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  1. How long does it usually take from in-person interview to offer of employment at Providence St. Peter Hospital, Olympia, WA? I was instructed that I would next hear from the recruiter if an offer of employment (in a contract) was made, but it has already been a week and I have not heard from anyone. Also, what is the current culture like there? I have applied for an IV Therapy position; however, I could float (if they were interested) occasionally to ICU if needed. But, of course, I'm interested in the culture throughout the hospital, not just in these two areas alone.
  2. ~Plumeria~

    Why I'm leaving nursing

    I admire you for making the wise decision to leave - while you can. I've waited 17 years to leave and now find myself perhaps too old to re-train and in an area of the US with few job opportunities. I cried after every shift my first 6 months of nursing. I wish I had left then.
  3. ~Plumeria~

    Moving On Up: Clinical Ladder Programs, are they really worth it?

    My calculations in the past have always shown it's not worth it financially. That doesn't mean you can't do some things suggested as part of your employer's program. I was heavily engaged in policy committee & informatics activities - but got paid for the hours.
  4. ~Plumeria~

    ICU days NA even for experienced nurse?

    I am an experienced NTICU nurse from a Level 1 trauma hospital who is new to the Anchorage / MatSu Valley area but can't find a job. I have been told one only can get days ICU anywhere here by starting out on nights? Any tips / suggestions anyone?
  5. ~Plumeria~

    Providence vs Regional vs Native Hospitals

    I'm also looking for information comparing these 3 hospitals. Knowing which one pays most would be nice but not as nice as knowing what the patient: nurse ratios are and which hospitals use LPNs. Yes, LPNs are great. Please no-one take it personally that I'm just interested in caring for my 2 ICU patients and do not wish to myself supervise other staff, besides critical care techs.
  6. ~Plumeria~

    Pay in Palmer, AK (MatSu RMC)

    I'm an ICU RN, with 17 years nsg experience, trying to compare pay between PAMC in Anchorage to MatSu in Palmer. PAMC's is posted publicly but I cannot get any info on MatSu. Any help would be appreciated as I consider moving from Colorado. Thank you!!

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