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Birdsofprey has 4 years experience as a ADN, BSN, LPN and specializes in Tele/Med-Surg, Covid Stedpown.

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  1. Johns Hopkins Main- ER

    Hi! I heard that although Johns Hopkins is a level 1 Trauma center, it's ER doesn't get a lot of trauma cases because the University of Maryland Shock Trauma ER gets most of them. Is this true? Do you get ER trauma experience at JH? Does anyone ...
  2. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

  3. How much experience before OR travel nursing?

    Thank you for your input- and I agree- regardless of whether I go for ER or OR, I want a Level 1 Trauma center (I started my career at an inner city Level 1 and even though it was hell it paid off). If I go for OR, I must make sure I am in a location...
  4. Bellevue Hospital, NYC

    Thank you!
  5. I’m thinking of changing specialties to either ER or OR, but I love the travel nurse life. So many question here is for the OR nurses in the group- how long were you an OR nurse before traveling? And how much experience do you think is needed? ...
  6. Bellevue Hospital, NYC

    Anyone have experience first-hand, or heard about, what it's like working in the ER at Bellevue Hospital in NY? I am a Tele and MS nurse who wants to gain ER experience in a Level 1 Trauma Center. Any info is appreciated, thanks!
  7. ER Training via PRN route?

    Hi NedRN, Yeah.... I think my co-worker was nice to suggest trying for per diem, but as you mentioned that option sounds a little too good to be true and would not allow the time or flexibility to thoroughly gain a full year of ER experience- wh...
  8. ER Training via PRN route?

    Hi All, I am currently a travel nurse (Tele, M/S) and loving it. I want to transition into ER nursing but I do not want to become a staff nurse for a full year. I know this might be a long shot but has anyone ever had any luck changing nursing s...
  9. ICU

    NedRN, good points. And also- OR sounds so unique and interesting to me- it is one of the specialties I would love to try (that and ER)- a friend of mine is training as a circulating nurse and loves it. The only reason I am not going back to staff r...
  10. ICU

    Hi! Is it true that if you are an ICU travel nurse you can travel as an ER nurse or most other specialties (aside from OR) for that matter?
  11. Kings County Pay Question

    OOooOOOoo nice, at least NYC is paying up, perhaps BK is too then.
  12. Question- OR to PACU

    Question- can an RN with OR experience transfer to PACU or is ICU experience needed to become a PACU nurse? Thanks in advance!
  13. Kings County Pay Question

    Last I checked (May 2020) Mount Sinai ends up being around 95K a year and Maimonides is around $45- $48 (I heard this from other nurses, I do not know this for certain but it is what I hear. I do not know how much night diff factors into it, etc.) Hi...
  14. Hi Everyone! I know typically they want ER or ICU experience before moving on to PACU, but I was recently talking to a fellow RN who went from Med-Surg into PACU. I have a question -is it common, or has anyone heard, of settings where RNs do bot...
  15. Kings County Pay Question

    Hi Yschon- city hospitals (the public ones in Brooklyn are Kings County, Woodhull, and Coney Island, and start at $82-83,000 a year before night differential (which last I checked was 6K per year but that could have changed this past year). Private h...