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  1. feelix

    Old Job Keeping My Certificates....

    I would go through HR and not involve the manager at all. It is obvious she is acting in an unprofessional manner. Ask HR to give you the originals and keep copies as your certifications and cards belong to you not the employer. Your CPR card is yours, definitely. The employer has no right to keep it. You will need it when you recertify. The other certificates, you just need a copy of. In the meantime, don't give them what they are asking for, so you have some leverage. They probably need your paperwork to keep the state off their behind. But don't deal with the manager. Deal with HR. Go to the parent company if the local HR is not helpful.
  2. feelix

    Weighing my options for telehealth triage

    Is your vertigo ear related? If yes, you may want to reconsider triage nursing. When I was working triage, I got terribly achy ears from all the people talking into my ears and constant pressure by earphones. If you can work off an amplifier at home, that may work for you.
  3. feelix

    Witchcraft resurgence

    The emergence of Witchcraft in a country that does not provide universal healthcare is not amazing. Potions and poultices are affordable and available, opposed to science which is dependent on how many hours you work for an employer who offers health insurance. p.s.: Witches don't have deductibles either.
  4. feelix

    New RN in dd nursing

    I have worked in this field for 9 years now. I do at home meetings and assessments for clients that live in group homes or with their own families. Most clients I see monthly, some quarterly. On a rare occasion, more frequently. I do this part-time. I am very selective in my caseload and have only a few long-term regular clients. It gives me pocket money, but I can do this along with a full-time job. It is very important to be very familiar with your client to be able to catch on to changes. It is important to understand that you will not be compensated for time spent driving, documenting or filing. You get paid only for face-to-face and telephone time and review of documentation. You have to keep time-sheets meticulously to get paid. My employer screwed me over initially by making me file and spend time in the office and then refused to pay for it as the time is not reimbursable. The charting is not as detailed and time consuming as home health, so it is very doable.
  5. feelix

    Want to eventually become a Plastic Surgery RN

    Plastic surgery is no different for a nurse than general surgery. Depending on which end of surgery you want to work on (OR or post surgical), get some experience in general surgical patients. If you have OR experience, you can transition into plastic surgery. If you have worked in the PACU, or Med-Surg floor, or even as a clinic nurse, that experience can transfer to plastics.
  6. feelix

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    Hmmm! I am finding out.
  7. feelix

    Just Say “NO” to Nurse Staffing Laws

    The author referred to the case made by a spokesperson for Illinois Health and Hospital Association. This association advocates for the interests of hospitals, not nurses. The author says: "...take important staffing decisions out of the hands of nurses." I would like to know what important staffing decisions do nurses make in a hospital that would end with mandatory staffing ratios. The author wrote: "...laws currently proposed also don’t take into account nurse education, skills, knowledge and years of experience." Neither do nurse managers. They just want warm bodies to take care of the largest number of patients, at the lowest cost. The author says: "Critics of the bill say that the consequences could be catastrophic, causing shortages of nurses and money." There is nothing more empowering of nurses than a 'real' nurse shortage, not a fake one created right now by employers who don't care to hire novices and train them, or want to pay for additional employee benefits. Cutting down executive salaries would go a long way in hiring a few more nurses. The author says: "...Olley (2017) suggests that there is a significant research gap to support claims of increased patient safety in the acute hospital setting with improved ratios." I agree. But there is zero evidence that hospital ratios don't work. Nurse researchers need to get down to work and fill this gap asap. Lastly, the author states: "The mortality rate may have decreased, but the finances are problematic." That tells it all. This article is nothing but an effort to gaslight nurses into believing they don't really know what is best for them, and hospital executives know how to make the best decision for them.
  8. feelix

    Is anyone else prepping for the CNE exam?

    Can you please give the isbn of the materials you have refered to?
  9. feelix

    59 and No Longer Safe

    See if there are any nurse surveyor positions open with your state. You can work for the state performing accreditation surveys. Does not pay a lot, but quite comfortable with state retirement benefits if your state has them.
  10. feelix

    DNP, PHD, or EDD

    If you want a career in Academia and tenure track, PhD is the way to go. I work at a school that is not research focused. They, however, give you tenure only if you have a PhD. They are also more likely to give you full-time status with a PhD and keep you adjunct for clinical courses with a DNP.
  11. You would think the results were skewed because most nurses on this board tend to have more education. They tend to be from Generation X and nurses making highest/lowest salaries would lie on the survey.
  12. feelix

    Bloodletting: *Is This Archaic Practice Still Being Used?

    The blood letting is not done randomly. There are points used for cupping or hijama. Wet cupping involves using vaccum suction cups, so that only a certain amount of blood is drawn. This practice has historically helped with localized conditions such as gout without overburdening the kidneys or liver for metabolization of impurities. Cupping does not involve opening large veins, only micro circulatory vessels, and therefore is a safer procedure. Problem is, most practitioners are not healthcare providers and the bigges risk is infection.
  13. feelix

    Confused and Stressed - What should I do next?

    An MSN in education is very marketable. Instructors usually start off part-time or adjunct. The trick is to teach one clinical while you are at your current job and apply for a full-time position when it occurs. I think you are getting your iformation from your friend. Bypass her and get it directly from HR. Very few colleges requre NP or PhD to teach. The proof is your friend employed with an MSN only. Maybe they don't have an opening at this time, but there will be one that opens.
  14. Full-time home health will pay as much as a hospital. You will, however, have a lot of stress with schedulers chasing you all day and pressurising you to see more and more patients. Then keep 1.5 to 2 hours nightly for paper work per admission. Part-time home health is manageable, but a 1 hour visit, plus 2 hours of paper work, plus 1.5 hours of travel will ensure you make about $20 hour. You will pay for gas and car maintenance out of pocket. Try and find a staffing agency that hires private duty. This would not be permanent work though, and few and far between. There is a lot of pediatric private duty available. It, however, pays about $20 hrly and those kids are total care. The biggest challenge are families. You can make this work out long-term if you can find a family you like and vice versa. Be sure to ask for smaller children as it involves a lot of lifting and transfer.
  15. feelix

    Limited as an LPN

    Get your RN license asap then get hired in the area. It would be better for you whether you become a NP or not. Getting hired as a tech is no guarantee they will hire you in the area as an RN. I think it is real bad advice to ask a nurse to work as a tech. She will get experience, but not any that would build up her skills; None that would be counted during a hiring interview. It is no guarantee she will ever be hired on an OB floor when she becomes an RN. RN experience is what is going to get her into the NP program. Working as an LPN would put enough money in her pocket to go to RN college and work. Besides, after of a couple of years as an LPN, and as many as an RN, she might actually change her mind and choose another specialty.
  16. feelix

    Teaching Load

    I am fairly new at my job. I was hired as adjunct half time with one practicum and one didactic course. When they gave me two practicum, one lab and one didactic, I was considered full-time. I am still trying to figure out the formula.

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