Such a toxic group of nurses in my correctional facility

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Yes, nurses in general have a reputation for being awful, lateral violence in nursing is no joke. But this is my first correctional job where the nurses are state workers and protected by the union. This environment is very toxic, One minute they are talking smack about eachother, the next minute they are talking about getting drunk together on their next day off,  I'm new and I'm their hit list because my pay is high, everyone's pay grade is accessible on the state Intranet. I have been thisclose to quitting since day 1. I have been told that my preceptors loaded me heavy with work and abusive behavior because they wanted me to quit, I'm the one who is going to take away their overtime. 

What are some common ways they can get me introuble if they wanted? I'm asking because I'm not used to this behavior. 
For example, in the hospital, the charge ongoing and off going would count sharps/narcs together. Not here. Usually the offgoing tells oncoming "I counted at 6 am, all is good" and the oncoming nurses just signs off. They do this because they trust eachother and it's soooo busy at 6 am that counting would throw off that nurses day. But I do t feel comfortable not counting and I'm getting grief for it…”you are slowing up the early NSC visits or intakes and putting all the work on us jusr because you are busy counting for am hour.” 

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Bullying. As long as you are following policy you are safe from progressive discipline. Cross talking is the worst thing. Keep doing your job, refrain from gossip w your co workers will give you your best shot. Try and find any way to promote that you are an asset to the crew. If all these don't pan out.. look to transfer within the system so you don't lose your tier. You may be able to literally move. Document for yourself any instances so you can say these are the reasons for transfer. Hostile work environments suck 

Get out! I know what AK DOC was like - don't follow the rules. I wouldn't stay or you are putting your license at risk.

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