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acc1223 has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ICU/CVICU.

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  1. COVID

    WE have been the ones wearing PPE; sweating; watching our coworkers fall ill; picking up extra shifts; crying wherever no-one sees us; telling families their loved ones will die; fighting until the end. As nurses we must stand together at our facilit...
  2. New Nurses - DON'T TRAVEL

    So, we have had travel nurses who have been nurses for ~6 months and have started traveling because the rates have gone insane. HOW DARE YOU!! I understand there are anomalies to any system given the right circumstances but you have no business trave...
  3. How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    That's okay my rent was 550 when I started. Bank bro!
  4. How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    Honestly is still haven't figured this out. It seemed my rate differed each time. I think differential pay a role but idk I just know my OT payrate was always more than what i calculated.
  5. How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    Yes! If you are a brand new nurse nd wanting to come to Texas, I would recommend a big hospital in Dallas to get a massive amount of skills. You will be running almost very night but you will he thankful if you ever decide to go to a smaller hospital...
  6. How I Made $93,000 My First Year of Nursing

    It's me again, I live in Texas and when I started my rent was 550 a month. So for my region this is wicked great for a brand new nurse! If this gives anyone context, in California you can make a killing but the rent I heard is super high! I also paid...
  7. So a lot of you are wondering what your compensation will be following nursing school. I can't speak for each state but in Texas, nurses are paid very well, combine that with an unrelenting passion and proficient skills set, it's money in the bank. (...
  8. If I hate my CNA job should I still pursue nursing?

    You are a CNA and vital to helping the RNs complete their jobs. Most likely your first nursing job will be in a hospital and during your clinicals you will find your niche. Nursing home nursing vs. Hospital nursing is different in my opinion. There i...
  9. Alcohol withdrawal unit?

    Precedex, haldol, ativan, restraints and bipap are your best friends. Sometimes you have to intubate. I had taken many alcohol withdrawals as a fresh nurse I'm the ICU. Remember, there are probably (more often than not) several underlying mental h...
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  11. fixed it
  12. Hmmmm..didn't use this last time I needed a catheter?
  13. NCLEX -Passed 1st time

    CORRECTION**** "Does not allow GNs to practice"
  14. New Grad feeling like I can't do anything right!

    I'm brand new too and being oriented to a surgical, med surg and cardiovascular ICU. So I know how you feel, my preceptor told me she is expecting me to make mistakes and I have. Although, she doesn't wait until the next day to tell me. She pulls me ...
  15. NCLEX -Passed 1st time

    So, I'm 9 weeks into my ICU internship and absolutely love it. I received a job offer in February of this year which was contigent on me passing my NCLEX as the system I work for does allow GNs to practice. I graduated on May 11th 2017 and my NCLEX...