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Been there,done that has 33 years experience as a ASN, RN.

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  1. Your sarcasm astounds. We are just trying to give you advice. " Seeing an article" is not good research. Even if HCA no longer requires a contract, .they will have plenty of other ways to use you.
  2. Been there,done that

    Career Gap

    Get your resume reviewed. I re-entered the nursing workforce after two years. Started with agency work. After six months of new nursing experience, I applied for a contract position. Got my foot in the door with an insurance company, working from ho...
  3. Been there,done that

    Am I being strung along or misinterpeting potential employer?

    You are not happy in your current position. You are being jacked around with this job "offer". Keep looking.
  4. Been there,done that

    Update to mental breakdowns

    Did you re- read this post? You require psychiatric care, You are not able to provide nursing care at this time.
  5. Been there,done that

    Mayo Clinic AZ Nursing Residency Jul 2024

    I worked there. No LOL about it. Mayo's rules are outrageous. Don't come in on your day off in shorts. Everybody was miserable working there.
  6. Been there,done that

    Mayo Clinic AZ Nursing Residency Jul 2024

    What is Mayo offering you? They are well known for underpaying. People at Mayo hate it there. I see you have stars in your eyes. But you should rethink this.
  7. Been there,done that

    Nurse Lunch Break Survey

    Feral badger hahah. Love it. I have scarfed many dry turkey sandwiches from patient trays.,. in 30 seconds. I would like to contribute to the survey.. but I can't. Over the years, lunch disappeared. Not only too busy to take one, written up if...
  8. Been there,done that

    RN with 25+ years burnout. What next?

    Why would she be stuck? She is vested.
  9. Been there,done that

    Sweat dripping into eyes in Patient Rooms, help!!

    The sweat band seems like a simple solution. Have you discussed this with your doctor?
  10. Been there,done that

    Dropping to PRN

    Administration does not care why you need to cut back. They will either give you PRN or not. If they don't try to hang on to you.. they are idiots.
  11. I would leave it off the resume. Three weeks does not count as experience, and could only open up questions like, why are you leaving so quickly? You are 5 months post licensure. If they asked why you haven't worked yet, tell them you are loo...
  12. Been there,done that

    Dropping to PRN

    You are not obligated to staff the facility. Your coworker is getting ready to leave due the same nasty useless charge nurse. If you both leave at the time, she might be forced to work as staff !! I understand you want to keep your foot in the door....
  13. Been there,done that


    I'm sorry I commented. Your anger is overflowing.
  14. Been there,done that


    I think you shot yourself in the foot. If you feel the need to move on, you will not get a reference after calling that manager an ***.

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