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  1. Version 1.0.0

    The Fall 2021 Special Edition issue of the allnurses magazine focuses on Florence Nightingale - “The Lady With the Lamp,” the World’s Most Famous Nurse, the “Founder of Modern Nursing,” a True Visionary, and more… Her work during the Crimean War and ...

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  2. allnurses

    COVID-19 Mis/Dis-Information

    During this Pandemic time, we have seen an increase of COVID Mis/Dis-Information. Much has been posted and discussed on allnurses, some of which has been very divisive. This announcement is to inform the membership of how we plan to address this in...
  3. Is your anonymity on allnurses important? Please respond in the poll and then post here why your anonymity on allnurses is important. Also, feel free to post what else that allnurses offers is important. Thank you. We appreciate your partici...
  4. Everything was going so well on this shift... Then all of a sudden... Did someone say the Q word??? ... Oh no... You know what that means... WATCH OUT!! We all have OOPS, WHOOPS, & POOPS moments. We try to keep those moments private, bu...
  5. Share Your Nurse Ratched Moments We all know that a day in the life of a nurse is not always filled with warm and fuzzy moments. Challenges and frustrations are encountered all the time - many times at the most inappropriate times. Our co-worke...
  6. Version 1.0.0

    Intro to Nursing Care Plan Guide 1st Edition. Available in .pdf/.doc format. Download one or both. 80 Pages CONGRATULATIONS on getting into nursing school and beginning your journey to join the ranks of the most trusted, meaningful, an...

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  7. Version 1.0.0

    1st Edition. Available in PDF and Doc format. Download one or both. 317 Pages There is a specialty for every Nurse. For many Nurses, specializing is not just a job … it is a life-long career. We realize choosing a Nursing specialty can be ...

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  8. Version 2020

    Happy Holidays everyone!! It's the time for feeling jolly. We put together an ebook that will put a smile on your face. Share it with your friends, family, and coworker. Share, Forward, and Print. Enjoy and smile while you read over this c...

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  9. We are just about to enter the 2020 Holiday Season, usually the time of year for giving and celebrating with friends and family. This year, many celebrations will have to be experienced virtually online, as we continue to practice masking and social-...
  10. To the allnurses community, Sept. 28, 2020 [BLOOMINGTON, MN] allnurses® has been the target of a meritless lawsuit (Test-Prep-vs-allnurses-amended-2016.pdf) by a test prep company that has lasted for six grueling years. Throughout this 6-yea...
  11. Clinical Med Math, the newest QBank released by the UWorld Nursing team, is designed to assist nursing students and practicing nurses to develop the medication dosage calculation skills and clinical judgment they need for safe practice. Using an onl...
  12. Version August 2020

    (Oldies but Goodies - These toons along with captions have been completely reformatted for your reading pleasure.) Whether Spooky or Sweet, Halloween is a time of fun ..... and a time for strange things to happen. In the nursing profession, this...

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  13. Version August 2020

    Day to day life as a student nurse can be overwhelming and stressful. Humor is a great way to deal with stress. Throughout the years, allnurses has featured some of the best nursing cartoons focused on Students lives, along with the creative ways nur...

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  14. Version Fall 2020

    The previous issue, Spring 2020, focused on the Coronavirus as it was first evolving. Who knew at that time we would still be in the thick of the virus now with so many increasing uncertainties for the future. In the Fall 2020 issue, several allnurse...

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  15. Version Spring 2020

    The Spring 2020 Issue of the allnurses magazine focuses on the Coronavirus Pandemic, it’s effects on communities around the world, as well as the healthcare teams on the frontline battling Covid-19. In this issue, you can read about the challenges o...

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