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  1. I recently had several interviews and was asked the cliche "what made you become a nurse?" or "what do you like about nursing?" and I think I shocked them and myself when I simply said the educational aspect of it. I think they were expecting me to s...
  2. Should I resign or am I overreacting?

    I would always opt with going with your gut. Just weigh the consequences which are usually just losing your job. You can always get another. I saw someone comment that they will document a discussion made with a manager in regards to an unsafe assign...
  3. Should I resign or am I overreacting?

    Oh fair point! Travel agencies are the way to go. Get away from staff. Heads up, traveling has a 50/50 chance of receiving 20xs worse treatment from staff and management and you will get the worse assignment plus more patients but its worth it in the...
  4. Albany Medical Center Review?

    Wow, sorry I am just now seeing this. You're definitely right. Many hospitals I've worked with have had overflow all the time. It's a pretty common practice. I recognized that. That night was just horrifying, they didn't have overflow and the support...
  5. Should I resign or am I overreacting?

    I just had a similar situation but as a travel nurse but they were flat out trying to assign me to work a unit where additional certifications(chemotherapy) were required and I refused. They tried to convince me to leave without waiting for coverage ...
  6. Albany Medical Center Review?

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to go ahead and post my experience working at Albany Medical Center as a travel nurse. I feel that our experiences should be shared with factual data so anyone that may be considering employment or a travel position...
  7. Can we talk about the Travel Nurse Cap?!

    Why are some states considering capping travel nurse pay?? What is the purpose? To help with the nursing shortage? I'm not sure if someone informed the decision makers that nurses left staff jobs due to low pay so lowering the travel pay will only ma...
  8. Dear nurse who wanted to know if pt had a bm... Before I answer, I'd like to know why the pts haven't been repositioned q2h per order, why the pts are constantly developing new PUs with no treatment/barrier protection? (Just because you discover...
  9. How to leave toxic work environment when you're the only RN?

    Wow I’m so sorry you’ve had to endure this. =( I’m glad you’re getting out of there! my employer is also toxic. My manager asked me if this position is right for me because I asked the for the policy for the job they want me to do following a 1h...
  10. Is it legal?

    LOL I've been trying to get a copy of my union contract since I was hired coming up on half a year now. No one wants to provide it for some reason. I have had the convo with management and they're the ones who told me its easy work and I should be fi...
  11. How to leave toxic work environment when you're the only RN?

    I've witnessed this when I worked as a CNA in a LTC. The management were functioning as RNs and DONs and they weren't licensed as RNs, LPNs, or CNAs. Needless to say, the place was ran poorly. The residents were always breaking bones from falls, alwa...
  12. Is it legal?

    Whats the CBA? Should I address the safety aspect? I just feel uncomfortable. Mostly because I don't want to miss preparing a surgical instrument or forget to do a step and cause a delay mid-surgery or worse, cause a lawsuit.
  13. Is it legal?

    Hi, I work as a "floater" in a speciality outpatient clinic meaning I float to the speciality clinics, (I.e pulmonary, cardiology, etc). Recently, I was floated to work outpatient surgery. I wasn't trained or shown what to do initially, I just h...
  14. Are there any nurses that actually LIKE nursing?

    It’s difficult to get those “loving” positions in nursing. You have to start in a terrible position with terrible hours first and by the time you get the required experience, you’re burnt out sometimes. I like talking to the 20+ Yr nurses. Nice to he...
  15. Your Help Needed: Give A Tip To A New Grad Nurse

    Tips for new grad: leave, don't do it, reconsider. avoid beside. Avoid med-surg.