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  1. I once worked with a nurse who was immediately fired after a patient complained about something extremely petty. His complaint was how he felt burdensome to her because she told him he needs to stop calling every 5 minutes. Nurses are always getting reprimanded for little things, and oftentimes the BON gets called about the nurse, putting our license at risk for oftentimes petty complaints. I’ve been in situations where the patients realllllly challenged my patience, hit me, acted violent, cussed me out. I know all of you have, too. And we handle it, it takes teamwork and sometimes chemical or physical restraints, but at the end of the shift, we did it and we did it well. And then we’re called about some BS complaint or minor documentation error. Never once have I worked with a nurse who needed to put a knee on someone’s neck to get “em under control. Hell, George Floyd would’ve been one of my easy patients from the footage I’ve seen. I could’ve handled him with some soothing but stern words. Can you imagine what the nurse would go thru if we put our knee on someone’s neck? OMG. Or recently in my town, a cop body-slammed a person and caused a seizure after being told by the person to STFU. And it’s been that cops 4th major offense in 5 years, with the first three offenses requiring anger management and counseling. How many of you had patients call you every name under the sun and you still kept your composure? It really doesn’t even phase me when it happens. But can you imagine what would happen to us if we got in that patients face? Or body slammed that patient? Most of us endure some form of physical abuse from patients if we work the bedside, especially ED nurses. Yet, we handle it, and rarely file police reports ourselves, and we certainly never flip out and go ape ***. Why double standards? Why aren’t police officers held to the same standards as nurses? It’s sickening.
  2. raindrop

    Will this look unprofessional?

    Yeah I’ve been a traveler for many years. I haven’t moved permanently because my mom and sister are here and we are very close. And I have a beautiful house that I got for a VERY good deal. I love my house. But today I realized how much I really want to settle down and stop traveling, and to accomplish this, I’ll need to move. They are rather popular in town because they throw their money at people, but they don’t do it quietly, everyone sees and admired them. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.
  3. raindrop

    Will this look unprofessional?

    Hi guys, yeah I turned it down by talking to HR and the manager by phone. They both appreciated that I quit before starting since they invested nothing in me yet. I simply told them I was super excited when the job was offered, but now that the dust has settled, I realized I am not a good fit for the job. I didn’t really elaborate. But I’ll elaborate here... The MAIN reason is my narcissist stepmom and father. They are rumor starters and gossip lovers. My sister and I are no contact with them. Despite their age (70) they hang out with ppl my age, some of their friends were ppl that I went to high school with. They are very parental-like and “cool” to them, but to my sister and I and their grandkids, they are vile, controlling and just mean . As I was leaving my interview, in the lobby, I saw some of their young friends in a group talking with eachother. This is a small community and basically everyone works at one of the 2 hospitals. I said hello to them as I walked past them, and I was greeted with a hi, followed by them snickering loudly and completely turning their backs to me. Grown ups. I felt sick afterwards. I won’t have peace there. I’d always wonder who is gossiping untrue things about me, who is reporting to my N-stepmom, wondering what stepmom is saying, etc? I tried conquering my fears by not allowing the High school crap ruin what could be OK, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t get over it. I’m sure some of them will be on my floor or I’ll float to their floor. I can’t deal with them. Life is hard enough being estranged from my parents, I don't need their crap interfering with my job. How sad huh?
  4. raindrop

    Will this look unprofessional?

