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  1. Been there,done that

    Want to quit and be a SAHM

    I am not familiar with the Texas BON. You really need to ask them that question.
  2. Been there,done that

    New Job Not Working Out

    How much longer is the training? Can you see yourself getting through it and settling into your position? Many people do not like to train new people, they see it as an additional duty that they shouldn't have to do. Try to hang in there, desk j...
  3. Been there,done that

    Getting back in the groove

    Any new job is stressful. What area are you going into now? Concentrate during orientation.... learn as you go. I wrote notes when I got home to remember the highlights of the day. Also, pay attention to the vibes you get from other nurses. You...
  4. Been there,done that

    Medication Charting Errors

    "my prior DON has stated it was well known that CPSI had a glitch that sometimes did not retain the insulin dose charted and was well known to management. " I would be in contact with the other nurses and see if you could get more information regardi...
  5. Been there,done that

    What does this order permit? In terms of frequency?

    "Tylenol 3 /Take 1 to 2 tablets daily when required for pain." Patient is prescribed one or two tabs of Tylenol #3 every day. Provider is covering their assets by stating no more than 3000 mg of Tylenol per day, from any other sources. In terms of f...
  6. Been there,done that


    " sometime btwn the time I had left work and MD saw pt. later that AM, the pt. had removed knee brace and dressing and applied ice pack". You weren't even THERE when the patient did that. Can't imagine why a night shift nurse is responsible for somet...
  7. Been there,done that

    Which shift would you choose?

    Need more details. Do you have kids? What is your commute? Can your body tolerate night shift? 11a to 11p would be a busy, but normal schedule. 6pm- 6 am might be quieter, depending on the unit. Let us know how it works out... good luck.
  8. Been there,done that

    Got An Offer For Dayshift But Was Asked To Work Nightshift

    That employer is unethical. Not a good place to start. I hope you can continue to search for a decent employer.
  9. Been there,done that

    Venting after a very busy shift

    You were taking care of an ICU patient. Staffing/ house supervisor stuck it to you because they did not want to find another ICU nurse. " I just felt inadequate like maybe I should have done more" . Why would you beat YOURSELF up over the imp...
  10. Been there,done that

    NEED ADVICE 2 job offers….

    Working from home is priceless.
  11. Been there,done that

    Name vs Skills

    Tough call. You need to shadow for a day to get the real feel. Good luck.
  12. Been there,done that

    Mid-Life Blues

    Must respectfully disagree. Make friends with the clique.. or they may take you out before the one year mark. Be sweet and pleasant to them, to buy the time you need to start looking now. Bring food, offer help. I have been there, done that. Ev...
  13. Been there,done that

    Potassium and I.V.s

    Back in the old days, I would automatically add 15 cc of a lidocaine vial. That prevented the pain. Then the pyxis was developed and I could no longer get my hands on it. You can always request it from the prescribing physician. Some will , some w...
  14. Been there,done that

    Parents Complained About Me To The Attending - Looking For Advice

    You did a good job. Your preceptor told you, that you did a good job. You are beginning to learn... that parents of an unstable child... are at the most stressful times of their lives. I have been there, done that. The attending knows this.
  15. Been there,done that

    IV Push Ativan

    So sorry for your loss. The Ativan had nothing to do with it. You did a great job. I hope your grief resolves.
  16. Been there,done that

    Got An Offer For Dayshift But Was Asked To Work Nightshift

    I will clarify. It is in the work contract to precept ( and assigned duties as ordered). OP might not get a good one... but if she is needed that much, the facility would assign some one to do it STAT.
  17. Been there,done that

    Got An Offer For Dayshift But Was Asked To Work Nightshift

    Never had a job where I had to wait 6 weeks to start. Being a preceptor is a requirement for all experienced nurses. Have you ever worked nights? I myself cannot handle it. I do not know if they will cancel the job offer. Take those 6 weeks and look ...
  18. Been there,done that

    Offensive Badge

    No. A first warning is what ever the powers that be call it. OP is on the their way out.
  19. Been there,done that

    Offensive Badge

    I never thought about displaying my political position at work. Not the time or the place. Good luck keeping your job. A write up for insubordination is going to follow you for years.
  20. Been there,done that

    Misdemeanor Preventing Hiring

    What subee said. Get a lawyer and they will get it expunged. I thought my career was down the toilet. But my attorney cleared it from record. Good luck.
  21. Been there,done that

    Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    A 13 pound weight loss in one month is life threatening. What does your PCP say about that? I am a chubby gal. The only time I lost weight .. was when I had cancer.
  22. Been there,done that

    Taking a Long Leave of Absence from Work

    Silver.... if anybody needs a month off, it is YOU. You are still very sick and need to take care of yourself, for a change. Best Wishes.. feel better.
  23. Been there,done that

    Online Trach and Vent Course

    Where do you expect to use these skills? Most employers will train you . But any tips on technique can only help.
  24. Been there,done that

    VA Hospital Med-Surg vs Private Hospital Telemetry?

    Working for the VA is priceless. You will not find better benefits. As far as the $15/hour difference , compare benefits... in the long run. You will eventually learn telemetry @ the VA. The learning curve is not that hard... you will be...
  25. Been there,done that

    Need Support From My Fellow Nurses

    If you remain out of nursing for 5 years, it will not be easy to get back in. Perhaps an agency position in rehab would work .