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  1. raindrop

    Tough situation

    Yeah I know. It's so bizarre how my recruiter doesn't care about extensions falling thru, you'd think he'd like the money that I bring in? I don't know if he's trying to get me to quit or what. I'm not sure how to broach everything with the other recruiter. They went to HS together according to the website so no doubt they are besties. Do I send him an email and tell him I'd like to extend, my boss wants me to extend, but my recruiter, your colleague, isn't making any contact with the hospital, so can you take over? Second time this has happened. And another time, I accepted a job contingent on me finding housing. I immediately found housing but it was going to be pretty expensive. I told my recruiter to send me the contract and then I'll sign the lease agreement. Nothing. I then told him that the apartment can only be held for another week without me signing the lease, and I don't want to sign the lease unless I know the job is mine, and the apartment wants a copy of my contract, too. Nothing. The apartment fell thru and so I told him I cannot work in that city. It was a 4 week notice. He said he'd let them know. Nope. The day before I was "supposed" to start, the VM called me directly and threatened to blacklist me for giving only a 1 day notice. What?? I proved to her via emails that I gave 4 weeks. She was livid.
  2. raindrop

    Tough situation

    I've been with my company for a few years. I love the company, but over the past couple years, my recruiter started basically ghosting me, leaves me hanging, doesn't follow up with my requests to extend, etc, etc. I've had enough. Id like to go with a different recruiter. BUT this company is very small and they only have 3 recruiters total, with one of them being my guy. And not much overhead. I've called the main number before and he's often the one who answers. I think switching recruiters would cause too much drama since it's a small office and I'm sure they are close, don't you think? I hate to leave, but is my best bet to go with a different company for about a year and then reapply with current company and request the other recruiter?
  3. raindrop

    Chamberlain FNP

    Thank you. Thats more like it. I'm going to call her tomorrow and ask about her numbers.
  4. raindrop

    Chamberlain FNP

    I spoke with an advisor today and because of my employer, I'll get 10 percent off tuition. She then said the program total will cost approx 22k after the 10 percent reduction. The Chamberlain website keeps crashing on me tonight, but I'm trying to see how much tuition is per credit hour. 22k seems "off" to me unless she meant per year?
  5. raindrop

    Mg sulfate Ryder on PCU patient

    Reporting nurse reported that my 78yo sepsis patient has been throwing frequent PVC and his Mg was low 1.7 , K+ was normal. She made the floor NP aware of the PVCs and the NP ordered a 1Gm MG Ryder. The nurse called her to clarify the order, she was hesitant to hang Mg on a patient getting Levophed for extremely dumpy pressures, on Bipap and is lethargic. The NP discontinued the order, but she wasn't happy about it, and she said she would let the hospitalist listen to the nurses concerns when he was to take over for the day. He never addressed it, so the pt continued to have PVCs throughout the day. I understand that Mg can cause cardiac arrest and CNS depression if given too much or too fast. But 1 gram? I don't think I would've questioned it. Do you agree with me or am I missing something?
  6. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    TheSquare, The Union hospitals that I've looked at are UoC and Stroger. They list the starting pay on the website. It seems low. Is it negotiable?
  7. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    Thanks so much!
  8. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    No, I'm not a new grad. I have 14 years and I'm working on a masters degree. Which hospitals would you say would hire me? Nothing from NWMH or Stroger
  9. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    It seems so difficult to get an interview with Stroger. I have 14 years experience, no interview.
  10. raindrop

    Any Stroger Hospital nurses here?

    I'm looking at jobs on the website and I'm shocked at thevliw pay. And from what I understand, it's non negotiable since it's Union. I've been a RN for 14 years and the pay for me in the OR working from 11-6 would be 31.00? I mean LoL! Sure the health insurance is great, but that doesn't matter to me. The only thing I can think of is maybe I am incorrect and the wage is negotiable? Even Northwestern has much higher pay. I interviewed there and negotiated 38.00 Base, which I'll likely accept.
  11. raindrop

    Finally decided to quit nursing

    The OP may not see this thread since it's a few years old, I'm just wondering how it all worked out for the OP?
  12. raindrop

    Missouri Nursing Pay Rates

    Any idea on pay that seasoned nurse (14 years) would make in saint Louis in the cath lab?
  13. raindrop

    Hospitals in LA

    I just don't get it.
  14. raindrop

    Going perm in Cali

    I finally made it out to California and I'm in love with it out there. I've been wanting to go perm to learn a new specialty in either the Cathlab or CVOR and I think I could be very happy being perm in Cali for the next 3 years and then I'll probably get the travel bug again. I have been looking at housing on Zillow and I think it would be a good investment to buy a house or condo in San Diego and then if I decide to sell it in 3 years, I could hopefully make a nice profit. It seems like California housing appreciates like crazy. Does anyone think this is a bad idea and maybe I'm better off renting? I can put about 120k down, I'm looking to buy something for 300k. And what can I expect to make as perm in either the CL or CVOR?