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Been there,done that has 33 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. Been there,done that

    Advice- moved to level 1 MICU

    I would have given the Lovenox too. The temporary cause of the bleeding was handled. Did you ask to see the blood administration form? It must be obvious you did not initiate the transfusion. Is it just this manager that is picking on you.. or are there other staff members involved?
  2. Been there,done that

    Am I being too picky on a job or is it just bad luck?

    "$4.5 less per hour than I make now at the hospital as a newer grad" is doable . You need to move on. It is difficult to change areas. Look into insurance work. Best wishes.
  3. Been there,done that

    New Nurse Struggling With Doctor Calls

    "this patient needs to be seen". Make this your mantra.
  4. Been there,done that

    RN Working Condition in Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, Florida

    The Mayo Clinic will suck the life out of you. Rules upon rules.
  5. Been there,done that

    I don’t know if I want to be a nurse anymore

    "I failed nursing school twice." Time to quit banging your head against THAT wall. Consult with a school counselor to figure out how your credits could transfer. Social work seems like an option. Post partum is a fragile state. I hope you can take some time to make a new plan. Best wishes.
  6. Been there,done that

    How should I move forward?

    Depends on how badly you want to break into L & D. Perhaps you could arrange for a sitter , on the days you may be called in. Best wishes.
  7. Been there,done that

    New Nurse Struggling With Doctor Calls

    Learn the SBAR format. Suggesting things is what we need to do for our patients. You are there, you already know what they need.
  8. Been there,done that

    Antipsychotic medication error

    Appears the double dose will not effect the patient negatively. The event still needs to be reported.. to prevent future errors.
  9. Been there,done that

    BSN - no experience and lots of children

    Please send me my medal. You are all over the map with your career aspirations. You have chosen to raise your kids, over nursing. You have decided not to return to work.. for another year and a half. My only idea to remain active, would be a part time home care job.
  10. Been there,done that

    Hate My Job But Feel There Is No Way Out

    Night shift is your main problem. It will mess with your mind. Don't work two jobs! If you have 1 1/2 years experience, you can find something else. Quit the second job and use that time to search. I got away from the bedside with an agency job. It was in utilization management. I got lucky. Keep applying to anything and everything. You can also get A FMLA to minimize your hours. Best wishes.
  11. Been there,done that

    Time Management

    No nurse can handle that nightmare. I find it hard to believe. Slide into home care until you can retire at 62.
  12. Been there,done that

    Unprofessional Clinical Educator.. What would you do?

    She's only an educator, not your manager. She should not be interrupting your care. Tell her,in the future... communicate with me via email.
  13. Been there,done that

    Fairly new nurse needs advice

    Consider community health. Good luck.
  14. Been there,done that

    New Grad RN: Should I hang in there or leave?

    New grads do not belong in home health, you would be the only set of eyes on the patient, without adequate assessment skills. If you want to remain in ER , accept the additional month. But take control of your orientation. Ask preceptors each and every time you are unsure. If you end up in med-surg.. that could be the orientation you need. Good luck.
  15. Been there,done that

    Is it legal?

    We can't tell you what's legal. Not in the TOS. I have been a floater too. No way would I accept an assignment this far out of my experience.
  16. Been there,done that

    License Accusation

    So happy for you. However, this was 5 years of your life affected for unsubstantiated charges. The BON is power crazy. Might as well ask your attorney if you can press charges against THEM. That horrendous experience would be enough to get me out of nursing forever. Best wishes.