    Two weeks ago, I accepted a job offer. But it just doesn’t feel right, it never has (7 patients, 1 CNA sometimes 2 if we’re “lucky”). I accepted it as a knee-jerk response when it was offered. It pays amazing. I got bad vibes during the interview. I haven’t been sleeping very well since accepting it because my gut is telling me that it’s not for me. This upcoming week is when I’m supposed to do the preemployment physical and other on-boarding stuff, and I think I need to back down now before the hospital pays for all that. Im going to call my recruiter Tomorrow and back down. Should I also email the manager? Any advice or opinions welcomed.
  5. Many years ago, I worked at a facility and burned my bridge by quitting without adequate notice. I was still on orientation I was being bullied so badly that I’d have panic attacks in my car before my shift. One morning , my nose even began bleeding for no reason, which I know was blood pressure/stress related. I tried transferring, but I wasn’t allowed until 1 year. So I quit. I couldn’t take it anymore. I did not do anything inappropriate or anything. I may have seemed “weird” or “off” because my mental health was circling the drain at that place. I did not interact with very many people and was generally quiet but still cordial. But nonetheless, I would literally get bullied by just standing or walking in the break room before the shift. The manager was “besties” with most the staff, so who knows what’s in my record. But something is absolutely up. I am now trying to get on at another hospitals that is under the same healthcare system that I quit from years before. I’ve had 3 different interviews. Let’s just say I’ve rocked it at every interview. Awesome awesome interviews. At this system, management shifts thru the applications and interviews you first, and if they are interested, they tell HR to get the ball rolling for the offer. During my interviews, I do mention that I worked for their system years ago because I know they’ll find about anyway, and that I quit without adequate notice. And EVERY time I get the “we give people second chances, nooooo big deal, that was so long ago ” followed by “we’ll start getting things processed and you can expect a job offer within 2 days”. And then radio silence. I’ve even called or emailed managers to follow-up and to express my interest, and none will respond. A few days later, I’ll get a generic email saying “we’ve chosen someone else” despite 10 openings on that floor. I’m kinda freaked out now about what’s really in my record. Why so secretive? Be transparent, you know. It’s the professional thing to do. But really it’s an awful feeling. I even called HR the other day to find out what is on my record, and she said she would call me back. And now she’s not responding to me either.
  6. raindrop

    California is on my mind

    Literally every single travel nurse that I’ve ever met tell me that California is amazing to live and work ,with Bakersfield as the exception. I love LA and San Diego, those are the only 2 places that I’ve been to while vacationing there . I’d love to move out there while finishing school or possibly permanently. I’d love to settle down somewhere more liberal and advance my career, and I think California is calling my name. I’m in the midst of finishing up a MSN In leadership, but I’m going for the NP next, but that’ll take a few years to finish up. I hate getting that far into the future, but do you see NP jobs drying up out there over the next few years? I’ll have a DNP when I’m finished. Can anyone give me an estimate on what a 20 year Seasoned nurse could make as staff in either LA or San Diego as a circulator/FA ? I’ve looked at different websites, but the pay range varies substantially, so I’m not really sure. anything over 8/hrs is overtime pay, correct? Any hospital recommendations? I know UOC hospital in San Diego has a god rep, but what about in LA? If I decide to buy a condo, which area do you think I’ll profit the most from if I sell it in a few years? Finally, might as well ask this, too...since I plan on flying out to do Livescan, do you k now of any place near LAX to get it done?
  7. raindrop

    Travel position or staff position? Both available

    Also I was told by an administrator friend that hospitals get to write off travel nurses at the end of the year at tax time, so it’s a huge savings for them in the long run.
  8. raindrop

    Alaska Travel?

    I’m considering Alaska for my next and likely last travel assignment. I once worked with a TN who loved her assignment(s) in Alaska. I remember a tip that she gave me Re: licensure. From what she told me, all nurses must renew your license in November every other year on even years. So if I were to obtain my license by endorsement in, for example, October 2020; I’ll still need to renew in November 2020. Moral of the story of my source is correct is to wait until after November of even years to apply for endorsement licensure 😂
  9. raindrop

    The damn flu shot and other required immunizations

    As stated in my post, I was planning on getting the flu shot in November. But telling me I need it NOW is baloney.
  10. Hospitals that I’ve traveled to over the last few years started mandating the flu shot instead of allowing the nurse to opt-out and wear a mask. I’m OK with it, even though its taking away my rights. But now it seems to be trendy to tell the nurse when she needs to have the flu shot. I turned down a contract at the end of August because the hospital wanted to to get a flu shot that week, and they wanted a new TB skin test despite having it done 4 months ago. And now it’s happening again with this assignment, right at the last minute, “Raindrop needs a flu shot and TB before she can start.” And then I remind my company that I willl get the FS, but not until mid November. And NO to the TB until May 2021. And now they are scrambling because I’m sticking to it. And the hospital will not accept a QuantiFERON. This field is for the birds, and I’m glad that I will be graduating with a degree that is not related to nursing in a year from now. I predict the COVID and flu vaccine are going to be mandated next year. How will you respond to this mandate? And how about if they tell you when you need it done...E.g., in September? My body, my right? Or no?
  11. raindrop

