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  1. I‘d love to work in Croatia, or even Bosnia since it’s close enough to Croatia. This is literally just a dream, I could never make it a reality even if I had the opportunity. Well, unless it were a short term thing, like, less than a year. But the odds of it happening for me are slim to none. But a girl can dream, so I figured I’d ask about it here. I am just curious if any of you have worked in that area and what it was like as a nurse? Was it arranged thru an agency and for how long? I love it there soooo much. The atmosphere, the people, the food, everything. I really feel “home” there. Sigh.
  2. For the online portion, I’ve been given 4.5 hours to complete everything . And then the instructor will meet with me after the online portion, on that day, to do do the stuff that he needs to sign off on, which he scheduled another 2 hours. I’m completely new to PALS, I’ve never been certified before. I made a stink about taking it online, but the instructor said he doesn’t have anyone for a class until March. And then I saw that he scheduled me to get everything done in about 6 hours total, whereas, the class is typically 2 days, right? Im going to my manager about this. Am I right to complain? From what I gather, PALS online takes 6-9 hours for someone with experience . I do not have experience. When I say “online”, I’m referring to watching the videos and doing the online tests. I’m not sure how long the other part with the instructor “typically” takes. What should I say to my manger? I can’t step on toes, and they are friends. He is the educator for it unit.
  3. raindrop

    Writing help

    My writing skills will never be where I want them to be, it's something that I've always struggled with. I found myself in the Writing Center during my BSN 3 days/week, and while I improved greatly during that time, it's been many years ago. With that stated, I am about to start an online MSN program while working FT, no Writing Center available. Can any of you give any tips on how you are able to write 20 + papers for Grad School? I'm starting the program in January. And since my papers will need to be in APA, can you suggest any APA formatting software that you've used? During my BSN, I literally typed my papers on Word and used an APA book to format everything correctly, including reference pages. It took forever. I later found out that my classmates were using software that formatted it into APA automatically. Would you consider this way cheating even if I use a book to double check the accuracy?
  4. raindrop

    What should I do?

    I've been dancing around with the idea of NP for a very long time. Last month, I applied at 2 different universities and had phone interviews at both. I found out today that I am accepted at my #1 Uni preference. Yippy Yayy!! I have been a stepdown nurse since 2005, and traveling in stepdown across the country consistently the last 5 years. Some of the SD's can be considered ICU's, other SD's are more Med-surg/Telemetry. Either way, stick a fork in me, I am done. I want to take a much easier job while I'm in school. The NP program is going to take me around 3-ish years to complete, I am also getting a post-masters as a MHNP. I have an opportunity to work at a Convent as a RN Educator for the nursing department. In case anyone isn't familiar with what a convent is, it is a place where Catholic Nun's live. This convent has 85 nuns, ages 80-105, and the nursing department is very small, a couple of RN's/LPN's and CNAs. The pay is decent, the stress level, zero. My only concern is when I graduate in 3-ish years that my recent experience in the Convent will put me at the bottom of the list when I apply for jobs. But I tend to let negative thinking get the best of me. I like to think it will not matter; after all, there are many NP's who barely have any bedside experience before getting their NP. I know I could continue to work PRN at the hospital, but I really do not want to. I don't want to shoot myself in the foot, either. My ultimate goal is to work as a MHNP or FNP in a clinic.
  5. raindrop

    Is this interview process unprofessional?

    Some of you are very catty and non supportive. I’ve been asked by most of you why I don’t think they were qualified to interview me. Well for starters, according to one of my nursing journals, it’s supposed to be an informal & casual interview where the peers ask me informal & casual interview questions such as “Tell us what you think this job will be like and then we’ll tell you the reality” They should also be prepared to answer my questions and not look at eachother with deer-in-headlight eyes when a question is asked. My questions? So how long have you guys worked here and what do you like and dislike about this job” - Head in deerlights- ohh, you’ve been here 6 months? Ohhh, you’re a new grad? Ohh you’re new grad with an ADN and your interviewing a nurse of 15 years with a MSN and questioning her experience . Haha okkk. Will not be reading further replies. Peace out!
  6. Where do you see yourself In 5 years? If you mention you’d like to go back to grad school within that timeframe, that may not hire you. But if it’s the truth, and it means career growth, I don’t see any reason not to mention it. Of course I would throw in things about growing in THAT job and getting certified, but what about grad school?
  7. I applied for a job and within 2 hours I got a call from a recruiter for a phone interview. He told me the manager will not be able to interview me for a full week. I really wanted the job and so I waited and did not apply elsewhere. I interview with her and it went well. The interview was on a Monday. She said I should hear from the recruiter by Wednesday to schedule me for a peer interview. I hear nothing on Wednesday, so I called my recruiter Thursday morning. He finally called me back Friday at 3pm to schedule the peer interview. He said he just heard back from the manager about scheduling it, hence the delay. Peer interview was then on Tuesday. They had my resume, and instead of talking about the unit, unit goals, pros/cons of the job and working there, they were giving me an actual interview which I do not think was appropriate. They are not qualified for that and that is not what a peer interview is supposed to entail. I went along with it. As they were walking me back to the lobby, in the elevator, etc, they were glued to their personal phone, texting. I tried making small talk such as “is that the hospital chapel” and I was given a “mmm hmm” with they’d heads still down at their phone. Again, this was on Tuesday. Wednesday, I heard nothing. Thursday morning, a generic email arrived, to paraphrase : “thank you for applying, your credentials look impressive but we’ve decided to interview other candidates.” Applied? How about interviewed? Boom. That’s all. No follow up. A friend interviewed for a job at the sane place, but a different recruiter. She was called and told she didn’t get the job but was offered an interview w a different department. I waited a full week for my first interview. And then a full week for my 2nd interview. And now that’s it?
  8. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    TheSquare, The Union hospitals that I've looked at are UoC and Stroger. They list the starting pay on the website. It seems low. Is it negotiable?
  9. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    Thanks so much!
  10. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    No, I'm not a new grad. I have 14 years and I'm working on a masters degree. Which hospitals would you say would hire me? Nothing from NWMH or Stroger
  11. raindrop

