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  1. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    My sister says the same thing, but she sounded SO young, It is a smallish town so it is possible, but the bully nurse “girls” and the manager from 2004 are likely old enough to be her mom. Nothing against young nurses, but it was also quite condescen...
  2. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Shocked, fumbling her words. She said twice “I mean...it’s pretty much standard to ask about past employment” and both times I told her “you haven’t asked me anything about past employment, you have only asked me what happened 20 years ago at this ho...
  3. To The Nurse Recruiter: Nope

    Thanks!! It felt really good to flip the switch. Bad vibes all the way.
  4. Had a interview at a job that I worked at 20 years ago as a new grad, I quit while I was still on orientation. I tried transferring, but that was against their policy, and I tried to tell my manager that I need better training and by a preceptor who ...
  5. Another ghost recruiter:-(

    I’m actually very nice, I’m just unhappy and frustrated with the unprofessionalism of recruiters lately. I am not needy and don’t need them for anything except submitting me. I don’t understand why she can’t answer a text with 3 words max though lett...
  6. Another ghost recruiter:-(

    I’m aware of the bait n hook tactics that recruiters use, but it seems like it’s becoming more common nowadays than years ago. Recruiter: Are you giving me permission to submit you? do you need any time off or are there certain days you can’t ...
  7. Something Fishy Going On With My Recruiter!

    Thanks so much!! It is what it is. I’m sure I’ll find an even better agency.
  8. Something Fishy Going On With My Recruiter!

    Thank you so much for your kind responses. I’ve been consistently traveling since 2014, and have only used 2 agencies/recruiters , which includes the agency that apparently canned me. I really liked this company, especially their phenomenal health in...
  9. I’ve been loyal to a well-known and reputable travel company for 2 years, only taking contracts with them. So needless to say, I’ve gotten to know my recruiter well. My last contract... I did not extend; and it ended in November. The extension ...
  10. CAUTI benchmarks

    Hi everyone, I am in an online program and my course instructor doesn’t have any availability until Wednesday, so I’m hoping you can help me out. I have looked everywhere for the past 2 days, and I cannot figure out how to connect A to B to C. ...
  11. Upset Over Patient Who Crashed

    Mona is the acronym for Morphine, oxygen, nitro sublingual, aspirin. Mona should be given for any Patient with chest pain.
  12. Upset Over Patient Who Crashed

    Thank you so much. In my mind, I did do everything but I am kicking myself for not asking for morphine, nitro or putting him on 02 during his CP episode (Mona). I was running around like crazy and when I saw that his EKG was normal and Trops fine, I ...
  13. Upset Over Patient Who Crashed

    I’ve been on FMLA for a while and last night was my first night back on my med/surge/tele floor. I got an 87 yo old male admission mid shift who presented to the ED with falls, AMS, and abdominal pain. ED worked him up with a head CT, CXR, CT abdomen...
  14. “Threatening” is OK, it really is! Threats are only words. He was on Meth, did you expect him to be A/OX3 and rationale? “Your” ER? Hello EGO! Check yo’self before you wreck yo’self.
  15. Actually I love the ER, it is wild and crazy alright. But despite getting smacked, spit and punched more times than I can recollect, I’ve never had to put my knee on the neck of a patient, or tase them, or tackle them to the ground with 5 others. I h...