    Compact license question

    Update for everyone. I called the BON for MO and I was told the same thing that Ned said. I’m getting a Florida license and on the application it asked if I want a compact license; I clicked yes to see what it would say next. On the following page, it wanted me to electronically sign a form that vouches I am indeed a current resident of Florida at the time of application, and it gave examples examples of what it means to be a resident, I.E., having your car registered there. The application clearly said resident is not someone who “plans” on living there either, at the time of application you must be an active resident to get compact, or there will be serious consequences.
  12. raindrop

    Compact license question

    I figured as much. Thanks Ned!
  13. raindrop

    Compact license question

    My tax home is not part of the compact. But I recently obtained licensure in a state that is part of the compact, Missouri. Now that I have a MO license, can I travel to other compact states without getting licensure there?
  14. raindrop

    Huge paycut, Unsure of what to do

    Well, I worked at a hospital as “staff” very short term last year around here and hated the environment and culture. I was started off at 40/hr. It was a critical care unit and I had no training except basic orientation. My mindset is the same, some money is better than no money. And I’ll get management experience, and experience in surveys, wound care, etc. what I dislike the most isn’t so much the pay itself, it’s the pay + crappy insurance + dangerous drive.
  15. I’ve been a traveler for years and in my specialty, PCU, there is nothing. Staff jobs in my area have laid off many of their nurses from losing so much during the pandemic. There really aren’t too many jobs out there. I recently applied for a ADON position at a small nursing home/rehab center near me. They only have 65 residents, which is their max. It is a for-profit facility. They have excellent reviews and a high rating from CMS. I have no management experience. But this place is willing to train me. The Administrator said the company will have plenty of classes and resource people around and he is not expecting me to hit-the-floor running. He was very nice. He’s been with the corporation 20 years and he said there will be room for me to advance. But... only 55k/year. Yeah, it comes out to about 26/hr. And, while it’s only 30 min away, my commute will be on a dangerous road, especially during the Winter. Is it worth it? Once I accept, I don’t want to quit for at least 18 mos-2 years. I need roots. Or should I wait a few more weeks to see if the hospitals and clinics start hiring again? I will kick myself if I decline and then can’t find anything better within the next 6-8 weeks. I did interview for a Govt job on Tuesday and I think I did well, but they won’t have a decision for another 6-8 weeks and then in takes 4 weeks for onboarding. I could wait to see if the Govt job calls, but again, I’ll kick myself if I didn’t get that job and I will have wasted 8 weeks plus turned down this job. I think 55k was my starting pay in the ICU 15 years ago. But there are 65 million unemployed Americans right now and I don’t want to be one of them. Again, there isn’t much out there. Even my nearby clinics aren’t hiring. I do not want to start and then quit as soon as something better comes along, unless it’s just awful, which I don’t think it is. I appreciate that I’ll get some management experience and maybe in a couple years I can find something with higher pay. I do plan on going back for my NP starting this fall. What should I do?
  16. I’m currently on a travel assignment and a staff member (new grad) refused to take a combative patient who has been refusing his meds for 3-4 days, she felt like she couldn’t deal with him. The charge nurse told her she cannot refuse a patient. I intervened and said it is her right to refuse and she should be reassigned to someone else. I then said that the bigger issue is the patient refusing his meds for multiple days and I asked if a provider has been notified and how the patient needs a physician assessment ASAP. Charge nurse told me I am wrong, that according to the ANA, a nurse cannot refuse. I told her that’s incorrect and she called house super on me and the nurse refusing. House supv jusr rolled his eyes. Nobodt addressed the meds/physician thing. Nurses just blow my mind sometimes. Where is the compassion, understanding and flexibility with your coworkers in this field?