    Demand for Nurses in Chicago

    It seems so difficult to get an interview with Stroger. I have 14 years experience, no interview.
  12. raindrop

    Any Stroger Hospital nurses here?

    I'm looking at jobs on the website and I'm shocked at thevliw pay. And from what I understand, it's non negotiable since it's Union. I've been a RN for 14 years and the pay for me in the OR working from 11-6 would be 31.00? I mean LoL! Sure the health insurance is great, but that doesn't matter to me. The only thing I can think of is maybe I am incorrect and the wage is negotiable? Even Northwestern has much higher pay. I interviewed there and negotiated 38.00 Base, which I'll likely accept.
  13. raindrop

    Frustrated w new company

    They are new to me and new in general, and very small. But they are wasting my time and I'm getting frustrated. During the application process, company wanted all of my credentials including immunization records. I sent everything to 2 different people. They said it would be added to my file. Ffwd... Today is Wednesday. 1. 5 days ago on Friday evening, I verbally accepted a job. 2. I signed contract and sent back on Monday. The contract had a contingency typed in that i work a block schedule. After signing contract, I was told they are still waiting to get contingency approved. I told them I needed to know by evening time since the housing that I lined up needs me to lock Down the housing by Monday evening or early Tuesday morning. 3. Finally got word Tuesday afternoon after I kept on them that it was a go. However, my housing fell through because I waited too long. Owner of new company said he will find me something and call me back. I told him I'll live in a studio and can furnish myself, but NO to a Motel/extendedStay/efficiency and no more than x amount. 4. After owner and I hung up, the recruiter called and said she heard I won't stay at n extended stay type of place, but that's where owner is putting me. And if that's not acceptable, I need to break contract now because if I wait any longer I will be on the hospital systems DNR list across the state. I told her I have faith in the owner and I'll wait until I hear back from him. If I end up breaking contract and becoming a DNR, so be it. 5. Owner calls with housing that he found, but it's a Six-month lease. I said I cannot commit to 6 months right now as I have no idea if I will like the job enough to extend, or, if they'll even extend me. He said he'll have lease put in his name. I was very impressed by that. He had no pics, but he gave me the address. 6. After housing was cleared up yesterday (Tuesday), they asked for all my credentials and immunization records AGAIN. Ok, sent. I then said I will need all computer tests to be sent to me on Wed or Thursday of this week as I'm going out of town on the weekend and then leaving for the assignment next week. 7. Today is Wednesday and they again asked for credentials that I've now sent twice. I then asked again about computer tests and they didn't have that info yet. I asked when I can move into the apartment next week, and owner said he'll call me later (8 hours ago) but I haven't heard back. I asked about drug screening and I was told it would be today, when I followed up a few hours later, they were still looking into it. Tomorrow is Thursday and i feel like this is going in circles. Nothing accomplished yet. Ive done my part, including getting a physical and flu shot paid by me. I've had enough, but I think I'll give them until Friday before I say contract cancelled. I've never cancelled a contract, but I can't work like this.
  14. raindrop

    Which school/degree should I choose?

    So the school doesn't matter as much as the degree? I am leaning towards the dual degree; however, I've read where dual-degrees are frowned upon since the recipient isn't awarded two separate degrees. I believe my credentials will be listed as BSN, MSN/MBA. Lastly, between the dual degrees, which is best in your opinion. The MSN/MBA or MSN/nurse leadership. Btw, I do plan on continuing to PhD.
  15. I'd like to become a manager and work my way up the ladder to hopefully CNO. I'm looking at two different schools to earn a master's degree and I'd like your opinion on which one is more favorable to my career advancement. School 1: I'd earn a dual degree as either MSN/MBA or MSN/Nurse leadership. Both options are 100 percent online and I'd have to opportunity to sit for Certification exams upon graduation. This is not a renowned college. Just a simple private university in the middle of nowhere. Fully accredited. School 2: Offers an Executive MBA degree, great school and reputation. It's an adult class for students who work full time. Not online. Upon interviewing, it seems like they rarely have nurses in this class. So I'm not sure if I'd get what I need since there isn't any focus on nurse administrators. Plus, it's not a dual-degree. This school is in my city, it won't be an inconvenience to go to class. Im just not sure which option is best for my career. I've been a RN since 05, but I was an LPN for several years before obtaining my BSN. I have plenty of experience as charge nurse and I've seen so much as a travel nurse. I really want this and I know I'd be excellent at it, but I just can't decide.

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