they are an experienced staff member.

    What if I'm not meant to be a bedside nurse?

    If you are interested in the CNRN, check out the https://abnncertification.org/cnrn/about

    What if I'm not meant to be a bedside nurse?

    OP: I think you are looking at it from the opposite anlge. You never truly lose anything, only gain. Assessing triage on the phone is absolutely assessing. You are looking at it from a loss persepective. You are gaining so many skills that many of us cannot do. Do you ask patients questions, listen to them, educate, try to understand any issues? Do you provide answers, feedback, etc? Not all assessments are with a stethoscope. Think about all of the telehealth appointments, are they not assessing? You have lost nothing.

    What if I'm not meant to be a bedside nurse?

    From what I have read in your posts you are thriving in your position. Acute Care is not the be all do all end all of nursing. Why stress yourself out and feel awful everyday you go in to work just to say you are working at the bedside. Do you really want to run around all day, get critiqued by co-workers, physicians, familiy members, the patient because you aren't fast enough, good enough, etc... all just to say you worked bedside? You are using your nursing skills, assessment skills as a nurse. It is just different. Bedside nursing is always chaos, it always changes. I have always wanted to do ER nursing and IV nursing.. however I am terrible at IV starts no matter how many classes, attempts, etc. The ED seems interesting because of the teaching aspect and critical thinking, however, I can't move that fast. I would never succeed no matter how much I wanted it or how great a preceptor there was. I would not choose to work there at all There truly is a place for everyone. Let me ask you this.... Do you want to embrace the fast pace chaos knowing that there is a very finite timeline before you get off orientation? Do you want the bedside because someone said you have to do bedside to be a nurse? Your current job is just as important at the bedside, perhaps more because you are dealing with outpatient and limited resources.

    Required to do free visit??

    Glad to hear!!

    Board certified with multiple degrees

    Not sure if you need the BFA, but I would put that one first and have the BSN second so the RN follows. And yes, certifications comelast. The order is: Name, Degree, License, Certifications