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Been there,done that has 33 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. Been there,done that

    I can't get a job!!

    You want to be near your dad and have a little one so I am confused as to why you want to travel. I could not get into travel nursing after a lapse of 2 years. In the travel biz, recent experience is within one year. I did 6 months of agency work to get myself current. That opened the door to travel and hospital work. Good luck, best wishes to dad.
  2. Been there,done that

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    Possible impairment is exactly what the employer is looking for. They do not care if you have a prescription. You could be impaired from a PRN benzo at anytime.
  3. Been there,done that

    Probable Fraud. What do I do?

    Everybody knows this nurse lied about this incident. The question is, how many other visits has she documented to get paid, but never stepped into the home? Good luck with the audit.. somebody is going to catch on.
  4. Been there,done that

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    That job description is vague. Will you start out with several weeks of training with a preceptor?
  5. Been there,done that

    Taking on The Case Manager Role

    Have you thoroughly revealed your job description? They will describe the position as " case manager" to entice candidates, when in actuality you are doing basic home visits. Is the agency actually owned by a hospital?
  6. Been there,done that

    new job, can I be denied job for benzo PRN

    You do NOT have to reveal that. Against ADA regulations to even ask. You took ONE freaking benzo. Do not admit to the PRN prescription. This employer is looking to narrow down the field and will quickly do so if you admit to anxiety and a benzo prescription.
  7. Been there,done that

    RN's required to be sitters???

    Some days sitting is a bit a breather, some days it's a tough job, depending on how antsy the patient is. Another issue is, you are held accountable for the patient to the level of your licensure. Nope, you can't refuse. Facility is paying RN wages to have you on the puppet strings for a pull.
  8. Been there,done that

    Questionable Preceptor

    Preceptor does not want to teach. I applaud you for using your own judgement. Make sure your instructor is aware of the main issues ( so far) of having you draw from a central line and pushing IV meds too fast. Good luck.
  9. Been there,done that

    Transition to Nurse Supervisor

    This clique already argues and questions you in the charge position. It will not improve in the supervisor position, rather it will escalate, as the manager has proven not to supportive. Been there done that. Cliques win without management backup.
  10. Been there,done that

    Frazzled New Nurse Stuck on Rotating Shifts

    Your health is at stake here. Management does not care. You are just a warm body to fill the staffing needs. Certainly start looking for another position NOW. Also see your PCP for help with managing the sleep issue, and also sending administration documentation that u are not fit to perform day/night rotation. Good luck.
  11. Been there,done that

    Help! Got a job offer... working days vs. a job I want more

    Have you ever worked night shift? Some people can do it, some cannot. I myself, could not handle it. Certainly try to get more input from manager # 1, no harm in asking. It would not look bad to ask when day shift would be available for the night shift job. However, be prepared to be lied to. Ask to shadow both positions. Best wishes with your decision.
  12. Been there,done that

    Taking Vacations

    Using your PTO and clustering your days depends on the unit needs and management. Read the PTO policy to thoroughly understand your benefits. Enter your requests as soon as you have accumulated enough time. Two weeks off should be fairly easy as you have 4 days off every week! You will be surprised how fast the PTO accumulates and how you can finagle your schedule to maximize it.
  13. Been there,done that

    Clinic nursing to PACU

    Check out the PACU specialties forum. You might as well go for it. I wouldn't admit that my skills were "rusty". I also would not take the position , if the orientation is not adequate to get you up to speed. Good luck.
  14. If you've been out of the hospital setting for eight years, in reputable facilities.. you would not be a viable candidate. You would require extensive orientation or a refresher course. No way in Hades would I want to work in a hospital during a pandemic. Good luck with your decision.
  15. Been there,done that

    New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    The name of the game has always been to get the patient out of ER stat. I developed a report sheet that came with the patient , with the highlights of care given. It was much safer for the patient, no push back from ER. A little report is better than no report.
  16. Been there,done that

    Complaints of Complaining

    This is not a policy...this is thought control. The labor relations board needs to be brought in. The newbies will quickly lose their sign on benefits. Then this for profit facility will again be scrambling for nurses. Facility knows this is tough times for job seekers, you must search anyway.

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